Format Changes On Tap For Whelen Modified Tour Stafford 150 Next Friday

Fans will see a break from the norm when the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour returns to Stafford Motor Speedway on Aug. 4 for the running of the Stafford 150.

Check the graphic below.


  1. darealgoodfella says

    I don’t know what to think of this.

    There are plenty of yellows already.

  2. Question: Can you pit for one tire then pit again during the same caution period for another tire?

  3. yea that’s not going to work for me to bad I will have to miss the sk race.

  4. I’d much rather see a 3 tire stop for the tour race. Also group qualifying is hard to follow when you’re in the stands and it looks more like practice than qualifying.

  5. I get it. The WMT did time trials to present the aura of something special coming to local tracks. The top NASCAR divisions time trialed and they are just as special so that’s the way it would be. Now they go to this group thing that is like saying we get that pressure is being put on us to run heats so we’ll do this for now. It’s not working. The other touring divisions run heats, heats are better that time trial anything so just change the format. No really change the format. Heats will literally attract more people.

  6. To Ethan’s comment… Group qualifying would be a lot more interesting if the WMT shows live up on Race Monitor this week. Without live data, as displayed on televised group qualifying and provided via apps for other series, like IMSA road racing, it is as exciting as watching practice.

    At least current standings are displayed on the scoreboard for one-off qualifying.

  7. dareal, what tour race do u see at stafford. your lucky to have 2 yellows in the single file race that is soooo boring.

  8. It helps the low budget teams with no crew members on a weekday show that can’t take off of work but why not just make it no tire change? It’s only 125 laps.

  9. Sorry 150 laps

  10. darealgoodfella says

    mike, you are free to check the statistics to see how BIGLY WRONG you are.

    Group qualifying needs a live leader board to make it meaningful to the fans.

  11. It’s no different than what they did at the beginning of the season at Myrtle Beach… and that was an awesome show

  12. JimBinCT says

    Not a fan of the group qualifying. Without having a live rundown of lap times, its not as interesting. Maybe Stafford can update their scoreboard. Waterford’s new scoreboard keeps a live tally of the top 5 during group qualifying and automatically updates with data from the transponders on the cars. I don’t think Stafford or Thompson can do that. It’s pretty cool.

  13. Live data, give me a break. You’re the knowledgeable, hard core fans that know how it will play out, it’s significance and not the typical fan. Who, will most likely not have a clue of what is going on or what it means other then what the announcer tell them. As opposed to heats that leave no confusion whatsoever.

  14. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, the weekend is over.

  15. Liz Cherokee says

    I like the new format. I think it will be popular with the paying customers in the grandstands.

  16. Liz go have another drink !

  17. Liz Cherokee says

    Jimmy, just like my fantastic sangria, you should try this new format… you just might like it! Bottoms up boys!

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