Stafford Notes: Duane Provost Grabs 2nd Consecutive Limited Late Model Win; Michael Wray Tops Late Models

Duane Provost celebrates his second consecutive Limited Late Model victory Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – It was a milestone evening Friday for longtime Stafford Speedway racer Duane Provost.

The Palmer, Mass. driver has had multi-win seasons in his past, but consecutive wins has been something that has long eluded him.

Friday that all changed.

In a wild feature, Provost wrangled a loose car to victory lane to win the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

It marked the second consecutive win for Provost.

Jeremy Lavoie of Windsor Locks was second and Ryan Fearn of East Longmeadow, Mass. third.

“Never won two in a row,” Provost said. “The biggest year I had was 2014 and I won four races then, but never right in a row like that. It’s a treat.”

On lap 15 third place Bryan Narducci got into the rear of second place Alexandra Fearn, sending Alexandra Fearn hard into the turn one wall.

It moved Provost to second place on the ensuing restart, behind Ryan Fearn. Provost made quick work of Ryan Fearn to take over the lead and never trailed again.

“It was feisty and the car was loose,” Provost said. “I was sliding that thing coming out [of the corners]. I was kind of nervous. When I got to the front I could use both lanes and it worked out.”

Michael Wray of Northford picked up his first victory of the season in the 30-lap Late Model feature.

“It’s huge man,” Wray said. “All season I felt like we had a car that could win the race and we’ve had just small problems here and there. Bad luck. We had brake problems. It’s good to get the monkey off our back.

“[The car] was on rails. If you watched the in-car [camera] it’s nice and smooth the whole time. Not much drama at all. Toward the end I was just trying to save tires in case we had a caution.”

Michael Bennett of Stafford was second and Kevin Gambacorta of Ellington third.


  1. Fat Freddy says

    thank God that girl is ok that rookie in the 28 car should be parked for the rest of the season either that or wrecked for the rest of the season I thought Ted Christopher was in the 28 car for a minute that kid is a joke

  2. Thank goodness for fuel cells aye. Measly 12 cars start the Limited Late Model feature and with all that room on the track you’d think the kid could figure out a way to pass without having to glue himself to her back bumper. A crying shame that a great potential finish could turn into a pile of twisted metal so fast. Admittedly we can’t see the details but it sure looked like a rough riding black flag scenario on the surface anyway.

  3. FAT Freddy says

    Your right Doug, the problem in that division is being only 12 cars even if you get sent to the back it does not matter you can still get to the front — terrible job by the race director! I hope they reck that kid every week so he can learn his lesson hope they have deep pockets

  4. So what do you think of Late Models in general Fat Freddy? You obviously were there. Do you think they have a future. Are they dying. What divisions do you enjoy.?I see 15 cars in the Late Model feature and 12 in the Limiteds so I’m not a fan. SK Lights should be the second division in my view.What do you think?

  5. FAT Freddy says

    Doug , you are right the lights are the TRUE second division, not even a question. I believe the Arutes own the 28 and they are good boys! they race clean and don’t need a buffoon in that car who will only give them a bad name! I love the mods Doug and I love clean racing. I get it a guy rubs you a little you rub him back but just to do it on purpose is not a race car driver a real race car driver drives like Williams he drives clean and has talent we don’t need any more T C’s

  6. I dont know about anyone else but I like seeing a car go from the back to the front . Sounds to me like fat Freddy didn’t get enough to eat Friday night or maybe he got kicked out of the all you can eat buffet after 5 laps .

  7. Who cares about that division
    5 car counts
    They go like 49mph

  8. Thanks Freddy for the response. I love the mods as well and can honestly say I don’t have a favorite nor do I root against anyone. I marveled at TC taking on fresh rubber Friday, charging to the front only to end up behind Pennick. Who did a masterful job keeping Christopher behind him. They’re all great and the competition is fantastic. I do wish they’d condense the Late Models into on division and find some way to change or find a bottom division that will increase the car counts. The young guns seem to want to be in modifieds so how about a 4 cylinder modified entry division. The again why fix what they have if it ain’t broke. Thanks again Freddy for your thoughts.

  9. Fat freddy
    Won’t don’t you go to tc and talk to him instead of talking behind his back.
    Just advice from mature adult.
    TC is the best driver ever!!!!
    This talk behind his back reminds me of high school stuff
    Please stop and concentrate on other things gs like being decent

  10. Please put li.ited with dare stock together
    I bet dare sock runs with them
    Both motors are same anyways
    Llm is 4 barrel posy
    Date are 4cyclinder with dulles
    The difference is power steering is in the limited space
    Date have none
    This is common knowledge

  11. Joe White says

    I was wondering how long TC was going to be blocked by Pennick before TC dumped him. The last couple of laps TC just gave up. Even if he got past him he had no chance of winning. Of course if TC had dumped him we would have heard from all the nay sayers and the TC haters about how TC drives. I do remember a race last season where Pennick was being blocked by Kidrock. It lasted about 3 laps before Pennick hit Kidrock so hard in turn 4 that Kidrock almost lost it and went way up the track. Very good driving by Kidrock for not crashing. Pennick just turned left and kept on going. I was hoping for some payback but Kidrock could not catch Pennick before the race was over. Good stuff.
    TC may have had the fastest car there near the end. He probably could have caught the leaders and made a race out of it. I wonder what TC said to Pennick after the race. Of course these 2 racers probably have been down this road before with TC blocking Pennick.

  12. TC, Pennick and Rocco all get the attention and a lot of fan love and hate but one of the greatest things about the SK’s is none of them are dominant. One win in 5 races between them. Pennick has been near the front but can’t get the lead. Rocco is competitive but nothing more. But you have to love these new guys that aren’t on the tip of every ones tongue winning. As far as blocking goes it’s part of racing. Turning a car purposely only gets you an increased chance of ending up with a wrecked car when the pay back is delivered. And with Pennick, TC and Rocco it would be guaranteed.

  13. Fast Eddie says

    I was not there Friday, but having gone to Stafford 5-6 times a year I agree with all who say the lites are the real second division. There’s so many running they should get their regular event laps bumped up to 25. The Dare Stocks are the true beginner’s class and should stay that way. No Offense, but 12 – 15 limiteds and late models aren’t that great on a 1/2 mile track. I’ve seen some smaller tracks just run limiteds and drop the late models as a weekly division. Some LM guys go to ACT, and some go to limiteds. It seemed to me that overall the weekly racing improved. The limiteds had more cars and put on a better race.

  14. Great comment Fast Eddy.
    Just had a chance to see how Alexandra Fern got turned on youtube in the Limited Late Model feature. Yikes, Narducci got right under her and lifted her wheels off the ground. My question………is that a rules design problem?

  15. Fat Freddy says

    no the kid is just a jerk he did it on Monday nights 2 to Nicole Vassar weekend and week outthe kid has talent but drives with no brain

  16. Fat Freddy says

    Doug I’m not belittling the kid I don’t care who does something like that that’s uncalled for and should be penalized for it maybe if the race director suspended the driver whoever it may be for doing something as heinous as that these guys would stop doing it not get sent to the back that’s nonsense give him a one-week penalty suspension and the next time they do it they’re going for a season and you’ll see things change that girl could have been killed

  17. RickyBoobies says

    Fearn* They are racers not plants.

  18. SuperTrooper says

    Bertucci’s> Narducci’s — Pizza Delivery Drivers or Race Car drivers

    Narducci’s Pizza– “all our crust isn’t as smashing as turn 1”

  19. I hear you freddy and disagree with none of what you say. I’m just curious about the rules. Sure he shouldn’t have done what he did but how can his nose lift up the rear end of Alexandra’s car. Standardized bumper height should prevent that. Some one has some explaining to do.
    I don’t know why the Late Models and Limiteds can’t gain any momentum. Someone had a good point. Just end the Late Models and go with the Limiteds. Make the SK Lights the second division and give them second division money. Will it shorten the evenings entertainment and drive people away. I don’t know. I do know Stafford loads up on special events so it seems that a regular night of racing is moving toward the exception then the rule.

  20. Stuart Fearn says

    Doug, there is no standardized bumper height rule. Maybe in the modified. Not in Dare Stock, Limited Late Model, or Late model.
    The nose of the LLM or LM fits right under the rear bumper of the next car, every time.

  21. DaisyDukies says

    If we’re being honest here Hilary Clinton would’ve been a better racecar driver than Narducci. #MakeStaffordGreatAgain

  22. Fast Eddie says

    Maybe with one less division they would be able to run heats on special event nights.

  23. My first inclination was to check the rules out to see what they said about bumper height. But then again if there is a guy that builds the cars and says there isn’t what’s the point. So I thank you Stuart Fearn for providing an expert opinion. So you’re saying the the possibility of tire lift is not a concern apparently. That’s pretty big news as far as I’m concerned having viewed the video on Alezandra’s car being lifted and turned which I found alarming.

  24. OK so I checked the Limited’s rules and found this”
    “20F- 3.10 BUMPERS/BUMPER COVERS – The bumpers/bumper covers must be acceptable to SMS Officials and meet the following requirements: A. The front and rear bumpers and/or bumper covers must be installed in the same location as far as height, width and depth as a stock factory production bumper. ”
    Rules are meant to be interpreted. Clearly the intent of the bumper rule is to standardize heights to avoid wheel lift. I would hope the inspection teams would make it a point to enforce this rule. If bumper heights front and back match the production bumper criteria the lifting issue should never exist.

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