LFR Northeast Becomes Part Of LFR Enterprises; Rob Fuller Overseeing Operation

(Press Release from LFR Enterprises)

Rob Fuller (Photo: Rob Fuller Motorsports)

LFR Enterprises, owned by Rob Fuller, has acquired LFR Northeast which was previously operated by Bob Charland.

Fuller will take over the Northeast region for modified distribution and sales for LFR Enterprises. Charland will no longer be selling parts to the racing industry.

“Rob and I had an agreement that if I ever wanted to change direction that he would step up and take over,” said Charland. “Rob has a very unique product line that really requires a vast knowledge of this industry which he has, so this really makes sense not only for me, but the customers as well.”

LFR specializes in the state-of-the-art design, engineering and distribution of pavement modifieds. Fuller and his LFR Enterprises team will service all the New England racers, not just the LFR customer base.

“With my focus back in the Northeast, I really look forward to making the Southern racing technology readily available in this region,” said Fuller.

To expand its service in the Northeast, LFR is constructing a new 23,000 square-foot facility for operations out of West Boylston, Mass. The state-of-the-art facility will include pull down rigs, shock dynos, and a complete inventory of all the highest quality components available.

The new facility will also serve as the shop to a pair of LFR house cars. The No. 15 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour team will be based there along with a LFR SK modified house car. Both cars will be available to lease, but will be focused on the R&D of LFR products.

“I really enjoy when a driver sits in a LFR car for the first time and the way they describe how the car feels and turns,” said Fuller. “These house cars will provide an opportunity for not only a driver getting seat time in a LFR car but also the opportunity to work with myself and the equipment we have here.”

Fuller turned the industry on its head in 2015 with the development and success of the LFR Gen One chassis, an innovative design for the modified racing industry. The LFR Chassis set qualifying records and won three NASCAR championships with Doug Coby and Burt Myers.

“My goal is to continue the development of the LFR Modified Chassis,” said Fuller. “The LFR Gen One design has proved to be extremely safe and a solid, basic design that I knew would be better than the competition as soon as it hit the track. Now that we have our base set, there are several changes that I would like to work on to advance our designs for an even more innovative product.”

“The future of LFR will continue to be Northeast open wheel modifieds,” said Fuller. “We are in a great place with the location and direction of the LFR brand. We have a clear plan moving forward and are excited to debut a new design chassis in 2017 that will keep the competition on their heels like we have been. The LFR brand will continue to evolve and keep its reputation as the most technologically advanced Modified available.”


  1. Wasn’t LFR sold to Fury??

  2. No. LFR is still distributing cars and parts. I am purchasing a SK through them. They sold the First design and equipment to Fury. He had a shop full of cars when I was there. I think 2 were sold already.

  3. Dougdacheater says

    No Fury (fultz,Eury) just basically forclosed on Rob Fuller and took all the equipment down south.

    I find this release interesting because a few months back Fuller couldn’t be clearer in saying he had nothing to do with Charland. I am guessing he bought whatever stock they had left?
    I also love how they are self described head turners and they will be servicing all chassis from now on. They mention a new design but dont mention building new cars…
    Also its funny that 23000SF is double the size of other chassis shops that build 100 cars a year lol

  4. This whole LRF,Fury ,Charland is a BIG scam.Who the heck knows who owns what,who runs what,Who is who,They are all crooked in my eyes.

  5. Foreclosed? That’s a good one. So they were the banker on the whole thing? You’re a funny guy. Fuller could buy and sell those guys 10 times over. They are good friends I believe. I know Tony was in Fuller’s wedding so you should get your facts straight before running that yapper.

  6. Ok. The guy that owns Draco, commercial property, storage facilities, LFR and His own mod team that has all the best equipment got forclosed on. Not putting my paycheck on that one dougdacheater. Come on man. Probably got fed up with the have beens down south. Might be a better guess because that’s all we have are guesses. Obviously Bob is getting locked up. I’m thinking Fuller just took his inventory and is going to sell it for some commission or something. No one knows but the parties involved. As long as the customers get what they need who cares? LFR is a superior product obviously and I’m thinking Fuller will be better to deal with over Charland. They just have to get going on a new building and a stocked parts room to continue to serve customers. My 2 cents.

  7. darealgoodfella says

    So LFR is buying chassis from Fury and rebranding them as LFR?

    Or is LFR making like a Phoenix and rising from the ashes once again?

  8. I spoke with LFR yesterday. Fuller made it clear he had no interest in manufacturing but has spoke with other manufactures to produce a new LFR design. Sounded like a better idea than having all that overhead honestly. Lexus, Range Rover, and other name brand autos do not manufacture their product either. Just design. Toyota manufactures Lexus cars. I am in the auto business and see what LFR has in mind and I think it’s a great idea. I’m surprised Nascar doesn’t have a speck chassis manufacturer for these lower divisions. Maybe we are getting a view of the future.

  9. Is Fury even selling mods? If so who’s gonna buy a mod from those guys anyway? Why would you not buy something from the guy that designed it and will support you. In their original release Tony Eury said “at track support is key.” Think we will see them in CT or MA? They are not mod guys to say the least. Oh well.

  10. Ifyouonlyknew says

    Not to defend anyone but yes dougdacheater is kind of correct about the whole deal the owners are also kaz grala father and Christian eckes father as well and Draco is owned by race city steel aka sri and rob is a hired consultant for them. As for lfr the chassis currently come out of Nc from fury shop and distributed thru rob. Yes ppl make mistakes and sometimes are bad with money but doesn’t make them a bad person, everyone deserves a fresh start and give rob credit he may have had issues but obviously he is trying to correct them and keep something great going.

  11. I still don’t know why anybody would buy a car from a guy that had no idea how to drive? Without the 2, the results of LFR are pathetic,

  12. I don’t think anybody who likes local racing should be wishing success for LFR mainly because of their prices. If they start winning beyond their 2-3 success teams then it’s only going to trickle down. Can you imagine if we get to a point where people are spending $50,000+ on an SK light roller? That’s a problem. I’m not a fan of their attitude, outlook, or thoughts toward racer interest.

  13. They are over priced, fold up like tissue paper when they take a hit, don’t know why anyone would want one unless you are a millionaire!

  14. rich says:
    March 23, 2017 at 6:50 am
    I still don’t know why anybody would buy a car from a guy that had no idea how to drive? Without the 2, the results of LFR are pathetic,

    … so if you arent a good driver, you cant be a good car builder? that doesnt make any sense to me! i would think building a car, maintaining the car and driving the car are 3 separate tasks. you dont have to be a good at one to be good at another. if someone is good at 2 or 3 of them, god bless, but i dont agree that a carbuilder has to be a champion of champions type driver! were cuneo and vee at chassis dynamics great drivers? Billy Colton has been the main builder at Troyer for 20+ years now, right? Troyer is just the brand name and Maynard is more of a CEO type, not hands on like back in the 80s. i dont recall “great” or “good” being adjectives to describe Billy Colton on the track.
    does this carbuilder logic (or lack of logic?) apply to all walks of life? was Bill Belicheck a great football player (did he even play organized football?). following your thought process, i guess that he must have been, or how was he able to build a team that has such success?!

  15. If you don’t like LFR that’s fine,but at least give them credit for making the rest of racecar builders step up there game instead of sitting back on a 20 year old design

  16. Man there are some mis informed people in here. If it wasn’t for the 2 car LFR would not have anything??? Bahaaaaa! The 1 car was JUNK before LFR and oh yea, Bobby Santos went 2 years without a win and won 2 races last year with LFR. You guys are PATHETIC! These are FACTS. Readily available. Get out of the bathroom and do your research before posting. Fold up like tissue. Bahaaaaaaa! Ask Doug Coby if he thinks they are safe after his Bristol wreck. Rich…. you just make NO sense. First off Rob has poles and top 5s in the tour. Fact. So because Ken Barry and Bill Colton haven’t even done that we shouldn’t buy cars from them? Bahaaaaaa again! LFR is by FAR a superior product. Open this thing called the internet and look at the Modified qualifying and race results for the past 2 years!! Then get a life. I hope the LFR continues what they started.

  17. Cantbelievemyearsandeyes says

    Wow. Phil your correct and if you wouldn’t buy a LFR car then plan on getting beat. Plain and simple. Has anyone won a championship or had more poles since LFR had been around? I just love it when people are so bent after success. One of the finer things in life. Everything on here is assumptions other than who owns Fury. It ain’t 2 broke rednecks I can promise you that. Hopefully this thing keeps going if not it was a heck of a wake up call to a couple mod chassis companies!

  18. Bad with money? He got sick of spending money on payroll for people down south. He has several business that he owns. Yes owns. Draco owned by SRI? I am thinking Draco is owned by Draco and fuller is a paid rep or owns something in the Draco line somewhere. The Dude has sent me springs for free several times and his wife called for payments on my custom springs. Just facts. Zillo his house if you think he is “bad with money” because I would love to be that bad with money. I went there twice to pick up springs and let’s just say it’s not a shack. Wow. You guys are all so smart you should be doing something more with your free time rather than judging someone you probably have never spoke with. I spent 4K on springs 2 years ago and the Dude barely said hi to me. You guys must know him pretty well to have all these facts. Love the Bahaaaa btw! Peace.

  19. Ok. The ignorance is getting out of control. You all know that you can go to mass Secretary of State web site and find exactly what Rob Fuller owns correct? BTW you are all missing a few companies he owns. Too expensive is another one. I called Bob at Troyer and Rob at LFR for a quote on a turn key tour car last October. They were within 2,000.00. Yes LFR was higher but I felt is was well worth it for the track support from the guy who designed it. We couldn’t be happier with our car and service. Rob is way more than what we anticipated. Very pationate about Modifieds. We recently received a quote on a SK and it was turn key for the price you mentioned above so you obviously are clueless on price comparatives. I am from the south, way south but this Northern mod posts are disheartening. We would love to have someone like Rob down here with his pation and enthusiasm for your northern Modifieds. It’s a shame the lies that are in this thread. I am and will continue to be a very happy LFR customer.

  20. Fast Eddie says

    The last time I saw Rob race was at the showdown event at Thompson in 2012. He ran with the WSMT cars and qualified on the pole. He missed the drivers meeting, started at the back of the field, and finished third. That field had northern teams in it as well who weren’t WMT regulars. I think he also ran well in the shootout but had mechanical issues. Yes, Rob Fuller can drive!

  21. Ok. Here it is. The LFR chassis ready for powdercoat is 7995.00. The Troyer with material upgrade to match LFR material is 7250.00. LFR has at track support, free track tests and is in MA which is closer to me so we went with LFR. I did all the research a month ago. It’s a SK car but same chassis as Tour. To say they are too expensive is another comment from someone who probably has never turned a wrench on a racecar.

  22. Factchecker says

    Can’t drive but out qualified Brad Keslowski Johnny Sauter Dennis Setzer and many more in a truck at Bristol in his FIRST attempt. Kyle Bush ran a 15.85 and Rob was a 16.0. Not saying he is A star driver but he is by far the better driver in the chassis business. I was at that Thompson race mentioned above as well. He was fast but always ran good there I think.

  23. APR & TPIR: It sounds like you both have done some comparisons for chassis builds. I also quoted both manufactures for complete rollers and came up with close to $15,000 difference. I have no explanation for how our numbers differ but I will continue on diverting people from buying LFR equipment for many additional reasons while you continue to push for them. and saying I’m clueless never turned a wrench is something I would disagree with. Good luck.

  24. TPIR, the last SK race at Waterford in 2015 both the 47 and 51 got into the 4th turn wall hard. 47 junk never to return and 51 front clip and right side rail lived to fight another day. Cost of ownership seems a little higher with one vs. the other. Throw away race cars are great if you are a chassis builder as it increases your profitability however, no so good for the owner. But who am I as I have never turned a wrench on a race car. If you only knew, lol……….

  25. The only division I see LFR excelling in is the tour. SK, SKL nothing. So if I would even consider buying one for anything other than a tour car I would have to ask myself why should I. Lets face it, the tour is a rich mans sport that not everyone can afford unless they are heavily leveraged. I guess since there are less tour cars than SK or SKL’s combined why has LFR not made as big of a splash in those two divisions? Sounds like their marketing strategy is a little backwards to me or needs revisiting or maybe just too expensive to own for the little guy. And you are correct LFRbad, huge disparity in the cost between the bare chassis and roller compared to the other 3 manufacturers.

  26. Factchecker says

    LFR bad. You are not a apples to apples guy obviously. Look at both quotes and I promise it is not what you say. My first look was 11,000 diffence until I actually called and ordered my troyer. The cost went up dramatically when I asked what it actually came with. To each his own. EVERY LFR customer has improved in performance which leads to more pursemoney and sponsorship. Still VERY happy with LFR. Good luck.

  27. Factchecker says

    Speck gauges to auto meter, Bassett wheels to independent, AP brakes to willwood, Buzze rear to some no name, diversified powder coat to someone who shouldn’t be coating chassis, Penske shocks to pro and so on. Again, best of luck. Oh yea….. when you get to the track you are hanging out by your self. Then you call someone who hasn’t set up or raced a asphalt mod in 20 years. We are test Stafford with LFR at NO Charge in April. Hang on brother. Your in for a ride.

  28. darealgoodfella says

    LFR doesn’t really excel on the Tour. Only one car with LFR on the Tour does well. The other LFR cars pretty much sucked, no matter how much talent was on those teams. So whatever is going on with the 2 has far more to do with something other than the chassis.

  29. Factchecker says

    44 team had NO wins for 2 years and got 2 wins last year with LFR. Got a win in their fourth race with new car.
    LFR house car finished second at Stafford behind 2 car. Set new track record at Bristol and ran second again. Not bad for running 3 races all year.
    1 car won Southern championship and BG championship. 1 car didn’t win a race at caraway for nine seasons. Won 4 there last year.
    I hope I suck this bad with mine. Wow.

  30. Must be the flux capacitor…………

  31. I have to agree with the fact that no other LFR car on the tour does as well as the 2.You can indeed win with Spafco or Troyer.So indeed it must be the the flux capacitor.One point two one jigawatts! Good God!

  32. Looks like another LFR car got lucky down south today,who knows just maybe worth the extra bucks for the lucky charm that comes with car

  33. It takes more than just owning an LFR car to win races. There are many other variables necessary such as driver, engine, crew chief, luck just to name a few!

  34. Elisha Cuthbert says

    As the sands fall through the hourglass, so do the beads on our chassis…

    This sounds like a Go-Jo Opera!

  35. darealgoodfella says

    If the LFR chassis was that good, all cars running it would own the top places every race, and the top positions in the standings. That just isn’t the case. Isn’t happening.

    It’s the flux capacitor, one point twenty-one jigga watts!

    The 8 with the “Dream Team” and YUGE hauler didn’t spring the extra bucks for the flux capacitor.

    The 44, who originally thought they were buying an SK, but bought a Tour car and ended up going Tour racing, had a few glimmers of hope, and changed Crew Chief, but still, they didn’t go for the optional flux capacitor.

    Same goes for all other LFR runs, except the 2.

    Conclusion: It ain’t the pipes.

  36. Jeffrey P says

    ok my two cents , its not the chassis or the car as much as its who sets up that car and can adjust the car to the driver and the track that day …..best sk lite in 2016 was a 1980’s CD car chassis with raceworks front and rear clips …..best sk mod 2 years in a row at stafford a CD chassis again the basic chassis was designed in 1980 ‘s …..the VMRS best car a raceworks from a 2000 design ….the best car on the mod tour second half of 2016 a spafco ….best cars in 2017 so far troyers at a track the drivers never raced at were at least 3 LFR cars had raced there before …. phil moran makes that LFR look that good, but he also did it with a troyer a CD car and a spafco ….

  37. darealgoodfella says

    And let’s not forget the carburetor!!!!!

  38. Broken record. Give it up

  39. Phil Moran is the difference.Flux Capacitors and carbs aside.Knows more about getting it dialed in than Rob or anyone else, not that he was bad with Troyer.In my opinion LFR is no better or worse than the others.

  40. Fast Eddie says

    Jeffery P, you just let the cat out of the bag!! It’s not the car with the flux capacitor, it’s the CREW CHIEF with it!! {;-) Keep an eye on the #20; Max Zachem has been a win waiting to happen, and now he has Steve Lemay as crew chief, who along with Sly & #16, also has experience with the flux capacitors. Jigawatts rule!! {;-)

  41. darealgoodfella says

    A Crew Chief is nothing without his carburetor. It’s like vitamins.

  42. Getyour$+-#straight says

    I find it amusing that several of you jump on Fuller and think that you know the facts!! Fury bought rights NOT LFR!! Yes there was debt and Fury didn’t want that, which was in LFR’s name. Rob dug himself and LFR’s name out of it, and has decided to care so much about his customers, to open a small shop to serve the ones that supported him and his design. I think there are a lot of crap talkers because they can’t afford what he has developed. It has proven to have success and will continue to have success. I can’t wait to see the new GEN2 chassis and Fuller successful once again. If Fury bought LFR why haven’t they sold and or manufacturered any mod chassis’s. Oh wait I know why because there isn’t one person there that knows mod’s and to give advice about the design!! Fact!!! Only Fuller can answer those questions! Jealousy will get you nowhere. Suck it up LFR chassis are badass!!! Checked flag again!!!!LOL

  43. so your saying phil had a cheater carb with #50 when they won races and the championship …another one with the 2 when it was a troyer car …another one with the 5 when he won …man that’s a lot of carbs to get threw tech over all those years and races ….i think it is more like you have been inhaling to much carb cleaner and have carb fever of the brain …..lol…..nothing personal just a little humor ….

  44. Second to that.

  45. True story says

    Fury didn’t buy anything. They took it all when they didn’t get paid. Nobody down there cares about mods at fury, that’s not where the money is. I can’t for the gen2 either from fuller. I’m excited to see who builds it because he couldn’t fab nose tin, never mind build a car. It’s dead folks. The 2 dominated with troyer until a few cars had spec motors and they didn’t. They got a spec and dominated again. All phil needs is a level playing field and he could win with an RE car. Remember when he was winning with a CD car…..

  46. Getyours#@&straight says

    True story…..Your an idiot!!! Rob built the first few cars when he open the doors at LFR. Yes that’s a true story!!! Humm yes I believe Burt’s car was one of the first few built by Rob himself, and won races and a championship!!! Burt wasn’t thay good before he ran the LFR chassis, than what!! Everyone else seen that he turned over a new leaf so they took a bite. Just because you can design a chassis doesn’t mean that you have to know how to cut panels!!! Does a ice cream man make ice cream no he scoops it and sell it!!! Get a grip on yourself. Checkered Flags!!!!

  47. Getyours#@&straight says

    True story…..Your an idiot!!! Rob built the first few cars when he open the doors at LFR. Yes that’s a true story!!! Humm yes I believe Burt’s car was one of the first few built by Rob himself, and won races and a championship!!! Burt wasn’t they good before he ran the LFR chassis, than what!! Everyone else seen that he turned over a new leaf so they took a bite. Just because you can design a chassis doesn’t mean that you have to know how to cut panels!!! Does a ice cream man make ice cream no he scoops it and sell it!!! Get a grip on yourself. Checkered Flags!!!!

  48. Harvard dave says

    I have to interject since I teach English comp in college. I also like Mod racing. Every comment defending LFR reads the same, with the same grammatical mistakes. Which makes me think they are from the same person. My guess is that Fuller himself is trying to defend his failure. He is “Fuller” of himself.

  49. darealgoodfella says

    Harvard dave, so now he’ll create new identities and type with his left hand instead of his right hand.


  50. Holeshot99 says

    Steve Leavitt Designed and Built the first few LFR Mod & SLM Chassis ( Leavitt Fuller Racing) Fuller didn’t build anything, I worked for Steve there…… when fuller stuck it to Mr. Leavitt and ended up with all his equipment, That’s the way Rob rolls

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