Seekonk Speedway Adds Tri-Track Open Modified Series Event To Close Out Season

(Press Release from Seekonk Speedway)

Seekonk Speedway is excited to announce the addition of a new Tri Track Open Modified Series race to be held on October 28th, 2017.

The “Haunted Hundred” will be the fourth and final race in the 2017 Tri Track series season. The rain date for this event will be Sunday October 29th. The Race will feature a $6000 first place winners share of the $35,000 purse with great payouts throughout the entire field. The Haunted Hundred will count towards the Tri Track point fund standings.

“We are grateful to the Venditti Family and Seekonk Speedway for hosting a second race this year,” said Wayne Darling, managing partner of TTOMS. “Seekonk has always been a great race track for the series. Fourteen years of $10,000 to win modified races has really put the track on the map in the modified racing world.”

“As I said before…Tri Track has always been about the owners and the drivers,” stated Darling. “We committed to a four-race schedule and we plan to deliver that to those who support us.”

The four race Tri Track series opened at Seekonk Speedway on June 28th with Matt Hirschman picking up the $10,000 win. The next two races will be at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire on Saturday July 29th and Wednesday August 23rd. The series will conclude for 2017 at Seekonk on Saturday October 28th.

The October “ Haunted Hundred “will mark the end of the race season in New England. Race Director Frank Sgambato stated “with the Thompson World Series, Lee’s Ocktoberfest and Staffords Fall Finale all in the books, all eyes and cars will be at Seekonk for one last run.”

The star-studded roster for the Tri Track series includes the likes of NASCAR Modified Tour champions Ryan Preece, Ted Christopher and Ron Silk, other former Modified champions Matt Hirschman, Jon McKennedy, Rowan Pennink, and Chris Pasteryak. Perennial favorites who have also registered include Justin Bonsignore, Bobby Santos III, Woody Pitkat, Eric Goodale, Todd Annarummo, Tommy Barrett, Anthony Nocella, Richard Savary and Andy Jankowiak.

The race card for the event will feature the 100 lap Tour Type Modified Open feature, a 50 lap Late Model event and a 30 lap Legends race. The Late Models will race for $1500 to win while the Legends will compete for a $750 winners share.

“Seekonk Speedway is committed to helping make sure we can get these big shows in when circumstances stack up against their scheduled dates, Racers commit to supporting us on a weekly basis and for our big races , its only right to show them the respect back and ensure they get to run the races they have had circled on their schedule” stated Ed St Germain, Director of Business Development for Seekonk Speedway. “The Late Models and Legends have been two of the best divisions at Seekonk in 2017 so it was an easy move for the Tri Track management to reward them with one more race at the end of the year”

The Late Models will compete under the rules package used for the Seekonk Fall Classic which aligns with the ACT type Late Model rules. Please see for rules info. The Legends will compete under the standard INEX rules package.

Tickets for the event will be $25 at the front gate with kids under 12 free and $35 for pit access. Pits will open at 8am with practice starting at 10am. The show will have a 1 pm start time. The “Haunted Hundred” will also feature a costume contest for the young and young at heart with each winner being awarded a gift package from the Seekonk Grand Prix Family Amusement Center.

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  1. I guess I will be Mr. Negativity today. I’m not a fan of races after the World Series. I wouldn’t touch Halloween weekend if I was a promoter. Too much other stuff going on that weekend. Halloween weekend is almost a holiday in of itself now. If it rains they will go up against the Pats on Sunday. If it rains the weekend before they will be up against MTS at Waterford. Plus it could be cold as all get out. Could be nice too. I would rather see a Sept weekend race.

  2. Mark why don’t you promote one of these big races and show us how it is done so we can all complain about your decisions. I will be there, that’s what they make heavy clothes for. Can’t wait to spend my hard earned $35 for the last race of the year up here in good old New England, 100 green flag laps, wreckers or checkers, woooohaaaaa let’s get-er-done!

  3. NH MOD CHASER says

    Why do you even go to the races ?? All you do is complain

  4. Crazy in NY says

    Original TTOM race was scheduled for Oct 22nd ( part of Bemers Big Show). We all know what happened there but something between TT and Waterford must have happened because MTS now
    has that date and TT is off to Seekonk a week later. I love both places but God forbid it rains that weekend. MTS ,TT and MVS will all collided on the same day. I swear asphalt Mod racing is a circular firing squad at times. No issue for the NH Marks of the world however. After the Tour completes you can get an early start on your Christmas shopping.

  5. See, Crazy gets it. I hit all the races I can all summer but after the Fall Final it’s on to 2018 (and football). Given the small crowds the last few years at Waterford in October I’m not the only one who thinks like that.

    Humprey, if I were a promoter you would be going to races for $20 and eating $1 french fries and loving every minute of it. Discounted beer too.

  6. NH, I am a business type and will tell you, with that kind of price your profit margin would not allow you to stay is business for long. Putting it another way your revenues need to exceed your expenditures to maintain a healthy profit and survive.

  7. Crazy in NY says

    What Crazy doesn’t get however is why you Mark continue on about a series you don’t care to support . Part time fan.. full time complainer. Go figure.

  8. Bill Realist says

    Somehow they only charge $2 for a beer at Eldora. I was just there for the kings royal and I got a sausage sub with onions and peppers, fries and a bud light for $10.

  9. I’m not complaining. I’m effecting change. You will thank me next year when you are paying less for some of these events.

  10. Eldora also charges drivers to sell merchandise at the track.

  11. Under your business model you would have to increase the attendance significantly to make up for the loss you would incur from dropping the prices. Don’t see that happening anytime soon in the real world but nice try, you are living in fantacy land……..

  12. Bob Bolles from circle track did a study on race track promotion – his stated that if promoters didn’t charge admission that the profit margin would be greater than charging $20 due to the increase in food and beer sales…
    I also went to Eldora a few years back – Sprint cars, Modifieds, late models and IMCA cars on the schedule
    $14 bucks – two employees walking around the stands with a very large cooler packed with beer cans –
    3rd employee handing out the beers for free!!!! – special guests drivers included Kenny Schrader, Kenny Wallace and Tony himself all completed.

  13. Steve, this is CT home of tax everything, regulate everything, don’t really see that business model working in this state.

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