NorthEast Race Cars Tri-Track Series Inks Deal With Hoosier Tire East

(Press Release from NorthEast Race Cars Tri-Track Open Modified Series)

With all the pieces falling into place for another successful 2017 season, the Northeast Racecars Tri-Track Open Modified Series announced a three-year agreement with Hoosier Tires East (HTE) of Manchester, CT, keeping the series on Hoosier Racing Tires.

“The teams will receive the same level of service they have come to expect from Dan Anderson and everyone at Hoosier Tires East and the performance from what we believe is a superior product,” said Wayne Darling, Managing Partner of the Tri-Track Open Modified Series.

Hoosier Tires has been the gold-standard for asphalt modified tires for nearly a decade. Known for the superior quality and durability, Hoosier Racing Tires have provided consistency for racers.

“We are glad to be able to continue this deal,” said Rob Summers of Hoosier Tires East. “The success of the Modifieds is not only important to our business but to our family and our racing family too. This is a great series for the Modified racers to come to enjoy racing.”

Hoosier Tires East has been servicing the Tri-Track Open Modified Series since its inception in 2014.
The tire compounds will remain unchanged for the series in 2017.

Hoosier Tires East will provide trackside service at the events at Star Speedway and New London Waterford Speedbowl. They will provide support to the management of Seekonk Speedway during the 14th annual Open Wheel Wednesday featuring the $10,000 to win main modified event.


  1. Dougdacheater says

    Very thankful those garbage American racers aren’t on the table.

  2. darealgoodfella says

    Thank you Hoosier!!!

  3. Andy Boright says

    Garbage American Racers?????????????????

    I think you just insulted Gary Knight and the MTS. Why would Knight do anything that is not beneficial to the racers and fans? LOL

  4. Crazy in NY says

    American Racers are garbage to only the ignorant who can’t (or won’t) take the time to figure them out. Todays’ racers are addicted to throwing the stickiest tires on and give it a go. Then….they shut off. Or….. people pee and moan about freight train racing and wonder why. The Racers that were used the last two years of the ROC before it was sold were making the racing better (except for the truly worn out least in NY) but tire deals by series owners trumps all. The Hoosiers at Lee?
    SUCK. The Racers at Spencer? SUCK. All depends. The really good racers figure them out ( Matt Hirschman as an example). If you think getting robbed by one tire company is a good thing then….

  5. Does anyone know is stafford is racing this year
    Does ct have race tracks
    Louden to host 7 races this year
    Dare stock races
    Great news I am building my car now
    4 cylinder 440 mopar

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