RaceDayCT Snapchat #FanTakeover Coming Wednesday At Thompson Speedway

Snapchat. Admittedly, we’re still trying to figure out what it’s all about and how RaceDayCT should be using it to spread the word of Connecticut short track racing.

Sure, us old curmudgeons still longing for the days of flip phones, might still be struggling to figure out how bunny ear filters and helium filled voices gets the message through, but we’re giving it a shot.

All we hear (through our hearing aids obviously) is that it’s where all the kids are these days. And you know, we need to those kids to start reading these stories before our audience gets too old and gray.

So we’re going to go right to where Snapchat is done best. The youngin’s.

On Wednesday at Thompson Speedway Nicole LaRose will be taking over the reigns of the RaceDayCT Snapchat account to give us a whole different perspective of race day at the track.

So if you’re not already connected with the RaceDayCT Snapchat account, get on there now and be ready.

Find RaceDayCT on Snapchat Or Use The Snapcode Below

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