On The Short Run: Shameful Of Molleur Family To Use Age As Promotional Tool Of Young Mod Driver

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On Tuesday the first year Modified Touring Series posted a promotional video on their Facebook page hyping one of their regular drivers this year.

The video on the page was captioned: “Exit Realty MTS Race Fans meet the youngest Driver on the Tour #35 Andrew Molleur of Shelton, Connecticut. Andrew is competing against the Best Modified Drivers in the North East every race at the age of 14!”

There’s nothing wrong with those involved with the Modified Touring Series for using this as a promotional tool. If their rules allow for drivers of Molleur’s age to compete then it’s a nice little promo for their series to help them connect with fans.

The problem is the fact that Andrew Molleur’s family is using their son’s age as a promotional tool. Not something uncommon these days in racing, but after what happened in 2016, it’s unbelievably shameful to see that taking place in this instance.

On July 2, 2016, Andrew Molleur won his first SK Light Modified feature at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. That night actually proved to be the beginning of an ugly saga that ended with the young driver eventually being indefinitely suspended by NASCAR.

But it’s what happened in between that victory and the eventual suspension that makes seeing Molleur’s age being used to promote him seem just simply nauseating.

To compete in the SK Light Modified division at the Speedbowl in 2016 – which was then sanctioned under the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series short track program – a driver needed at least a NASCAR “Learner’s Permit” level license. The minimum age for the permit is 14 years old.

After Molleur’s victory on July 2 evidence surfaced that Molleur was actually 13 years old at the time of the victory. Molleur had first acquired a NASCAR “Learner’s Permit” during the 2015 racing season.

Piecing together multiple articles published in numerous media outlets dating back through the previous six years before the SK Light Modified victory, it had become clear from statements made by Molleur’s family in interviews for those articles that in July 2016 Andrew Molleur was actually 13 years old. It was blatantly clear that Molleur’s family had lied about his age when applying for the NASCAR license.

But after the evidence began to surface, Molleur’s father, former driver Mike Molleur, began calling people out publicly. He accused media outlets of publishing false information in the past about his son. He accused reporters of making up quotes that he claimed he never said about his son. He accused NASCAR officials of being out to get him and his son.

And even after Andrew Molleur was suspended by NASCAR, Mike Molleur continued to insist his son was 15 years old.

On Aug. 1, the day NASCAR announced Andrew Molleur’s indefinite suspension, Mike Molleur vehemently insisted during a phone interview that his son was born on March 15, 2001 and that NASCAR was wrong in suspending him. Mike Molleur continued to insist on that day that he sent NASCAR a legitimate and certified birth certificate stating his son was 15 years old.

“I sent [NASCAR] back an email requesting what they’re basing their decision on,” Mike Molleur said on Aug. 1, 2016 of the indefinite suspension by NASCAR. “Basically they sent me something saying their investigation is saying the information I’ve sent is not accurate. I’m like, there’s nothing else possibly that you could have or get or do or an anything. I’ve given you everything that you’ve asked for. I have no clue. My guess is that they’re basing it from the internet or people saying things.

“… What do [they] say [his] birthday is? I have no idea what information they have. I have no idea. They haven’t given me anything other than saying they don’t believe what I’ve sent, which I don’t think is fair.

“Do you consider us 12? In two years are we good to go? Do you consider us 13? What age do you consider us? I don’t know what else to do. When you give somebody something and say ‘This is what we were are.’ And they say ‘No, you’re something different.’ they haven’t told me what [age they think he is]. They’ve just told me [he’s] not what [we say he is.]. I’m guilty until proven innocent in dealing with them.”

Mike Molleur said all that knowing the whole time his son was indeed 13 years old. He knew the media accounts he claimed were false were actually correct. He knew the previous quotes in old published materials that he called made up were accurate. He knew NASCAR was correct in determining the information he supplied was false. And yet he still was insisting everybody was wrong and everybody was out to get him and his son and they were being wrongfully punished.

Fast forward to today. Andrew Molleur is competing with the Modified Touring Series and his family is allowing his age, now 14 – one year younger than what his family insisted he was last year at this time – to be used as a marketing tool. That’s just reprehensible and further insult to all those that Mike Molleur disparaged last year while he continued his dishonest charade.

We’re not saying Andrew Molleur’s racing career should be ended because of the sordid story of last year. Let him race. Let him move on and do what works best for him and his family. But after publicly calling so many others dishonest and corrupt and out to get him – all while knowing his son was actually 13 years old – age should never again be something the Molleur family uses as a marketing tool for their son.


  1. Poprocks says

    I rarely agree with these types of articles you write, Shawn, but this one is dead on. The Molleur family paraded around the Speedbowl last year with bright orange shirts that read “Free Andrew 3/15/2001”. They actually had others in the racing community who either didn’t know how old Andrew actually was because they didn’t know the family and just jumped on the bandwagon that he was being targeted, or supported the vicious lie and falsification of a federal document to get that NASCAR license, wearing those shirts as well. But anyone that knows that family knows that they feel like the world revolves around them and that they are untouchable. It’s sickening what they did, what they had everyone believing last year. It’s sickening that they actually made their 13 year old kid lie about his age to track officials, fans, sponsors for not one year but two because he had a license in 2015 as well at 12 years old. That is someone you want to use to promote your series? A lying, deceiving, vindictive family? Not a very good choice in my opinion.

  2. Shawn,I agree with you.There is nothing to gain and everything to lose by lying.I was there for Andrew’s victory;it was great.His father’s deception was and is not.In fact,Mike Moelleur diluted the biggest win to date of his own son-shameful.Perpetuating the lie-shameful and disrespectful.That said,best of luck to the talented lad and his racing exploits.

  3. Once again people comment on things that they have no business in.
    Nosey people that talk about others all day long
    This guy is just protecting his son
    Great job!!!!!
    There will be more jealous people to attack you in the near future.
    It don’t matter what age he is
    Nascar says anyone could drive as long as parents sign a form
    I seen a actual baby 4 weeks old practicing at louden this week
    He is in the Gerber car

  4. Dougdacheater says

    Dead on. I would love to see more opinion pieces. They are very enjoyable to read.

  5. It’s simply the rabid out of control father leaning over the railing yelling at the ump that called his little boy out on a close call in a little league game. Or is it. Is there something more sinister going on here. An adult willing to go to virtually any lengths to make the end justify the means regardless of what the rules say. Shawn can’t say it but there is something bigger going on here and it ain’t good. This is indeed a black eye for the MTS by endorsing the philosophy that the end does indeed justify the means. And if the kid wins MTS you might want to take a really close look at the car cause clearly rules are a minor inconvenience to this particular team.
    Great, hard hitting article.

  6. darealgoodfella says

    Rules?!?!?? We don’t need no stinking rules!!!

    I’m surprised that this Molleur guy hasn’t been offered a job by Trump. Press Secretary?

    Wait until the kid gets older and has to deal with the police and law system. Let’s see how daddy’s bluff and bluster works then.

  7. darealgoodfella says

    Don’t worry over this, it’s called being positive. If you oppose it, you are the negative one.


  8. Jeffery your a joke! Protecting his son from what his fathers own lies? Last I knew forging someone’s documents was a federal offense. The real shame is his family teaching him to lie at all cost. Perhaps they lie so much the kid doesn’t know how old he is! Good article Shawn!

  9. darealgoodfella says

    Kinda funny… another sensational birther debacle.

  10. darealgoodfella says

    Now this is a perfect example of why we need extreme vetting.


    I hope technical inspection does a good job checking this kid’s car.

  11. Sharpie Fan says

    Never buy a used racecar from this guy!

  12. Racer 28 says

    The MTS race at Stafford was terrible. He ran in the back The father should be banned for life from every racing series!! I feel bad for Andrew! Dad was not smart enough to tell Andrew not to win last year and all of his deception would have not be discovered!

  13. Racer 28 says

    Shawn I like these articles as well.Keep them coming. You are spot on with this article. I enjoyed meeting you last season at the bowl. Can you work your Mother Nature magic and take out the threat of rain Saturday.

  14. Being president of the “I hate the MTS club” I think this is just one more example of this promotors scruples.As if he was unaware of this story.There is a stink wherever this series goes.Maybe this is a good example of Bill d’s “smell test”

  15. Shawn, in all do respect his win at the Bowl was by no means in my oppinion what sparked the outrage about his age. What sparked the outrage is what he did at Stafford prior to his win. Let’s not forget when the youngster passed all the stops cars waiting for the previous practice round to cross the track and exit. He totally ignored the officials, nearly struck and killed the gate worker and broadsided Wislako (SP) who was existing the track at about 80mph totalling the kids car wich could of seriously injuring him. All if this happened because the kid is a kid, his mind was not cabable of being out there. That’s what sparked the outrage! And just to set the record straight on his Dad, he didn’t even go see the kid his son had just destroyed never mind pay for the damages. As far as I’m concerned the father is a total looser!!!

  16. This may be spitting into the wind but here goes.
    These days most people have their political views and many of us strong views. There are countless message boards where one can do battle with someone with opposing views if they are so inclined. I would suggest that this forum should be a refuge away from governmental politics. Strong views and controversy for sure. Just related to racing.
    Thank you for your cooperation.

  17. Fast Eddie says

    There is another very good reason there are age limits in racing; maturity. I know there are some veterans that occasionally act like children from time to time, but let’s not forget what happened with this kid at Stafford. He completely ignored an official at the end of a practice session, drove past him, and T-boned another racer. And T-bone is no exaggeration; he caused quite a bit of damage to that car and was very lucky there was no injury to the driver. I’m all for kids having a place to race, but in a proper sized car. I think they should at least have a driver’s license and some experience of driving full sized cars on regular roads before jumping into a full sized racecar, for both the physical and mental aspects of it.

  18. darealgoodfella says

    There you go folks, bringing up the irrefutable facts again.

    Why bring up the T-bone accident again just to prove the kid really isn’t ready for prime time?

    Remember, being positive means to obfuscate the facts and be deliberately ignorant.

    Ignore all the stuff that goes against your position, use ad hominem attacks against those that bring up opposing facts and disagree with you.

  19. darealgoodfella says

    So when Andrew turns 21, he’s going to stay 21 for 2-3 years to align with reality.

  20. James Scott says

    Fast Eddie I agree. No drivers license no racing. There are so many spoiled kids racing these days it’s getting sickening. Moeuellers father should be proud of this little monster he has created. There’s others also.

  21. You just can’t make this stuff up ! Despicable .

  22. Da-real-liberal-fella,
    As you make your comments about the Stafford incident were you even there? Did you witness it? I did, the point were making is about the Father! A Father who doesn’t care about anyone except his self!! Why don’t you call the kid who’s car got destroyed and then make your numb comments! The Father didn’t even apologize to him never mind pay for the damages! Damages that would not of occured if the self centered Father didn’t have his underage incompetent young kid in a modified! Untill you do call him and were there to watch it sit on your couch and watch CNN!

  23. Sorry to all
    I’m a dad of 4 and just was hurt
    Great article shawn

  24. Poprocks says

    Their deceitful acts extend beyond NASCAR as far as falsifying a document. The kid had been racing Legends since 2013 which would make him ten. Minimum age for legends is 12. Doesn’t some of the liability and fault fall on the race track? They knew how old he was. His real age. Amazing what you can find on the internet. In 2011 he won a bandolero race at the speedbowl at the age of 8. The track didn’t find it odd that two years later they show up with a legend claiming to be to the minimum age of 12 to race the division? Or that 4 years later when he showed up with a nascar license claiming to be 14? Someone needs to freshen up their math skills over there in that booth.

  25. Racer 28 says

    Shawn why does Stafford allow him back after what his father has done? I was surprised to see him at the MTS race. The track owners I understand need cars, but ones driven by adults not an immature barely teenager. I feel bad for the kid.

  26. darealgoodfella says

    Yet another birth certificate scandal. Get Trump on it, he’ll sort it out. Honestly, really, he’ll get a huge big beautiful birth certificate.

  27. It was common knowledge at practice before the 2016 Icebreaker that the kid wasn’t 14 years old….. yet he ran at all 3 Connecticut tracks and it wasn’t an issue till Randy Churchill got loose coming out of turn 4 and Andrew was able to steal the win. Why aren’t the tracks somewhat at fault?

    Art is a perfect example of what is wrong with the world today….. people can not mind their own business. It is very simple Art, if you do not like or agree with what Gary Knight is doing with his series or for modified racing, do not go to the tracks the series is at. If you didn’t approve of Waterford being on the MTS schedule, don’t go, but instead you felt the need to email Exit Realty

  28. old observer says

    Lying about your age is nothing new, but in the old days it was usually about being 18 or maybe 16.
    Lots of superstars have started racing at higher levels before they legally old enough with great success.
    Nascar even clarified it’s age rules to slow a young Kyle Busch’s rise to the top.
    As a side note, people were usually more discrete if the got caught.
    All in all, this poor kids career could/should have been handled better & I hope his family makes sure he is given proper guidance & his & others safety is a high concern.

  29. Racer 28 says

    Shawn Zeke is asking a good question in why would the tracks allow him to compete if there was any question of his age?

  30. After reading comments justifying how adults are being examples for their children its scary to think that some of them have or could be jurors someday, everybody raise your right hands and “swear”

  31. Racer 28,
    In the instance of a Touring division visiting a track, typically the track defers to the series to oversee their own rules.

  32. Racer 28,
    Stafford Speedway had already asked the family to leave before the situation last year at Waterford. I can’t speak for the tracks or their decisions.

  33. Zeke,it is not your place to tell anyone what they can write on this thread.There is only one person who moderates comments on this thread.For your information I felt the need to call Exit realty and I spoke to one of their representatives.If they show up in my neighborhood at an open house I will indeed talk to them in person.I was in business for 45 years in the NY metro area and never had to worry about an unhappy customer showing up at an event.I don’t envy the brokers who have exit realty hitched to their wagon.So Zeke you can stay away quietly if you want.I will stay away not quietly.I will tell anyone who will listen.Gary Knight’s actions keep giving me lots to talk about.

  34. I have to say it’s amazing how different people take different things out of this situation. Old observer concludes that age cheating is common and suggests that perhaps being more discrete is the key to avoiding controversy, not simply obeying the rules. He goes on to say “All in all, this poor kids career could/should have been handled better & I hope his family makes sure he is given proper guidance & his & others safety is a high concern.”
    A couple things. The poor kid has an amazing amount of money and expertise on his team. There is nothing poor about the team except maybe judgement and honesty. That somehow in spite of the poor judgement and lack of honesty they exhibited you still hope the people at fault will reverse themselves and act as adults should. A you kidding me?
    Shawn opened up a can of worms here and it’s a good thing. This isn’t dancing on the edge of the technical rules to gain a minor advantage. This was wrong and dangerous. It’s too late for parental guidance. That ship sailed. The best thing for this kid whose been taught that anything goes would be for the team to be banned everywhere for at least a year and given the scarlet letter “C” for cheater.

  35. Art I didn’t say what you could or couldn’t write, I just said you are the nosy neighbor type that makes fencing companies very profitable. “I felt the need to call Exit realty”, boy that line makes me sick! Bateman’s series was on the same Waterford schedule, did you feel the need to call their sponsor too? And why aren’t you boycotting Riverhead? They put the MTS on their schedule, and doesn’t the track owner also own the 6 car that has won 3 of the 5 MTS races? Maybe Eddie should donate that $22,600 from those MTS races?

  36. darealgoodfella says

    Folks, this is bad parenting. The parents are enabling bad behavior. The kid is a victim of his parents. And in such a young kid. It’s sad. But we’ll be reading about the kid in a few years, in the police arrest logs. That’s the way these turn out.

  37. Zeke,I’m boycotting the speedbowl and the MTS.I didn’t go to any MTS races this year.I am not boycotting the tracks that host them or the teams that participate.MTS had the opportunity to do the right thing when everyone took the stand that they thought they had to take.The ink wasn’t even dry on the news reports before sanctioning bodies,employees,and most fans backed away.This is my problem with that series.I do not follow vmrs or isma but I didn’t hear them supporting the speedbowl at all costs.Maybe they did.Knight wanted his series there May 6th ,at the height of all the trouble.TTOMS moved their race early on, Knight could have done the same.I am not concerned about what makes you sick.I care about what makes me sick.If you think Eddie should donate money somewhere you should tell him not me.

  38. So shawn did the family continue too show up after they were asked to leave. I honestly can’t remember if he was there the week before he won. I thought he was.

  39. Fred,
    I’m not sure exactly when they were asked to leave.

  40. I said it when it occurred last year and ill say it again. The father is a loser. Never met him, hopefully never do. Lying on top of a lie. Yes people have in the past forged documents or lied about ages. Not something new and I’m not saying its okay. They got caught and completely blasted anyone who had an opinion that didn’t align with there lie.

    Imagine the dinner table the day after. Or weeks or months later. Can you even imagine what the conversion was? Try it seriously. You have to be delusional. You have children who look up to you and all they see is there hero/father/role model/mother lying thier ass off. And now that he is actually 14, viola hes 14 the youngest modified driver on the MTS. And a back marker to say the least.

    Btw he has to run a tour series because, as far as i know he’s still suspended from NASCAR. Just deplorable that there willing to promote this knowing full well they are contradicting themselves at the same time. I’m truly astonished someone from the feds havent paid them a visit.

    Almost everybody wants the best and biggest for there kids. I get it i have my own, But patience and preparedness have a place. Have patience, grin him properly and prepare him for The responsibility. I can almost guarantee The words “you could kill someone” were never uttered. The kid isn’t that good, oh sure he can drive, and maybe he’ll win a few races but gimme a break. He started near the front of the field and won it from 3rd place. Whoopidedoo. The arrogance they possess towards others who question there lie is remarkable.

    Lying, deceitful, arrogance, self admiration and a lack of concern for others. All great qualities any father is bound to be proud of. Leaving politics out of it sounds like the second coming in the future.

    Like the song says “dont go away mad just go away”

  41. Bystander says

    That’s awesome. You win the internet today

  42. darealgoodfella says


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