RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Is The Best Weekly Short Track Division In Connecticut?

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Everybody that goes to the track has a division they want to see more than any other.

So it’s simple today, what do you think is the best weekly division of Connecticut short tracks.


Vote below.

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  1. A suggestion for a pole. This was fun but low hanging fruit. The Stafford SK division is hands down the best and the only interesting thing is what every other division gets.
    How about a pole that teams the best two divisions. Stafford SK and LM, Stafford SK and Lights. Waterford SK’s and ……. well you get the idea.
    Lets see once and for all what the best one two punch combination is.

  2. Jerry Fascione says

    \Whats the point of that Doug ? Its clear that besides Stafford SK division there isn’t much interest in anything else.

  3. I anyway would like to know if people consider SK’s and Lights a more attractive one, two punch then the current SK and Late Model top of the racing card.

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