RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Is Your Favorite Touring Modified Division In The Northeast?

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When it comes to short track racing in the Northeast Modifieds rule.

But there are plenty of kingdoms looking to take over power among the ranks for regional touring Modified divisions.

So you tell us, what is your favorite touring Modified division these days. Vote below.

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  1. That poll was an outstanding idea.
    Clearly I have no idea what is best for the modifieds. I do wish though some of the less popular ones could somehow talk about merging.

  2. Tri track series good racing, good purses , good drivers , good car counts; and they only run the smaller tracks. Plus the heat races have a meaning to it , a chance to win some money…..

  3. Bostonian says

    ISMA 🙂

  4. What about Pro4

  5. Joe the Pro4s ? I do have to say they are a very entertaining division to watch, I have seen some very good races from them. Sadly to say though they may not survive. Shortsightedness by a few that think it is in their best interest to split off for a few races at a track that many have made a moral choice not to go to. Like the MRS & MTS the Pro 4s car count will suffer due to the racers not staying united. What ever happened to united we stand divided we fall, all owners and drivers from all the divisions need to take close look in the mirror before asking what happened, more often than not they are their own worst enemies.

  6. Drag races at Waterford
    Guys in dresses
    Would be fun

  7. Sharpie Fan says


  8. Come on Edward, what’s with all the veiled comments. Is the Speedbowl the moral issue? The Speedbowl shows them on the schedule but the official Pro4 site has all events there cancelled. So what’s the problem?
    I’m seeing 17 cars in Pro4’s accumulating points and 14 starting the last race. There’s nothing to divide. It’s struggling no matter what. it’s a few cars blowing in to provide good racing from a lower division that is unique but not the top draw. Pro4’s and modifieds, apples and oranges.
    This poll hints at the issue of all these freakin modified touring divisions. Traveling fiefdoms offering tracks an opportunity to raise ticket prices, get the car owners better payouts and all are essentially the same product specific rules aside. The question is simple: good or bad for racing and race fans?

  9. Got it. RaceDay.com informs me that the Pro4 is going to Waterford and the moral issue is in play. Although with full fields of 14 cars how moral can they afford to be before it’s an embarrassment.

  10. Doug, The New England Pro 4 Modifieds are not going to Waterford. It is my understanding when the poop hit the fan the pro-4 club made a decision like other sanctioning bodies not to go to Waterford, at least until the black cloud over the place moved on. When the news came out that the track was leased the club agreed that if NASCAR signed back on they would also. It was thought that NASCAR would add some credibility to the track and not put theirs on the line. Think about it NASCAR has a lot of resources and will do a considerable amount of research to protect themselves. We all know NASCAR was asked and did not sanction Waterford this year. Anybody can spin the reason why but realistically it was in their best interest to take a wait and see approach. The Pro-4s are a club and like any club I am sure the elected officials made a decision that they thought is in the best interest of the club, they did what they were elected to do. If someone cared about the future of the club and didn’t like the decision that was made you would think they would step up to the plate within the club to make change and not undermine it. One could only hope that the club members continue to do the right thing and stand behind those that they have put in position to make decisions. If so The New England Pro 4 Modifies will not be sanctioning or supporting any Pro 4 Type races at the Waterford Speedbowl this year.

  11. Ray Boudreau says

    For me, it’s the Tri Track series by far, the car counts, the payouts are the closest thing to the old open comp shows that I grew up with in the ’70’s. I just wish they could all get together and have one big show, there’s a lot of modifieds out there and if it was worth their while, they would travel, no conflicting dates or races that are scheduled too close together. I think the Tri Track race on October 28th at Seekonk, may have the potential to draw quite a few cars, all other local tracks will have completed their seasons at that point,. Personally, I can’t wait for that race . This is all just my humble opinion, I will attend any modified race that I am able to, grew up with them and love them. To this day, when I arrive at the track and see that first modified roaring down the straight, the sight and sound still raises the hair on my arms, that is not BS LOL

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