New American Modified Tour Aiming For 2018 Northeast Launch

Bob Carrita (Photo: Courtesy Bob Carrita)

Modifieds rule over the Northeast racing scene and the proliferation of divisions featuring them will continue in 2018.

Longtime engine builder and racing official Bob Carrita will launch the American Modified Tour for 2018.

“I am trying to create an efficient Modified series,” Carrita said. “I’ve been in this for quite a while. I’ve been in racing for 35-plus years. I have expectations and I think we can put together a Tour that’s going to flourish.”

Carrita was a longtime head tech inspector and pit steward for the Valenti Modified Racing Series. He also served in that capacity for part of this season with the first year Exit Realty Modified Touring Series before leaving that division last month.

Carrita said the new series will utilize American Racer tires and that he has the support of Scott Junod – director of racing for American Racer – and Bill Galloway – the owner of American Racer Tire New England.

Caritta said the series is aiming to have a schedule of 10 or more events for the 2018 season.

“With all the talk that’s been out there, I would just like to set the record straight that yes I’m putting together a series for 2018,” Carrita said.

Carrita said he will be announcing an upcoming informational meeting for team owners and drivers interested in what the series will have to offer.


  1. Please no more tours. Your killing modified racing. It’s getting watered down.

  2. Oh boy… we’ve seen this song and dance before….

  3. Why don’t these ‘Tour’ SERIES owners sit down with one another first before trying to start Another Series? The Modified Tour car will soon be just like the Midgets of the 40’s thru the late 50’s. Why not try an SK Mod Specials Tour of 6 events? If the officials keep getting disgruntled and the rules not enforced….the races with 12 cars of questionable stars and teams appearing….the thinning down will eventually (if not already) hurt everyone. There is not enough sponsorships ….or proper marketing in New England either. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND.

  4. Whatever… this only hurts the sport. Guys are turning the sport into a joke. Got more tours than tracks that run mods.

  5. Crazy in NY says

    Bring it Bob. Screw Hoosier and there useless gumballs.

  6. The chicken and egg analogy comes to mind. Has American Racer come on board to help build the American Modified Tour brand? Or does the American Modified Tour exist to sell American Racer tires?
    So far the folks pleading for less wildcat tours are taking it on the chin. Can’t wait to see what pops up of Staffords schedule.

  7. Is it April 1st already? You’ve got to be kidding me. News flash geniuses, the paying customer doesn’t want to pay tour prices every week at their local track.


    GREAT!!!!!!! GREAT>>>>>>>IDEA>>>!! Gives the “LOER DOLLAR RACER” more options!!!!!

  9. Well, it sounds like Mr. Carrita has seen the “good, bad, & ugly” of the two competing series; VMRS & MTS. Good luck to you and your team in 2018! If I may offer a fan’s perspective and perception:
    There will undoubtedly be picking and choosing by fans as well as racers with possibly 30 touring series dates, and that’s not including the WMT! It will be real difficult if not impossible to not have scheduling conflicts with other series. If you want the crowd, you gotta have the cars. And if you want the cars, you gotta have decent money up for grabs. And that’s still no guarantee! With MTS money not a lot more than VMRS money, it more or less split the field of available teams. To win them over to your series, the money has to be there for them. If most teams can recover most if not all of their expenses to run a race, I would think it makes it a lot easier and possible for them to get to the next one.

  10. Agreed Rich :
    I love the Modifieds, but this is very sad. Every week a special event. It’s nuts.
    These so-called Modified Tours pay very little. The fans and competitors pay big at the gate. AR is just trying to stay in the Modified game.
    The tracks like Stafford, Thompson and Waterford would be better off running real Modifieds every week as the main division and bring in the WMT for 4 Special events each year. That should be enough for the fans.

  11. This is a riot. They’re going to have to have a United Nations like summit meeting including all the teams, the different tour managements and track managements to try to figure out who is racing where and when and to minimize conflicts.

  12. James Scott says

    Really another series? I agree with Rich.

  13. Doesnt MTS pay $3000 to win? What did that get them. Now we have three tours beyond Nascar and Tri Track and not a one of them are assured any track dates. Two tours can barely survive. Three can’t exist. There aren’t enough cars. Someone will end up folding. My guess is MTS will be voted off modified island.

    Maybe I’ll start a tour too. Everyone is doing it. The NH Mark Tour. I like it! Cash only ticket lines at every track Doug.

  14. Jan Pops Leaty says

    It;s all about tires not the racer

  15. How about combing a couple of series to compete with the whelen tour. Don’t know about this one.. but I wish it best. Money needs to be spent promoting. The modifieds have been lacking that for years.

  16. Great idea NH Mark,although you will have to hold the price to under $18 if you want to snare Doug.On a serious note I wish Mr Caritta luck with his new endeavor.I think he could be successful just as I thought
    MTS had a shot.I don’t remember who it was that was trashing the owner of MTS on these threads before MTS started, but I think they were right.I think MTS will be a goner soon enough.I wonder if the new tour will be considering venues like Chemung and other tracks in NY or will it be just N.E.?Something to look forward to next year or least 569 negative comments this silly season.Man does not live by most popular driver comments alone all winter.

  17. It’s basic. If the tracks keep bringing in the various tours, they will always pop up. It’s up to the tracks to say “enough, we’re not going to run all of these tours”.

  18. NH Mark,
    I’m in as well – Mines going to be… The Goldy MOROSO Modified Revival Series Tour.. My gang of misfit modifieds will be the best in the land. Dust off that circa 87′ Troyer chassis that’s been gathering dust in the garage or get one of those hi-tech LFR’s (or whatever they are called) and come race on my revival series tour (sponsored by MOROSO). I’ll have lap money, contingency prizes galore and big money for up for grabs! I’ll be cutting deals with all the big tracks (Danbury, Westboro, Riverside) and I’ll have a point system, a traveling announcer, a trophy girl and ever’thang!!!

  19. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, there are plenty of cars out there, they are collecting dust and spider webs. They just aren’t running. The purses aren’t there. The costs to run a modified has skyrocketed and the real purses have declined. That’s a business model for disaster. Not too many can afford to play that game.

    I thinks we need a good ol’ fashioned tire war! Let’s git Firestone and M&H back in the game.

    I hope Mr. Carrita can attract sponsors, for that is the source of revenue that is sorely needed. Listen to Doug, the typical fan, who bellows over ticket prices and minutes waiting in line… the customer has spoken. Must have multiple cashiers to prevent lines over 3 minutes. Put it in the rulebook. If hte wait is over 3 minutes, the customer gets a free small box of corn flakes.

  20. Sounds great. the only thing that that matter’s is BIG MONEY, which no other division does!!!

  21. How about instead of another series built on the same formula aka the tour style mod, how about trying something cheaper? Koma lite style with a crate or spec motor? Heck, run the act package, at least they figured how to offer a crate rebuild for a reasonable price. The cars will come if they can afford it, there are a ton of cars sitting in garages waiting for “one day”. Give them the opportunity tobdrag drivers and cars back out there like xmods and lites used to, like the sk did for at the time weekly tour cars who were getting too pricey. I want to watch a great battle, don’t care if it’s preece and pitkat or Vinny three chins vrs Carr mcmullets..

  22. Goldy – I’d happily watch your tour if it offered full fields and great battles by a varied pool of drivers. Watching grandpa’s bucks in a Large Funds Racing chassis is getting boring.. but yeah your series would kill my $$ for other series.

    did you know moroso in another language means “doesn’t pay”??

  23. OK NH Mark and art having sport with my appreciation of the $17.50 regular show at Stafford and one person protest of the no cash window one time refusing to endure the credit card line. Actually I think it may have worked.
    Nope you won’t see art at a Stafford regular show no matter what the price is. He’s made it clear the SK’s wreck too much.
    “As far as the SK goes sometimes good racing and a lot of demo derby wrecks every 3 laps.Not even close to the mods, and yes I know a lot of good teams and drivers compete in SK.For me too many bone head yellows”
    On the other hand NH Mark does favor the regular shows wrecks and all:
    “Stafford doesn’t need these tours. They have a great weekly card. A few WMT races. ISMA was fun. Beyond that, I’m good.”
    Now those are the words of a wise man.
    As for me whatever Stafford decides I’m good with. Went to one each VMRS and MTS and each was pretty darned entertaining $30 ticket price and all. Love the heats in the visiting series and the show moves right along. More tours, less I’ll pick my spots and have a ball wrecks and all. I’m not as picky in that regard as art.

  24. Dareal reminding me of my favoring the regular show ticket price and the one man protest as well. Thanks. You have things you don’t like as well. Like the SK’s.

    “art, you are so right. The SK series has great potential for great racing, but the fans seem to like the wrecking. I understand “the customer is alway right” but this has gone too far. There’s hardly much racing in that series, LOTS of wrecking, and really numbskull wrecking at that. Do they even use mirrors and spotters? They drive like they are driving a bulldozer or tank. For a series that should be low dollar racing, they drive like they have unlimited budgets for repairs. Perhaps the Speedbowl should resurrect the figure-8s from the days of Islip and give the fans what they want: wrecking, wrecking and more wrecking. Even better, have genuine demolition derbies. The Figure-8s and demolition derby series would fit perfectly at the New London-Waterford Deplorabowl.”
    Ouch. Bulldozers and tanks?

    And our president who Dareal has compared me to.:

    ” Now Trump is an unabashed racist and panderer to law enforcement (regardless), so he attempts to redirect the #takeaknee movement as an attack on the flag, anthem, and military. So sad. Like what our peed on corn flakes guy does. He can’t hold up a discussion, so he drones on and on about tangential assertions, insinuations, and innuendo. art, it’s all about playing the victim card. ”
    Doug thats me, the “peed on corn flakes guy”.

    Say what you will about the president of the United States but the SK division at Stafford? Thems fighting words Mr Dareal.

  25. Henry Lecomte says

    NASCAR is nothing but Rick folks making low budget teams having to spend money they don’t have. Keep NASCAR out of the Northeast. I wish all the New England tracks would form thier own sanctioning body.With the fan base the Mighty Mods have I’m sure they can obtain good sponsors.

  26. Henry Lecomte says

    I would like to take a moment to congratulate Russ Hersey and the whole Warren Mordenti racing team for their victory at Lee. Billy would be so Proud way to keep his dream alive Warren.

  27. Does it have to be labeled as a tour? Do you really need a point fund? What I don’t like as an owner or fan is dragged out all day events. I want to see a special show that has only 3 or 4 divisions – racing starts at 5-6 o’clock and is over at 9-10. I don’t want to show up at the track at noon and be done at 11 pm

  28. Ugh…no more. The WMT AND MRS is enough in the northeast and ROC is fine out more weat.With the tri track series as a fun all star series…more than enough

  29. I love guys like Henry . Plugs his series (MRS) and bashes Nascar in a thread that has nothing to do with either. Well done.

    The 2018 Stafford schedule may be the most anticipated schedule to come out in some time. It’s going to be a fun winter.

  30. wmass01013 says

    Please NOOOOOOO
    Whyyyyyyyyyy, all these guys have the ANSWER to Great Modified racing but bring nothing but 12 car fields and gimmicks, that’s NOT REAL MODIFIED racing, now I have had more than my share of issues with NASCAR with promotion, support, $$$$$ And COST over the last 32 yrs but my god please NO MORE Mod tours that will save the day!!!

  31. All this can do is hurt modified racing. The Mts and MRS had weak car counts for most of the season especially when they ran against eachother. There aren’t enough modifieds to support the three non NASCAR tours. I don’t see it affecting the Whelen tour and Tri Track series at all.

  32. darealgoodfella says

    If you are going to come up with a new mouse trap, it needs to be much better than current mouse traps.

  33. This just in
    There are 5 more nfl and 4 more nba

    Common sense!!!!!!!

    I also have a lot of cash
    I’m looking to buy a whole track in delaware.. Thanks to all who write me checks on a daily basis.
    Gotta go my butler needs to get my limo ready

  34. It’s all a plot by Nascar to renew the decreasing appreciation for the nwmt.
    It works like this: The France family hires shadowy figures to whisper in the ears of guys like Bob Carrita & Gary Knight to build a better series, knowing all along it shall not be a success. They kick in some ‘sponsor money’ funneled through shell companies.
    The various series fail to come through on their promises of full fields and boom! Fans get disgusted and gravitate back to the Whelen tour with renewed interest.
    We’re all patsies in their game.
    The men in the black van that follows me around every day told me this.

  35. Paul,Now that your on to them the vans will turn into black helicopters.Remember to run towards the gunfire not away.

  36. darealgoodfella says

    Jeffrey and Paul are brothers.

    Paul, wouldn’t NASCAR be better off putting all that money into the NWMT instead of all that trouble with propping up Third World series?

  37. Any new tours pop up today? I know it’s early in the day still.

  38. While the debate rages on about the multiple modified tours among we fans, discussions are taking place at the same time between the tours and the management of Stafford. They have the data. They know what the crowd sizes were, the revenue vs added expense over regular shows and the WMT shows. Maybe they check in here, Facebook and Twitter to see what people are talking about. Maybe they discount entirely the opinions of WMT only fans knowing they aren’t going to the other tour shows anyway. We’ll see what they decide and just seeing the schedule will be revealing in itself about the future of these wildcat tour. They trim back from last year and it will say a lot.
    In my view the decisions on the lesser tours will have nothing to do with the WMT . A completely different animal, vastly more popular as far as Stafford goes. In one class on the schedule is tradition, full stands, the Nascar sanction and the other special shows are in a totally different class with perhaps an entirely different fan base more typical of the regular Friday night shows.

  39. Fast Eddie says

    I hope they’re like a big guy at an all-you-can-eat buffet and have some of everything!

  40. 2017 Stafford Schedule
    WMT- 3 dates clearly that won’t change
    Regular Friday Night- 12 @ $17.50. (expanded by two because of rain outs)
    MTS- 2 @ $30
    VMRS- 2 @ $30
    ISMA- 1 @ $30
    SK 5K-1 @ $30
    Late Model 50 1@$20
    SK Light Special Night 1 @ $20
    Excluding 2 added dates because of rain outs that would be 9 out of 21 dates @ $30 or more or 43%.
    Too many special shows? Just right? Add more touring dates? In the end it may depend on what days the rain drops fall. What will Stafford do for 2018?

  41. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark… end of business day… any new series?

  42. Really, another start up Tour Type tour? You have got to be kidding right? There are already 4 tours with most of them experiencing considerably smaller fields than they had in 2016 thanks to the expansion of the MTS in 2017. Does this guy have any dates confirmed for 2018? I doubt it. What track is going to want to gamble on another start up tour when then the car counts and fans are already less than they were before? IMO, most of the tours are walking on egg shells (WMT excepted). Should this new proposed tour become a reality you can be sure everyone loses. More over-priced “special” shows we have to pay for to see our local favorites race? Not this guy, I’m topped out at $17-18, going to look for other things to do when most “special” shows are in town.

    This entire article can be summed up with one definition. Insanity: doing the exact same thing over and over again, expecting a change. That. Is. Crazy.

    There will definitely be a change but not for the best!

  43. Doug, just get a general admission season ticket for Stafford.
    At $300 for the 2017 season it breaks down to $17.64 per week ($300/17 events), just over your magical $17.50 number.
    If you didn’t have the rain-outs, the schedule was for 20 events and the per event cost would be only $15. Basically you get to see all of the Special Shows for regular event prices ($17.50) or less with or without rain-outs. Rain outs will always be $17.50 shows as Stafford will reschedule any Special Show in the event of rain.
    You also get the added bonus of not waiting in line behind someone paying with a credit card. Season Ticket holders get their own line.

  44. Great point Gerry however Doug will still complain about the price. What everyone seems to forget is the gate and concessions help pay the purse. Then they complain about car counts being down. Maybe car counts are down because the purse needs to increase so the competitors can afford to pay the price of fuel, tires and associated parts to race and maintain their cars. Maybe they should also give the owner and driver a break on the admission price since if it was not for them there would be no car, no division, no racing and without all of that no race track. It is all a vicious circle. You can’t always have your cake and eat it too.

  45. That’s all really good information GerryD. The pre Christmas discounted price for a season pass has typically been an even better deal. A couple questions. If I am happy going to 6 regular shows and three special events spending under $200 how am I better off paying $300? Other then the one time I wrote a bit that was supposed to be funny about my one man cash line protest what makes you think I have a problem with lines? I don’t go to WMT shows simply cause I am not a fan of time trials and long strategic races with big intervals between cars not that there’s anything wrong with that. Why would I pay for something I wouldn’t go to.
    I guess my biggest question is why you would presume to suggest what is better for anyone based on the way you view things. And the underlying assumption that they have no idea of how to value what they are interested in on their own.

  46. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, drain your corn flakes.

  47. To hear Doug speak you would think he’s at Stafford every Friday nite to see his precious SK regular $17.50 show.It seems not to be true judging by the schooling and instructions that GerryD just got.

  48. Dareal on the Waterford Speedbowl 5/24
    “Teams, the employees, staff, fans, sanctioning body, fans, series, fans, etc. have all made it clear they are not supporting the track as long as Bemer is still the owner. They have pulled out and made it clear they are not going to be involved with the track. Without the cars, teams, series, staff, etc., and oh yeah, those paying customers, there is nothing going on at the track. Nothing. “

  49. darealgoodfella says

    Looks like the media is voluntarily not covering the 🚽. The 🚽 needs all the exposure it can get, and prohibiting exposure is not good for survival.

  50. darealgoodfella says

    Doug said: “I guess my biggest question is why you would presume to suggest what is better for anyone based on the way you view things. And the underlying assumption that they have no idea of how to value what they are interested in on their own.”

    And when do you not pass judgement on others?

  51. darealgoodfella says

    art, it sure sounded like Doug was a real track rat. He just did Donald Trump Jr.

  52. I think the idea Dareal is to show a quote where I do make a preemptive snarky attack like you or tell others what to think and show that. You said what I condemned, not what I was guilty of. And you call yourself an intellectual.

  53. darealgoodfella says

    Lt. Caffey: Did you order the code red?
    Col. Jessup: You’re godamn right I did!!!! What’s going on here? I’d do it again.

    Anyways, the 2 had better achieve one-point-twentyone jiggawatts this weekend to stay ahead.

  54. Dareal on intellectuals:
    “The other problem is that very few race fans are objective intellectuals and thinkers. The rest are advocates. The “butwhataboutism”, diversion, distraction, insinuation, and innuendo, still doesn’t work. Still.”
    Dareal Showing he is an intellectual:
    “art, it sure sounded like Doug was a real track rat. He just did Donald Trump Jr.”
    “jeffrey, the time you raced when in a coma was the best. You probably don’t remember that.”

  55. Bethany. I don’t recall seeing that name since April. Maybe it’s because Dareal chased her away.

    Bethany responding to Dareal’s mocking a taunting in the same string 4/22/16
    “Wow. This is amazing. I don’t know you but you have been asked several direct questions that you avoid. Then you say what if the 2 car didn’t exist. Wow. Wow. This is the car that has dominated since the car change. It’s that simple. You are now wanting to avoid the car that won the most races, poles and laps lead. Maybe in your world you can act like that car doesn’t exist but in reality it’s here. In a big way. LFR is a better car. Period. You ever hear of Burt Myers? Ask him, Doug, Todd, Donnie, Bobby or any driver, which drives better. That’s your answer to the question and no one else (especially as un qualified as you seem to be) can decide. I will never visit this site again. You have disgraced this site and more importantly yourself.”
    Wow. I’ve only scratched the surface and already one challenge to meet and another person frustrated and chased away. In the same string.”

  56. Dareal badgering a guy into wanting to meet him in the parking lot for what sounded like an actual thrashing. Name left out to protect the good guy.
    “Dareal moron. Question and I need a answer.
    The 2 car won 1 race and no poles in 2014.
    They went to LFR in 2015 and won 7 races and 8 poles.
    Same crew, hauler, owner and crew chief.
    One question.
    Spin this one you opinionated POS.
    And BTW my name is ————-. I live in ————- and I will be at Stafford if you would like to come out of the shadows and meet at the food stand in the paddock. I won’t hold my breath because people like you are spineless cowards. You can continue to live behind this fake name and accomplish absolutely nothing. I will have a blue dodge hat on and work boots. I am 54 years old. I will be with my son Joel an he is 19. Please feel free to introduce yourself to us and we can continue this conversation behind my pick up in the parking lot.”

  57. Dareal on statistics:
    ” I often use statistics to refute opinions, and that gets people really upset. That’s their problem. For many, they are woefully oblivious to the obvious. The STATISTICS will determine the facts, not pressing harder or more often on the keys of the keyboard. ”
    Dareal using statistics:
    “The number of cautions in SK races is obvious and cannot be overlooked. Too many, they can’t string together a long run. A long run should not be an anomaly. But then, long runs are often called boring. Look at the race attrition. Geeeeez. It just goes to show that there are people that go/watch races to see the wrecking. Watch the crowd… there is a very large population of the crowd that loves the wrecking. Watch the crowd. It is undeniable”

  58. I’m not Bethany Dareal or the nice guy with sincere observations you drove to want to knock your block off. Your petty taunts and snarky recollections are more fun then anything and if you persist I can do this all day. Snark attack…………lets dance.

  59. Humphrey- complain about the price? I laid out the shows and there cost for you to review and make an observation on whether to add or subtract on the more tours and you take from that a complaint? Actually unlike Dareal those were actual statistic so being one of his friends I could see how you’d be confused.

  60. Art says
    “To hear Doug speak you would think he’s at Stafford every Friday nite to see his precious SK regular $17.50 show.It seems not to be true judging by the schooling and instructions that GerryD just got.”

    Art of the food at Stafford:
    “It’s obvious that poozer never stood on a food line a SMS.If they want people to eat and drink and maximize the profits they should hire more than one harried person at each window.Great track and paddock.The absolute worst food on the tour, and long lines to boot.I bring my own food and drink to Stafford unlike the other venues.To change the subject, great pass by Eric to take down the win.It looked like Ryan was on his way to stinking up the entire show till the 58 showed up at his bumper.No one had anything for him all day.”

    To hear Art speak you’d think he ate everything bit of food Stafford had to offer. Guess food complaints are OK for the elitist WMT folk. Complaints about lines not so much aye there ART.

  61. Humphrey,
    You replied to one of my comments about people liking to see their favorites in the MRS and MTS fields and when Preece shows up it’s icing on the cake. You said this:
    “And as far as I am concerned Preece showing up at an MRS or ERMT race with his 18 wheel stacker hauler is not icing on the cake for me.”
    What does that mean? Are you saying you don’t like Preece? What’s his hauler have to do with people enjoying seeing him at MRS and MTS events?

  62. Art said:
    “To hear Doug speak you would think he’s at Stafford every Friday nite to see his precious SK regular $17.50 show.It seems not to be true judging by the schooling and instructions that GerryD just got.”

    Aside from your pejorative reference to “precious SK regular show” which makes sense given how low on the totem pole you view the SK’s I’m curious. If I’m simply stating I know what my budget is and go to the races I feel comfortable with how is that schooling anyone? And ART should I not comment on the any races at Stafford that I don’t attend? You like having sport with the fact that some people appreciate good value. Me in particular. Is that a sign of weakness for you not having to watch your race attendance dollars? I’m happy you don’t have limitations and joyous you will be enjoying a good show at Thompson with your buddy Dareal this weekend. And I’m particularly happy you’ve given up on painting yourself as above belittling cause you’re getting almost as good at being snarky as your buddy Dareal.

  63. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, are you going to Thompson?

    I’ll leave a brand new box of corn flakes at the ticket booth.

  64. Snark attack alert.
    Dareal on intellectuals:
    “The other problem is that very few race fans are objective intellectuals and thinkers. The rest are advocates. The “butwhataboutism”, diversion, distraction, insinuation, and innuendo, still doesn’t work. Still.”
    Dareal showing his intellectual prowise”
    “I’ll leave a brand new box of corn flakes at the ticket booth.”

    Give it to your buddy art. He claims to be the food expert.

  65. Maybe poor little Doug would be able to pay admission to a $40 race if he maybe worked for a living instead of going off like some kind of nutcase on this site.The men in the white suits should be coming to take him away anytime now.You belittle yourself on your own without any help from anyone else.I guess will cause more nebulous posts from this fool.Nine ridiculous comments in a row.Let’s see what else he’s got.

  66. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, what’s your favorite brand of corn flakes? I’ll leave them at the ticket booth.

  67. Just curious, do any of you have jobs? Places to be during the day? I have to squeeze my comments in during 15 minute coffee breaks while working for the man. You guys have been at war all day.

    Please continue.

  68. Joe Lajoie says

    Never thought I’d see another nut case as bad as dareal but I think we’ve found one. Way to go Doug. Y’all are made for each other.

  69. Doug, is it OK if the rest of us get an opportunity to post now since you seem to be controlling the action?

  70. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark… how long does it take to write 2 sentences?

    Keep it short.

  71. NH Mark,I’m retired and actually keep quite busy.I know its stupid to try to reason with Doug and his reposting of comments and straw man arguments.You should thank the man for keeping you busy.

  72. My apologies to you all for clogging up cyber space. That would exclude Dareal and his stooge Art who after going over months of comments I can safely say has said “I agree with Dareal” more then anyone. You others make great, article related comments we all benefit from reading. Mostly civil and well intentioned. That’s our goal isn’t it? What I truly object to is Dareals frequent, preemptive, occasionally foul, petty, snarky one liners. Pulling some aspect of a comment long ago out of the air for no reason but to taunt. No context, no nothing except grade school nonsense. As I see it none of what he has done or said phases you all. From his grandiose self image to bringing in politics, the childish diversions you all seem to lap it up. It’s not directed at you so it’s all good fun right?
    So if all of you approve of his behavior that is your choice. I will make my comments as I always do. They will be article related, well intentioned, attempting to add to the conversation and sincere. If I meander into my old Street Stock days or drone on that’s fair game so attack at will. If on those occasions when Dareal pulls one of his stunts and I go off into archive to remind people of his nonsensical quotes that’s what will happen and if you don’t like it tough. Believe it or not you Art , humphry, NHMark are not all the people that read the comments. You’re the frequent flyers and the enablers. More of a core peanut gallery that enjoys his show. If you don’t like it talk to management cause from my perspective you enabling him is more the problem. Not me showing his ridiculous statements which after all are his own words. I’m simply repeating what you seem to like.
    Joe Lajoie I take exception to you comparing a guy that routinely starts these deals to one that rarely if ever engages in petty, preemptive attacks. However you seem to be the most knowledgeable guy here so I take your entry here to heart.

  73. In this string my first two comments are sincere, well intentioned and nothing more.
    NYMark the hard working guy with no time starts the ball rolling.
    “Maybe I’ll start a tour too. Everyone is doing it. The NH Mark Tour. I like it! Cash only ticket lines at every track Doug.”
    Art the Stooge got his signal from the guy on his coffee break so it’s time to pile on:
    “Great idea NH Mark,although you will have to hold the price to under $18 if you want to snare Doug”
    And of course the king of snark Dareal:
    ” Listen to Doug, the typical fan, who bellows over ticket prices and minutes waiting in line… the customer has spoken.”

    So you clowns start the nonsense then whine about the blow back. Pathetic!

  74. I direct any that may be interested to the more current story “Keith Rocco Captures Third Career SK Modified Championship At Stafford Speedway” . You’ll see a relatively harmless observation I made that taunted nor insulted no one. So if any of you clowns want to make petty observations about corn flakes, or ticket prices or any other playground nonsense and start to degrade the string anew be my guest. Just don’t whine about the response.

  75. Doug, I love ya man. I respect all of your positions. I even agree with DaReal more times than I care to admit. I was just pointing out that you guys went off the rails yesterday. Maybe went too far?? Talking racing should be fun. None of us should get too fired up(including myself). Let’s all enjoy the weekend and get back to on track topics.

  76. Doug, unless I miscounted you now have surpassed dareals record for the most posts in one article with 22 out of 74. That is 29% of the posts to date, congratulations, you are the man! Just thought I would throw that out there………..

  77. Sorry NHMark but if you’re going to lump me with a guy that starts the degradation of a string with petty taunts with I that gets sick of his taunts then clearly we aren’t not on the same page. And you did wind up the stooges with your initial over used reference to the cash line that you knew the clowns would jump on. The good news is I start every string with a healthy case of amnesia. Civil, relevant and on topic the goal. If I’m slapped out of that by some juvenile nonsense then you can pretty much count on a robust response. Define it as off the rails if you like but I pledge to never start anything with kids pathetic taunts.

  78. Really humphry. You use the statistics I provided on the Stafford schedule event numbers and pricing to launch into some petty attack on me and now you’re counting entries by screen ID. Fair enough. Now count the lines that I wrote compared to those written by others that I put in quotes to make a point that you clearly took great pains to ignore.
    Tell you what humphry I also have another treat for you to ignore.
    You and ART like a tandem of two rabid dogs attacking a car owner for intending to put Tony Membrino in an SKL for the special race that was scheduled. Remarkably the same tag team nonsense and tactics you use now started at least 9 months ago. A viscous attack on a guy helping to put on a show for people that enjoy modifieds. Here I’m thinking I inspired you to savagery and you were animals before I made my first entry. Go figure.
    A sample:
    “Art, I like you have had enough of Mr. Nooneys long winded disortations about his tales of suffering and sacrifice. Victory lane? I guess we will have to wait to see how that prediction works out.”

    See tag team and the long winded theme you clowns use in this case to attack an actual owner trying to sincerely answer questions, give you the inside scoop and fend off the dogs.

  79. Ending on a positive note and unrelated is a story on Brian Narducci I found that is the opposite of what humphry, Art and their ring leader Dareal have shown they can bring to the table in their worst moments. Down right inspirational from Mr. Shawn Courchesne August 2016. Give it a read and feel ashamed as I do that we waste such time in these petty back and forths.

  80. 25 out of 79 posts you are now at 31%. Doug I love ya man, you are so easy to wind up, just like a toy, wind you up and watch you go. Its all good man, life is too short, chill out and enjoy!

  81. So as one of the stooges using childish taunts and savage attacks you humphry now profess to be in control. The hubris of the clueless I suspect. So who was in control when you attacked Goeff Nooney. A rookie by the way that finished 16th in the SK Light division with 1 top 5 finish and 5 top ten finishes.
    Humphrey tag teaming Nooney with Art January 26, 2017.

    “Mr. Nooney I am not buying any of this you are selling. You are telling everyone you don’t have the money, you don’t have the crew however you have an SKL car and good enough engine (has to be a RAD or TA and they certainly don’t give those away) that you think you can win the biggest race in SKL history with. Really? Where did the car and engine come from? You had to get the money from somewhere. You were going run for the championship at Waterford until they changed engine rules. Then you say you are going to drive the car yourself at Stafford until this race then step aside. Where is the money coming from for those races? What happens if you wreck the car before the race? You told the driver don’t worry about the damage, wow now I am really confused.”

    Who wound you up big mouth. Who are you as a nobody commenter on a message board to be so superior to a person with actual skin in the game. This may be a good time to make a public apology to Geoff Nooney if you’re man enough.

  82. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, so much for ending on that “positive” note, eh?

    I have to head out now to get there before the big, long lines.

  83. Doug, while you are picking on me you are leaving everyone else alone, that is good and I have big shoulders. What I said in that post is what I said because the man was talking in circles, I challenged him and I will not apologize. You frequently push your opinions on everting and are certainly entitled to them as am I and everyone else. If you want to spend the rest of the day dredging up “old news” from old posts have fun. Talk about being in control, 26 out of 81, really? Talk about stooges, look in the mirror sometime you are doing a great job at that also!

  84. Back to the original subject. 4 tours are a little strong given the amount of cars available. I think either 1 or maybe 2 will fold and the rest will battle it out for supremacy. Only issue is the purse needs to be stronger no matter which series it is. Personally still like the Tri Track as it seems to attatract a deversified field of competitors. Only my opinion.

  85. Nice pivot humphry to the article topic. An A- plus move and I agree completely. The Stafford schedule will give us an indication if they are buying into more special shows, standing pat or reducing them. I’m wasted on on this string and agree it’s trash. I start every new string with a healthy case of amnesia as I mentioned to NHMark so if we can keep things on topic, dice it up on racing stuff and s___tcan the snarky, petty trips into Junior High nonsense that destroy a good back and forth our souls will be stronger for it.

  86. For Carrita to take this leap of faith he has to have some serious commitments from some heavy hitters. I really don’t think Stafford will be driving the bus on this one and since there are only so many tracks and cars in New England it will be interesting to see who jumps on board. Also can’t wait to see the rules as that may determine who the players are.

  87. Dareal-Daking of fake news.

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