Ryan Preece Wins Whelen Modified Tour Toyota Mod Classic 150 At Oswego Speedway

Ryan Preece

Ryan Preece kept his late summer NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour heatwave rolling into September Saturday at Oswego Speedway in Oswego, N.Y.

Preece, of Berlin, won the Whelen Modified Tour Toyota Mod Classic 150 Saturday at Oswego Speedway.

Preece took the lead from Matt Hirschman on lap 118 and never trailed again on the way to his fifth victory in 11 Whelen Modified Tour starts this year.

It was Preece’s third series victory in the past five events and helped him increase his advantage atop the points standings, despite having run one less race than his closest pursuers in the standings.

Hirschman, of Northampton, Pa., was second. Hirschman started on the pole and led the first 117 laps. He Preece were the only leaders of the event. Timmy Solomito of Islip, N.Y. was third.

The standings lead though stands as a likely moot point at this time for Preece, the 2013 series champion. Preece is scheduled to miss F.W. Webb 100 on Sept. 23 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway while he competes in the NASCAR Xfinity Series for Joe Gibbs Racing at Kentucky Speedway.

Doug Coby is chasing his fourth consecutive series title and fifth title overall since 2012. He sits nine points behind Preece. Rowan Pennink, who finished 10th Saturday, is third in the standings, 16 points behind Preece.

Four points events remain before the season concluding Sunoco World Series 150 at Thompson Speedway on Oct. 15.


  1. I just bought a sk
    Need a driver ??
    I paid 60 for it
    4 cylinder

  2. I took until Sept 2nd for someone to pass the 60. It was just one car but I’ll count it. PeeDee racing could win the championship if they ran the full schedule. Would like to see them at Loudon or Stafford this month

    Also, thanks to Oswego for posting the winners share. $6000.00 to the winner.

  3. I don’t know how the crowd was, weather was threatening, Nascar said they were upgrading the point fund for the 2017 combined tour so I don’t know what will be paid out from that but I think any WMT should be $10,000 to the winner and a nice payout down, heard at Seekonk that track pays $75,000 for a WMT race and Seekonk was on fence about 2018 WMT RACE.
    in the Heart of ROC country u should have more than 21 cars and even 25 at Seekonk was low in my book.

  4. The 60 was on rails last night, only the 6 could run with him.It took over a hundred laps for the better car to pass him.Matt ran great line all night but started to get loose after withering pressure from Preece.Then came the patented turn three dive bomb and Ryan checked out even from Matt.NH Mark is right.Pee Dee should run the tour next year.Disappointing turnout of only 21 mods and a shocking turnout of only 17 winged supers.Oswego,home of the supers?They do have a really strong regular Saturday nite program but what happened to ISMA?Great move starting 1/2 hour earlier. I wasn’t in the car 10 minutes b4 the sprinkles started.Horrible and harrowing drive home in rain and fog.We must be crazy.Great and friendly fans at Oswego.Had a great time with a bunch of crazy Canadiens and Oswego natives too.On to Riverhead as our hero in Foxboro likes to say.

  5. Art, the way they have the rules between ISMA and the regular Oswego supers and the format of the weekend pretty much make it impossible to run the same car Saturday night, then again on Sunday for the Classic. If you only have one car, you pretty much have to choose one race or the other.(the Oswego weekly cars don’t have wings, but do have all kinds of other aerodynamic tricks that make them pretty expensive.

  6. Rich Gourley says

    Oswego has a worn out race surface, I think the last repave was done in the 70’s , maybe even the 60’s. Just not a good racing venue right now. It’s a shame because it used to have great modified races there. Some of the old Bud 200 races were the best.

  7. The 60 got past last Saturday night in Seekonk as well… Had Oswego kept to their no mirrors rule that produced some of the best modified races ever… The 60 would have been passed many laps sooner!! I watched every single lap… Believe me I know when someone’s hanging on by blocking…

  8. I would hope Seekonk is back. It’s one of the most popular races on the tour. At $35 a head with that crowd and a title sponsor they aren’t losing money.

  9. Liz Cherokee says

    Please don’t tell me that Seekonk is potentially gone! I love watching all you wannabe racers run the slick track from atop the Hampton whilst I have a cocktail! 🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹
    As for last night the good was that it sure was good that the show ran off quickly before the rain came. The bad was a disappointing night for Melissa forced me to have a few extra beers at the track. Thankfully a trip over to Bull Hill Vineyards quickly took the hair off the dog!

  10. That black 60 car got passed way before Sept. 2nd. It all started at New Smyrna. He got tired of not being able to pass there so he beat his way to the one win he had there, You can tell by the photos, the front bumper was beat in. Then at the next race for the black 60 was at Myrtle Beach. He tried getting spots he lost by trying to pass after the caution came out, ripped the side of the 82 car off, and wrecked himself. At Seekonk, he started blocking the faster car, that started fourth at lap 10. He kept it up, until Coby saw an opening and went for it. No, that black 60 car has been passed many times this year.

  11. WOW,Premier Modified series,premier speedway,Saturday night of Labor Day weekend and ONLY 21 modifieds…..what happened to the thoughts of the 2 series merger would boost car counts?This series is a joke.Too bad for Melissa not finishing in the top 20 !

  12. Here we go. The tour has one low car count and the nay sayers come out. Where ya been all summer?? This is the stretch run, 5 races in 30 days. Oswego is two weeks after Bristol. The others tours have consistantly drawn less than 20 all year. The house was packed last week at Seekonk. Things are fine. A great points race will only enhance interest these last few weeks of the season.

    Go back to your mother’s basement Muddbus. That’s such a tired argument.

  13. With only 21 cars and her mighty LFR she could not crack the top 20? OMG! Maybe she should get an SKL, go to the bowl and she could definitely get a top 20 and maybe 15 depending on how many cars show up.

  14. That would be 5 races in 45 days. Seekonk packed, of course, small track not a lot of seating and frankly, there were quite a few open seats. The reason for the standees is because that is what people do at Seekonk. The WMT is in trouble just like every other touring series in NASCAR. I don’t understand why people don’t see that.

  15. Saturday was the 5th race since Aug 4th. Stafford, Thompson, Bristol, Seekonk and Oswego. 5 in 30. Three more over the next four weeks too. Saying there are not a lot of seats at Seekonk is a foolish statement. I believe it’s the only track in New England with seats all the way around.
    Big crowd at Thompson on Aug 9th. I guess we won’t count that though either. The WMT is drawing more cars and fans han any other modified series and you think they are in trouble. This argument has been out there for 20 yrs. It gets old. Try enjoying the end of a great racing season. Tremendous points battles going on. Using some quick math, Preece could still pull it off if he gets all the right breaks. Has to finish top 3 at Riverhead to make it work though.

  16. The reason for the low ISMA car count was the absence of cars that wrecked hard at the two previous races. They had some good cars torn up. Need time to repair.

  17. I have attended most tour races this year and can’t remember a bad fan turnout.But car counts are down from years ago.This is nothing more than a demonstrable fact.The consi is a thing of the past.Just simply don’t have the turnout from the past.Even at Oswego with their solid SBS and Novellis supers programs ,the old-timers were lamenting to me the Yuge car counts of days past.This is a common complaint everyplace this subject comes up.We don’t have to be chicken little, the sky is not falling but I think this trend is troubling for pavement tours everywhere.Many tracks have solid weekly racing programs.The mod and late model tours seems be hurting from low counts.Most fans are still turning out in good numbers.

  18. Hey NHMark, what do you get a paycheck from NASCAR or something? What is your angle anyway? Quit trying to sell it, over and over and over. And always trashing any other racing.

  19. I think all would agree that we want to see the drivers on the tour.
    Nascar should listen to what a lot of fans up North are saying .
    1) Dump time trials. Heat races. Handicap the top 6 or 8 in points each race. (start them in the back)
    2) Remove the mirrors !!!! If that doesn’t hinder blocking remove the spotters too! Race command only.
    3) With no mirrors get rid of the blue passing flag. It helps the leader but by the time someone in 3rd , 4th or 5th gets to the car its non-existant so it takes longer and hinders late charges. (Make it even.)
    4) Oh and I’m done with the most exciting thing in racing, Green-White-Checker. How about watching the last 25 laps as green flag laps only. Much better than watching a good race get ruined because we lose 10 laps of yellow near the end when all the drivers are pressing.
    5) Reality, car counts in Nascar are hurting too. Just look at the points. You don’t have 20 teams attending 90% of the races.
    6) Lose the races down South. There are no drivers from the South running for points anyways.
    If these drivers and teams are the best in modified racing than lets watch them work their way through traffic and watch some passing..

  20. Getserious, I agree, I wonder sometimes where he is comming from or if he has blinders on.

    Look at how many team owners have abondoned the WMT and are past championship teams. Just to name a cople Art Barry, Bob Garbirino and you have to ask yourself why? NASCAR has to get their house in order at all levels before it is to late. Pretty sad when you go to a race where the 21st place car is how many laps down and is there just to add to the field so the WMT tour can brag about car counts. Oh and I forgot so they can be voted the most popular driver………

  21. I do agree there is a good amount of crowd interest in local MOD racing but the teams just don’t travel much anymore, you have the standard 20-25 teams that run the WMT, 20-25 ROC, 20-25 VRMS/MTS.
    20- 25 bowman gray but unlike yrs past no one travels to other series, even the Tri-track which at the start had an entry list of 50-60 is down to low 20s.
    Multiple series don’t help it seems, I wish I knew a solution!!!

  22. I don’t get paid by Nascar. It just drives me nuts when the naysayers wait until September when the tour has one low car count and they all come out of the woodwork. They weren’t complaining when 31 mods showed up at the Icebreaker. They weren’t complaining when 31 mods showed up at Loudon. They weren’t complaining when 28 mods showed up at Stafford last month. Nope they wait until the killer part of the schedule, right after the Bristol trip to start with the sky is falling nonsense. Please… To the best of my knowledge 31-32 cars is the bar for car counts on any tour in 2017. Tri Track had 32 at Seekonk in June I think. The WMT has had 31 a few times. Yes it’s down from yester-year but it’s up from a few years ago. The WMT crowds have been really good at most northern tracks. Interest on social media has been pretty positive all year.
    I can go back to Mod Series Scene and read the same tired “the tour is dead” nonsense from ten years ago if I want. Its all still there. At least bring factually correct info to your arguments people.

    No worries though, I will go on another rant tomorrow if TC isn’t suspended at Stafford.

  23. Just WMT facts: (They are on the Nascar website.)
    WMT 31 cars twice in 2017.
    Series avg 27 cars in 2017.
    14 drivers attended 91% of the tour races in 2017.
    18 drivers attended 67% of the tour races in 2017.
    21 drivers attended 58% of the tour races in 2017.
    The sky in not falling but the tour is in trouble if the don’t start making changes for 2018.

  24. NH Mod, good stats that supports there is trouble in paradise. Yes changes need to be made for 18 however I don’t think NASCAR is listening or they really care.

  25. Every so often some of you come up with the idea to predict the tour is in “trouble”. It is not in trouble. It has been around for more than 3 decades. And it will be around for decades to come. What is in trouble is the touring series that try to be like the NWMT. They pay no purse money, they do no tech, and there is no end of season worthwhile point fund. NASCAR knows what keeps the tour going, and will continue to do so. And please stop suggesting heat races at the NWMT races. They are just more practice sessions that mean nothing. Keep the qualifying procedure done earlier in the day. I go to watch the race, not the practice sessions. Furthermore go to the NASCAR website and see just how competitive the tour is. The finishes compared to the starting positions.

  26. Modfan,

    I’m aware of those numbers. Now go find a modified series with Better numbers. That’s my whole point. There aren’t any.

  27. People argue that the tour is dead because 21 cars show up at Oswego. Is Tri Track dead because 21 cars showed up at Star? See what I mean. You can’t cherrypick stats to match your stance.

  28. Star was an add on event originally scheduled for Waterford. The location, the mid-week in NH don’t know why the turnout was lower than expected but even with that race included Tri-Track has an average of 38 cars per event since they started in 2014. (15 races to date) That’s not cherry picking stats.

    Nascar tour needs to be revamped.

  29. Drivers fighting all the time on the nascar main level. TC shouldn’t be suspended. The guy makes the tour better if you like it or not. Rowan has a history of making enemies so this is nothing new to see.

    The tour is pretty good but I feel the Friday night shows at Stafford are the best. Good car counts and exciting racing have been the story this year at that track.

  30. Rich Gourley says

    The problem with the NWMT is that is nothing more than a regional racing series, and I mean very regional as in Ct & Mass. Yes they have a sprinkling of races around other parts of the NE, but as we’ve seen they are not well supported by the teams. There are plenty of tracks outside of New England, but not many that can afford the fees NASCAR charge for hosting an event., When you loose a substantial portion of your fan base then ultimately the product suffers long term.

  31. 1. Preece $7,626 This should go up to around $8,000
    2. Hirschman $6,276 Pole and Leading the most laps.
    3. Solomito $3,576
    4. Coby $3,676
    5. Goodale $2,726
    6. Bonsignore $2,476
    7. Lutz $2,276
    8. Zachem $2,076
    9. Sapienza $1,976
    10. Pennink $1,976
    11. Summers $1,676
    12. Swanson $1,876
    13. Williams $1,976 Southern Car and Points
    14. Putnam $2,776 Southern Car and Points
    15. Carroll $1,476
    16. Cole $1,476
    17. TC $1,476
    18. Emerling $1,476
    19. Sutcliffe $1,476
    20. Ebersole $2,176 Southern Car and Points
    21. Fifield $1,476

    Total Cash Purse Paid $54,796
    Still to be added $2,040
    New Total $56,836
    Purse Money Returned to Oswego Speedway Because of a short Field $9,000.
    Some Fun Facts
    Coby won $9,055 For his win at Seekonk.
    Emerling won $13,000 for his Bristol win.
    Total Purse Money paid out in 2017. $782,530. 12 Point Races and 1 non-point race.
    The WMT Point fund for 2017 is $500,000.
    If this doesn’t bring teams out to race then nothing will.
    WMT sanctions are for 3 years. So I think Oswego and Seekonk will be on the 2018 schedule.
    2 ROC Modified races at Oswego in 2017 had only 16 Modifieds in each race.

  32. Tour competitor says

    You all sound asinine.

    I really bet none of you own a WMT car or driver one? You just choose to come on to this website because you have nothing better to do with your lives than comment how “bad” of a place the Tour is in……

    Reality check everyone. There’s 6 modified series with 5 different sets of rules!!! Simplify things. You’ll get 30+ cars on a weekend race … cough cough Tri Track …

    You all want to complain, come up with a touring series that offers 10k to win each race ( which the WMT pretty much does if you win all the Contig. $ ) and a $80,000.00+ championship payout.

    Do all the Tour owners/Drivers a favor and post your useless ideas on your Facebook Wall where no one of importance can read them because that’s where they belong.

  33. Rich, half the schedule is outside of CT and Ma? 31 cars at Loudon. 29 at Myrtle Beach. 26 at Bristol. Only two races have been 25 cars or under and both were in the last two weeks. Again killer part of schedule with almost no time off over these two months. Crowds have been awesome almost everywhere I’ve been. I’m expecting huge crowds these last few races. Especially Loudon and Thompson.

    Mod Man, Tri Track only gets 21 cars and you say it was because it was in NH on Wednesday but the tour got an equal amount 3x the distance away and they need to be revamped?? I still don’t see the rationale here? By the way, Star may have been affected by the Bristol hangover just as much as Oswego. That’s a lot of travel for drivers, crews etc. The tour had Seekonk in between too.

  34. darealgoodfella says

    Congratulations to Preece, that’s the topic of this thread. Sure would like to see him win the championship.

  35. I don’t know if this guy Tour competitor is an actual competitor but if he is he might want to rethink the wisdom of his post. Insulting people that care, go to races and have opinions- not smart. Whining about perceived whining never gains any traction.
    As a Stafford regular I marvel at all the people that follow the WMT. Specifically, what they know and how many travel great distances to attend races. Look at that guy Craig. Is that a great post or what? And as a Stafford regular I can tell you the WMT is not just any tour race. When they bring their show to town it’s different. A little more special and usually very well attended by todays standards and at the highest ticket price.
    No driver or team member should complain about people that take an interest whether it is positive or negative. It’s just not smart.

  36. So you say the tour has been around for three decades, true. However if NASCAR knows what they are doing then why are the car counts dwindling and why are owners walking away? I say NASCAR does not have a clue and they are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the series to make it survive. What makes it worse, they won’t listen to the owners or competetors. As the saying goes, it’s my way or the highway.

  37. Car counts are actually up over a few years ago but… We will ignore facts again. Ive already covered the numbers. Sure, A few teams have walked away. I say it’s more like they retired after racing forever but that doesn’t fit your argument. Look at all the young talent on the tour. Look at all the talent looking for rides on the tour. Look at all the fans in the seats. TV coverage the last few seasons. Great racing on the track. If you don’t like it you don’t like it but it’s certainly far from dead. I mean if a tour averaging 28 cars a race is dead what is a tour averaging 15??

  38. Final Changes to Money won at Oswego.
    1. 6 Preece $7,676 Plus $300
    2. 60 Hirschman $6,576 Plus $250
    5. 58 Goodale $3.776 Plus $1,000
    15. 39 Carroll $1,976 Plus $500

    Don’t forget when you bash NASCAR you are also bashing a great sponsor in Whelen.
    We couldn’t do this without Whelen.
    Thank You to Whelen Engineering.

  39. OK TOUR competitor maybe if the Purse and winning were published each race then PEOPLE would see what NASCAR brings to each race, Most people who post here know there are 6 different touring series and don’t like it and would rather have 1 or 2, we all have opinions and don’t need to be called names because maybe not the same as yours, I have been going to TOUR races since 1985, have you??? I remember when 50-60 or more teams showed up for a race and yes I know times change and YES I do believe NASCAR is the best show in town but that doesn’t mean it cant be improved and that fans who pay $25-$75 TO WATCH YOU RACE shouldn’t have the right to express there opinions good or bad!!!

  40. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, you should not complain about others that are complaining or whining.

    I do recall you posting that you refused to wait a few extra minutes in line to get into the track so you left.

    Talk about a whiner, talk about yourself.

  41. darealgoodfella says

    Tour competitor nailed it.

    While most of you whine and quibble over the change of $5 in a ticket price, or don’t stand in line for a few extra minutes and decide to leave instead, the purses for these races have not grown in real value in decades, while the costs to run these cars has skyrocketed. The purses in dollar value have decreased over the decades. Clearly, those of you whining about $5 in ticket prices have no idea what it costs to run a Tour car. No idea what-so-ever. It’s not hard to figure out, or find out, and clearly none of you have made the effort. You are only concerned about the $5 ticket price delta and if you are going to give up that 6-pack of beer or a pack of cigarettes.

    The cost to an owner to run an event is far more than the winnings, for just about all but first place. The costs to prepare for Loudon and Bristol are far more. NASCAR stopped posting winnings years ago and I guess the reason why is because it was pitiful to see. Most team winnings never even covered a tire bill, and there are far more expenses than a tire bill. How many races does an engine last? How often are the engines refreshed at several thousand dollars per refresh? Spread those costs over the number of races, and all the other costs of racing, and you’ll see how the expenses to run these series devour the winnings and then some with ease.

    For years I have been saying that NASCAR needs to promote to bring in more sponsors to increase the purses. The open races attract cars because the purses are HUGE. NASCAR purses do not pay the expenses of modified racing, only reduce the net losses of racing. If the cost to race can be reduced, it would have been done a long time ago. What needs to be done is bring in more revenue. NASCAR needs to throw its weight around and bring in and spread the sponsor $$$$ around. NASCAR has the recognizable brand equity that it needs to share with the local home tracks to help bring in sponsorships, to increase revenue, to increase car counts, to get more people in the stands.

    If you want a chance at making money, a few bucks, or have the least losses, at modified racing, you have to win all the races. Good luck with that.

    For those of you that your high finance decisions are in the realm of purchases of a 6-pack of beer, trading a longer wait time of a few minutes in line and a $5 higher ticket price, or a pack of cigarettes, stop talking about the purses and car counts. Until you know what the TOTAL costs to run a team are, all the wind you produce talking about purses and car counts is worthless.

  42. At it again dareal I see. My point was to support all the fans that are so knowledgeable, support and go to the WMT races. That would include you I would think. I was supporting knowledgeable fans like you. I said I marveled at you. But no, you can’t take the compliment, you have to start something once again. A “Tour competitor” marginalizes people like you in the last paragraph and you attack me. Amazing.
    So now you’re back to attacking me again using something I said months ago. Fine. I don’t want to pull out your dust ups but I will. I don’t want to single you out every time I see your screen ID, distract from the conversation and attack you but I will. A guy wanting to get you in a fist fight and you’re chasing a woman away with your bullying. Sure we can go over that again and more if you like. Your choice.

  43. You’re like Kim Jong Un of North Kores at times Dareal. You get bored, no one is paying attention to you so you throw grenades out to get attention. In this chapter you are condemning virtually anyone that makes any negative comment about prices, ticket lines, fair weather fans and supporting the race teams. So your advice is for people to just shut up, don’t complain, buy a ticket or just go away and say nothing. The comments section has one purpose, to support racing, that’s it. It’s OK for you to make trashing Ted Christopher your personal mission but God help any one for saying a ticket price is too high or a line too long. Did I get that right?
    I think it may be time to review your comments on the Speedbowl again and your best effort to trash the track, keep people away and to not support all those people fielding cars and trying to pay the bills.

  44. Darreal’s wisdom:
    “For years I have been saying that NASCAR needs to promote to bring in more sponsors to increase the purses.”
    Who are you to suggest anything to NASCAR and how do you know they don’t work their butts off to do exactly what you say they aren’t doing. See how easy it is to nitpick. This is fun right?
    “The cost to an owner to run an event is far more than the winnings, for just about all but first place.”
    Has to be the most ignorant comment of the decade. Racing on any level is a loser. It always has been. It’s will never be anything but a loser. Racing for the 99.9% of participants will never be anything but spending money. Purses at no level can cover costs. It’s about car counts,competition and gate……period. And so far for various races at various tracks at various times during the year with cooperative weather it all clicks. Tomorrow night may be such a night at Stafford.

  45. owning boat is a losing deal too. It’s still fun though. I assume you are good with the increased fuel prices this week? You must love it when your taxes go up. College tuitions must tickle you pink. Nobody wants to pay more for anything. Nothing wrong with that. Putting a value on a product is common sense. $5 on top of $25 or $30 makes a difference.

    Star’s second race was $5 less than the first one. Effecting change again.

  46. The other reason the big money races attract more cars is the rules allow “less than Tour cars”, older “Tour cars”, and “can’t afford to be Tour cars” a chance to compete and win. Otherwise every car would be as fast as the “latest technology A.K.A. expensive parts and pieces” Tour cars! I mean no disrespect to “non Tour” drivers and teams, as I’ve seen some great racing from you and appreciate you doing the best you can with what you have. As a matter of fact I really enjoy watching you beat the Tour cars from time to time! A perfect example was the last TriTrack race; 1st – ROC car, 2nd – VMRS car, and 3rd – local track tour-type car. O.K., we know Hirschman is in his own zip code, but if you look at the field and see where the teams normally run, you see 5 – 6 different types of Modifieds running competitively against each other. Maybe NASCAR should try changing some rules to competitively accommodate more of the cars out there that already exist.

  47. Hey NH Mark,When I bought my first little boat the guy in the marine supply store told me “a boat is a hole in the water surrounded by fiberglass that you throw your money into”.I wonder what they say when you buy your first racecar.

  48. darealgoodfella says

    Again, you are clearly unaware at what it costs to run a team, and are only concerned about where your next 6-pack of beer and pack of smokes is going to come from.

    The competitive teams have millions of dollars tied up in haulers, engines, chassis, rear ends, suspension spares, drive shafts, tools, consumables, etc. Just go through the Northeast catalog and add it up, include spares. And shocks… the teams have walls covered with numerous sets of very expensive shocks, and wheels piled up like cord wood. Numerous engines in the shops, numerous. It is very expensive to maintain those engines. Use a set of $1,200 tires in practice, then another set for the race, then a set of spares. Add up that tire cost and deduct it from the winnings. What do you have left? From that has to pay the team expenses, fuel, amortized engine capital and recurring costs, etc. That leaves pocket lint when all expenses are accounted for, and you have to dip into the piggy bank for the rest of the expenses. We’re talking $100s of thousands to run a competitive car for a season. Just look a the damn season tire bill. Figure it out, use some damn cognitive ability. The winnings don’t some close to covering those expenses.

    So I really don’t care when I hear people fretting over a $5 premium for a Tour race, or complaints that Doug was pissed because he had to stand in line too long. A real fan would have went anyways. A smart fan would get to the track early on Tour events to avoid the crowds and long lines. I do and just walk right in, no time waiting in lines. And you talk about supporting this series and that track? All while you complain about waiting in the ticket line and a $5 Tour premium?

    Stop doing this to yourself.

  49. You’re right Dareal I am remiss in not following up on that post about the long ticket line.
    With the exception of you it was taken mostly taken in a spirit of good fun with a generally favorable reaction as valid consumer feedback. If you believe consumers have no rights to express opinions that’s fine for you but it may not be the most common view these days. And I am happy to say someone may have been listening since the cash window has always been open for the more populated events and I have glided in with unfettered ease to enjoy my favorite track. Thanks for bringing it up.

  50. darealgoodfella says

    Hey Doug, when people were/are expressing their disgust with the pitiful situation with the SpeedBowl, you denigrate them for not supporting the local track. All they are doing is providing consumer feedback. When others express their right to consumer feedback and it doesn’t fit your narrative, you call them negative and not supporting of a track, series, etc.

    Perhaps if valets served beer on the ticket line, would that help you with the extra 3 minute wait? Again, you can just get there a little early to avoid the lines.

    So which is it? Consumer feedback or not supporting a track? Or are you nothing more than a curmudgeonly hack contrarian hypocrite with perpetually peed on corn flakes?

  51. But you weren’t a consumer at the Speedbowl Dareal. It hadn’t even opened. I’m a proud consumer of Stafford for over 30 years fielding a car briefly and as a fan. Big difference.

  52. Attacks, taunts and foul references. Fine. At this stage you’re just sad and I can’t generate any anger at you at all. Have a nice weekend. Can’t wait for the SK feature tonight.

  53. And then dareal awoke to realize he had no life and that all his pencils fell out of his shirt pocket.

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