Tri-Track Open Modified Series At Star Speedway Pays Big Money And Big Tributes

(Press Release from Tri-Track Open Modified Series)

With a purse that pays $6,000 to win and $1,000 to start, the payout for the July 29 Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS) SBM VI event at Star Speedway in Epping, NH, also includes a host of strong bonuses. In addition to paying out to the competitors of the TTOMS, the bonuses for the SBM VI will pay tribute to a number of late friends of the sport.

“A major factor in the success of the events [at the beginning] was a huge amount of fan and small business donations,” said Kevin Rice, one of the founders of the SBM Series. “In the SBM tradition, this year’s race will also have some big bonuses.”

“We are appreciative of Kevin [Rice] for all his help in continuing the SBM tradition now under the Tri Track series,” said Wayne Darling, TTOMS Managing Partner. “It is an honor for all of us with the series to be able to pay tribute to such a great group of men.”

A bonus of $600 will be paid to the leader of lap 3 in honor of renowned photographer, the late Howie Hodge, who also served as the SBM III Grand Marshall. Lap #44 will pay the leader of lap 44 a bonus of $444 in honor of championship Modified owner, the late Mario Fiore, who also served as the Grand Marshall for the SBM II. The tenth place driver on lap 41 will receive $141. That same position will also pay $100 on lap 100 – both in memory of legendary car owner, the late Joe Brady.

Other bonuses will include $500 to the highest finishing driver who has never previously raced a Modified at Star Speedway and $300 to the highest finishing NWMT driver. A ‘Tough Luck” Award will be presented along with $500. All heats will have a winner’s payout as well.

The 5th annual Chuck Montville Memorial Car Owner Award will also be awarded on Saturday night, July 29. Voted on by a group of media members and fans, the car owner who exemplifies Chuck’s ‘get along with everyone’ attitude will receive $1,006. Past recipients of the award include Bobbi & Steve Seuss, Art Barry, Charlie Pasteryak and David Hill.

The 125-lap Modified SBM VI event is scheduled for Saturday, July 29. Racing starts at 5:00pm with a full racing card which will also feature Star Speedway’s weekly divisions including 350 Supermodifieds. For more information visit


  1. I can tell you right now a $30 admission will keep people away up here in NH. Seekonk was only $25 last month and the winner’s purse was 4k more. The entry list isn’t nearly as good this week either. All these tracks are charging tour prices for non tour events. It’s awful easy to stay home when prices get this high. Especially if even a cloud appears on the horizon. Tri Track is cool and all but fans can wait 6 days and see the WMT race for the same price. What about the fans Tri Track???

  2. NH MOD CHASER says

    It’s only $5 more dollars you spent that on gas going to Seekonk

  3. NH MOD CHASER says

    It’s only $5 more dollars I’m sure you spent more than that on gas going to Seekonk

  4. NH Mod Fan says

    NH Mark, I agree Stafford should be a good race next week too. It will cost you $37 + 10% tax to get in. (I looked 24 cars registered last night) Then Thompson will be up next for Nascar. Last year it was $44 at the gate for the August race. I enjoy watching the Nascar drivers too but if you want to go after prices I would start there. I live in NH and $30 for 30+ cars sound like a good show to me.. Modifieds from 4 tours and short tracks mixing it up. (WMT, VMRS, ROC, MTS)

  5. It had to cost you more than $5 in gas to drive to the cement palace and you are complaining about an additional 5$ admission in your own state? What do you think, these tracks are going to put on a show and not make a profit after expenses?

  6. NH MOD CHASER is right on !!!

  7. Crazy in NY says

    I love this “I can wait 5 days” for the WMT. Yeah you could or…you could go to a TT race with a larger field with your beloved stars there running heats AND an feature with…get this….ALL green racing laps ( wow. what a concept). TT doesn’t guarantee that all the speed starts up so you’ll have to “suffer” that indignity but you can’t have it all in life. All this hand wringing for 5 bucks. Mark ,
    post your address and I’ll send you the 5 spot. Holy crap……

  8. darealgoodfella says

    The off-broadway series ticket prices are inching up to the Tour ticket prices.

    Y’all complain about Tour ticket prices.

    Does not compute.

  9. Maybe it’s not strictly a Tour event, but the SBM 125 is a lot more than a weekly extended-length feature. Local going rate is $25-30 for a PASS or ACT show at Lee or Star or Beech Ridge. I don’t think $30 is too much to ask. It’s another $5 and I imagine the Webbers have more into this event than they might have into a comparable touring show, even with the Tri-Track involvement. Every SBM 125 I’ve seen has been a great race and I’m looking forward to the same Saturday night.

  10. I can handle the extra $5. Hell, the Seekonk race cost me almost $200 there and back including hotel. I’m just saying these tracks use to add $5 to general admission when ISMA, midgets etc came to town. $20 is about right for general admission for Tri Track. That should be their goal. Stafford charged $30 for a 18 car MTS field last week. That was a joke too. All of these series promoted an alternative to the WMT. Now they are all charging the same high price because they learned what NASCAR already knew. Promoting races and drawing in fans is a hard business and the only way to pay the drivers to to charge the fans more. As fans disappear,prices go up. Saturday night isn’t much more than a normal Saturday night feature with a few extra laps. I love the event but I think prices are getting out of hand.

  11. A few years ago, I thought prices (35-50) were getting out of hand in CT for Nascar tour shows and I stopped going. I instead went to MRS shows. Then MTS was formed and a lot of the drivers I liked followed that tour, so I went to a few MTS and MRS shows but wasn’t happy with the price for the car count/driver roster as the two series are competing for the same driver pool. Also the races I went to ran too late, they run all these full fender half a field classes and the mods don’t hit the track until last. You are lucky if you get out before 11.30 and I felt like I was being held hostage watching all the lower divisions before the races I wanted to see. At this point, I will probably go to the Tri Track series shows. Its green flag laps, a nice mix of drivers from different series and a reasonable price.

    I ask a lot of my friends that go to almost every modified show, how are the crowds. They say they are good. So apparently the prices aren’t too high and the marathon shows aren’t deterring fans. I can say I have missed a lot of shows because of my self imposed budget but I haven’t really missed it much and I don’t think the tracks have missed me much. They lose a few price conscious fans but pick up an extra 5 bucks from everyone who attends. Prices will continue to go up until people stop going and they aren’t at the level yet. I can say they aren’t introducing new fans to the sport at $40 dollar ticket price and the fan base is growing older.

  12. Mark, why don’t you go to Thompson the 9th for the WMT race. My guess at least $35 for the stands and at least $50 for the pits. And you continue to bitch about $30 for the Tri track, give me a freaking break…….

  13. darealgoodfella says

    cg brings up a great point… the fan base is growing older. I look around at the stands and I see lots of very old folks. Bald and grey hair heads. Not many youthful people, other than friends of the team/crew. That is alarming. When the old guard no attends… who will?

  14. Whether it’s worth it or not is up to the individual. We are a fickle lot and on that score I bet I can beat then all.
    Last week I decided to pop for the extra 71% increase in ticket price to see the MTS show at Stafford. The weather was great and it promised to be a wonderful show. I get in line, wait 15 minutes, the lines barely moving cause everyone is using debit and credit cards, there was no cash window so I left. For the first time in 37 years attending Stafford races this geezer didn’t like that Stafford was turning into Disney World as far a lines and waiting was concerned.
    This year the regular $17.50 shows at Stafford that I view as an outstanding value are getting rained out and the $30 and up shows not as much. This Friday’s budget show again looks to be a rain casualty. then it’s on to the WMT big buck show.
    I don’t think NH Mark is complaining about the $5 difference as much as the difference between regular shows and touring shows.Is the bump in price worth it. At Stafford it is 71% to 100% more. CG’s observations are spot on. Maybe the crowds are a tick off for the touring shows.. But they’re not that far off and last Friday at Stafford was again a good crowd. If I’m Stafford, I’m thinking all these touring shows are a great success.
    Are the crowds getting older? The base that goes to the early season shows when it’s cool and when rain is threatening are clearly populated heavily by we geezers. On those warm and sparkling summer nights I’m seeing a lot of other age groups as well so who knows what the trend is. At least at Stafford.
    Like CG I have a budget and pick my spots. If this Friday is a bust I’ll go to the WMT show simply cause there have been so many rain outs I haven’t spent much so far. If they don’t have the cash window open and it’s a long wait for a ticket I’ll leave. See fickle, very fickle as all fans of every entertainment event are and there’s no right or wrong to that.

  15. Here is what I know. The Seekonk Open and the Tour races at Loudon are the crown jewels of modified racing in my opinion. I can get into both for $25. Everything else outside of the tour is less in quality and more for admission. That’s my measuring stick.

    I never said I wasn’t going. I said $30 will keep casual fans away. I stand by that. CT fans don’t travel so they don’t have a leg to stand on here.

  16. We don’t travel well. I didn’t know that.
    I like to think we have a few crown jewels here in Ct. Like the Ice Breaker, Sizzler, Fall Final and World Series. A lot of divisions over two days on the perfect size tracks. NHMS races are outstanding but we’ll see how much it sparkles without the Monster Cup next year in September and the price that’s charged. Who doesn’t love Seekonk. The Cement Palace, legendary. But a one third mile circle. Can’t really let the horsepower loose there.
    Maybe each person has a crown jewel of what they prefer and maybe if we in Ct don’t travel well perhaps it’s cause we don’t have to. I’ll admit to not knowing anything about New Hampshire fans except for one perhaps that may be a little biased.

  17. How do you know CT fans don’t travel to races NH. Your getting your data from where?

  18. I’m not biased. I live in NH now but spent most of my life in southern NE. Grew up at the Seekonk and CT tracks. I liked the idea of no sales tax, income tax, or pension tax so I settled up here. I hope you all do come up Saturday. Most won’t though.

    I get my info from the parking lot. I look at license plates while walking in. Doesn’t include race haulers.

    I pick my spots like everyone else. If I’m gonna pay north of $25 Im gonna wait and go to the WMT race everytime even if it means driving 2 hrs. I really do enjoy the SBM 125 and know how hard Kevin works on it. I just think we can do better than $30.

    Doug, you bring up a great point. Cash only lines. See, we just potentially improved customer service at Stafford. Stafford can solve this problem easily before Aug 4th. Again, effecting positive change for the race going fans.

  19. NH Mod Fan says

    NH Mark you sound biased, other than the Loudon races. How many Nascar tour races can you go to for 30 bucks today? You also say the field is better. Tell me what Nascar tour drivers have not been to a Tri-Track race that makes the difference for you. Here are the Nascar drivers that have been to Tri-Track races. Coby, Preece, Silk, Bonsignore, Szegedy, Pitkat, Christopher, Santos, Goodale, Pennick, Zachem, Suess, Dowling, Swanson, Summers, Bock, Sapienza and Carroll. Only 5 out of the current Nascar top 20 in points standings have not been to a Tri-Track race. They are: 2nd Timmy Solomito – 13th Craig Lutz – 14th Wade Cole – 15th Melissa Fifield – 17th Shawn Solomito. Thats it! Am I missing something here? Now add some other drivers that Tri Track does attract. Hirschman, Emerling, McKennedy, Pasteryak, Rocco, Masse, Savary, Hossfeld, Hinckley, Barrett, Nocella, Annarumo and Jankowiak. This group is doing some good things for the modified teams and fans. I enjoy going to a race that is unpredictable. Race your way in with no guarantees.
    If anyone hasn’t been to Star, bring cash. Last year there was no ATM’s at the track.

  20. I doubt the management of Stafford will make sure a cash window is open to satisfy one impatient, fickle old fan. Maybe if they don’t have a cash window next time and the lines are long I’ll skip the race again and cruise the parking lot to check out license plates.
    Aside from prices what’s the deal with all the modified touring divisions. I’ve been told they are owner formed to give them greater freedom, offer more control over pay outs and let them set their own schedule. Are they also fostered by tracks that like all these different tours that come in and allow them to charge higher prices more often?
    My view there’s too many. The crossover is rampant, the product watered down and not getting better.
    But I guess I’m the outlier. You all love your favorite, Stafford gets a good crowd with 18 cars coming in from the MTS. MTS, VMRS, TTOMS, so what’s unique.
    It’s just all these little fiefdoms traveling around offering tracks the opportunity to charge more for a ticket and have more control over pay outs. It’s like tracks offering open modified competition with big payouts but that’s too risky and these tour deals give them the guaranteed car count without as much risk. Each group as a few committed point leaders, a few owners offering local heroes a ride and a bunch of floaters looking for a decent pay day. Am I wrong? Multiple tours offering much the same product can’t continue I wouldn’t think. Ticket prices and pay outs taking precedence over competition and point standings in a unique package specific to an individual tour will be it’s undoing. What do you think?

  21. Crazy in NY says

    “I pick my spots like everyone else. If I’m gonna pay north of $25 Im gonna wait and go to the WMT race everytime even if it means driving 2 hrs. I really do enjoy the SBM 125 and know how hard Kevin works on it. I just think we can do better than $30”

    ?????? Can anybody make sense of this logic? So 25 is it or I must have a NASCAR banner snapping away in the wind overhead. !!!! ( even drive 2hrs to see that banner)
    Bad deal= 30 at Star for 30-35 cars 125 ALL green laps + meaningful heats and a B main
    Good deal =37.50 for 28-32 cars and counting cautions with the speed up front to start.

    I guess I’ll never figure it out.

  22. Mod fan, almost all of the tour guys you mentioned are NOT going to Star. A couple are maybe. Wasn’t going to mention that but you brought it up. They were atvSeekonk though. I love give you that. That’s why Seekonk is one of the crown jewels races.

    Doug, I think you can buy your tickets online too. Stafford can get your email from Shawn and fix this either way. Every customer matters. Remember that.

  23. I’m a season ticket holder at Stafford, but the solution to shorter ticket lines is out there…

    Hopefully “Print at Home” ticketing web functionality will be available at a price worthwhile to places like Stafford soon. I use it for Lime Rock Park. Yard Goats, Wolfpack, even the TSO last year. It’s da’ bomb! Most places can even scan your phone, so you don’t even have to print the ticket out.

    Stafford already has at least one ticket scanner.

  24. Thanks for the thoughts Mark.You’re a great fan. No this geezer won’t be buying tickets on line. The deal is for 37 years I showed up with cash, got in line, lines moved quickly and I was watching warm up lickity split. If that scenario is outdated the spots I pick to see races with be reduced. No anger, no rancor that’s just what will happen.

  25. Why won’t anyone talk about the existence of all the different modified tours and if it’s good or bad for racing? Am I the only one that thinks it’s a problem?

  26. NH Mod Fan says

    Mark, I agree cars and teams don’t always make to all the Tri-Track races but some do like Pennick and Pitkat. Others like Silk, Bonsignore, Coby and Preece have been to quite a few. (Preece exception for his xfinity races)
    Seeing you brought it up and I’m not attacking these drivers personally but just using the their on track speeds as my reference. If all the drivers on the Nascar tour are making it to all the Nascar races how do you explain Wade Cole and and Melissa Fifield 14th and 15th in Nascar points right now? Sounds like some of the drivers your referring to are not making it to all the Nascar races either. Enjoy the All-Star races. Like back in the 70’s you don’t know how long these shows will be around.

  27. Crazy, you got it right however, you also need to add the fuel to travel thereabouts of 130-150 miles, wear and tare on the vehicle and maybe toles. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

  28. To answer the point question, a lot of teams are running part time schedules. Driver changes play a part too. Look at the success the 44 team has had this year in a limited schedule. The tour has the highest car counts this year. A really good points race too. Ole Blu leading the way is a huge story and a great boost for the tour. Week in and week out you know the “big dogs” will be there. The tour is pretty much running weekly thru Sept so their may be some attrition on both the tour and the other series.

  29. NH Mod Fan says

    Mark, I get it your a huge Nascar fan. I’ve read some of your posts the last couple of years. I enjoy modifieds too! All kinds but instead of cutting down another modified race what you should be asking is how can Nascar do more to bring more cars back to the tour. How about lower ticket prices at Thompson and Stafford. Higher purses at all tour races. That would help. Transparency with purse structure would go along way with the fans. Better purse structure so the smaller teams can afford to race with all the traveling they do. How Nascar treats the Northeast modifieds since the truck series was created is ridiculous. They race them on the tiny legends track at Charlotte. (Joke) In Bristol they will bounce the show in the middle of it so the truck race will be run on time and then restart the race at a late late hour. Great for the fans that drove all the way down there. Corporate America at its best, can’t sell modifieds at the local dealer on Monday. Maybe the modifieds should start using bodies of the smaller current Ford and Chevy products. Then Nascar might actually recognize them.

  30. I think racing in general has a problem with putting butts in the seats no matter what level of competition it is. Look at the top division in NASCAR, empty seats galore no matter what track it is.

  31. darealgoodfella says

    Indy was empty this past weekend. It was quite alarming.

  32. I went to the Bristol August night race many years ago and the only way I got a ticket is because a friend was not using his season tickets that he had for years. To get season tickets then you were placed on a waiting list which could take years for you to purchase those tickets. Now they can’t sell them, NASCAR is in trouble and they don’t know how to stop the bleeding. Watch the next cup race and tell me how many seats are empty. Watch the Bristol WMT race and tell me how many butts are in the seats. Not good!

  33. wmass01013 says

    Indy has been emptier every yr since the first, why do you think NASCAR is moving it to SEPT. and the last race to get in the PLAYOFF!!!

  34. Funny thread, worried about attendance,car counts, and purse sizes all while stating “we’ll stay home if admission is over $30 bucks.I’m not rich but thankful I can fill the car up, get to track, eat something, and watch the greatest show on earth.BTW when were home I can take the grandkids for 8 or 10 bucks and Riverhead throws in food for the kids.Way to go Eddie, Connie, and Tom.

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