Facebook Official?: Odd Announcement From New London-Waterford Speedbowl Management Late Sunday

The rumors and questions and mysteries concerning the immediate and long term future of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl have run rampant since the start of the publicly known legal troubles for track owner Bruce Bemer in March.

Late Sunday evening the mystery took a very strange turn.

Just before 11:30 p.m. the following message was posted on the Speedbowl’s Facebook page:



The Management of the New London Waterford Speedbowl is pleased to announce that there is currently a working agreement for the Speedbowl to be Leased for the 2017 racing season. Additional information will follow within the coming weeks but it is anticipated that racing will begin before the end of June. Updates will be posted on our website as well as our Facebook page as details are confirmed. An open practice will be scheduled prior to opening weekend. We thank all of our staff, drivers, fans and supporters for their patience and love of the race track and ask that you continue to be patient as final details are made. In the meantime …… LETS GET READY TO GO RACING!!

Bemer was not immediately available for comment. Neither was Scott Gregory, who has overseen management of the facility since last fall.


  1. The best news I have heard in some time!Shawn,it is time for some “old school” investigative reporting.

  2. Wow! Didn’t expect this, I will definitely be there to support the track!!

  3. NBC Connecticut just reported on this as well this morning.

  4. darealgoodfella says

    Yep, this was the only option to get the ‘Bowl operating this season given that it was impossible to close a sale in such a short time, if at all. Hopefully this creates enough perception that the owner is detached and fans and racers will show up.

  5. There more supporter then what people thinks. That the only track that run Saturday night that works for the driver and for the fans.

  6. Fast Eddie says


  7. Way is this odd, it’s good news..

  8. I don’t see what makes this an odd statement. A bit vague and succinct maybe but not odd.
    Clearly some cleaver group has come up with an alternative that no one thought of. Creating separation from current ownership with a lease agreement and completely separate business entity for legal purpose. Clean, very short term and with limited liability.Risky but not suicidal. Bravo, it’s brilliant.

  9. 131Whelen says

    Praying this is true. Everyone needs to realize at this point you are NOT supporting Beamer you will be supporting the “victims” of his sick crime and the racing community!!

  10. RaceDayNH says

    How is this press release “odd” and how is it a “strange turn”… They are just letting people know that there will most likely be racing and it is to be accomplished by leasing the track… That doesn’t seem odd or strange to me

  11. If Beamer or Gregory was not available for comment then who sent it out? They seem to be the 2 principal front people currently and if they are not available for comment that seems just a little strange.

    Also tells me that Beamer is not interested in selling. The soap opera continues!

  12. I agree I don’t see anything odd here. Neither did NBC 30 and wfsb 3 or anyone else reporting this.

  13. The big question would be will NASCAR sanction the track or not

  14. Maybe the details are not fully worked out yet so the announcement is a little vague.I would expect they will sooner than later make details available to the public.

  15. darealgoodfella says

    This is the key sentence: “Additional information will follow within the coming weeks but it is anticipated that racing will begin before the end of June.”

    And watch out for those pesky details.

    Is the end of June optimistic?

    That’s a long time from now and anything can go wrong, or more nothing can happen.

  16. Crazy in NY says

    How can anyone proffer an opinion without Dareal’s input. Talk about jumping the gun!!

  17. Bill Realist says

    Yeah now all they have to do is fix those grandstands….lol

  18. darealgoodfella says

    The details are something like this… Bemer has to get the track ready to open, that means all permits, inspections, insurance, etc., in complete “turnkey” condition, ready for the lessors. Then the lessors will commit to a lease. I wouldn’t commit to leasing anything unless it was completely ready to operate. And that the owner will have crew onsite for all maintenance issues.

    The mention of a “working agreement” means there is discussion and development of terms and conditions. That is, both parties are stating their requirements as to what must be achieved before a lease can be signed, and the terms and conditions contained in the lease. The track must be brought up to code, all permits, inspections, concession stand inspections and permits must be secured, etc.

    In the mean time, the potential lessors will watch the comments online about how people will still not show up at the track as long as Bemer owns it, giving the lessors every opportunity to back out. The lessors should insist on various ways to get out of the lease, expecting poor participation and attendance, and most likely unviable race programs and insufficient gate receipts.

    The lessors need to know that they will be guilty by association, and it might not end well for them.

    So who are these wonderful people that want to lease the track?

    So you all have about 5-6 weeks more of wait-and-see.

  19. Management1 says

    Wow I may 1 of the few who saw something good coming but those who know everything else it’s kinda pie in your face. Lol
    Don’t forget Mr. Bemer still owns the track and there is no court order that he can’t go to his venue . Im guessing reread that guessing that maybe the lease deal is for the car owners, drivers and fans because he doesn’t want to let the people who supported him from the time he bought the track till present down. Those of you are chair lawyers who had a negative oppion can stay home if you don’t like that. I’m going to like most people who have realistic views of life and how corrupt the legal system can be and wait out the verdict. I’ll be there when racing starts up again and support the track.

    DaReal ? Ever think this could be a tax write off for other businesses . I’m not wealthy and may never be but Mr Bemer probley hasn’t made a lot of bad moves with his investments .

    God bless the NLWSB….

  20. Well the post has already been taken down from facebook. And the website isn’t working. Hacked possibly?

  21. Yeah, it’s very strange. A prank it seems?

  22. D. Trickle says

    It was the russians

  23. darealgoodfella says

    The FB post is gone… and that should not be a surprise. There were plenty of posts saying that they will not attend the NLWSB as long as Bemer was still the owner. Clearly the NLWSB would not leave that up, not good for negotiating with potential lessors, attracting fans, racers, series, sponsors, revenue, etc.

  24. Good point. Seems to be the same group of people that have been saying they won’t attend all along. I think the bowl will survive. But all that negativity surely isn’t going to help.

  25. justafan says

    I just had to chime in on this one. While i do not find this “annoucement” nor the removal of it odd,what i do find odd is that mr gregory is unavailable for comment which imo means declined comment. Now if this information was accurate would he not at worse confirm that yes these plans are in the works,or make it known it was a false staement? Its like for every possitive is accompinied by a negitive. All the networks are reporting this so to me that a good sign,yet the track itself is unavailable for comment? not good.
    I will say it straight i like many others do not condone mr bemers actions and feel he should get what is due,however if the bowl does miraculously open i will be there to show support to the track,the owners and drivers and the town that the speedbowl is indeed a family orientated entertainment venue and it should not suffer from one mans despicable act. Should the actual race teams not arrive on scene and race well ok then i wont go. If cars show up with the sole purpose of us the fans a good night of entertainment then you can bet your backside that my backside will be there to say thank you.
    Thats all and sorry for my typing errors as i was in a hurry to submit this….haha

    Goodluck to the beloved bowl yet once again

  26. The website is down because it’s eceeded it’s bandwidth. So many people are trying to access it. I don’t think it’s fair that people are trying to or are attacking Scott Gregory about not commenting.. Does the thought occur to you that he’s been instructed not to by the owner? From what I’ve seen Scott has been through hell through all of this and should be commended for doing all that he could to make the track survive. Cut the guy some slack. You people are brutal.

  27. The announcement isn’t bogus and it also represents more then one paragraph. To get to it there had to be parties working feverishly including principles and lawyers. A lot of work done legally, a lease agreement reached and the structure pretty much set. It can be anything the parties want it to be regarding the structure, permits and such. It’s a good thing. Yes the accused does make money from lease payments. But certainly the lessee’s, the teams, nor the public at large that attends should be punished for wanting the season to open. The Speedbowl is a treasure and the product of decades of involvement by sincere people. The current ownership will pass and the job now should be to not critically injure a historic entertainment venue for something that is temporary in the big picture.

  28. Fake news, it’s the Russians and somebody needs to be impeached!

  29. Is there anyone over there at the track that can simply click settings and disable commenting on the tracks posts they put out. It’s not rocket science. The statement was most likely removed due to the 500 Facebook lawyers and victim advocates that had to post their negative opinions.

  30. You just can’t make this crap up! Heck even Tri track bailed, guess I can’t blame them.

  31. Did they bail before or after the announcement? I believe the MTS is still all in. As they have been since the beginning of this whole mess. I don’t think if the tri track did come back it would hurt their brand much.

  32. Where does it say NASCAR will give them sanctioning back. I think that’s the key to bring race teams

  33. darealgoodfella says

    It’s a deep state plan, or a vast right wing conspiracy.

    Nobody, and that means nobody, is being punished by this. Make sure that is clear. The teams, fans etc. are not being punished. There is no deliberate attempt to deny opening the ‘bowl with the intent to punish the teams, owners and fans. Stop looking like an idiot by playing the victim.

    This could have been a test, to see what would happen if the track was leased and still owned by Bemer. Is there interest, or is there still rejection? That was clear on the FB post. It was filled with sentiment that folks were not going spend money or bring their kids there as long as Bemer owned the place. That’s not being negative. That’s democracy and capitalism at its finest. Exercise your freedom with your wallet. I wouldn’t attempt to open or lease the place as long as Bemer still owned it.

    Any harm to the ‘bowl already happened, and will always have this as part of its history and reputation. The fans, teams, employees, drivers, sponsors, etc. didn’t cause this mess, and they aren’t obligated in any way to be a part of the remedy.

    The court will oversee a sale and that sale will have to be at a fair market value, and buyers will try to put a squeeze play on. It just isn’t going to work.

  34. Let’s face it, Tri Track waited long enough and I applaud them for keeping their promise to deliver by dumping the two bowl dates and moving to another venue. Who really cares when they made the decision, it makes no difference, two more shows, and I might add two big paying shows gone. Bottom line Wayne Darling absolutely made the right decision and the Soeedbowl looses!

  35. Why are so many people worried about NASCAR? They are not needed to run the bowl. It ran for many years with no sanction. Totally not a valid argument for them to run or not. And for no official statement to be put out is wrong because of all the rumors surrounding this whole situation. Sorry but they don’t get a pass on this one.

  36. The public has spoken, they will not support this operation. Yes teams will still come to race, but the stands will be empty, the beer sales will be low,food etc. Who ever leases the track will be doing so to lose money wich they already should know. A lease will open the track, but it does not save the Speedbowl, it still is Bemers asset to potentially be awarded to victims.

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