Exclamation: Anthony Nocella Caps Valenti Mod Racing Series Title Run With Victory At Thompson

Anthony Nocella celebrates a Valenti Modified Racing Series victory and series championship at the Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing Saturday at Thompson Speedway

THOMPSON – With race winners and champions being decided in multiple divisions on the schedule, the Saturday night of Sunoco World Series of Speedway Racing weekend at Thompson can get a bit lengthy.

But Saturday night Valenti Modified Racing Series driver brought some celebratory efficiency to the festivities.

Nocelle made the race winner and championship celebration a singular activity Saturday at Thompson.

Nocella, who had already clinched the season title before Saturday’s event, won the 50-lap Valenti Modified Racing Series feature Saturday at Thompson.

“It was pretty much the mission the whole weekend,” Nocella said. … “We knew we had a great car. We had a great car in the heat race. We had nothing really to lose. The points were already done. That was my main goal was to go out there and win the race and be the only guy in victory lane for both trophies.”

Eric Goodale of Riverhead, N.Y. was second and Rowan Pennink of Huntingdon Valley, Pa. third.

It was the fifth series victory of the season for the Woburn, Mass. driver, who celebrated his first Valenti Modified Racing Series title.

“This is a place that I’ve always … last year I thought we had a car to win and ended up third,” Nocella said. “It’s a place I’ve always wanted to win at. Here, Stafford, big races. We were able to get Stafford earlier in the year and then come here, this is a big race, big crowd and to run this strong in front of them, especially with the biggest field of the year for [the series].”

Nocella took the lead from Jeffrey Gallup on lap 33 then left the field deep in his wake, going unchallenged the rest of the way.


  1. Race Works Strong!!! Congrats Anthony

  2. Great job Anthony, congrats man!

  3. Pretty pathetic when the leader brake checks the 2nd place car and he has nowhere to go and puts them both in the wall and Keith gets banned. That’s bullcrap. Pretty funny he wrecks Bateman’s car not intentionally What a joke. Hope they loose racers. As a spectator that series is a joke anyways. No one likes a winner and oh wait if you wreck Bateman’s car you get banned.

  4. Old man racer says

    Way to go Anthony!
    Looks like a pretty strong podium to me!

  5. Brake checked, really. 17 may not have sailed it in quite as deep, but the 68 just drove over him. It was lap 3….not 3 to go. Junked 2 cars because of a lack of patience.

  6. Henry Lecomte says

    Very disappointed that Warren Mordenti didn’t bring his#88 Russ Hersey piloted car to this race hopefully 2018 will see more of the team his OK man Billy formed. But it still was a great year for the Mordenti race team with 2 wins.

  7. Great job Anthony. Sure looked liked Rocco mis judged his entry angle compared to Lashua’s. Donny doesn’t have a lot of experience at Thompson and was point racing. Why on earth would he brake check a much more experienced Rocco? Who ever thinks that really should put the crayons down. Then again when racing In Connecticut Rocco does know wrong. He simple showed once again why he will only ever be a big fish in the little pond.

  8. Was keith banned from MRS or is that only speculation?

  9. TheReg,
    There were rumors floating around Thompson that the series banned Keith from further participating. When asked about that series owner Jack Bateman told me: “That’s all a bunch of crap.”

  10. Understanding that it was a rumor and apparently with no basis in fact would anyone care to say in the fantasy that surrounded the rumor what was the purported reason for the banning<

  11. Fast Eddie says

    Congrats to the Nocella team!! Great job on your wins and championship!!
    I was at the opposite end of the track, so I can’t voice an opinion on brake checking. However, I thought Lashua was doing a little blocking. Rocco went to go under him in 1 and Lashua tried to stay in front of him and cut down just as Rocco was making the move. Rocco caught Lashua’s right rear pretty hard and had no steering at that point.

  12. Since Bateman is the owner of the 17 I guess it wouldn’t be too far fetched if it were true. Would’ve been a dumb decision though.

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