Matt Hirschman Tops Modified Field At John Blewett III North/South Shootout At Concord Speedway

(Press Release from North/South Shootout)

Matt Hirschman celebrates victory in the John Blewett III North-South Shootout Saturday at Concord (N.C.) Speedway (Photo: Scott Ely/North-South Shootout)

CONCORD, N.C. – Matt Hirschman, of Northampton, Pa., continued his onslaught on modified racing Saturday winning the $10,000-to-win 15th Annual John Blewett III North South Shootout, in Memory of Charles Kepley. It was his sixth victory in the fall classic.

Matt Craig, of Kannapolis, has an onslaught of his own in the Pro All Star Series (PASS) ranks getting his sixth win of the season in their 125-lap affair.

Hirschman used the precise amount of patience and tire management in getting the win. For the bulk of the event he rode inside the top 10, with a late race charge into the top four spots. With 12 laps remaining he made the move inside of Ryan Preece for the lead and ultimately the victory.

For Preece, a two-time North Shootout Champion, it was also a game of tire management and he quickly sliced through the field in the final 30 laps from 14th to the lead on fresher tires. But in the end, he had to settle for runner-up honors.

The story of the weekend was hometown driver Bobby Measmer Jr. who crashed his primary car on Friday night and found himself starting last on the field driving a different car – one owned by Phil Stefanelli Racing. With only 20 minutes of practice in the car, Measmer drove from last on the field to the lead and was in the hunt for the win over the waning laps. In the end he finished third.

Burt Myers, a two-time North Shootout Champion, finished fourth with Jeff Fultz fifth.

It was a clean sweep for Hirschman as he won Friday nights Ted Christopher Dash For Cash Race bring his weekend tally to $13,000. Brandon Ward was the winner of the Precision Spindle Pole Award for his fast qualifying run Friday night.

Matt Craig all but locked up his second straight Pro All Stars Series (PASS) South Super Late Model championship by claiming his sixth win of the season Saturday afternoon in the North-South Shootout at Concord Speedway. Craig’s seventh career PASS South win was his first at Concord Speedway, but not the first for his family-owned team at the track, where they have also gone to victory lane in the past with drivers like Rodney Childers, Jeff Fultz, and Clay Rogers.

Other winners on the weekend were: Todd Own in the SK Modified Feature, Preece in the Ted Christopher SK Modified Dash For Cash, A.J. Sanders in the Mini Stock Feature, Justin Carroll in Limited Late Models and Jeremy Haudricort in the Chargers.

The management of the North South Shootout wish the thank fans, drivers, teams, industry representative, sponsors and the staff for another successful running of the race.

125-Lap North South Shootout Modified Features:
1. Matt Hirschman
2. Ryan Preece
3. Bobby Measmer Jr.
4. Burt Myers
5. Jeff Fultz
6. Kyle Ebersole
7. Jon McKennedy
8. Anthony Nocella
9. Chuck Hossfeld
10. Jason Myers
11. George Brunnhoelzl
12. Sammy Rameau
13. Bryan Dauzat
14. Tyler Truex
15. Woody Pitkat
16. Jeremy Gerstner
17. Andy Seuss
18. Bryan Lofton
19. Brandon Ward
20. Gary Putnam
21. Jamie Tomaino
22. Chase Dowling
23. Calvin Carroll
24. Carlos Gray
25. Gary Fountain

125-Lap Pro All Star Series Feature:
1. Matt Craig
2. Ty Majeski
3. Spencer Davis
4. Jake Crum
5. Chad McCumbee
6. Kodie Conner
7. Colt James
8. Roy Hayes
9. Erik Darnell
10. Jared Irvan
11. Tate Fogleman
12. JP Josiasse
13. Kyle McCallum
14. Christian Eckes
15. Garrett Evans
16. Wes Burton
17. Dave Farrington Jr.
18. Jordan McCallum
DNS – Matt Wallace

13-Lap Ted Christopher Modified Dash For Cash:
1. Matt Hirschman
2. Ryan Preece
3. Gary Putnam
4. Andy Seuss
5. Anthony Nocella
6. Calvin Carroll
7. Woody Pitkat
8. Jeff Fultz
9. Sammy Rameau
10. Jeremy Gerstner
11. George Brunnhoelel III
12. Burt Myers
13. Bobby Measmer Jr.

50-Lap SK Modified Feature:
1. Todd Owen
2. David Arute
3. Chase Dowling
4. Josh Wood
5. Ryan Preece
6. Carlos Gray
7. Mike Benevides

13-Lap Ted Christopher SK Modified Dash for Cash:
1. Ryan Preece
2. Chase Dowling
3. Todd Owen
4. Josh Wood
5. David Arute

50-Lap Mini Stock Feature:
1. A.J. Sanders
2. Chuck Wall
3. Stephen Sanders
4. Barry Wilson
5. Doug Rembold
6. Austin Cates
7. Adam Thomas
8. Johnny Baker

40-Lap Limited Late Model Feature:
1. Justin Carroll
2. Andrew Thomas
3. Tommy Neal
4. Kenny Brooks
5. Dillon Wood
6. Mitchell Wright

25-Lap Charger Feature:
1. Jeremy Haudricort
2. Cale Gale
3. Ryan Robertson
4. Dillon Wood
5. Sonny Schoffer


  1. Until someone techs that Motor, don’t care how many wins he has. He’s a 7th-10th place car when he runs the tour. Facts.

  2. Once again he takes them to school I’m guessing everyone is going to say no tech after no I’m sorry guys he’s just that good.Someone better start keeping there notes

  3. darealgoodfella says

    Where has Colbee been? He hasn’t been at the after-season events.

    Hirschman should enter those fast cars he has in the NWMT.

  4. DaPhonyEngineer 9/9/17
    “Anybody else notice that the TC fans are the worst spellers and writers? Or is that just me?”
    And here he is spelling Coby wrong. Some engineer.

  5. It’s a business the way it should be wmt is not a smart business decision.

  6. I believe that is the Pee Dee car that he ran at the Seekonk WMT race from looking at the photos. WMT legal I would assume. Could not get close enough at Seekonk to see if it was a spec or 18 degree engine. The kid made some pretty good money over the last few weeks.

  7. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote: “And you’re right, I type too much and say too little.”

  8. darealgoodfella says

    Doug said: “And you’re right, I type too much and say too little.”

  9. darealgoodfella says

    If Hirschman entered those fast cars on the NWMT, he’d lock up the championship with 4-5 races left in the season. Why doesn’t he run the NWMT?

  10. darealgoodfella says

    Looks like somebody needs fresh, crunchy corn flakes?

  11. Unless I miss my guess dareal, after calculating the cost involved to run a season on the WMT it is not a good business decision on their part.

  12. I’m sure that this is coincidence, a result of DaPhonyEngineers dozens of comments berating TC. And I’m not suggesting the NTSB be notified but the last sentence is curious.
    DaPhonyEngineer 9/9/17
    “TC fans can’t even spell their names correctly. SAD! BIGLY!
    jeffro, 8000 rubles is only $139. What kind of phone is that? Tin can and string? Yeah, they real popular with them Deplorables. It’s a new program to replace the Obamaphones.
    Something tells me that this is TCs last season of racing. Enjoy it while you can”

  13. You’re lazy DaPhonyEngineer. I do my homework. You, not so much. Some engineer.

  14. Crazy in NY says

    Jimbo, know stuff before you post. Every entry in the race went thru pre-race including puffing the motors, carbs checked and sealed. Facts? That 7th-10th place car set fast time twice (both) times it
    ran Tour events in 2017. Ran second at Oswego and wrecked at Seekonk. Just beat Ryan Preece who had fresher tires at N/S. Those ARE facts..

  15. I’m going to show the victory lane pic to my liberal friends. I bet they’ll get a kick out of it….

  16. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, don’t you think that there would be sponsors lining up for a chance to be associated with such a winning car? And then put that car in the NWMT where it would get far more attention? All those sponsors would make it possible to run the Tour. It has the reputation already from non-Tour successes, just primed for all that bigly big league exposure and attention. Something doesn’t smell right. Masquerading as a “business decision” isn’t covering it. If that car was as good as it appears running the non-Tour events, it should bigly dominate the Tour, and those winnings should help with that “business decision”. Perhaps they aren’t that confident they would be successful on the Tour, under Tour rules? He should swim in the big pond with the big fish.

  17. Inspector Clouseau says

    That is not a WMT legal windshield.

  18. $10,000 at Perry, $7,500 at Seekonk, and $13,000 at the shootout, pretty amazing 3 week run he is on

  19. Muddbus461 says

    Face it,the guy can drive,the cars are well maintained,he’s won a boatload of money,their ROI is probably much better than the WMT competitors,and just because he is not on the glorious tour does not make him or his team second class.He’s beaten the best the WMT had to offer and that’s a fact….they do not need to run the tour to prove anything…it’s all about the dollars and they have won plenty of them.

  20. Unless my eyes deceive me. The 2 60 cars do not look anything alike. Red car in seekonk win photo and black car in NC shoot out win photo. Can anyone enlighten me. dudes fast and if there is no tech and he’s cheating, who cares, why isn’t anyone else if there is truly no tech. Just curious…

  21. Big motors don’t win tire management races. Maybe if the tour had tire limit of 4-5 tires and more shows closer to matt he would run more tour races. Doesn’t make financial sense to run the tour.

  22. Spec motor in Hirschmans car at North/South enough said about that!

  23. More clueless banter from those who obviously don’t pay very close attention. Different car than the last set of conspiracy theories, spec engine that’s been tech’d numerous time by the WMT officials, same everything that he ran strong with on Tour this year-same result. Paying a little attention goes a long way-if you can’t tell the difference between a black race car and a red race car, maybe you need to lay off the keyboard and find another hobby.

  24. How many Tour races pay $10k to win? How many Tour races are 1 day shows? How many Tour races can you run by buying 1 set of tires for the whole event? How many Tour races can you run without buying licenses, firesuits for crew, etc? It’s easy to talk a good game-better look into your facts and do some homework. Spend 2k for a chance to win 10k, or spend 6k for a chance to win 6k? Maybe the choice is easier than you think..

  25. Crazy in NY says

    4 of the top 5 were spec powered. Those that don’t know the difference between a WMT competitive
    spec powered car and a non Tour set up need to educate themselves.

  26. He sure is Zeke! More money than you could probably make in a 3 week run on the WMT.

  27. dareal says:
    Perhaps they aren’t that confident they would be successful on the Tour, under Tour rules? He should swim in the big pond with the big fish.

    big fish? who are the big fish that you are referring to? only 16 drivers raced in 11 or more NWMT events this season. at least 8 of those 16 are no better than field fillers that never are a threat for a top5. the fields in the open comp races not only are better financial decisions, but always are made up of drivers that have won races in different venues/tours during the season. the 8 field fillers that comprise half of the NWMT regulars wouldnt even qualify for most (all?) of the open comp events. thats why they are no shows.
    from my vantage point, it’s the guys that run solely NWMT that need to prove they are, indeed, amongst the best modified drivers that there are these days. solomito, colbee, bonsignore all may be among the best but finishing consistently in the top 5 in a field of mostly field filler cars that run NWMT sure doesnt prove it. the word NASCAR means just two things; the track is paying tens of thousands for the race sanction and the drivers are spending a ton more than is necessary to race a short track event!

  28. Fast Eddie says

    Fred, I think the red car is his. He’s been running that car for a while. The black car belongs to Pee Dee Motorsports. People can criticize all they want, but they can’t deny Hirschman is pretty darned good at what he does… winning high dollar Modified races.

  29. Seekonk fan says

    Dareal, In case you haven’t noticed, most of the sponsorship has dried up.

  30. Xracer well said bottom line is him and his dad come to the track prepared and they treat it like a business if someone was to let them prepare a tour car in their shop it would run up front on the tour maybe darael wants to run the tour he seems to know so much

  31. darealgoodfella says

    Seekonk fan, you clearly have not noticed, but there has been quite a bit of new sponsorship on cars these last couple seasons. Mayhew, Dunleavy, Starrett to name few.

    Hirschman is very good at tire management. It seems he gets more out of a tire than anybody else.

  32. Although I agree Matt is a great driver you can’t ignore the fact that the red 60 car only shows up at non tech events and even refused to have car teched at one event. As some like to say these are facts.

  33. darealgoodfella says

    Brian n, “they” don’t like those facts.

  34. Better recheck your facts Brian-that Red 60 did in fact show up at several Tour events when splitting season with the 52-and never once refused tech at an event. Pretty sure you would have read about that. Were you at that particular event, or is your story based on “word of mouth” that you heard “from so and so” who heard from “so and so”? No one in the last decade has been tech’d more than that team in every possible series, track, and event, more often than not after victory lane. Keep fishing..

  35. Matt is the real deal and I am certain he can run with the best on the WMT given the equipment and funding. The tour takes money though which does not grow on trees regardless of what anyone believes. Sponsors are not easy to come by and if what Matt is doing works for him and makes him happy then that is the way it is. Based on his paychecks over the last few weeks I would be pretty happy if it was me! Only my opinion…..

  36. Muddbus461 says

    Who needs the tour………Matty surely doesn’t…….

  37. May want to check your definition of “fact” then-or at least get more reliable sources where your “facts” come from-it’s in the records and well known where Matt raced his own Red 60 (renumbered 52) on the WMT for numerous races in 2013 & 2014-fact. And if that team refused tech anywhere-it would have been headline news, and you would have heard about it from the teams he beat in that event-fact. There hasn’t been a race where that car hasn’t been in tech as long and usually longer than all the others on the podium-fact.Seems like the majority on here have their real facts straight, but one or 2 seem to struggle.

  38. Hirschman at open shows is like Rocco at the Bowl – unless/until he’s DQ’d one or more times, you have to respect and admire his tremendous success.

  39. Rich Gourley says

    It’s a safe bet the Hirshman’s profit margin is a hell of a lot better than any team on the WMT. And that my friends is what this is all about. Matt’s business plan is such that he doesn’t need the NWMT. He clear his schedule for big paying events and dabbles on the ROC and NWMT tours. Say what you want but the man has it figured out. I’d say he’s smarter than most other owner/operators out there.

  40. Just in case anyone has forgotten.At the Oswego tour race Matt and Ryan stunk up the entire show.Wire to wire nobody had anything at all for them.A classic two car race.Half a track lead all nite.Timmy got to their bumpers once or twice all nite but then faded back into the dust.It is really stupid to say Hirshmann couldn’t compete on the NWMT.I think another mealy mouthed long offseason is only just beginning.

  41. No need to get your undies in a bunch. Do you honestly want me to believe because the car was teched in the 13-14 seasons that it hasn’t been massaged a bit since then? My first line said I believe Matt’s a great shoe but there is a lot of questions surrounding that particular car. Oh and I’m not fishing for anything I simply have some of the same questions as others have and last time I checked that’s what people do. until the red 60 shows up at a properly teched race at a NASCAR sanctioned track the questions will continue right or wrong.

  42. darealgoodfella says

    art, that was one race. In 2014, Hirschman took over the Tour ride that Colbee won a championship with. Maybe a few different parts, but fundamentally the same. I have to think that he would not take over a non-competitive ride. That season, Hirschman had an average finish of 12.17. He didn’t even finish the season in the top 10.

  43. Rich, I agree with your statement.

  44. Old Observer says

    There is no reason the Red 60 should have to go thru a NASCAR tech inspection, it races in different series that have a lot smaller & more flexible rule books. That is one of the advantages of the other tours. Over half the cars in all the other series wouldn’t pass a NASCAR tech because they don’t have to follow such tight guidelines, their rules are more open to allow to allow different racers to compete!

  45. You guys are funny.
    1. Just because it is a Speck engine doesn’t make it legal. Tools take those engines apart too!
    2. The tour attracts sponsor funding and pays over 100k to win the championship on top of race purses. Anyone who thinks they can win a tour race or championship would do it if they were legal.
    3. In the past 5 years you have NEVER seen him run competitive on the tour.
    4. How many times have you seen him make a save after getting loose. Just sayin.
    5. Sorrry. No credability until you win or at least run top 5 in a policed series.

  46. Crazy in NY says

    3. In the past 5 years you have NEVER seen him run competitive on the tour.
    4. How many times have you seen him make a save after getting loose. Just sayin.
    5. Sorrry. No credability until you win or at least run top 5 in a policed series.

    Breathtaking!! BrianS does the S stand for Saturn? Did you just arrive?

  47. Fast Eddie says

    BrianS, you must be a new guy. Hirschman ran 7th at Seekonk and 2nd at Oswego this year.

  48. Matt really doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody. He shows up for money races and wins. Any tour driver can easily enter these same races but without moving him up and out of the way I think the outcome will be the same. He’s just that good period.

  49. darealgoodfella says

    Still would like to see Hirschman on the Tour with a rules compliant car.

  50. The Pee Dee 60 car (WMT legal) sat on the pole at the Seekonk WMT race, got punted by Coby, came from the back and finished 7th. Same car finished 2nd at the WMT race at Oswego. Am I missing something?

  51. Punted?? Ok if that’s what you saw. People with eyes saw him in the way and layed more blocks than a mason! Finished 7th you say. There’s only 7 competitive cars on the track. Holy cow people. He can not and will not win a tour race in normal circumstances. Sorry ladies but it’s the truth.

  52. Well Brian s, we will agree to disagree an leave it at that since I was sitting right in front of the incident. He came from the back, passing cars and at times turning faster laps than Coby. I would have loved to see him catch the deuce just to see what happened!

  53. darealgoodfella says

    OUCH!!!! BrianS uses facts. Those loyal deplorable don’t like facts. That you brought up the fact that there are only a handful of COMPETITIVE cars is biting.

    Let’s look at this years statistics, also known as facts. Only 7 cars won a race, two of those cars were part-timers. Although we always start the season or discuss an upcoming race and say “there are 15 cars that can win any given race”, the statistics always prove that wrong. It’s only a small handful of the cream of the crop that take home the wins, and populate the top 5 and top 10. This is the way it has always been. Look at the stats and it looks like there were really only 6 competitive cars that owned the wins, top 5 and top 10. Given that there are really less than 10 competitive cars on the Tour, there are >10 cars in the top 10, and very few other cars in the top 5.

    Given the performance of Hirschman on the Tour, he shows no signs that he would be in that elite club. When Hirschman ran the car Colbee that won his first championship, Hirschman had an average finish of 12.17, and they didn’t bother running a race near the end of the season.

    The other thing to note is that these races that Hirschman wins at are itty-bitty tracks, bullrings and such. That’s pretty much all he runs, so he should be good at them. These tracks are usually not horsepower tracks, but momentum and tire management tracks. The Tour however has very few events on these types of tracks. If these open races were run at Stafford and Thompson, Hirschman wouldn’t be in the Top 10.

  54. Good point dareal. Matt actually has more wins this year at more different tracks than the Tour races on total-and most of those wins paid more than every single Tour race does to win, and for a quarter of the cost. How dare he not want to race 1/2 of his season’s schedule at the same 2 tracks and lose money doing it-what a fool he must be to race on some of the best race tracks on the east coast and actually attempt to have fun and make money doing it? In a 5 week stretch, all wins, his purse money was $44,500-how many Tour teams can say that for 5 weeks, or 10 weeks, or a whole season for that matter? Matt may be smarter than you give credit to, in more ways than one.

  55. Just to add to Dareal’s comment, most WMT races are 150 laps or more, with a higher likelihood of a pit stop for fuel and/or tires. That negates at least some if not most of Hirschman’s tire management skills in a WMT race. To theorize a little, I would bet if there was big money up, he’d be in contention at Thompson or Stafford, but he’d definitely have to bring more motor. On a small track though, you gotta admit he’s definitely a master.

  56. darealgoodfella says:

    The other thing to note is that these races that Hirschman wins at are itty-bitty tracks, bullrings and such. That’s pretty much all he runs

    say what?
    oswego 5/8; concord 1/2
    more facts for you… you are a lost fella, not a goodfella!

  57. Crazy in NY says

    Top10? Not top 5 but top 10? You couldn’t help yourself right Dareal. Is Oswego an itty bitty ?
    New Symrna? How about Shang II or Lancaster? The readers here will have to decide if you or Brian S wins : Most ridiculous comment in 2017 on RacedayCT

  58. This is amazing. You have a VERY talented driver like Matt and all you couch potatoes want to do is rip him. Look, bottom line is he wins. The only other time I remember such jealousy was when Richie was dominating. Recognize the fact the man can wheel a car. As far as non horsepower tracks, his record at Wall Stadium is pretty good and that is a FAST track.

  59. darealgoodfella says

    Well, Lancaster and Oswego are Seekonk on Steroids. They are one big left turn of varying degrees, no straights, just sweeping left turns. Chemung is a ⅜, Spencer is FLAT, Lake Erie is ⅜. Matt’s frequent tracks are flat or small, very different than Thompson, Stafford and Loudon, the bulk of the NWMT. And the races he does are short, again very different than the NWMT.

    Look at RoC… 57 cars ran this season and looks like maybe four ran the whole season. Hirschman finished in 6th place and missed 5 or so races. So 6th place didn’t even show for all races. Then look at the field on the RoC. Hossfeld and Emerling… never serious threats on the Tour, but big fish with RoC. That’s who Hirschman runs against regularly and does well when he does.

    TriTrack events are the kinds of events and tracks that Hirschman runs all the time, he has a YUGE home field like advantage. The opposite of the Tour guys that run mostly horsepower tracks and few momentum and tire management track/events. If TriTrack ran at Thompson, Stafford and Loudon, no matter how much money was on the line, Hirschman wouldn’t have a chance.

    Again, just look over the 2014 NWMT results.

    Talk about Hirschman winning in his world all you want, but it just has never translated into any success on the NWMT.

  60. Crazy in NY says

    If TriTrack ran at Thompson, Stafford and Loudon, no matter how much money was on the line, Hirschman wouldn’t have a chance.

    Ding..ding..ding we have a more calls please. Sorry Brian S I guess you never had a chance.

  61. So dareal, you seem to know quite a bit about the racing game. Are you an owner, driver, crew chief, car chief, crew member, engine builder or chassis builder? Or are you just a wacker who googles everything you spew just to make yourself appear intelligent? What’s next after carbs and flux capacitors? And please if your going to refer to Coby at least spell his name right.

    I will say it again, given the right equipment and funding Matt would be a factor on the WMT.

  62. wmass01013 says

    You make good points on that subject, very well said and true!

  63. darealgoodfella says

    Here’s the 2014 NWMT results. MH did better at the tiny tracks and really bigly bad at the big tracks, such as Thompson, Stafford and Loudon. One decent showing at Thompson.

    humphry, are you saying that the equipment that Coby won his first championship wasn’t good enough for MH to excel with? If it was good enough for Colbee it should be good enough for MH.

    Maybe MH needs an even bigger and better flux capacitor to be a factor on the Tour.

  64. all you guys that say Matt is not that good are NUTS – 2014 was an off year, maybe they could not adjust to his liking… take Truex for comparison – he did nothing with Childress, now look at him – he is the favorite to win the CUP

  65. The bottom line here is that Matt is making a ton of money doing it his way, and having fun doing. How many guys on “THE TOUR” are making the kind of money that Matt is? Most are probably losing money and that doesn’t make any sense to me. “THE TOUR” means squat to Matt.

  66. I agree with humphry, you put Matt in the 2, 6, 16 or 51,and he would win multiple races during the season and be in the championship mix going into the world series.

    humphy, you forgot the dareal theory that the 2 has a 7 post shaker in their shop. I think that was the theory before the magic carb

  67. Humphry,How many times do you have to told,It’s Colbee not coby.Colby is also acceptable as long as it’s a capital C.I hope this finally clears this up.Take it easy and keep your flux capacitor in neutral

  68. darealgoodfella says

    humphry said: “I will say it again, given the right equipment and funding Matt would be a factor on the WMT.”

    According to a poster here, MH ran his car on the 2014 NWMT, and the car(s) that Colbee used to win his first championship. Why was that not good enough for MH on the NWMT? MH had an average finish of 12.17 on the NWMT in 2014.

  69. darealgoodfella says

    MH picks and chooses his races. His schedule is packed with short short tracks and short races. That is clearly his preference and specialty. He’ll probably never win a series championship because he apparently does not like to run all events (tracks and race lengths) of a given series. He just picks what tracks and events he is good at.

    Zeke, aren’t Matt’s cars (or the Pee Dee cars) good enough for him on the NWMT? These would be the same cars he’s winning with elsewhere. ??? Troyer and Spec motor… what else is needed? LOL!!!!

  70. darealgoodfella says

    Bob Npt., don’t just look at the purse winnings, consider the points fund. How is MH doing there?

  71. Why don’t you post the purse breakdown for each Tour race and the breakdown for the season ending point fund for the Tour, then we can compare to the one’s posted for all the open shows Matt has run. We’ll wait..

  72. dareal, Apparently MH doesn’t think it’s worth concentrated on any one series to worry about point funds. Go where the big money shows are and you make more in the end, point fund or not.

  73. Thanks Art, LOL. I just google’d it and it came up Doug Coby, BUT, this is dareal we are dealing with here so has to be right and the rest of the world has to be wrong! BTW, goggle flux capacitor if you want a real laugh, don’t know what the hell it has to do with WMT racing. I guess we have to take it from the source; dareal the man, the myth, the legend!

  74. darealgoodfella says

    art, humphry ‘goggled’ flux capacitor. LOL!!!!

    The fact that humphry had to google flux capacitor is telling, and he has no idea why or what that means.

    humphry, what did you Google that came up Doug Coby? lol!

  75. Great point Zeke, totally forgot about the 7 post shaker. Wonder if they have a chassis dyno and wind tunnel?

  76. Guys,I thought everyone knew that “The Flux Capacitor”was from the movie Back to the future.I guess maybe I’m showing my age.Anyways the Giggawatts,and misspelling Doug’s name is all in fun.No need to get excited.Were serious on these threads enough and a little sarcasm and a chuckle can go a long way.

  77. Wow!I did indeed just Googled Flux capacitor and even O’Reilly auto-parts is in on the Fun!

  78. darealgoodfella says

    art, too many people can’t get a joke. That is nobody’s fault but their own. That humphry had to google flux capacitor is funny, hilarious and sad.

    More gigawatts to you! May there be a Mr. Fusion under every hood!!! 🥃


  79. What did I tell you art!

    This dareal guy just loves to belittle everyone but that’s ok cause what goes around comes around.

  80. darealgoodfella says

    art, I just ordered three flux capacitors from O’Reilly Auto, one is a spare.

  81. Get ready for Matt to pocket another 10k in NJ at the turkey derby!

  82. Matt did show some concern for points funds. He made sure he clinched 1st place in the TriTrack points at the third race of four. That’s why he didn’t go for the possible extra $1000 by starting in the back. I think his comical comment when asked about not going to the back was “Well, 5 is more then 1!”

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