Joey Cipriano Returning To SK Mod At Stafford; Teaming With Jean-Guy And Brigitte Poulin

(Press Release from Joey Cipriano Public Relations via Stafford Speedway)

Joey Cipriano (Photo: Stafford Speedway/Driscoll MotorSports Photography)

Stafford Speedway has received its first registration for the 2018 season for its premier SK Modified division and the entry is a familiar face that will be in a new place. Long time SK Modified and SK Light driver Joey Cipriano will make a full-time return to SK Modified competition in 2018 but instead of driving his familiar #84, Cipriano has teamed with Brigitte and Jean-Guy Poulin and will be driving the #78.

“I am happy to announce that we will be returning to SK Modified racing for the 2018 season at Stafford Motor Speedway,” said Cipriano. “After a couple of years away from regular competition and exploring other cars and series, I can safely say modified racing is second to none. I am so excited for our new partnerships that are making all of this possible.

“Jean and Brigitte Poulin coming on board with our team is a huge part of getting us back on track. We’ve raced against them for a few years but have always had a good relationship. I’m really looking forward to finally get to work with them. Our team won’t be bringing back the familiar #84, however it will be replaced with a meaningful #78. The #78 has a long history in my family with both my grandfather and my father using that number when they raced, as well as it being my very first number when I started racing. Not only does the #78 have history in my family, but it was also the Poulin’s number when they owned a car in previous years.

“Added to the list of new sponsors for the 2018 season are Green Construction Management, FK Rod Ends, and Fragola Performance Systems along with our returning sponsors, AVI International, Neimad Design, Prospect Street Automotive, Jannetty Racing, Andy and Louise Brockway, and Sandie and Tom Welch.

“None of this would be possible without the good Lord, the help of family, crew, and so many great sponsors and supporters. I am so thankful for this opportunity, and I know everyone is excited to get next season going. I am really looking forward to the new partnerships we have developed for next year. We will be working hard all winter to get our #78 Pettit powered Troyer racecar ready for the 2018 Spring Sizzler!”

For more information, contact Joey Cipriano through his twitter account @JoeyCiprianoIII or through his FaceBook page Joey Cipriano Racing.


  1. Three races last year in the SK’s with meager results and a move to long time car owners the Poulins. Yes I’d say that was a major step up with expectations to boot in what will probably be another loaded SK field.

  2. I own 5 cars
    Looking for drivers who drive slow and stop all
    My cars are 800000

  3. Congrats on the SK ride! Good luck Joey!

  4. I guess the Poulin’s gave up on Nick Salva. Seemed like he ended up in the wall more than he finished races. Gets expensive. One race this year at Stafford his rear end was laying at the start/finish line after a wreck. Joey Zipdrive isn’t a big step forward. He’ll be fast in practice, start in the front, then 10 laps later you won’t know he’s still in the race. He certainly learned how to block watching him this year. Zero wins in an SK. But at least he won’t wreck the car so good for them.

  5. Hey I said I’m looming for drive

  6. I remember when he was racing legends. For some reason I thought he was going to be the next big thing but I guess not. Same with Salva for that matter.

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