Stafford SK Mod Team Owner Adam Skowyra Angered By Loss Of Driver Chase Dowling

Chase Dowling celebrates victory with the Adam Skowyra own SK Modified team at the NAPA SK 5K in July at Stafford Motor Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

The first year marriage of Chase Dowling and SK Modified team owner Adam Skowyra at Stafford Motor Speedway proved successful beyond the expectations of many in 2017.

The 19-year old Dowling had four victories, a division leading 12 top-five finishes in 17 events and went to the final race of the season in what was essentially a heads-up battle for the division championship. Dowling finished second in the SK Modified standings, six points behind Keith Rocco.

When the season was over it looked as if 2017 was just the start of big things in the relationship.

Though, now it’s over.

On Thursday it was announced by LFR that Dowling, of Roxbury, will drive full-time for Whelen Modified Tour owner Rob Fuller in 2018. Fuller owns the chassis selling company, LFR. Also announced by Fuller’s company was that Dowling would drive an SK Modified at Stafford full-time in 2018 for Glenn Johnson.

Thursday Skowyra accused Fuller of playing dirty and forcing Dowling to quit his team.

“I got a call Saturday from Rob Fuller basically asking me if I had any interest in getting an LFR car,” Skowyra said. “I told him at this time that unfortunately, unless it was free, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I had just invested in a brand new Troyer [car] last year that we’re winning with. I told him I don’t really see any benefit to me right now getting an LFR car. And he goes ‘Well how about to keep your driver?’ I said ‘Excuse me? What are you talking about?’ He said ‘I can’t have Chase driving for you anymore unless you have an LFR car.’ I said ‘Fine Rob, I can’t, but I don’t know how you can put that on me?’ I said ‘It has nothing to do with me, I don’t have anything to do with the [Whelen Modified Tour].’ … I said ‘This has nothing to do with me, I just run my [SK Modified] at Stafford.’

“And he said ‘Well you’ll be looking for a driver next year then.’ I said ‘You’ve got to be kidding me, how can you put that on me?’ And I said ‘How you can make a 19-year old kid make a decision like that?’ He basically told Chase ‘If you don’t quit driving for Adam, you cant run my car next year.’ That’s kind of the way it went down. He got kind of heated with me and was upset that I wasn’t falling to his demands.”

Fuller called Skowyra’s description of the conversation “funny”.

“I’ve talked to Adam twice in my entire life,” Fuller said. “Once in the middle of the [2017] season to prevent this from happening, and once a week ago, to prevent this from happening. And both times he showed zero interest.

“Chase is a full-time employee here at LFR Chassis. He’s on our payroll, he’s on our insurance. It’s a conflict of interest for him to leave work and drive in a competitor’s chassis. No other chassis manufacturer in the world is going to let that happen, and I wasn’t going to be the first. It was completely up to Chase. He could have been just a driver here and driven anything he wanted on the side.”

Dowling said he made a decision in parting ways with the Skowyra owned team that he felt was best for him.

“Growing up I wanted to compete in Tour cars full-time in competitive equipment,” Dowling said. “Rob Fuller is giving me that opportunity. I work there full-time. It’s just something from my standpoint that I thought it was the right decision. … I didn’t want to be put in this situation obviously. It was tough to make the call I had to make. At the end of the day I appreciate all the hard work the team gave me. I’m grateful for what they did for me. It’s just a point where I have a chance in my life that I have to move on with something that I think is the right decision.”

Said Skowyra: “I don’t think anything bad on Chase. Chase was a lot more to me than a driver. He meant a lot to me. I loved the kid. I would have done anything for him. … It’s just unfortunate that somebody would put a 19-year old kid in a position to make a decision like that. It’s not fair to him. It’s not fair to me. I’ll have a hard time watching him strap into another [SK Modified], that’s for sure.”

Dowling ran eight of 16 Whelen Modified Tour events in 2017 for Fuller. He also ran one Whelen Modified Tour event for team owner Eddie Harvey. He had top-five finishes in five of his nine starts in 2017, including a second place finish in the season ending Sunoco World Series 150 at Thompson Speedway on Oct. 15 driving for Fuller. He also scored his first career series pole in the season ending event at Thompson.

Dowling ran full-time for a team owned by Jamie Tomaino in 2015 and for team owner Bob Katon Jr. in 2016. He has 41 career Whelen Modified Tour starts with nine top-five’s and 20 top-10’s.

Skowra said losing Dowling could mean the end of his team at Stafford Speedway.

“I haven’t talked to anybody,” Skowyra said. “Obviously my phone’s been ringing. I really haven’t thought about it at all. I know as of right now I’m kind of leaning towards this would be a good time to retire.”


  1. I don’t know Adam that’s a bad deal.I am not going to say things about fuller let everyone learn as they go and they will

  2. So Fuller didn’t want a employee at LFR to drive a Troyer. Ok. And that’s wrong why? There has to be something else to write about.

  3. darealgoodfella says

    Well, that’s an interesting approach to try to sell a chassis.

  4. Congrats Chase! Big things ahead!!

  5. So Adam can quote Fuller? Who allows that to happen? Adam should say what he heard but in journalism this is not acceptable. I’m pretty sure not all Adams quotes are fact.

  6. Sounds like Fuller wants total focus on LFR during the season. What’s wrong with that? Typical drama on the SKs at stafford.

  7. As much as it sucks can’t disagree with Fuller. Dowling is an LFR house driver makes sense they wouldn’t want him in a Troyer.

  8. Come on Adam… you’re a smart guy… sucks but use your connections and put that thing in victory lane a few more times in 2018… call Sly… Timmy Solomito full time in an SK!!!

  9. Fact checker says

    I just confirmed that Chase is driving a Troyer at the Turkey derby. Hmmmmm. Maybe Fuller just wanted his total company focus during the season. I bet he’s spending 200k or more to run the tour. Who wouldn’t want their driver focused for that? I know many drivers on the full time tour that won’t run a SK because the owners want them focused. Wipe your tears Adam. Grow up. This is big time racing. Chase made the decision.

  10. Billy,
    You stick to the racing and I’ll stick to the rules of proper journalism. Adam didn’t quote Fuller, Adam was quoted and expressed what he says he heard. Right or wrong, it’s very clear that what is being relayed is what Adam claims the conversation to have been. There’s nowhere in the story saying what Adam says it was is gospel. Any right thinking person reading that would understand that what Adam said was said is NOT quoting Fuller. There’s nowhere does it say that what Adam said is fact of what was said. It’s what Adam says, it’s HIS quote. And it is amazing that apparently Billy, Brian, Steve and Fact Checker all live in the same house.

  11. Hey Adam. If I own a McDonalds Can I leave you at work every Friday to go eat at Burger King? Man stop your whining and get a grip Dude. If you didn’t see this coming shame on you. Sounds like you even had a heads up and now your mad. Where can you work that will give you 24 Friday’s off? I want to work there.

  12. Shawn, makes sense when you explain it that way. Seemed a little weird to have Adam quoting Fuller. Little one sided. Great work in the site!

  13. Hey fact checker maybe you should get your FACTS straight before you post and read the story. Chace is still gonna run a full season at stafford in the sk division just for another team so he won’t be 100% focused on his WMT tour team. What’s the difference if he’s in a Troyer or lfr sk for 20 races besides the fact that he would win and more consistent in the Troyer but hey he’s 19 years old he’s got to leave and learn. And furthermore I wonder if Robbie will let him pass coby next year when there on the track or tell him to use his head and not pass him to win the biggest race in the history of spring. It looks great today but give it timr and chace will see who the real Rob Fuller really is. Best of luck!

  14. Put Woody back in the car! We need Woody back at Stafford on a full time basis. He won 2 races for Adam back in 2016.

  15. He can work at LFR cause he will still be taking 24 fridays off to race for Glen Johnson.Read the story fool and have fun having a heart attack eating at Burger King

  16. Gofastturnleft says

    It’s pretty much exactly the same as Reggie. He would only drive raceworks cars. Hopefully they restructure the 15sk team cause that car has gone through a few very good drivers with very inconsistent results over the last 5 years

  17. Integrity. Adam has it, Chase does not. Yeah, Chase is a 19 year old high school educated kid now getting a job working in a race shop with a snake. Next level of education starts now. Be careful who you step on climbing your ladder to nowhere. It gets a lot tougher on the way down.

  18. Good point shawn…
    Gotta go counting my money too busy for this. troyer and lmr and chevy and dodge…….who cares .

    Just race

  19. Who peed in your corn flakes Shawn. God I hate that expression but it seems to be popular here and apt in this case. You could have made your point in two sentences cause it was obvious. Rules of proper journalism? It’s a blog or ezine or whatever they call it now. One that we all love and appreciate but it’s more a promotional tool passing through track and race entity press releases as “staff reports”. The article was purely professional then you shed all that when you entered the sewer of free expression. You stomped the guy as not a “right thinker” like you were really angry with more afoot then his few lines of his nonsense. It was great and absolutely free of journalist anything.
    The article was gold and one of the best ever in my view. How often do we get those sugar coated press releases from drivers and teams that make switching rides sound just so wonderful when in many cases there are hard feelings. Didn’t Skowyra kick Woody Pitkat to the curb in favor for Dowling? Didn’t Dowling give Skowyra top level results? So who owes whom what? Rob Fuller is giving Dowling a pay check, health insurance, an education in chassis construction and making a hobby a career for Dowling. Get real, who among us would not give anything for that opportunity. To get a pay check for doing what you love.
    There’s no bad guys here. Only the truth and inevitable hard feelings.

  20. Real person says

    In life you don’t go hurting people.

    When Keith Rocco was gonna run the 22 tour car, did mike Pettit tell him he couldn’t because they run a billy the kid engine. No he said it’s a good opportunity in good equipment. Good luck

    Doesn’t that kopcik kid work there too? Did fuller tell him he can’t run the CD car on fridays? Or does he not care because he doesn’t win.

    As LFR fades into obscurity, fuller continues to show how insecure he is about it. Knowing full well that all the success chase would have next year would be in a troyer car clearly has eaten him up inside. He has gone completely off the rails to the point where he is making comments on this thread with multiple names.
    He has finally cracked and the karma from this will plague his season next year.

  21. Conflict of interest… A common phrase in the corporate world. As drivers get a more corporate position in the rides they get, business situations come into play. Why doesn’t Keith Rocco drive his father-in-laws car on occasion? Because they both have loyalty to different engine builders, and Keith works for his. Why does JGR no longer have Subway sponsorship? The company took offense to Daniel Suarez handing out Dunkin’ Donuts products at NHMS. When business is involved and it’s their money, you have to play by their rules. HOWEVER, the procedure should be that LFR lets Chase know their stance, and he makes the decision known to Adam. Using a driver to try and leverage a sale?? Not a very good corporate image to present to the public…….

  22. SK fan. I would be willing to bet you have never even spoken to Fuller. Keep drinking the cool aid man. If your so smart you can judge someone without knowing them your a smarter man than most. Keep believing what you read on the internet from other smart people.

  23. darealgoodfella says

    This is like competition between the houses at Hogwarts. I think I know the Slytherin House.

    So Chase is effectively the LFR House driver, and he has to sweep the shop during the week.

    Jeffrey, good seeing you.

  24. Too bad nobody is talking about the other casualty, Gervais? Did Glenn Johnson say he is buying another LFR for him to run? I believe in karma, it will bite you!

  25. Dear Mr. Skowyra,
    Please do not retire from the SK division at Stafford. It’s still very early so after the holidays put fresh eyes on your situation and consider new options.
    May I humbly offer a few driver ideas born in my ignorance as to their interest or yours.
    DJ Burnham. Proven winner in the LLM and Lights. Consistent and capable and will bring the car home in one piece most nights.
    Tony Membrino. Aggressive and not afraid to tap a back bumper and make bold moves. I don’t think we really know how good he is yet.
    Brian Narducci- probably too green but he’ll go for the win no matter what.
    All capable and all have associates with resources to help pay the bills.

  26. The best thing Skowyra can do is go whoop on Chase on Friday nights, that simple.

  27. Adam, run solomito and beat rob fuller’s LFR cars every week, put fuller in his place. LFR cars dont run for crap in Staffords SK division. You and the 50 team are first class and with a good driver you’ll win the title.
    Good luck

  28. Listen to Doug,he is right,Tony Membrino would be a great fit .As good as Dowling ,n

  29. Gofastturnleft says

    Gervis left the 15 to run one of the Keith rocco rentals. A much bettet move for him.

  30. I don’t care about the driver change but that was a phone call Chase needed to make if he was leaving. Man to man. Adult to adult.

  31. Spot on Doug. Kudos

  32. Ben & Eileen Dover says

    There are many other drivers to consider to keep a good team going in that Troyer, Mony who have already proved them selves in the SK’s! The names previously mentioned haven’t proved them selves in this division, what about TC’s nephew? Cates? Talman? Woody? Butler? Gervis?

  33. Mike Christopher JR ??

  34. There is no wrong suggestion although I would strongly disagree the Burnham and Membrino have not more them proved their ability. The point is to encourage Mr. Skowyra to return. That the 50 has fans.
    I left Mike Jr off my list cause Mike Sr. seems to like having control over Jr’s equipment decisions and has the Christopher legacy to think about. TC’s for sure buy Mikes notable history and young Mikes as well.

  35. Darealbafguy says

    Preece is a house driver for Chassis Dynamics and runs Troyer race Cars on the tour?

    So is Fuller is trying to squeeze money out of people?

    Seems like bad business to me.

  36. Butler?

  37. Old man racer says

    If Dowling wins in both sk and on the tour, Fuller can say that it’s the chassis. If he wins with 2 different chassis, people will say it’s the driver.

  38. Squeeze money out of people. Playing hardball cause he is putting his money where his mouth is providing a pay check and a dream opportunity for the kid. Sleazy manipulation or crafty business maneuvering by an entrepreneur. Potato, potaato, tomato, tomaato.
    If you’re here you’re likely retired with a life time of work experience that I assume involved some hard decisions made by you or that affected you. Which seems ironic when we read some of the comments that seem to cast blame on what appears to be pretty typical business dealings in a competitive industry.
    Bravo to LFR for carving out a niche in a challenged business. We should celebrate that. For his part Dowling manned up and made the call so all is well if Mr Skowyra stays in the game and finds another magic shoe for next year.

  39. Squeeze money out of people? He offered to give his SK to them. He’s flipping the bill to run the tour. He has the nicest equipment in the tour from what I see. I doubt he wanted to sell a car that bad. Isn’t Chase running the Derby in a Troyer? I know he is entered unless they pulled the plug on that too.

  40. He’s cracking all right. Cracking up! You guys are pathetic.

  41. NH Mark, you are absolutely correct, the phone call should have come from Dowling. Certainly burned a bridge there.

  42. This thread kills me. I had to read it twice when I was informed it was up. I am using my real name unlike everyone on this post. I work for Rob building a 40,000 square foot storage facility next to his thriving baseball facility which is next to another 17 acre lot they we will develop next spring. Squeezing money??
    Also let me tell you what you see when you walk into his office because I can promise NO ONE here has witnessed it. 7 Championship rings. Yes 7 from down south. 2 manufacturers championships ( going to be 3 next week) with chassis he designed, race winning trophies as a driver in NC and crew chief, pictures of him with Dale Earnhardt, Rusty Wallace, Dale Jr, Danica Patrick and on and on. To think he cares one iota of what happens on this site is nuts. The guy was mowing his baseball field until 8pm last night! He is BY FAR the most accomplished racer we have in NE. People come by just to talk with him. He donates large amounts to local charities while letting our town play baseball on his field for FREE! You people should be ashamed of yourselves. I didn’t believe it when I was told about this. What a lovely sport this is. Now I know why the entire Nascar thing has lost its appeal. With people like this in it who would want any part of it? A guy gives a kid a full time job and a shot at his dreams and you guys slam him without knowing details. Those kids are hard workers. We see them often on the property. I was trying to get my son to hang around at Robs shop to see what work really is. Next time just congratulate the kid and wish him the best of like like most humans would.
    Adam West GC

  43. So if Dowling is a full time employee for LFR and has been driving a Troyer all season long at Stafford, why is the issue raising its ugly head now?

  44. darealgoodfella says

    Why doesn’t Fuller put Szegedy in the Tour car?

  45. Modified Guy says

    @humphty. This past season Chase just drove a limited schedule for Fuller. Now he’s a employee of LFR and running the full tour in 2018.

  46. Modified Guy says

    @darealgoodfella, Chase’s sponsee supplies the motors

  47. At the end of the day it is a business after all. This type situation happens everyday. I personally didn’t hear the conversation so I can’t really comment on that. All I can say is best of luck to Chase on his 2018 seasons in The Tour Car and In The SK Modified Division @ The Stafford Motor Speedway. I would also like to say best of luck to Adam and whoever he chooses to pilot The #50 Troyer SK Modified for The 2018 SK Modified Season @ The Stafford Motor Speedway as long as he decides to continue fielding the car. From a long time Modified Racing fan please continue to run the car it’s the best division of racing by far in the Northeast and we can’t afford to lose a competitive car like that over a situation like this!

  48. NH MOD CHASER says

    Well said Mr Adam West

  49. Mod guy. Great point. To run a hand full of races on the tour is completely different than the commitment of a full tour. So Fuller is committing twice the time, twice the money and building another car. Sounds like he is committed. Chase is committed as well. I can’t see the issue. No driver on the tour runs a SK at Stafford. Useless.

    Humphry. You are very uninformed. Chase drove over a hour to talk to Adam in person like a man. No call. How Adam responded will be public soon enough and we will all see clearer on the truth.

  50. Second NH MOD CHASER. A ray of light in a dark back room. One of the few but they do happen.
    What I’m really confused about is why a couple guys are harping on Dowling not making a call to his former team owner when the article said he did.

  51. Sounds like you are an insider Steve and the information is appreciated.
    Are you saying you have little regard for the SK’s. Pennink ran the WMT and the Stafford SK’s. Is useless referring to the entire SK division?

  52. See Mr. Skowyra, Dan agrees. The 50 wasn’t just Chase Dowling as fun as he was to watch. The 50 itself is a bit of a fixture in the greatest weekly racing division in the Northeast as Dan says with a lot of fans.

  53. OK I read Adam West’s entry and the string twice as well. While appreciative of Mr West taking the time to provide inside information so rare in the comment section the tone is offensive and arrogant. First for saying Mr Fuller doesn’t care about the site or what is said on it while he himself is here showing he cares on behalf of Mr Fuller as proxy. And painting everyone with the brush of petty ignorance that in my view is as bad as the ignorance and pettiness he condemns. The comments Mr. West condemned are the minority of entries with most supportive or dealing with other issues. He trashed all to belittle the few.

  54. Doug and Dan,
    On top of Chase being a good racer, he also brought with him a very good and loyal sponsor. The SK division is crazy expensive to be competitive in. So if you want to see the 50 on the track next year, it’s probably going to take a driver that brings some $$$ with them just like Chase did.

  55. Thanks for the 411 Steve.

  56. Like my father once told me “there are three sides to every story, his, hers, and the truth”

  57. darealgoodfella says

    Advocates one and all.

  58. darealgoodfella says

    Adam West, why isn’t Mr. Fuller still involved in top tier NASCAR series?

  59. So let me get this straight Fuller tired of getting LFR cars kicked to the curb at Stafford so let’s shake down Adam to take Chase away cause he is winning and works there well Mr Fuller unless you have a contract stating Chase can only drive for LFR and your PAYING him your statement of “he works here he’s on my payroll and insurance” big deal that is as an employee to work building cars for you what he does in his spare time is HIS CHOICE unless your gonna pay him. And to threaten his job at LFR if he didn’t stop running for Adam would be a great LABOR BOARD suit, there is no contract so you threaten him yep I want to work for you. I work for a Mercedes benz dealer should they fire me cause I drive a ford pickup?? Just goes to show people think weekend racing is NASCAR and boy are you guys wrong these kids,guys are not getting paid like Monster Energy drivers so they can drive what ever the hell they want too. So Adam put Woody or another good driver in seat and hand Fuller and Chase the losing season it’s the only thing to do….

  60. Well I know everyone at that level is looking for a way out. Ray Evernham isn’t involved anymore either. Smart folks find a way to a steady and consistent paycheck. They don’t count on others. Then the issue of family comes in. Does he have kids? They are not on his FB page so I wouldn’t know. He is from the Boston area. Can’t deny he has accomplished a ton. Why he doesn’t do it anymore is irrelevant in the eyes of most. No one does it forever and the smart ones get out on their own terms. Just ask the 49 crew chiefs who’s job is on the line tomorrow.

  61. Adam Les and the whole 50 team are getting a raw deal they are good people and provide top tier equipment hopefully they find a top tier driver like solomito to fill the seat they put their heart and soul into that car and it shows in their past performance

  62. Adam Les and the whole 50 team are getting a raw deal they are good people and provide top tier equipment hopefully they find a top tier driver like solomito to fill the seat they put their heart and soul into that car and it shows in their past performance

  63. Adam and Les have a big investment in the team already and any driver should come with $$$ those cars ain’t cheap

  64. One step further what if chase wants to run in a touring series where no one fields an LFR car does that mean he can’t compete

  65. Good point Joe. The guys I mentioned already pay the bills and have sponsors. It’s speculation but not wildly so that if a team had enough resources to field a car on their own why not team up and have a top flight ride and pay only a portion of the nut. And yes I know, there are a lot of moving parts. Burnham or Membrino, that’s the ticket.

  66. Doug, on November 17th you wrote you strongly disagreed with Membrino and Burnham and now they are the ticket?

  67. Yes Steve. I am smart. It’s Kool-aid by the way. Ask Rowan about the integrity of Fuller. Adam is a great guy and he got screwed on this deal. Don’t get me wrong, Chase can drive for anyone he wants. The problem is the way they did it.

  68. In The Know says

    Seriously Doug, Burnham or Membrino? What has Burnham done in the last few years to make him a candidate for a top tier sk ride. And as far as Membrino goes on what gods green earth would he deserve a shot in a quality sk. I’ll tell you, he doesn’t. What has he done since jumping to the sk division but get in the way or cause wrecks of the other competitors. Two poor selections from where I sit.

  69. Modified Guy says

    For those who say “Chase should have called him”, just and fyi, he drove out to see Adam and explained to him the reasons why he was making the move. 1. He has a vested interest in promoting LFR. 2. He needs be at the shop to tend to business and work on the #15 car (and probably Johnson car) . 3. Really not fair if Adam wants a SK championship, if Chase is running for the WMT Championship and has to miss a SK race. 4. Fuller & crew can do some R&D with Glen Johnson car. I don’t think Fuller will have a problem with Chase running open shows in other cars because those are one off shows and that will the kid some additional seat time. And please explain how Adam is getting a raw deal. The kid was man enough to talk to him in person, giving him ample enough time to find another driver and sponsors.

  70. I don’t know too much about Burnham’s deal, but not for nothing, Dowling’s the one who Membrino beat on the track for SKL title a few years back, really doubt Membrino had the better equipment given Dowling’s backers. Then he won what, half the SKL races in the state and two more titles last year? Did he have a good run in SKs this year? No, can’t really argue that. But I’m there almost every week and yeah he wasn’t really fast but he wasn’t in the way and I never saw him wreck anyone and did it ever occur to you that maybe the equipment might have something to do with it? Last I heard before Membrino drove that car Flemke drove it in the 90s or whatever. Not saying Flemke doesn’t build good cars, look how good McKennedy and Nocella are doing. But if that’s the car Membrino was driving against the best sk drivers and the best sk equipment, I don’t think you can put it all on him for not running so well. Maybe your “in the know” might need some updating.

  71. It has more meaning Humphry if you provide the actual statement. A disagreement on a point should not be construed as anything other then what the point involved. I believe you will find I have showed Mr. Membrino the default respect all drivers deserve that enter the comment section and thanked him for doing so. Tony’s an aggressive driver and with some great quickness. We still don’t know how good he would be with first rate equipment.
    As to those of you that would trash either one of my picks I’d say this. It’s just a fans opinion and the odds of either one being the driver for the 50 are a gazillion to one. Maybe a better idea would be to have some fun with it and make your own suggestion. For the record Burnham was a multi feature winner in both the LLM and Lights and had a seventh place finish in the SK Sizzler race. Very Todd Owenish in that he takes what he can get aggressively but avoids unnecessary risky moves when it’s not the right time.

  72. I agree with you Doug both are good drivers membrino would be a good fit but odds are against him. Tim solomito would be awesome especially seeing as the 50 SK and the 16 tour team share a building in Palmer. Only time will tell. As far as Fuller why did he come back up north maybe cause he burned his bridges down south? Only time will tell but still a 50 fan and hope to see it on track in the spring.

  73. A chassis he designed are you kidding me I’ve been racing modifiers in my family since Danbury Plainville days and he copied a troyer only moving mounts around how do I know you can take s troyer nerf bar and put it right in his car, you can bolt every troyer part right on it I’ve done it the only difference is the materials he’s using and maybe a few mount locations moved big deal. You build buildings I work on these cars and it’s an exact copy of troyer he even went to troyer and said these things I think would improve your car and they said no thanks Rob’s words when he first started LFR championships in what cars ??? Only modified championships anyone knows of is Coby

  74. Modfan you’re an angry dude. Probably mostly right but angry. What you’re leaving out is all the things that go with being an entrepreneur. The facilities, employees, marketing and performance on the track. I still say if there is a relatively new player that is willing to invest his time, money, expertise and sweat in the sport we love in the region we live why not extend the red carpet?

  75. Good call Rob p. I could definitely get on the Solomito bus. A great name to add to the greatest weekly racing series in the Northeast and at the best track.

  76. “I work for a Mercedes benz dealer should they fire me cause I drive a ford pickup??”

    They sure could if you worked for a Ford dealer, a competitor, at the same time.

    There are plenty of conflict of interest and anti-moonlighting employment policies that get legally upheld every day. It’s one thing to have a second job that neither interferes with the first job’s hours or rest periods that enable the employee to show up prepared to work, but it’s another when the second job is with a competitor , physically dangerous, and/or proprietary information may be involved.

    All a racing equipment vendor would need to do is call the employee’s time at the track work time and they’d have plenty of control on what else the employee did while at the track. This isn’t limited to a driver, but anyone who works for the company.

  77. darealgoodfella says

    Barry, you need to know what companies own what other companies and what business they do with each other. Ford owns Cummins Diesel that are in Dodge trucks. Just about all major automotive companies are parts suppliers to each other. They all work with and for and against each other simultaneously.

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