Troy Talman And Dan Meservey Jr Each Grab First Valenti Modified Racing Series Wins At Lee

(Press Release from Valenti Modified Racing Series)

Lee, NH. – Two more drivers have added their names to the long list of first time winners at New Hampshire’s Lee USA Speedway, after Friday nights Twin-50 lap feature races for the Valenti Modified Racing Series.

Dan Meservey Jr, of Brewster Massachusetts, and 22-year old Troy Talman of Oxford, Massachusetts, were the victors in the 14th annual summer race at the New Hampshire 3/8th mile racetrack.

Meservey Jr. and Talman bring the total to 9 different drivers that have visited Victory Lane at Lee for their first series wins. For both, it was first time wins in tour-type modified cars.

In the opening 50-lap event, pole-sitter Dylan Rock, of Enfield, New Hampshire, from the pole position, and took command for 46-laps and appeared to be on his way to his first career win but a late race caution flag on lap-45 brought Rock back to the rest of 23-car field for creating an exciting finish.

When the race restarted, Meservey Jr, worked the outside of the 17-year old Rock, slipping by on the re-start of the 47th circuit to go on to notch his first win.

Rock settled for a well deserved second, team car and driver Donnie Lashua of Canaan, NH, who ran up front all race was third, with current point leader Anthony Nocella fourth, and Jeff Gallup fifth.

Rounding out the top ten were, Josh Cantara, Russ Hersey, Tony Ricci, Sammy Rameau, and Matt Mead.

“It was a great race, the car was really getting free at the end but it was just enough to get on top of the 17 (Rock) and keep him down “ Meservey told fans in Victory Lane. Meservey spoke highly of Rock and the run to the checkers. “ He was doing really well. he was really clean. I knew if I got on the outside and held him down he was going to have trouble coming off the corners. I knew if I got there I’d have a chance and that’s how it worked.” Meservey said.

Only two caution flags for minor spins (Laps 33 & 45

20 of the 23 cars in the starting field finished on the lead lap.

Heat race winners: (1) Rock (2) Nocella (3) Lashua

Race Summary

Entrants: 23
Distance: 50-laps
Margin of Victory: 0.314
Average Speed: 61.369
Best Lap Time: 15:133 (Russ Hersey)
Best Speed: 89.209 (Hersey)
Race Time: 18.28.946

Unofficial Order of Finish: (1) Meservey (2) Rock (3) Lashua (4) Nocella (5) Gallup (6) Cantara (7) Hersey (8) Ricci (9) Rameau (10) Mead (11) Sherman (12) Fournier (13) Richardi (14) J Rocco (15) Willis (16) Perry (17) Shaw (18) Robbie (19) Doucette (20) Talman (21) Medeiros (22) Gernhard (23) Seidell

In the second race, like the first, the pole sitter took command the only difference being Talman wired the field. The 22-year old driver fought off everything thrown his way including six caution flags. Geoff Gernhard, of Bozrah, CT, Carl Medeiros, Jr, of Westport, MA, Lashua, and Gallup of Feeding Hills, MA. chased Talman to the finish.

Sixth through tenth were Ricci, Mead, Rob Richardi Jr., Dennis Perry, and Jeff Rocco.

“It feels good. I wouldn’t be here without the help of my Dad,” Talman said in victory lane. “ He puts together a great car. This thing (car) was awesome tonight. Came in towards the end. Saved my stuff from the beginning it was just awesome. Thank you to Keith Rocco he gave us the great setup. “

The late race cautions had the winning driver wondering if the race was going to end.
“I was on the radio and I knew we packed this thing with fuel. Glad we got a good green flag run.” (Final 6-laps)

Six caution flags slowed the second race. 12-cars finished on the lead lap

Race Summary

Entrants: 23
Distance: 50-laps
Margin of Victory: 1.723
Average Speed: 24.604
Best Lap Time: 15.181 George Sherman
Best Speed: 88.927 (Sherman
Race Time: 45.54.953

Unofficial Order of Finish: (1) Talman (2) Gernhard (3) Medeiros Jr (4) Lashua (5) Gallup (6) Ricci (7) Mead (8) Richardi (9) Perry (10) Rocco (11) Doucette (12) Rock (13) Willis (14) Fournier (15) Seidell (16) Robbie (17) Shaw (18) Hersey (19) Nocella (20) Meservey (21) Rameau (22) Cantara (23) Sherman


  1. Good job DAN !

  2. ModFan Homtracks says

    Congrats to the winners but who did you beat. All the best modified drivers were at Stafford running the SK and MTS race. I think and hope this was the only schedule conflict with all 3. If you’re a top Modified driver, you were at Stafford Friday night.

  3. Let’s be honest…this series is done . It’s a joke . And like modfan said who did they beat . Awful….fold now and let it go

  4. How can a series be over when they have outdrawn this MTS every race this year. Even at Stafford earlier in the year the MRS had 4 more cars 2 weeks after the MTS raced there.
    If you look close its not all the best drivers, its all the spoiled drivers who race the MTS. This is a promoter who started his own series when the other one didn’t want to sell his and all the owners & drivers have at one time had a beef with the MRS owner. So what do they do? They run to the guy who promises them the world. Better racing, better payout, better this and that. I haven’t seen anything but the same old stuff. McKennedy is kicking but, Barrett dominates at Seekonk and Preece is great on the short track.
    As for the owners council, how long before its just the top ten racing each other because they have all voted in what they want and forgot about the little guy or start up team? Soon you’ll need a full fledge WMT car and engine to compete.
    As for the purses they are not much different either. Yes they differ but the cost of racing each series is different. It costs and extra $200-250 to start an MTS race over the MRS with the purchase of the 5th tire and added fuel for another 25 laps of racing. Not to mention the increased wear and tear on your car (especially since teams at this level measure wear on the number of laps run).
    So in the end who is the winner here? no one. Everyone is praising Gary for his greatness but all he did was throw a tantrum and instead create a situation where he has torn modified racing apart. Yeah this is making racing great again………I’ll guess we’ll see.

  5. wmass01013 says

    I don’t think Bateman or Knight have helped Modified racing at all and I am no flag waving Nascar FAN, I would like 1 or 0 touring series and letting the tracks schedule races and purses or a combination that makes ALL teams want to compete of a fair balanced schedule with a good race and point fund payout, no gimmicks and different distances at different tracks!!!

  6. Fast Eddie says

    It was a good competitive event for the teams that were there; 5 more than the MTS event I believe. Also, good to see some fresh faces in the winners circle. If there is a demand for multiple series, it would be beneficial to all if they could cooperate with scheduling instead of going against each other. Fans as well as racers have to decide where to spend their money. If the Stafford and Lee events were on different nights, I might have been able to see both instead of just one. There most likely would have been more cars at both races as well. August 19th will be the next conflict date; the MTS at Monadnock or the VMRS at Beech Ridge?

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