Stafford Motor Speedway 2018 Season Tickets Available; Schedule To Be Released Nov. 21

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  1. Last chance to place your bets. 7 tour races. What will they be?
    My vote 3 WMT, two VMRS, one MTS and one new AMT. ISMA is out this year.
    SK 5K is back and so is the Modifiedz special night for SK Lights.

  2. Just Wondering says

    MY guess would be: 3 WMT, 2 VMRS, 1 ISMA, 1 NETS.

    Rumor has it MTS will NOT be part or the 2018 schedule at Stafford due to actions of the MTS management in the parking lot. I’m still waiting to see the schedule to decide if I should pony up for the season pass or just show up to the events that are worth their value and pay as I go.

  3. darealgoodfella says

    Season pass so I don’t have to wait on line. That’s so hard!!!

  4. actions in the parking lot?

  5. Prediction dareal and get in the spirit. Or do you just want to be annoying.

  6. My Bet is 3 WMT, 2 VMRS , 2 AMT, —- 2 UNCAM, 1 ISMA, 2 NETS, SK5K, MODIFIED… Z… NIGHT as buckler was astonishing call it every time…ugh.
    Im one short of the 7 tour type and 8 special event night but maybe a new one is appearing that wasn’t there last year. More than likely a special TC 131 event. If im correct. Again im not in the know but it wouldnt be a stretch to have a night like that.

  7. If MTS is out then which seven touring series events is an interesting question. Assuming 3 WMT events. I will have a lot more respect for Stafford if they kicked the MTS Mickey Mouse Tour to the curb. I have zero interest in that series.

  8. darealgoodfella says

    Headline of this article: “Stafford Motor Speedway 2018 Season Tickets Available”

    Yep, 2018 season tickets available. Sign me up so I don’t have to wait in line every event.

  9. OK then Dareal, annoying it is.

    Fred that was some awesome thinking outside the box and the TC night……… brilliant!

  10. darealgoodfella says

    I’m so glad the season ticket availability has been announced. Saves so much time, no waiting in line.

    I’m not interested in predicting the track schedules. The tracks have said those schedules will be released in a couple days. I’m not anxious, I can wait.

  11. Oh good, no one interested in this string so it’s just Shawn, Dareal and little old me.
    And may I say Dareal I’m so glad you checked in several times to state the perfectly obvious and express your happiness about an event that happens with calendar like regularity at a track you care little about that features a division you have only disdain for and a crowd that only comes to see crashes. But I confess to a certain disappointment that a self professed Lionel Train Engineer that works with so many teams and with such knowledge of……………let me think………everything in the known universe could not play along with a prediction. So sad.

  12. Just Wondering says

    Ok so a couple pieces of the puzzle have been filled in. The VMRS has two announced dates at Stafford, and you can pretty much count on the WMT having 3 dates. So its down to 2 dates for all the other tours. The Trucks were at Stafford twice in 2017, ISMA was once and the MTS was there twice last year. Since Stafford has announced 7 Touring race events it looks like one or more touring series will not be returning. Only time will tell as the Stafford schedule is due to be released in a couple of days.

  13. You made a great call Wondering originally. My curiosity is ISMA. A wonderment to see fly around the track but they were tedious in my and I sensed the crowd felt as I did. Amazement at the speed then nothing. We’ll see if they are back. You’re probably right.
    Those two slots, I can’t wait to see what happens. By all accounts the MTS is out. If you are right on ISMA what is the other event. Any possibility of TTOMS. Will the new AMT make an appearance? One less special event then last year. Good move.

  14. Just Wondering says

    Doug, yes it is a good thing about less special events at Stafford that come at a premium price to us fans. I personally do not care a whole lot about touring divisions, especially the ones that put on a less than premium show but I am forced to pay extra just because they are on the schedule. In my case I am there to see and support my local favorites, it is nice to see Stafford may be paying attention to those making their feelings know online. Hopefully my other favorite track (NLWS) will also take note and not schedule so many high priced shows in 2018. $18 for a front gate price is already at the high end of what I can afford.

  15. Just Wondering.
    You’re preaching to the choir and agreed in total. Thanks!

  16. I like the idea of a season pass because my wife buys mine for me for Christmas! ;^)

    Maybe one of the tour / special events is K&N East? I’ve seen the NE Trucks several times over the past few years, and at SMS they definitely don’t rate as a touring headliner.

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