Plans Coming Together For New England Racers’ Auction & Trade Show In December

(Press Release from New England Racers’ Auction & Trade Show)

Plans for one of the largest auction shows, racers seminars, trade show and Riverside Park Speedway reunion are coming together rapidly for a one day racers exposition.

The New England Racers Auction/Trade Show will take place at the Mass Mutual Center in downtown Springfield on Saturday, December 2nd.

The Mass Mutual Center, a longtime venue in the heart of Springfield will have its 40,000 sq. foot area divided into four areas. A seminar room, an auction room, a trade show venue and last but certainly not least, the Riverside Park Speedway reunion.

Joe Lewandoski, a former NASCAR executive and promoter at the Riverside Park Speedway is behind this once in a lifetime experience that will feature a racers seminar starting in the morning and going to about 5:30 p.m. Don Sorel and Rocky Arbitel are assisting Joe with the promoting of the event.
There will also be many former Riverside Park Speedway race cars, drivers and crew members who have circled this date on their early winter schedule. All past Riverside drivers and officials will be admitted free of charge.

Several well know racing personalities Phil Moran, a multi time champion crew chief for four time NASCAR Whelen modified tour champion, Doug Coby will conduct a seminar on setting up cars for time trails and race set ups.

“It will be basically for the Saturday night racer or someone looking to run the modified tour. We’ll also talk about shocks and chassis set up. Everything to get a team ready for the next season.” Phil said from his shop. “It should be a very entertaining way to spend a day.”

One of the other seminar guests lined up is Renee Dupuis, a nationally known female racer from Glastonbury, CT. Renee, who was a pioneer in breaking down the barrier that racing isn’t just a man’s sport will talk on many issues.

“There are so many that we can choose from. From the 15 year old girl who wonders what is next in racing after go-karts to helping someone make contacts for sponsoring their racing efforts. I know that it will be beneficial to someone who has a daughter interested in racing.” Renee said.
Sean Waddell of Waddell Communications will speak on the care and maintenance of teams racing radios. “With some teams spending upwards to $10,000. In radio equipment, it is important to know how to keep them in great condition.”

There are scheduled to be at least 10 different seminars for the die-hard mechanics and drivers but also much to see and do the fan who just wants to walk around and reminisce about the Riverside Park Speedway, a long time staple in the western Massachusetts area for the Saturday night race fans.
Seminar sponsors are being sought for just $100.00. Scott Allen is the seminar room coordinator.

“It is something that someone who is a race fan will enjoy. From the seminars to the meet and greet the drivers to just talking racing, it will be a great day of racing before winter settles in. Once the seminars are done, Ken Meisenhelder of KGM Video will offer up his movie night; featuring his many years of videotaping at the Park.”

Free parking will be available for all attendees and is just $10.00 per person while children under 12 are free. For more information or sponsorship availabilities please contact [email protected] or

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