Unbreakable: Ted Christopher Rolls To SK Modified Win At Stafford With Broken Hand

Ted Christopher celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – Last Saturday Ted Christopher was in the hospital getting a cast on his right arm and hand after sustaining a fractured radius bone.

Christopher suffered the injury in a wreck during the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour event at New Hampshire Motor Speedway last Saturday.

Friday at Stafford Motor Speedway the 59-year old wouldn’t be denied. Not by injury, not by officiating.

Christopher rallied from an early race penalty to win the 40-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Christopher said he brought his steering wheel to a therapist during the week to work on modifications for driving, then he used a grinder himself to modify it further for his comfort.

“It’s tough with a broken hand,” said Christopher, who made some modifications to the inside hand area of his cast … I didn’t even break it a week ago. They said I could race but it’s definitely tough.”

It was third victory in eight events at Stafford this year for Christopher, of Plainville. It was the 106th SK Modified victory for Christopher at Stafford dating back to 1986 and his all-time leading 128th victory overall at the track.

Todd Owen of Somers was second and Keith Rocco of Wallingford third.

Christopher was put to the rear of the field on lap nine after being called for over aggressive driving against Rowan Pennink.

By lap 21 he was back up to third place with Owen leading and Rocco in second. On a lap 25 restart Christopher moved to second. On lap 28 he got low on Owen off turn four to take over the lead.

Owen fought back and following another restart, Owen was able to find a lane under Christopher on lap 33. Owen actually moved to the lead on lap 34, but a caution for a crash behind the leaders put Christopher back to the front for the restart. From there Christopher was able to hold off Owen’s charges.

“I didn’t think that was the best thing throwing me to the back, but they did,” Christopher said of the early penalty. “It’s what happened before that got me a little pissed. It is what it is. We still came from the back and won. I’ve got to thank my crew.”

Said Owen: “It was a great night. Ted’s ran just a bazillion laps here. He knows what he has to do to win. We definitely had a great car. I’m real happy about that.”


  1. I just don’t understand if your rough driving puts someone out of the race how you are able to continue with a slap on the wrist being put to the rear of the field. You take out a good car and your able to continue. Makes no sense but I guess Tedy has been doing it for years

  2. Markarutebs says

    Mark Arute is a JOKE that’s how. Guy will single handedly ruin SK mod racing.

  3. We’re either one of you there to see Pennick run TC on to the grass before entering four

  4. captain ray says

    Opinion: 99 gave TC the nerf on the straightaway. 99 should have taken the retaliation spin instead of overcorrecting. TC deserved to be put in the back but 99 also deserved to be spun. Destruction of the 99 was his own fault.
    You can tell the officials are trying to stranglehold the competitors which gets irritating to watch. Wants to see picture perfect starts and throws black flags left and right. Some deserve the black flags (13. and 17 many times). But 5 car got black flagged after being blocked multiple times. And how many re-restarts were there tonight? Taking away from the grit of SK Modified racing. This is all just my opinion.
    Another thing SMS: You have a gold mine with the SK Modifeds. Get rid of all these touring series. Nobody wants to pay 30$. Modified Tour has a large following, I can understand that. But MRS, MTS nobody cares to see. Give the SK Modifieds the weekly headline they deserve.

  5. That water head had it coming . Dirty deeds done dirt cheap .

  6. LM a slap on the wrist just proved who’s car was the faster one out there . As the 13 drove from the back to the front no problem once the SMV of water head drove himself into the wall ( with a little help from my friend )

  7. Was it a good race, I wouldn’t know. For 37 years I’ve had a great relationship with Stafford. I show up with money, buy a ticket and see great races. That apparently has changed. Now you show up, wait in line while people tediously transact debit or credit card purchases and the lines barely moves. Waited 15 minutes and left as the lines grew from 15 to 40 feet. Maybe the cash window opened eventually but it didn’t help me having arrived early to see warm ups. Likely I was the only one that left but Stafford isn’t Disney World and waiting in long lines that don’t move may make an impression people remember when deciding if they will go again. Maybe not and it’s I that needs to get used to more waiting. $30 bucks plus food and refreshments saved and I’ll try again next week when the price is more waitable.

  8. Actually the 5 dumped the leader.

  9. Tommy crew man says

    The real problem with stafford is the management. Tech for SK’s and lights last night was removing shocks and springs, as well as the sway bar so guys could watch the track officials rate their stuff and write down everything each guy has. All while the track owners son runs a sk light car there. The optics of this and the obvious disapproval and frustration with all the teams in tech was astounding. This is why stafford gets a bad rep……bogus tech again.

  10. D. Trickle says

    Rowan has always been a dirty driver

  11. Old saying “screw with the bull and you will get his horn”.

  12. Speaking of tech what do you think the arute kids tech involved other than jacking the car up and letting it down ? Anyone ?

  13. Jim, always insightful, frugal with words and handy with a dagger.
    Otherwise I’d say that anyone that enjoys local racing should thank their lucky stars for the Arute’s. Let the kids race, let them have private practice, give them tech advantages. It’s the cost of keeping racing alive. Face it, no matter what the advantages are and I don’t believe they are that great other then money they are only a car or two.
    What you don’t want is to work for a family business. They fight like dogs among themselves, they feel entitled and you will never be equal. But if we depend on them once a week for entertainment we love we can’t be more happy they have chosen to be in the business of racing. Be a trouble maker and Arute Realty, another family enterprise may happily step in and divide the track up for housing lots or a condo.
    I’ve posted a beef with the ticket windows that is above that I’m sure they will fix. But tech inspection is pure, tedious and necessary. We see the results in side by side racing in the SK’s and Lights. I support Stafford, the lighting, sound system, track conditions, concessions, pit area, tech inspection, parking, non smoking stands, the abundance of rest facilities and the professionalism. I don’t support the announcers and wish they would hire JOE COSS.
    I love Stafford Motor Speedway and especially if they make sure they have a cash ticket window open and hire Joe Coss next year.

  14. I agree with Doug, you have to weigh the good vs the bad… the good far out weighs the bad at stafford. Stafford is the best facility , most competitive asphalt race track in the northeast. Just hope the Arute’s don’t run it out of business, the sk lite division is awesome but it won’t last long unless the purse increases soon

  15. Tom McElligott says

    Don’t think so..

  16. Tony Fera says

    Ted Christopher=great race car driver=fantastic race
    SK at Stafford is by far the best racing anywhere

  17. I did not know there was a rule on spring rates and sway bars. I guess if your kid can’t figure it out on his own have the tech staff find the answers for him. I am surprised they did not record the scale stats, or maybe they did, bush league if you ask me.

  18. Bystander says

    Unless you can point to actual occurrences of favoritism by the tech officials for the arute kids, don’t make stuff us. Saying that they did not tech the 75 car is crazy. I was there they did the same tech as the other 2 cars on the podium.

    Personally I think it’s great those kids race. They see the real costs of running a car, definitely a good thing for all

  19. James Scott says

    Stafford is and has always been head and shoulders above the rest. I agree that these Modified touring series just are not worth it. Hey when you make the schedule up I would think that sometimes you gamble. Give the lights a big increase and keep the SK mods happy. Support the regulars and less touring events.

  20. If Stafford gets 71% more for a touring division show ticket and the crowd it pretty good I have to ask why they would not do exactly what they are doing. I love the regular shows and think they are a great value.As far as I can see the strategy in profitable.

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