Ryan Preece Wins Modified Touring Series Season Opener At Monadnock Speedway

Ryan Preece (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

On a chilly night in New Hampshire, Ryan Preece proved himself a heated man on the high banks of Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, N.H.

Preece, of Berlin, dominated on the way to victory in the Exit Reality Modified Touring Series O’Reilly Auto Spring Dash 125 at Monadnock Speedway,

The event marked the first points race for the series, which ran an open event at Monadnock last year.

Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Mass. was second and Rowan Pennink of Huntingdon Valley, Pa. third.

Preece took the lead from Richard Savary on lap 14 and never trailed again.

The race went green to checkered. Nineteen cars were in the starting field.

Melissa Ferrigno contributed to this report. 


  1. What was the rest of the finishing order? Anyone know?

  2. Wow 19 cars. Waterford might have gotten a few more if things were back to normal. Who knows now. Was the 35 in the field? Funny last year he had to forge his birth certificate to race an sk lite. Now he’s good to run a tour car for the mts.

  3. Top 10. Preece,mckennedy,pennink,pasteryak,savary,pitkat,hinckley,Barrett,goodale,Alexander. The 35 did race and there was 20 cars but the 50 of silk had problems.

  4. Preece

  5. The 35 was in the field running almost 2 seconds behind the leaders. This year he is the correct age because daddy went down to nascar with his tail between his legs and begged for a license.

  6. They should have thrown a caution for debris would have been a better show

  7. Crazy in NY says

    The 50 that didn’t race was not Silk. It was Carl Medeiros Jr. Twenty cars showed, a nice crowd on a rather cool damp day wasn’t too bad I think. This series should be given a chance by Modified fans.
    Yes it will have growing pains and yes the series owner has a past but those things should not keep anyone away. Modified racing needs all the support it can get.

  8. So what difference does it make if the 35 has a NASCAR license? This is not a NASCAR sanctioned series. It would be a rule the MTS establishes.

  9. wmass01013 says

    YES Barrett does not have a NASCAR license either!

  10. Fast Eddie says

    Crazy, I agree with you. I liked the format of time trialing for heat race position. That way no one gets a “bad random draw.” Then the top ten for the feature had a redraw. Despite Preece leading most of the race, there was a lot of good racing for position, particularly within the top ten. With no cautions, it looked a little like the WMT race last year there, cars lapping cars that were battling for position. Some teams normally up front weren’t, possibly due to getting used to the American Racers and the cold green track at the beginning of the season. The threatening weather may have kept the car count down as well. Overall I thought the racing was really good given the conditions, and I think it will only get better as the season goes on.

  11. Grey Matter says

    Molluer also ran the tracks Sportsman mod division as well, he didn’t fair well in that race either. BTW.. a CT boy won that race as well.

  12. So what will happen with Preece and Pennik once the WMT gets busy? If they drop that will leave less of a car count or were they only there due to an opening in the WMT schedule?

  13. Crazy in NY says

    We had the AR’s on the ROC for two years and first year lots of hate for them by most teams. By the end of the second year the racing had gotten better because a number of the better guys were getting the feel for them. Because of the ownership change and the usual racing politics the series went back to the gumballs. It doesn’t matter really because the best guys out there will figure them out if they were on baby carriage rubber. I did see and hear some grumbling by a few guys about the tires but others were amazed at how much of their RR was still left. Now they have a good set to practice on for the next event. Kicking the sticky Hoosier habit will take time but eventually I believe the racing will get much better. Hope I’m right.

  14. We ran the race, my car could not get heat in tires at all, first time ever at the track and first time ever running those tires. I think the tire was good, our setup just didn’t work, but we learned a few things and the Engineer from AR came to talk to us after the race. Not a bad night, just got some homework to do.

  15. I think the only schedule conflict with the WMT is Sept 16th. MTS has had quality fields just not a lot of quantity. Probably not a great sign they only got 20 cars last week being there weren’t any other races going on.It was cool they gave Goodale a tow home. VRMS gets going in a few weeks too. Then Tri Track. I wonder what Tri Track will do if they lose the 2 events at Waterford.

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