Money Man: Chase Dowling Scores Payday With NAPA SK 5K Win At Stafford

Chase Dowling celebrates victory in the NAPA SK 5K Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – The spoils of victory lane came with a little extra spice Friday night at Stafford Motor Speedway for SK Modified driver Chase Dowling.

Dowling’s victory lane apparel included a gaudy necklace adorned with a shining oversized dollar sign Friday.

“It’s all about the bling,” Dowling said.

Dollar signs were the theme for Dowling his team Friday as they celebrated winning the big one at the historic half-mile oval.

Dowling, of Roxbury, proved dominate in winning the fourth NAPA SK 5K Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Dowling took home more than $5,300 in prize money for winning the 100-lap feature.

“I just take the credit here in victory lane, but these guys are unbelievable,’ Dowling said. “We just talked that whole race and we were just trying to save. We knew [Ryan] Preece was there and me and the spotter were talking and just saying ‘He’s running the same times with 20 to go.’ I said ‘I’m trying to save still.’ … This whole group. It’s unbelievable. They give me fast rocket race car every week. I can’t do it without them.”

Preece, of Berlin, winner of the event in 2015, was second. Rowan Pennink of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., the winner of the event in 2014, was third.

It was the third victory in seven events this year for Dowling, who is in his first season driving for car owner Adam Skowyra.

“I didn’t think it was going to be like this,” Dowling said. “I thought we were going to win maybe one or maybe two. To come out this strong early in the year is pretty phenomenal. I don’t want to take the credit for this win because it’s the guys that prepare this car and work on it that make it this fast.”

Dowling started 13th in the 27-car field and was up to fourth by lap 37. He made a move to second following a lap 37 restart and then got by Pennink with a low move into turn three on lap 47.

From there he never trailed again.

“I was trying to be patient,” Dowling said. “I think people kind of over adjusted for this race a little bit where we kind of stayed more to our 40-lap setup. … I saw a lot of the decent cars pitting. I was kind of a little free in the beginning but I kind of said ‘Let’s just ride it out and see what happens’ and I think that played out in our favor just being patient with the setup.”

Preece got to second on a lap 54 restart but never was able to mount a challenge to Dowling.

“We’re making progress,” Preece said. “… Really proud of everybody on our team for coming out here tonight. Second place, we’ll keep working on it. I think we have something to work on for the next time we come back. Not sure when.”

The drivers who finished sixth through 10th, Ronnie Williams, Mike Christopher Jr., Ted Christopher, Brendon Bock, and Cam McDermott respectively, split the pot of the Dunleavy’s Gambler’s Challenge.


  1. Whatever happened from last year with Woody and this year with Chase could be driver related, chemistry, better equipment or any combination of the above. It’s a mystery. But it was a very successful move.
    Anemic crowd? Looked like it. Too much hype with an unfavorable value to ticket price ratio. Proper price should be $25. Kills you when weather is less then optimal.
    Looking forward to sparkling skies next week and 40 laps of flat out, no thinking, no strategy racing with SK’s racing the perfect distance.

  2. Last 20 laps nobody could make a move, the tire ware took all the passing away from the whole to love the s k s still managed to put on a good show.I think if the race was run on a week nite the attendance wold of been better …….

  3. My point exactly Bob. Sure on a regular night some drivers are on older tires and it affects their performance. It’s especially evident with the top guys. But 40 laps is just flat out the best distance these guys can go and the tire rule lets some of the fella’s just a tick off the mark equipment wise compete successfully for a win on any given night.

  4. 5000 petty cash
    I spent that today at lunch
    Big deal
    What an insult
    That’s why I race at Thompson
    Better purses
    First place there is like 9000
    I may buy Stafford too
    I bought star

  5. 100 laps is so unoriginal. Especially if tires can’t hold up. 55, 60,75 or 80 probably a better fit. Hell, just leave it at 40.Distance isnt important. $$$ is.

    Stafford is really cranking up admission prices this year. No thanks. People won’t risk weather issues with those admission prices. That’s pretty clear at this point.

  6. Bill Realist says

    I paid $10 to see MRS at Claremont last night.

  7. getserious says

    And???? Was it worth the $10 ? What are you trying to say?

  8. Should be higher prices
    I hope it goes up to 50 general admission
    Pits 80
    Ha ha
    I got $$$$$ 2 burn

  9. Only 15 cars at Claremont. They should have paid YOU $10.

  10. 30 bucks to see the MRS and the MTS plus the usual divisions makes sense. You lose the qualifying heats for the regular divisions but thats OK. You have this entire visiting series to watch run heats. Then it’s right to the action packed features. It’s a decent value. But all the 5K is, is 60 more laps for an existing division. Sure we love the SK’s but come on Stafford. The price should be $25 to get in for the 5K. NH Mark nailed it and it showed last night. People won’t risk weather issues when the price is too high. As far as a regular show at $17.50 that is a great value.

  11. I was about to say, 10 bucks for a 15 car main event is about right. Sad thing is, wasn’t claremont the center of mrs country in the beginning? Then again you’ll never see a $10 ticket price at any CT track on a touring division night.

  12. Bill Realist says

    $20 to see Kyle Busch race 150 laps at thunder road this Thursday night in vt. Without kb that is a deal. Fenders only though.

  13. Bill Realist says

    Claremont show was worth $12. $10 for the super street main, which was a great race and $2 for what’s left of the vms. But $1 of that is only for that throaty modified rumble.

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