Where Is Sam Rameau Racing? He’s Been Cleared By One Series

Sam Rameau (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Modified veteran Sam Rameau has not been in competition behind the wheel since his team was involved an ugly issue last October during an Open Modified event at Thompson Speedway.

Following the incident, Rameau was suspended by NASCAR and a host of regional divisions and racing facilities.

Read more at the RaceDayCT Insider Page: Where Is Sam Rameau Racing? He’s Been Cleared By One Series


  1. and the Tour goes on and on .... says

    He could call his team “My Dad’s checkbook racing”

  2. And the Tour goes on and on …,
    I think you could put the description on about half of all teams involved in short track racing these days.

  3. and the Tour goes on and on .... says

    Shawn I totally agree with you and it will start to affect how much cash I will continue to give these tracks. Enjoying racing as kid in the mid to late 70s I am now paying the price for watching all the REAL drivers. MEN who really belonged in the seat back in the day. Now I suffer watching boys not worthy of the ride or the series they are in.

  4. We went from Richie Evans, Charlie Jarzombek, Jerry Cook, Bugsy, DeSarro, Jimmy Spencer, George Kent, Bodine, Stefanik, Tony Hirschmann … to this.

    It’s so sad to watch this happening.

  5. Crazy in NY says

    One of my contacts in PA told me that Sammy was at Evergreen practicing last weekend. No other info availible as to his plans when the suspension ends.

  6. Crazy in NY,
    Yes, he was at Evergreen testing Saturday.

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