Quick To The Front: Troy Talman Gets First SK Modified Win At Thompson

Troy Talman celebrates his first career SK Modified victory Wednesday at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

THOMPSON – When Troy Talman learned in April he would get the chance to compete in the SK Modified division in a car owned by veteran Keith Rocco, he was excited for the chance to learn from one of the best Modified drivers of this generation.

Wednesday, in his second event for the team, Talman got to lead the boss to the checkered flag.

Talman won the 30-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature Wednesday at Thompson Speedway.

It was the first career SK Modified victory for Talman, of Oxford, Mass.

“It’s unbelievable,” Talman said. “I didn’t think I would win the second time out. I grew up at this track since I was a a little kid. Watched my uncle and my family. It’s rally cool to be out here racing with guys like Ted Christopher. Of course I had a great starting position which helped me out. It feels great. I think its great to put my abilities to the test with the best of the SK Modified drivers and put my name up there.”

Rocco, of Wallingford, was second and Ryan Preece of Berlin, third.

“It was a good day from the start,” Talman said. “We unloaded off the trailer really fast in first practice. And that’s all the work of Keith Rocco at the shop. He really puts an emphasis on getting it right at the shop and arriving at the track and not doing much. It’s just a testament to his hard work and dedication that he has for not just his car but for all his cars. He does a really great job. I wouldn’t want to drive for anybody else. The thing was mint. It made my job easy.”

Talman went to the lead on the first lap and never trailed. Ted Christopher tried to get by Ryan Preece on the final lap in turn four in a battle for second. The action sent Christopher spinning and allowed Rocco to move past Preece for second coming to the checkered flag.


  1. Good job teddy
    You should of won
    Teddy and rocco are the best ever
    Please don’t comment with nonsense doug
    OR you da real
    Sick of guys who comment and have no clue about racing

  2. 13 and 88 are best ever
    Good job troy happy they gave you a win
    You are solid though
    Don’t compare yourself with rocco and teddy
    Those 2 win every week if they want to
    Think of finishing 3rd is more reality for you this year
    It’s great to see older guys like troy winning
    I remember when taxman was racing at Waterford In the late 80s

  3. Paul Pytko says

    Congrats To Troy,the Talman’s,Tagg family and crew!! Awesome!! To all you negative hide behind computer screen crytics on here give me a break!! No one gave him a win!! Troy can obviously drive!! Look at his lap times!! He’s been one of the fastest out there the two times he has raced! Let’s be happy for him!! He’s a great and polite kid! One more thing.. I bet his Grandmother was riding along with him:-)

  4. Paul, that’s Jeffrey don’t pay any attention to him. He is the king of nonsense.

  5. Honestly a horrible race. Never seen so many fans leave on lap 12 of an sk race in quite a while.

  6. Wreck fest is a better word, tore up a lot of equipment to say the least.

  7. I know you are so right honey. HE IS A GREAT KID. I am so happy we can continue to share this racing experience together.I cant believe its been 4yrs. I have enjoyed ever min I spend with you there and how it has brought us together Who would have thought we would be living this marvelous life together.God always has a plan for me he always knows whats best and where I need to be. love you!!!

  8. You are so right Paul he did a terrific job this season and he is a great kid congratulations to him and his team. I want to say thank you to you Paul the love of my life who would have ever thought that working on a race car would have brought us so close together and giving us this amazing life that we’re sharing now. I can’t wait to spend many more years by your side in our life and on the track God works in amazing ways he knows what I want he knows what I need and he puts the people that can serve his purpose in my life thank you God for Paul I love you so much

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