Valenti Modified Racing Series Entry List Released For Inaugural NHMS Event

Saturday the Valenti Modified Racing Series will make its debut at the 1.058-mile New Hampshire Motor Speedway as part of the inaugural New England Short Track Showdown.

The Valenti Modified Racing Series is part of a four division card at the track Saturday. The series will run a 50-lap event. The card also includes a 50-lap Granite State Pro Stock Series feature, a 30-lap North East Mini Stock Tour feature and a 30-lap open Street Stock feature.

On Monday New England Short Track Showdown officials released a preliminary entry list for the Valenti Modified Racing Series which includes 28 teams pre-entered for the event.

The list includes Ted Christopher of Plainville, who is tied with Mike Stefanik as the all-time winningest driver at New Hampshire Motor Speedway with 10 victories at the track.

Below is the list of drivers entered for Saturday’s event.

4 – Jeffrey Gallup
6 – Sammy Rameau
11 – Geoff Gernhard
12MA – Rob Richardi
13 – Ted Christopher
13MA – Steve Masse
16 – Colbey Fournier
17 – Donnie Lashua
19 – David Schneider
22 – Roy Seidell
25CT – Anthony Flannery
33 – Bill Dixon
45 – Dan Meservey
48 – Jon Kievman
52 – Woody Pitkat
55 – Joe Doucette
58 – Eric Goodale
63 – Chris Bolton
66 – Andy Shaw
69 – Jimmy Dolan
76PA – Zane Zeiner
77 – Matt Mead
83 – Michael Willis
85 – Jeff Rocco
92 – Anthony Nocella
93 – George Sherman
97 – Bryan Dauzat
99 – Richard Savary


  1. It’s a three car race. TC, Woody and Goodale. Those guys should check out. If Goodale is at Loudon then that’s one less car for MTS at Monadnock. I think all parties involved for MTS and VMRS are crazy for running against one another. Much less 3 days after the Seekonk Open. ROC has their only midweek show at Lancaster on Thursday too.

    I live 30 minutes from NHMS and I’m going to Seekonk. Best race of the week by far. Maybe the year. I’ll spend my money at NHMS in two weeks.

  2. darealgoodfella says

    Yeah, the experience those three have will be a Y-U-G-E advantage.

    Seekonk it is.

  3. I think you’re right. I doubt anyone else has a chance.

  4. Patrick Tetreault jr. says

    MTS has the better cars and the MRS is a thing of the past no matter what track they run they are all done they did it to themselves no question if they ran the series properly they’d still have the good cars!

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Steve Masse, Anthony Nocella, and Rich Savory also have some past track time there. I’m rooting for those guys, but my $$ would be on what looks like the only two WMT cars; TC and Goodale.

  6. darealgoodfella says

    Isn’t Jeff Rocco going to be running a WMT car?

  7. Fast Eddie says

    Sorry Dareal, you’re right. I’ve seen that car run many times as a VMRS car previously, I guess my head is still labeling it as such! 🙂

  8. Does anyone know if TC will be at the bowl after he wins this this very poorly scheduled event??

    I am glad that they are open and did have a good time,but let’s be honest here the SKS took a big hit and it’s just no fun watching a 1 horse race

  9. Different tire, different restrictor plate, different drivers = Different race.
    I believe at least 8 guys have WMT experience there plus one other team with experience.
    And if the MTS is so great why are they not attracting the cars to their races? They have yet to outdraw the MRS all year when head to head or at the same track. Hell 20 cars showed up near the Canadian border for the MRS but only 14 cars at Riverhead? A modified track to begin with. Of those 14, 3 were Riverhead regulars, and one (Lia) is part time at best. How come the other 20+ regulars didn’t try to race? For the WMT, 5 regulars raced so don’t tell me its the expense, etc.
    I find it interesting for those who think the MRS is dead, they have 11 of there top 30 in points going to NHMS for the VRMS show over the MTS show. Ya that’s a great definition of dead. I see it more a revitalization and the development of new talent mixed with old.
    Now to decide which show to go and see……

  10. I was told that they’ll be at Waterford when the tour isn’t running.

  11. The 85 is a tour car. Not too much drafting experience though for the driver. Hard to master Loudon first time out.

  12. darealgoodfella says

    justafan, is it your favorite horse?

  13. Justafan says

    I have not had a favorite since Ronnie yuhas left. But from my perspective it does not matter the track the best dk races are when TC and Keith battle each other lap after lap. The difference is at Stafford there is more compition to result in a better race. At the bowl if Keith is on no one can touch him. Yes others win races but it is usually due to circumstances or a pole shot. TC is the only one that can consistently run with him.

    That is not bad talking the other cars but they are simply the fastest cars there

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