Late Celebration: Woody Pitkat Declared Winner In Late Model After Numerous DQ’s At Thompson Wednesday

A long with plenty of laps logged at Thompson Speedway Wednesday came to an end Wednesday for Stafford’s Woody Pitkat with a delayed celebration.

In the final event of the evening Wedensday at Thompson, Pitkat finished second to Rick Gentes on the track in the 25-lap Late Model feature.

Gentes was later disqualified from the victory, along with the cars that finished third through fifth in the event.

It was the first Late Model victory of the season for Pitkat.

On the track, Matt Lowinski-Loh was third, Ernie LaRose fourth and Brian Tagg fifth.

Gentes, Lowinski-Loh, LaRose and Tagg were all disqualified from their finishing positions for suspension infractions.

The official results showed William Wall, who finished sixth on the track, moved to second behind Pitkat and Ray Parent, who was originally seventh, being moved to third place.


  1. Big brass ones by the tech guys at Thompson. I wonder how many of those four cars will be back for the next race. The 98 should be paying close attention it could be only a matter of time before he gets caught. I wonder if he still keeps the chip in his glove until the race is over then puts it in place.

  2. That’s right, don’t go back because you got caught cheating. That’s funny.

  3. Those cars would not have passed tech at any ACT race or Seekonk or Waterford for that matter.Fix the cars and move on to the next race.

  4. Ricky Bobby says

    I think the 98 is just a lot better than everyone else. He drove by the entire field then got a flat tire I heard. How can you change a chip? Isn’t it all closed in?

  5. Do these tracks realize that these DQs are bad for business? If you have 4 of 5 racers not passing tech that probably means you’re not working with the race teams to make sure they are coming to the track with their race cars within specs. Officials seem to forget that part of their job, not supposed to just be the tech police. I realize rules are rules but we’re talking local short track racing here. Put yourselves in the shoes of these guys busting ass to get to YOUR track. Put yourselves in the shoes of the guys busting their ass to fix their race cars after getting into heat race accidents. Help the teams that are supporting YOUR track every race. Things at Thompson seem to be decent but these ordeals show a communication breakdown between the track and race teams.

  6. Brass ones for what doing their job? I think if you ask short track racers all they want is a even playing field. Good job TSMP! Now BIG BRASS ones would be to do the same tech next race . Or better yet. Do it right after the heat and if you fail you have to pass to start the feature with no hardship laps and start at the tail end.

  7. No the box is not hermetically sealed there is plenty of a chance to put it back in. The 98 is so good why was he DQ’d at Seekonk and given several warnings in the ACT series. I wonder if he went to tech that night if he would have passed tech or had the same coil bind as the rest of those that got DQ’d.

  8. Said Brass ones Bc you DQ’d a six or seven time track champ and probably the winniest late model driver at Thompson. Race car drivers are kind of like Trump always pushing limits.

  9. They did their job. Something the Tri-Track doesn’t due. Look at The Star race. Illegal Transmission in the Winner.

  10. LM would the 10th and 12thy place car pass that tech? Who knows only those guys. TRS you have a good point officials should be in touch with their competers. But the competers should be in touch with the officials. When you do something like this officials can’t see it with the car sitting in the pits. But if you handed them something like a carb spacer and was like I would like to try this is it good with you? That is how it works.

  11. The 98 came to the Waterford opener then never came back. Coincidence?

  12. Mini obviously ur out of you are out of touch with racing. Every race team is going to push the rules to the limit and try to gain an advantage over the fellow competitors that is part of the sport it is part of any sport. Do you not think Belicheat doesn’t push the rule book or Hendricks Motorsport or Gaylord Perry or the guys from MIT counting cards

  13. And the inspection was don in the garage on a flat surface and very well light.

  14. Different 98 rich.

  15. You are right soooooooo out of touch. Until that comment I was thinking this thread would be different than all the other RD key board cowboy’ s. I don’t know how or where tech was done ( I was in tech with a different div) . But you are right it is our job as racers to find the gray areas. It is the official’s job to catch us. 4 of the top 5 got caught. Brush your self off and comeback it will be ok. Sean thanks for letting my post trough but I need to step off now.

  16. Ricky Bobby says

    They probably ran out of money.

  17. Let’s all quit going to race tracks and just complain that they aren’t open!

  18. Would you race if there were 6 cars? Waterford is a joke and not NASCAR sanctioned.

  19. Some cars had 2 engines
    I seen one guy with a jet engine
    5 tires too
    One driver was from a crime family

  20. Davvyboy70 says

    Indeed, that was the case. Flat lr.

  21. Woodsy skill set is way above this division
    Late model is like a ametuer division at best
    These cars all have governments in them too
    They are very slow moving too

  22. What’s a government in a car?

  23. MiniFan- I see your point. However I don’t think anybody was blatantly trying to pull a fast one on the officials or cheat their competitors. I believe that the racers simply overlooked their car’s requirements. Things get overlooked when you work so hard just to get to the track. If this specification is so important and easy to check then I feel the track should be checking it every week or more frequently so the racers are aware of the requirements they have to meet. Instead it was almost like a surprise to the teams which it shouldn’t be. When 80% of the teams overlook something, maybe the track should be more responsible for making their competitors aware of the requirements.

  24. It wasn’t John, he didn’t even bring his car.. 🙄

  25. A government is a device that makes the car go under 55
    Learn racing my friend

  26. TRS… They all know the rules it is published every year for them. Ignorance is no excuse in life or in racing. They tried to push the limits and got caught. Just Bc they havnt tested it before doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. The head of the late model division is new to the track so he is conducting tech in a different way than before

  27. It’s called a governor you idiot! Learn spelling Jeffrey lol

  28. LM – I just disagree. If 80% doesn’t conform then I think the track should hold some responsibility. I’m not a fan of sending 4 of top 5 home with no pay, no points, and having to explain to their fans & sponsors that they weren’t attempting to cheat.. just overlooked a tech item.
    A couple more thoughts:
    -2 of the DQ cars were in heat race accidents and pleading that the damage to their cars moved the body out of spec.
    -The rule is to prevent coil binding and bump stopping. None of those 4 cars were coil binding or using bump stops. It’s a confusing rule. Again, I understand rules are rules but I don’t think any of the competitors were trying to cheat.

  29. Mike Serluca says

    They definitely didn’t run out of money

  30. TRS. Explain to me the last time you saw a racer get caught cheating and said yup you got me I was cheating. Every racer is going to claim they didn’t know about it. Look at some of the pictures from the race taken by Clarus the speedway photographer. Look at the cars that were caught cheating how low to the ground the front of their cars are compared to those that were found in compliance with the tech specs. One last thing how do you know they were not trying to coil bind or bump stomping. Whitey Bulger said he never killed anyone either.

  31. LM- No more than 2 weeks ago #14 Dare Stock at Stafford. And lets just say I snoop around the late model garages and pit areas a lot.

  32. What are you talking about with the ##14. The late models at Stafford don’t follow the ACT rules.

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