Homecoming: Tom Fox Named Race Director At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Tom Fox (Photo: Tiesha DiMaggio/Sid’s Vault Productions)

Tom Fox was 15 years old the first time he turned laps in competition at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. And the pull of the historic shoreline oval has never waned for him.

Fox will return to his home track in 2017 as the track’s race director.

Fox, 53, returns to a role he previously held at the Speedbowl from 2009 to 2011. Fox, of Plainfied, will also continue in his role as director of racing operations at Stafford Motor Speedway. A position he has held at Stafford since 2012.

“The Bowl is my favorite racetrack,” Fox said. “Obviously the [Arute family] have done a lot for me and [Stafford Motor Speedway] means a lot to me, but I’ve been going to the ‘Bowl since the late 60’s and I started racing there in 1979. So you can imagine that it truly is my home track. So I’m happy to be back. I know the place, I know the facility. I know most of the players, not all of them. There’s plenty of new blood there that doesn’t even know who I am. But I’m definitely happy to be back working there. I’ll enjoy it.”

Fox began racing at the Speedbowl in a Street Stock and had success in multiple divisons over the years. He has 60 career feature victories at the Speedbdowl, with 44 of those coming in a Late Model and 14 in SK Modified. He also has a pair of Late Model championships at the track. He competed in the SK Modified division through the 2007 season. After hanging up his helmet as a driver he took on a role with the track’s tech crew in 2008 before taking the on race director position for the first time in 2009.

“I’ve been a fan of the competition here at Waterford since the first race I attended,” Fox told attendees at the Speedbowl banquet Saturday in Mystic. “I’ve raced at more than a dozen short tracks, and this track is clearly one of the best to compete at, one of the best to call your home. [Track owner Bruce Bemer] and his team have taken on the project of making the Speedbowl one of the Countries premier short track facilities. I’m proud to be a part of the team that will bring each and every one of its competitors and its customers a safe, friendly and consistent program.”

It was also announced Saturday that former Speedbowl race director Bill Roberts will take on the role of overseeing the Wednesday night program at the track in 2017.


  1. I don’t think you could’ve picked a better person good luck Tom I know you’ll do a great job

  2. Congrats Tom Fox, great choice by the Speedbowl.

  3. Who is the new GM?

  4. Andy Boright says

    I hope the races don’t run late, Fox might not be around to see them through.

  5. nobody yet. No announcement

  6. David Tefft says

    Great addition for the speedbowl. Glad he still will be involved at Stafford. He is a stand up guy and does a great job at Stafford.

  7. Syrautil18 says

    Guy works harder to promote racing wherever he is than you ever could. It’s a shame you have to tear down everything you can’t accomplish. Must be a lonely world you live in.

  8. DougDaCheater says

    Could be the worst possible decision ever. Id rather see him as GM. This is the same guy that was literally driving the cars away from stafford and lowering car counts till they removed him from that position and made him “competition director”. He killed the north south shootout and no one went back. I wonder who has Beamers ear. If you thought there was favoritism at the bowl you haven’t seen anything yet.

  9. i agree with doug he also made some bad call on the tri track seriers in the past year.

  10. #32 Racing says

    Hey DaCheater. Thanks for your opinion, but before you make such harsh accusations you have to realize that being race director is not easy as you make you make it out to be. The race director can’t see everything that happens on the track. It all comes down to how many good people Tom has working under him. He needs good corner spotters that will make the fair correct call and it’s up to Tom to follow through with the correct calls. I know in the past there have been too many people making calls and over ruling one another and that we all know creates contraversy between officials, drivers, and fans. Tom has years of knowledge as both a driver and being an official and between the two he’ll do good back in the booth at the Bowl. Good luck Tom.

  11. What a mistake. Just when you think the Speedbowl has it all together. Shame,

  12. DougDaCheater: I couldn’t disagree with you more on the 2 topics you brought up. Stafford’s car count issues lie in the hands of upper management, not race control. And after hearing both sides of that North South Shootout debate I would place full blame on the promoter. No need to revisit these issues and I believe Fox has a couple downfalls. but I strongly oppose your thoughts on those and believe he will be a positive attribute to the bowl.

  13. Great choice as Tom has a lifelong family affiliation with the Bowl. Still it is a difficult job and impossible to keep everyone happy all the time. He brings a ton of experience and fairness to the job.

  14. Congratulations tom

  15. Congratulations tom fox. May the force be with you.

  16. Andy Boright says

    Tom Fox is one of only two race directors that I have heard of to walk out before the race they were calling was completed.

    Anyone who thinks that is “professionalism”, “promoting the sport”, and any other garbage you think of, is pretty much clueless.

    Race director might be a thankless job, but it’s one that requires commitment, and Tom Fox has proven in the past he lacks that.

    His calls lack a little consistency as well.

  17. GEEEZZZZ Dont sound like you guys would be happy if Jesus was appointed..Its easy to bash from behind a keyboard..How bout we get away from “I know best” and give the guy a chance??
    I have no dogs in this show,but it gets tiring to keep seeing the bashing whenever a change is made,a person is appointed,or a person volunteers….Thats my 2 cents

  18. Well said, Dennis. None of them could it any better.

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