Guy Beaudoin Named Race Director At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

Guy Beaudoin (Photo: Courtesy Guy Beaudoin)

Longtime local racing official and former team owner Guy Beaudoin has been named as the race director at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Beaudoin takes over the position which was vacated after last season by Eric Webster.

Beaudoin has been an official for the last five years with the Valenti Modified Racing Series and briefly spent time as the series director.

The Speedbowl, which was recently announced to be leased by George Whitney, opens for the 2017 season on June 24. Whitney, a longtime team Legends team owner, will also serve as the track’s general manager.

“I’m honored to be working at the Speedbowl,” Beaudoin told RaceDayCT. “I’m thankful that George gave me the opportunity to take this position. I also want to thank Modified Racing Series owner Jack Bateman and all the MRS officials. Being an official with the Modified Racing Series has been a fantastic learning experience and Jack has been an amazing mentor to me in racing.

“At Waterford, I have no affiliations with any of the teams involved and I think that helps me to bring a totally open view of what’s going on there. I just want to have a well run program that is officiated consistently and fairly for everyone involved.”

Beaudoin’s involvement in racing began in 1979. He formerly owned a Late Model team and fielded his car at numerous local tracks over the years, primarily at Stafford Motor Speedway. Beaudoin also spent time in competition in the Street Stock division at the former Riverside Park Speedway.

Beaudoin’s first duties as race director will see him overseeing an open practice at the Speedbowl on Saturday.

The June 24 opening will see the Valenti Modified Racing Series anchoring a full card of racing that will also include the SK Modified division, SK Light Modified, Late Models, Street Stock, Mini Stocks and more.


  1. Congrats to him. These days you have to give credit to anyone who supports the bowl. Just look at some of the comments on facebook. According to this one lady anyone who races or is a spectator is just as bad as the owner himself. Plus she’s quoting sid dimmagio, as a reason why nobody should go. I respect sid but hope this wasn’t his intention, to scare people away from supporting the track. Most people can decide for themselves. Some people can’t and let others decide for them.

  2. Stuart Fearn says

    i agree Rich 100%. Guy loves racing and wants to be involved, good for him!
    Ignore all the silly haters and do what you think is right. Attending a race of your choosing isn’t supporting a sex criminal sorry people but that is a ridiculous stretch of the imagination.
    Good luck to everyone at the bowl

  3. darealgoodfella says

    Guilty by association.

    I don’t think Sid meant to scare anyone away. What Sid wrote was real. I’m disgusted just driving by the track, I won’t go there until it is sold, and the present owner has nothing to do with the track. Patronizing the track is tacitly approving Bemer, and people simply will not do that.

  4. Jeff Eilenberger says

    Absolutely not Sid’s intention … He was just giving the ‘opinion’ from the other side of the fence … I won’t be attending, but I do wish everyone well that choose to participate at the Bowl.

  5. wmass01013 says

    JEEZ DAREAL and everything u own, in house or In life u know the back round and life of the owner of that every piece of clothing, every appliance u have every book, magazine, food!
    not saying what BEMER did wasn’t deplorable but cmon, u wont drive by the track, wow, LETS RACE

  6. FAT Freddy says

    Haven’t been on this sight long have to say dar r real idiots on this sight!!

  7. Dareal, I am happy you have a conviction that you believe in. For the rest of us it is about personal choice and I am sure those who choose will attend and those who don’t will stay home. Just don’t push your personal agenda down our throats. We are all adult enough to decide on our own.

  8. I agree it wasn’t his intention. If you look at the bowls facebook page then I’m sure you know what lady I’m talking about. She has to bad mouth everything that they post and the people that will be attending. Unfortunately her latest antic is she’s using sids post as a means to try to scare people away from the track. You could almost say she’s a female version of dareal. Although I don’t think she’s said anything about the stands yet.

  9. I wouldn’t jump all over people against the track. It will be part of the norm moving forward. You should fully expect protesters next week. Local news coverage will be heavy. Both track and car sponsors will get phone calls asking why they are supporting the track. I hope the track will have a spokesperson lined up to handle media questions. Still gonna be a hot mess. Can’t imagine the fun factor will be high. I’m very interested in seeing the MRS entry list for next week.

  10. Again the black cloud, “darealgoodfella”(which you are not).The Speedbowl is living history.It was here long before Bemer and will be here long after.My money will go to the new management.If a couple of bucks end up in Bemers pocket,who cares.I hope that you(dareal)stick with your promise not to come to the Speedbowl.I do not in fact,tacitly approve of Bemer,in any manner, nor will any of the thousands of decent people who will be celebrating on Saturday night.Thousands of fans,hundreds of owners and racers,dozens of workers and the iconic track itself are the Speedbowl,not Bemer.

  11. Fat Freddy says

    Agreed humphry

  12. i agree with 450mike. if the bowl is not supported, it may not be there for the new owner’s, so go to the track, support yr driver’s and enjoy the show!!!

  13. darealgoodfella says

    So, how are the stands doing? All repaired and brought up to code?

    Town do the inspection yet and issue the permits?

  14. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, you really think there will be protesters and heavy media coverage?

    I doubt it.

  15. Poprocks says

    Dareal, the stands are set to be inspected on Monday and permits issued. Now that that is over, what will you gripe about next? My mother always said if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. You should follow that advice

  16. Dareal, try reading the article about today’s practice and you will probably get your answer.

  17. bystander says

    where were the hundreds of owners/drivers and thousands of fans today to support the track? just because there are a vocal few supporting the place on facebook doesnt give you the right to claim you number in the thousands. do you think there might be thousands of people disgusted with the owner and wont speak out because the cheerleaders will attack them and tell them to stay home? great idea, we werent going anyway. has anyone really seen a copy of the lease? I dont need to see the dollar amounts, white those out. but is there one? ‘yall blinded by your heart.

  18. Bystander, are trying to compete with dareal for top idiot? Are you that dumb to think thousands of fans were going to show up for practice? You do realize the stands weren’t supposed to be open today. So tell us how many cars were there? Only the three in the picture?

  19. Bystander,read the article;The grandstands are still closed.I went to the bowl today.There were dozens of cars and drivers.Yes,I am blinded by my heart.I have one.

  20. darealgoodfella says

    The town is doing the inspection on Monday… will it be successful?

  21. It’s no secret that the town wants the stands out right replaced. This is probably just another temporary fix. Just like, if you’ve been paying attention, has been going on for who knows how many years. Wasn’t that long ago that Terry had over half the stands closed off for a few weeks in the beginning of the season.

  22. Dareal, are you related to Jeffrey because you both act like a couple of bafoons. Get off the stand subject will you please. Why don’t you be at the track on Monday for the inspection and give us a report. Oh that’s right you won’t drive by the track or attend until it is sold. So if you feel that way then no more comments about the Speedbowl, I think you have worn the subject out and I really don’t care about your opinions!

  23. Should be interesting. Can it get any worse than the roster they had up at speed 51? Guess we’ll see.

  24. I think Jeffrey is all an act. But it looks as though dareal is actually a genuine idiot.

  25. bystander says

    rich, about 35 cars. mostly mini and street stocks. approximately 12 modifieds.

    the grandstands were closed, but how many knew that before reading this article? was it posted anywhere? so how exactly did the thousands of fans know not to come because only the center section of stands were closed? why not show up and buy a pit pass and support the racers, pat them on the back and say thanks for supporting Bruce?

    I sure hope the grandstands pass inspection, just so the thousands of fans have a place to sit next weekend.

  26. How many knew the grandstands were closed for open practice? Oh, I don’t know, maybe everyone besides you. You can stick with your moronic comment about the thousands of fans that should’ve been there to support a practice session. You apparently have never been to Waterford or you’re completely clueless.

  27. darealgoodfella says

    So, what’s the official word?

    Did the track pass inspection by the town and Engineer?

    Does the track have all permits needed to open and operate?

  28. Bystander says

    They’ll let everyone know Friday morning on their Facebook page. Stay tuned fans….

  29. So where did you get about 35 from? Wfsb channel 3 said 60. I’m assuming you’re morals wouldn’t allow you to be there yourself.

  30. Berlin Bubba says

    Tim I know you’re endless harping about the grandstands may be due to your ever increasing girth. No worries fella, they should hold you just fine. 😀

  31. Rich
    Just to clear up any argument, by my count (give or take a couple maybe), there was about 34 Saturday night weekly division cars there. Five SK Modifieds, two late Models, seven SK Lights and about 10 each for Street Stocks and Mini Stocks.

  32. Brad Voglesong says

    I’m not sure you actually cleared up any argument Shawn, as from my understanding there were plenty of Wednesday night cars there also supporting the speedbowl like they do each and every week.

  33. Brad,
    I don’t have a count on the Legends, Bando’s and Wednesday night cars. I was just stating what was there for regular Saturday night weekly cars.

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