Valenti Modified Racing Series Part Of Major Regional Touring Showdown At NHMS

2017 will bring a major racing weekend to the New England region as the inaugural New England Short Track Showdown has been scheduled to take place on the one-mile oval track at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Friday, June 30th and Saturday, July 1st.

The event is designed to showcase four popular classes of grassroots racing that can be found at dozens of tracks throughout the Northeast on any given summer weekend. The race lineup will consist of 50-lap feature races for the Valenti Modified Racing Series and Granite State Pro Stock Series along with 30-lap events for the Texas Roadhouse North East Mini Stock Tour and open competition Street Stocks.

Weekly racers from various tracks, and tours, are encouraged to enter the events with their Tour-type Modifieds, Super Late Models, Four Cylinder Mini Stocks or V-8 Street Stock/Strictly Stock race cars. The mini stock and street stock portions will feature a $1000 to win and $75 to start payout as well as lap leader bonus money available from sponsors. NEMST rules will dictate the mini stock division and a full open competition style rule book will be released before January 10 for the street stock portion of the event.

The event is the brainchild of Texas Roadhouse North East Mini Stock Tour founder and promoter Bob Guptill – a former weekly series driver who hung up his own helmet several years ago in order to provide a healthy touring series for four cylinder race cars in New England.

“I am really excited to bring such a great event featuring all corners of our great short track community to a headline facility like NHMS,” said Guptill. “Short trackers are the backbone of racing in America and what better stage to showcase them than in the magic mile around Independence day.”

Friday June 30 will have practice time available for all divisions and leave plenty of time for adjustments and changes. Saturday July 1 will feature 1 30 minute practice session for each division followed by pre-race ceremonies at 12:30 and heat racing starting at 1 P.M. sharp. Following heat races the divisions will run consolation races if necessary and finish setting the field for all 4 legendary feature events.

New Hampshire Motor Speedway is the premier oval track racing facility in New England. It is the host of two NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series events each year along with the NASCAR XFinity Series and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. The Texas Roadhouse North East Mini Stock Tour has raced at the NHMS twice before, with Maine’s Justin Larson winning in 2014 and New Hampshire’s Toby Wells winning in 2015. The VMRS and GSPSS tours will each be making their first trips to the track.

In the coming weeks and months, a number of announcements will be made about the race formats, marketing partners, lap sponsorship opportunities and more.


  1. This is a stretch of the term “major event” This event will go directly againt MTS race at Monadnock and 2 days after Seekonk Open in terms of modifieds. I don’t even think MRS has many cars right now. The Granite State Pro Stocks have about 12 cars weekly. The concept is the same deal they are doing at Bristol Speedway next spring. Too me this is just a whole bunch of ham and egg drivers who will have no business on a superspeedway. I have no interest in this. I’ll be at Seekonk Open a few days earlier. Ok, back to celebrating me holidays. Merry Christmas all.

  2. Andy Boright says

    Ham & egg drivers – yes, a whole bunch of them showing up – doubtful.

    The promoter of this race (Bob Guptill) has a whole bunch of personal issues (including a tawdry conviction years ago) and the series (GSPSS, MRS, and NEMST) have car count and talent issues, not to mention very little name recognition with fans.

    PASS tried this (with better drivers and better promoters) and failed, Bob Guptill will fail too, but with partners like Mike Parks & Jack Bateman (who could careless what their car counts are), there won’t be much pressure to put on a good show.

    I view this announcement as an embarrassment for Northeast asphalt racing, and is an indication as to how bad of shape pavement racing in the Northeast is in.

  3. I’d like to thank Bob Guptill and all those involved in putting this event together for us ” ham and egg” drivers. You two clowns who probably never been in a racecar really make me sick. I’ve been racing for 25 years this is what most short track guys and gals dream of. So as usual you two non racers are negative. And why don’t you use your real name.

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS ANDY, a beacon of light and positivity

  5. Steve Devine says

    Pretty funny how McKnight and the MTS rant and raved about practice at loudon and getting a race there yet jack and the MRS is the one that end’s up getting a race ūüŹĀ
    How you doing??

  6. I’m with Joe Arena.

  7. Nice post Joe. I agree 100% with you. If you never owned or driven a race car you would not understand.

    Merry Christmas all…………

  8. Dan Stanley says

    I agree with Joe, Every short track racer in New England is looking to be on the big stage at sometime in their career. PASS had nearly 30 cars last time and a dozen Limited LM, and there was 30 Mini’s. Not a bad draw for any promoter these days. Will the event be the level of a Cup race, I wouldn’t think so but heck if 3000 people show up it would considered wildly successful. I think the SS drivers are the ones who will make this show worthwhile and are the most excited.
    As for the nae-sayers here, I suggest we all look up Andy Boright and his restraining order from a race track. It doesn’t really make him welcome fan at any track in my eyes. Can we all say the Kettle is Black?

  9. I think this could be pretty cool day.

    Hoping to get out and see it!

  10. Joe who ? Yeah heard of you … not ! Point this is a ridiculous event. 50 laps for mods ? Wow! Be about 500 fans there tops. Make it twin 100’s with another mod series and maybe fans will show up ! Merry Christmas everyone ūüŹĀ

  11. Andy Boright says

    Hey Dan Stanley, your claim of a restraining order against me is totally false, unlike the conviction of Bob Guptill. Maybe you should do a more thorough job of researching.

    BTW – the PASS Limited Sportsman race had a grand total of 3 cars Dan, and if you think anything close to 1000 people will show up to watch what will be short fields in the Pro Stock & Modified races, you are nuts.

    Joe Arena doesn’t appear to be very sharp either if he thinks I’m using an alias. BTW I did race for over 14 years at all types of tracks. Your assumptions illustrate the intelligence of people who follow Bob Guptill.

    Loudon isn’t a big stage if all the seats are empty when the races are going on.

  12. I like this race if it can get drivers from outside New England; it would be cool for New England drivers to run they Bristol race, as that event may garner more drivers from other parts of the country.

  13. Ah Joe. So you’ve been racing for 25yrs. Great. Since I’ve never heard of you I’m assuming you are a ministocker. I could care less about mini stocks. Just my own personnel feelings. I wasn’t really even referring to your particular class of ham and egg drivers because they aren’t worth my time of day. Mini stock drivers are always the most sensitive people. Napoleon complex I suspect. Also, I never trust anyone who has to give me their resume as part of their argument.
    I was mostly referring to the MRS tour and the GSPSS. I was also looking at it from a promotion standpoint, and a car count standpoint and a ticket sales standpoint while you only look at it from a your own little selfish standpoint of I get to drive on the big track point of view. That’s ok too. Nothing wrong with that. If your dream is to race in front of 100,000 empty seats this is the race for you buddy. Now the facts, This race eliminates almost all the Saturday night drivers all over New England because most will be racing at their home tracks. The MTS is running an event 90 minutes away which will complicate things shall we say. It will all summer too. In terms of mods, a lot of these guys aren’t familiar with drafting which opens the door for a top flight tour team to show up and blow away everyone.Some could use it as a practice session for July 15th I suppose. In terms of ticket sales people will be choosing between their home track and this. Mod fans will be choosing between NHMS and Monadnock. Given that the WMT /Cup weekend race is two weeks after this it kind of makes it easy to skip this race and wait for July 15th or just go to Monadnock instead if that is worth anything to see. So as you see, a successful event is not determined by whether or not Joe Arena races at NHMS.

  14. Although I’m not a fan of Andy Boright’s negativity he highlights legitimate flaws of racing in New England. His point is that short track racing in the northeast is not in a position to put on an event like this. These series promoters are incapable of creating a following and this region’s track promoters are unable to fill the pits & grandstands so I don’t see how they think this can be a success story. I’m sure many racers are excited but it’s just not feasible.
    Dan, I’m sorry to poke fun but assuming your estimate is accurate, 30 car divisions and 3,000 attendees at a venue of this size will look sad for a “Short Track Showdown”.

  15. Joe who ? 25 years of racing never heard of you so ….. point here is there will be 500 fans or less there . 50 laps ? Are you serious? Should be twin 100’s for 2 mod series . This is set up for failure . So can’t wait to see car counts and number of fans

  16. Joe who ? Not a popular racer ! So this little show will be a huge joke . Will there be any fans there ? 5 bucks to get In ? Racing in 2017 should be interesting. This event will not be circulated on many calendars

  17. All you naysayers are all really sad people. You all need to get a life besides berating everyone who think anything but you think. Sad, sad, sad. If you don’t think these planned events are worth anything, then don’t go to them. Not that you were going anyways, but don’t berate the people who will go.

  18. Larry Barnett says

    some of us do know Joe, and glad we do.
    And I don’t know any of the rest of you. I might attend this race, would a huge crowd be nice? sure, but really it might just be cool to make a few laps on a neat track.

  19. Bill Realist says

    Man I have seen some old scary junk stuff at some of those granite state prostock races. I sure do hope safety tech is thorough

  20. darealgoodfella says

    Look, VRMS is contracting, in a rather big way. It needs to get some attention, show some life, and putting a race at Loudon, the big stage for modified racing, is a good move.

    Will the racers go? $$$$ will determine that, as always. And schedules, there appear as to be competing events close by on the schedule that may preclude some VMRS cars from going to Loudon.

  21. To all of you Joe Arena is the two time defending champion of the Northeast Street Stock tour and a long time street stock competitor at Thompson and the Speedbowl.
    This will be the Third race on the mile for the Northeast Ministock Tour, which was the first “entry level” division to race on the mile. PASS did run with the mini’s two years ago and blew motors left and right,thought they would have had gear ratio figured out.

  22. darealgoodfella says

    I agree with Joe, that the “ham and eggers” get a chance to play on the big tracks. Everyone wants to do that just to say they did it. It’s Broadway, a big league venue. Let them have their fun. They aren’t going to care about the stands.

  23. I am well aware of who Joe Arena is and have seen what at least some of his credentials are. To those of you who “never heard of” Joe Arena, do you see modifieds at Thompson or the Speedbowl? If so, you must have been in line at the concession stand or rest room when the street stocks ran. Too bad, as you missed some really good racing! Lots of 2-3 wide racing with a little rubbing, leaning, and bumping along with it! I go to modified races, but sometimes the best racing of the day is in the support divisions. Just ’cause it’s not a modified or pro stock doesn’t mean it’s not good competition and good racing!

  24. Just imagine if not one of us ever Tried to do something?

  25. “Andrew Boright has had a NO TRESPASS ORDER that was issued several years ago by the Barre Town Police Department. He is not allowed to enter the property at Thunder Road, in Barre Town.”

    From March 2015:

    “Andrew Boright is a jerk. His continuing maligning of race drivers, series, promoters, and all things related to regional short track racing borders on slander and defamation in some instances. His constant negativity is damaging to the racing industry and is only applauded by a handful of his idiot admirers.”

  26. everyone should check new Hampshire motor speedway schedule there is no date scheduled

  27. AND… for those of you that never heard of Larry Barnett, I’m guessing this is Larry Barnett #73, another very accomplished Street Stock racer. Based on what I’ve seen over the years, Joe Arena #74 and Larry Barnett are ‘heavy hitters” in the Street Stock category. Nice to hear you have a chance to race on “the big track” in New England! Highly likely to see these two battling for the win!

  28. Hey, I’m all for trying new things and giving new ideas an opportunity. But if you are going to do it why not do it in a way that can make it as successful as possible.

    Also if you want to drive a race car at Loudon you can about 9 months out of the year.They run all kinds of driving schools over there.

    I have seen Larry B race many times. Good racer. He is no Glenn Boss though. LOL

  29. I’m rooting for any local racing to succeed. Success at any track and in any series is a good thing. 3 hour drive for me to NHMS. Not sure if I’ll make it. Waterford’s got extra distance races for all of the weekly divisions that night. I’m a fan of Joe Arena. Seen him race many times at the Speedbowl, Stafford, and Thompson.

  30. New Englander says

    I am curious, has anyone who is saying that the mini stocks will put on a terrible show at Loudon seen either of the two races that they have already held there?

    Also, Andy B referrred to car count issues with the mini stock tour, what are you basing that argument on? In 2016, they had a higher average car count than any other asphalt tour in New England.

    Maybe you don’t like entry level racing and that is fine, but there are a good of talented and dedicated racers at the street stock and mini stock level who deserve to have a big event.

  31. Another race weekend at NHMS is a good thing!!!

  32. Andy Boright says

    Actually Gerry D what Curley was referring to was a letter Curley himself sent to me stating I’m not welcomed at his track (and based on the declining attendance at Thunder Road over the past several years, a lot of other people must have received similar letters). The fact is Thunder Road is private property and they can keep out whom ever they want.

    The town of Barre hasn’t issued anything to me, and I’m certainly not under any type of restraining order. On the other hand, the promoter of this race was a registered sex offender for 10 years.

    Too bad people’s ignorance gets the best of them.

  33. You know when I got started with the NEMST a few years back I never imagined I’d ever see Loudon unless I had a $40,000 car. And thanks to events like this I can. All this swirling negativity is worse for short track racing than putting on the event itself.

    There’s nothing cooler to a “little guy” like me than pulling your trailer through the tunnel. I hope this works, I hope it becomes a thing we can all look forward to.

  34. Shows your lack of local racing knowledge.Joe’s been racing limited sportsman division for years. You must have missed the world series race a few years back when he mooned the flag man over what he thought was a bad call.Funny stuff.Before you question others credentials do a little investigation it will help to keep you from looking like a bleacher idiot that knows zip.

  35. Mod who? Never heard of him. Mitch has said it perfect, us “little guys ” have always wanted to run on the big track. I hope it’s supported by plenty of short track fans. To me it will be a huge event for real short track people.

  36. I love this event but I have to believe that there may not as many cars as thought as some of these Saturday night racers may not want to give up the points race at their local track.Hopefully local short tracks give the street stocks the night off so that they can participate,if so there could be upwards of 80 street stockers.

  37. Syrautil18 says

    As a ham and egg driver I’m looking forward to the chance. Thanks to all who were and are involved in making it happen. Think it will be a good show despite what Andy boritus and other naysayers have to say. Racing is a passionate sport. Why not show some passion and build instead of tear down. Just my opinion.

  38. I’m sorry for being a naysayer. Although many racers will get excited for this event and have a nice opportunity to race on a real Nascar track the truth is this will be harmful to our local scene. A two day show will create a lot of teams to make a decision to stay dedicated to their local track or not. And the local tracks are where focus should be on building the sport back up. Putting on a premiere event with a bunch of mediocrely operated touring divisions doesn’t make much sense and I hope the promoters and NHMS have reasonable expectations. Now having said that, the local racing scene is struggling and it’s almost 100% fault of the local tracks themselves. I don’t blame these touring series for putting on an event like this if that’s what they want to do.. I blame the tracks for letting it get to this point and they deserve to lose competitors for their continued failures.

  39. $5,000 to win is this a joke ?
    No Spec Engines allowed is this another joke ? That’s real good for car counts and quality of race teams and drivers. they are going to allow the SK JOKERS. LOL. The MRS is bottom of the barrel racing.

  40. Carl Edwards is racing tour this year
    I swear
    Also dale jr to run dare stock at thompson

  41. I still don’t see this race on the new Hampshire motor speedway schedule

  42. Fast Eddie says

    I think $5,000 is more than double the regular MRS purse. I’m also guessing that with the MTS really trying to pull in WMT cars, the VMRS opted to go in a different direction. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if you’ve seen SK/Sunoco modified races; there is some great talent in those categories that maybe don’t have the budget to go to the next level. Now some of them may be able to, which will only improve the VMRS car counts. High horsepower does not mean a win on most of the tracks they run on. Case in point; Matt Hirschman winning Open Wheel Wednesday with an SK car a few years ago, beating a bunch of “tour cars.”

  43. Jeffery, there may be some truth to the statement You made about Carl Edwards. He did quit Joe Gibbs racing.

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