Thompson Speedway Postpones Icebreaker Weekend

(Press Release from Thompson Speedway)

With a deteriorating forecast and declining temperatures, Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park Officials have postponed the 43rdrunning of the Icebreaker to Friday, April 7 – Sunday, April 9.

The schedule for the weekend will remain the same, only backed up by one week.

Camper drop off will be closed until Thursday, April 6, at 5pm.

Camping units that are already on the property may remain onsite through the week, however, no one will be permitted to stay in them until the night of the 6th.

Anyone who missed the deadline to purchase an advanced camping spot will have another opportunity, as online camping reservations will reopen on


  1. Fast Eddie says

    Well, I haven’t been “snowed out” in quite a while. Smart move for everyone’s sake; the weather forecast is getting worse every time I check. It’s sounding like it would be tough not only trying to race, but just trying to get there as well. C’mon NEXT weekend!!

  2. Scaremy Badley says

    I love how the comments are closed for the Bemer story. If a certain 17 year old gets a DUI in Willimantic there’s 8 articles in 5 days. This site is complete garbage. I know you won’t approve this comment, but I’m hoping you read it, WIMP!!

  3. Crazy in NY says

    Emotion for Waterford :-< …….so sad.

  4. It don’t look so good for the bowl.Bad Day.

  5. The Bowl will survive… If he does loose it hopefully a new owner who likes racing will step up and buy it! Perhaps a wealthy online racing news site like Racedayct will step up to the plate! I had heard Shawn’s accountant told him he needs to spend some of his money!!! Lmao

  6. darealgoodfella says

    It ain’t called the IceBreaker for nothing!!!!

  7. I was wondering why there wasn’t hundreds of comments on the speedbowl. Makes Terry Eames look like a saint.

  8. Knuckles Mahoney says

    I’m glad they cancelled. I could not make it this weekend now i can. I have only missed 2 Icebreakers in the last 20 years. Oh, and I don’t blame Shawn for no comments on the Bowl situation, that would have spiraled into a mess. I strongly believe in the constitution, you are innocent until proven guilty, lets just sit back and see what happens.

  9. Let’s comment on the Speedbowl on the appropriate article, this is about the Ice Breaker.

    Good choice by the management postponing the event, weather not promising, fan turn out won’t be good, great decision Josh. See you next week.

  10. darealgoodfella says

    Yeah, I like the decision. Although everyone is chomping at the bit, it’s better to do it under better circumstances. Let’s hold off for better weather.

  11. Shawn your an absolute puttz you write all this crap about others now owner of track has major arrest and you try to tone it down wouldn’t be surprised if your mixed in with beemer too. Your a disgrace to journalism. Enjoy the read I know it won’t post

  12. Crazy in NY says

    No wonder why Shawn would have second thoughts on a thread about the Waterford situation
    with moronic statements like Tom s has displayed above. A kick Bemer to death thread adds exactly
    what to local racing? Go on FB or Twitter and trash the man is you must but the only thing IMO that matters racing wise is if or when Waterford opens or not.

    ( Tom s if Shawn won’t post your “read” how could we “enjoy” it? ) Brilliant….

  13. Nascar is going to pull the sanction. Thompson is going to move to Saturdays. And you you can only post comments about arrests if the CASH bond is less than $500,000.

  14. No, sponsors are not “already backing out of deals with drivers and owners”. Just stop.

  15. darealgoodfella says

    Tom s, thanks for showing your concern for others. NOT.

    Given what has been published, I find it stunning that anyone would even think of advocating in favor of Bemer. He’s talking and admitting to it.

    This Bemer situation is not all about you and your selfish concern over the future of the NLWSB, and the impact on local short track racing. If you are concerned about how this is going to affect the NLWSB, the local racers, sponsors, NASCAR sanctioning, etc. vent your frustrations at Bemer and his behaviors. That is what caused this situation. It’s a cloud that will hang over the NLWSB like the reputation of a haunted house. Blame Bemer.

    Very vulnerable people taken advantage of, abused, and trafficked. That is who we should be worried about, as always.

  16. Scaremy Badley and Tom S you are exactly right. There were comments on the story last night but have since been deleted. He has also been deleting the comments on the facebook post about it. He is only keeping the ones that are very vague in words. A comment I posted last night on the article was never even put up. Seems that mister wanna be racing reporter only likes to bash on competitors. We will see if this is even put up.

  17. Poprocks,
    No comments have been deleted. Comments have been denied based on not meeting the acceptable standards that have been in place for comments since day one. Those standards include not using vulgar language and not allowing accusations of someone involving judicial issues that are untrue. Your comment was not posted last night because you used a term to describe a medical classification/condition of certain individuals that has absolutely nothing to do with the details of the case involved.

  18. Rafter fan says

    The forecast for next week end now looks promising.

  19. As of now next weekend looks pretty nice. Good move

  20. Thompson Speedway Icebreaker, 1983. We raced our Street Stock to a 9 place finish in the feature and all and all was a good day with cold but clear conditions. Ended the day in the clubhouse waiting for our check and left aa snow started to fall. That year Thompson beat the weather.

  21. Shawn Courchesne– your comment on what is allowed and what isn’t is only partly complete.You routinely exclude any comment that reflects negatively on any aspect of local racing. You routinely have excluded my observations on the anemic car counts in some of Staffords features. Fair enough, it’s your web site, the sport is challenged and you don’t want to give voice to negativity. But simply be honest when you get on the soap box.

  22. yes we will see the icebreaker this year and there is no doubt in my mind a big crowd sunday

  23. darealgoodfella says

    Weather is looking good!!! Can’t wait!

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