Tri-Track Open Modified Modified Series Announces 2018 Schedule

(Press Release from Tri-Track Open Modified Series)

Officials have announced the 2018 schedule for the Tri-Track Open Modified Series (TTOMS). Featuring some traditional race events, the 2018 event will also feature a series first. The four race schedule will commence on Memorial Day weekend and conclude with the fun and festive “Haunted Hundred” with plenty of action over the summer months.

“We are really proud of the schedule that we have been able to put together,” said Managing Partner Wayne Darling. “It will feature some of the traditional events that we know will be action-packed, another that will build momentum after last year’s success and a whole new event to create even more excitement.”

The 2018 Tri-Track Open Modified Series season will open with the running of the inaugural Memorial Day 100 at Claremont Speedway on Saturday, May 26, 2018. The 1/3 mile asphalt oval located in Claremont, NH, runs Friday nights weekly and features Tour-Type Modifieds as their headline division.

“We have had strong car counts and we are hoping that the Tri-Track Open Modified Series event will help us build up our fan base as well,” said Claremont Owner & Promoter James Ambrose.

“There is not a bad seat in the house,” added Ambrose, of the aluminum grandstands that are built into the bank. Ambrose and his partners including former competitor Phil Hayes have rehabbed much of the facility since purchasing the race track.

Notable Claremont competitors to make starts with TTOMS in 2017 included track champion Dana Smith, Russ Hersey, Dwight Jarvis, Mike Douglas, Jeffrey Gallup, Nick Salva, Brandee Tree, Brian Robie and emerging talents Sammy Rameau, Dylan Rock, Cameron Sontag, and TJ Bleau. A strong field will be expected on Memorial Day Weekend.

The prestigious Open Wheel Wednesday 100 at Seekonk Speedway is set for Wednesday, June 27, 2018. Each year this event, with a $10,000 winner’s share on the line, draws the best-of-the-best in Modified racing. Returning to join the Tri Track Open Modified series is the equally as prestigious Boston Louie Seymour Memorial for the Northeast Midget Association (NEMA).

“Seekonk Speedway is excited to have the Tri-Track series be a part of the 15th annual open Wheel Wednesday and to continue the tradition of exciting, big dollar mid-week racing,” said Seekonk Speedway’s Ed St. Germain, Director of Business Development.

Another notable event on the 2018 Tri-Track Open Modified Series schedule is the annual SBM 125 at Star Speedway in Epping, NH, on Saturday, July 28. Strong car counts featuring talent from all over New England including some of the best northern competitors, make for a night of tight racing action at the bullring at Star.

“The status of this race is really what makes weekly short track racing great,” said Star Speedway owner and promoter Bobby Webber, Jr. “It is the commitment from men like my Dad and the dedication of guys like Kevin Rice, Jim Schaefer and Dick Williams. And all the teams that come out and race hard to support an event like this and the people who built it.”

Star Speedway will also hold a practice day on Friday July 27 for all competitors.

The 2018 season will culminate with the fun and excitement of the Halloween –themed Haunted Hundred on Saturday, October 27 at Seekonk Speedway. No trick, all treats are expected for this event following last year’s success where a strong crowd witnessed one of the best races of the season under picture-perfect conditions.

“We are looking forward to the second annual Haunted Hundred,” added St. Germain. “The management of the Tri-Track Series has been great to work with and their format works great at Seekonk.”

Now that the schedule has been finalized, the big question for the 2018 season will be – can anyone dethrone Matt Hirschman? There will be four great opportunities for competitors to make that happen. With a solid race schedule and the expectation for continued strong fields, the 2018 season will undoubtedly be hotly contested.

“On behalf of Mark Pennink and myself, we want to thank Jim Schaefer and Dick Williams for their unwavering commitment to the series and the sport and to the track promoters for their continued belief in our competitors and the product that we produce,” conclude Darling.


  • Saturday, May 26: Inaugural Memorial Day 100, Claremont Speedway (Claremont, N.H.)
  • Wednesday, June 27: 15th Annual Open Wheel Wednesday, Seekonk Speedway (Seekonk, Mass.)
  • Saturday, July 28: SBM 125, Star Speedway (Epping, N.H.)
  • Saturday, October 27:  2nd Annual Haunted Hundred, Seekonk Speedway (Seekonk, Mass.)


  1. These events always end up being the best ones of the racing season! Glad the Claremont race is on Saturday. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while, and for me it’s too far for a Friday night. Hoping to get to all four events this year! Thank-you to the TriTrack crew for making these happen!!

  2. What do you make of the Stafford open modified events Eddie? Are they on your radar at all?

  3. Just Wondering says

    Was really hoping to see the NLWS back on the TTOMS schedule for the Speedbowl’s finale event in 2018. IMO the NLWS was always the sweet spot for the TTOMS. Great racing, highest car counts of ALL the touring modified series (40+ when there were no other conflicts or a mid week show) at a fairly reasonable grandstand ticket price.

  4. Tri track cancelled there last year because of the issues at the track. Still the same issues, why would they go back?

  5. Just Wondering says

    David, the semi-secret rumor around the racing community last year was that the TTOMS was demanding full payment for their appearance at the NLWS a couple of months in advance of the event as they were concerned that George Whitney would not pay them for the race. I was hoping now that Whitney has made it through his first season with what appears to be success that the TTOMS would possibly be put back on the schedule for 2018. At this point it appears the NLWS Finale event is going to be short a Tour Type Mod event now that it appears the MTS has pulled the plug.

  6. Doug, yes definitely! I’m hoping to get to both, and very intrigued with how Stafford will set it up. Recent “open” shows have always been on small track, where I would consider Stafford to be an intermediate track for the Modifieds. There were some “open” events at Thompson a while back, but they were only about 1/2 the distance at 40 laps. Will Stafford use similar rules to TTOMS to even the different types of cars in the field? Will those rules work on a bigger track with longer straights and higher speeds? Will some cars need refueling? OR… will it be an “real old school” event; Run what ya brung, and hope you brung enough?

  7. Heard the same thing about last year with TTOMS Just Wondering. Also heard the Speedbowl didn’t come through with the purse for the MTS on the last race of the year, so maybe that’s why TTOMS decided to stay away for 2018.

  8. billybobjoepumpkin says

    I love that. “Run what you bring and hope you bring enough” Awesome. The way it should be. Balls out lets see what you got.

  9. Just Wondering says

    Darren, I highly doubt the NLWS did not come through with the promised purse for the MTS especially after all the racers went through of basically getting screwed by the old management that ran the place into the ground and hard work by the following management to go out of their way to make sure all the racers were paid on time. My uneducated guess is the Gary guy from the MTS was looking to pass the blame of his short comings onto someone else. If the Speedbowl did not pay whatever amount was in their agreement I am sure there must be a good reason like maybe they were promised 40+ cars like the TTOMS normally brought and only 20 or so showed up?

  10. This race fan is happy. Always fun events. I won’t go to Lee or a MRS events this year. Scheduling the night before the traditional Star 125 was bush league.

    For all the chatter about grandstands, the fact that the Bowl didn’t pay the purse should get more traction on here. Then again, the locals don’t want to talk about that. The next race always pays for the last race at that place.

  11. sour grapes of wrath says

    just wondering . this is the first thread I have seen where the NLWS was accused of NOT paying a purse last season under Whitney’s management . Has this been confirmed as true. if so I would withdraw my support for Whitney and the track. Shawn???

  12. Just Wondering says

    NH Mark, since you seem to be in the know about the NLWS not paying the MTS their purse please elaborate and educate us. Who, what, where, and when details would be particularly interesting. Should this be the case why isn’t the MTS saying anything about being boned or even moving forward with legal action of some type to recover what they are due? All we here from the MTS is “we are working on 2018” if you can believe that.

  13. sour grapes of wrath,
    There has been talk about issues with the purse at the last event regarding track management disagreeing with series management concerning what was going to be paid. I can confirm that the race winner was paid the $5,000 winner’s purse. Beyond that, there’s nothing I can confirm at this point other than hearing from multiple sources that there were indeed issues between the track management and the series management concerning what the track was putting into the purse for that event.

  14. Just Wondering says

    Shawn, wouldn’t you think any deal of this magnitude would have a paper trail outlining what was to be paid per event? How could there be a disagreement as to what was to be paid? I would think anyone running a series wouldn’t schedule an event and promise a purse to be paid without some type of guarantee unless they are not too bright . If the NLWS did not pay what was contractually obligated then the MTS has every right to expect payment as outlined otherwise its just a he said-she said deal. It would be interesting to know what actually transpired as if the MTS was not paid it is not going to help the 2018 season going forward.

  15. NH Mark, what scheduling conflict are you referring to? The VMRS (Lee) and MTS (Stafford) ran events the weekend before the SBM125 on Friday, 7/21. Neither had an event on the weekend of 7/29 when the SBM125 was run. Maybe there was another event I wasn’t aware of?

  16. Just Wondering,
    I know nobody from the Speedbowl is talking about it, and Gary Knight from the MTS has told me he’s not ready to go on the record yet to talk about what took place that weekend. Gary did make mention publicly of the situation in a post on Facebook recently saying the series was “shorted on the check from the track.”

  17. Speedbowl paid what they were contracted to pay,leading up to the event MTS kept increasing the purse, and wanted to put on some other type shootout race. MTS expected Waterford to increase its payout to the promoted amount published by MTS, but Waterford held firm on original contract. A

  18. Just Wondering says

    Shawn, thanks for the further info. The fact that nobody from the NLWS is talking about this issue or anything else for that matter is starting to raise concern in my mind. I hope the Speedbowl hasn’t lost the last of its nine lives.

  19. Just Wondering says

    Rich, thanks for the further insight. Your post makes me feel much better regarding the financial state of the current GM and overall operations. While I still cannot understand why the NLWS can’t say anything to the racing community regarding the 2018 season or even defending themselves after the MTS blamed the NLWS for shorting them on their purse payment in social media. A deal is a deal and if what you posted is true I’m glad George Whitney stood firm and paid what he was supposed to pay as any wise businessman would do. I guess there is some good news coming out of this MTS claim of not being paid in full, I would assume they won’t be adding 2 more high priced MTS events to the NLWS 2018 schedule.

  20. Rich seems to be onto the real issue. I know I was there Friday night, expected to see the shootout that was advertised and it didn’t happen.
    That Facebook post is just sad. Unspecific, paying out of his own pocket, losing his savings and still not caught up in what he says he owes teams. Says he’ll make good on everything whatever that is. Really, why would any team or any track willingly agree to stand under a falling knife with Knight and the MTS in the future. And with all parties including the supposedly aggrieved Mr. Knight being so vague why would anyone take the default position that the Speedbowl is at fault? Sometimes both parties screw things up with handshakes and assumptions and weak contracts.
    Great post on the open show at Stafford Fast Eddie. Great questions that just build the excitement of what will happen.

  21. Eddie, Lee and Mrs scheduled their 2018 event Friday July 27th. The night before the 125.

    In terms of the bowl, Shawn summed it up nicely. There are rumblings and social media posts of non-payment out there. That’s all I know though. Only the drivers and owners know if they got paid.

  22. sour grapes of wrath says

    shawn can you say rich`s post is accurate ?? were the MTS competitors paid ?? confirming ..the track does NOT directly pay the purse to the driver(s) of a touring series. they pay the touring series who then distributes the funds???..if that is the case and there have been no issues with any other touring series or Waterford regulars since new ownership , I would believe rich`s version of this story .thanks for your continued coverage shawn

  23. sour grapes of wrath,
    I can’t vouch for the accuracy of Rich’s comment. I don’t know who Rich is or if he’s an employee of the track or an insider with management.

  24. NH Mark, I was at the Lee race on 7/21 after being at New England Dragway for the NHRA divisional race. It was the second “double-header” I had last year. I was originally debating which event I would attend, Stafford or Lee, until the NHRA schedule came out. I was on vacation from 7/23 until 7/28 and went to the SBM125 on 7/29. They definitely were not on the same weekend. I think Lee still has their 2017 schedule on their website, as 2018 isn’t finalized yet.

  25. Old man racer says

    Bring back “Modified Madness”! Just like in the 70’s.
    Super modified wings and mechanical fuel injection!

  26. Ed, last year isn’t in question. The 2018 MRS schedule, which was released weeks ago is the issue. The race is the night before Star this year. Trust me. That’s why it took Star this long to announce the 2018 event. It threw Star management for a loss. Again talking about 2018 only.

  27. Sorry guys I am not a offical,not friends of management or anything else with attachments to the Speedbowl. I just happened to be in the Management Trailer by chance when these discussions were taking place. What I posted is what I heard.

  28. Just Wondering says

    Rich, please don’t take this the wrong way but why in the world would the Speedbowl management be talking about something so serious as this in front of a non-Speedbowl affiliated person? I would think this type of topic would be an internal closed door conversation considering the issue of a $20k disagreement mentioned in the facebook link posted above. Are you sure your not involved somehow with the Speedbowl?

  29. Yes I am Positive, you are correct that I should not of heard this conversation but I did, I just read the comments and thought wow people are coming up with random theories, I tried to shed some light

  30. So, let’s say Waterford paid their agreed upon share. Where did that money go? MTS still should have been able to pay the purse. Probably why MTS went nuts when American Racer paid the racers directly. The money ran out, the Bowl purse wasn’t paid, banquet canceled and series went belly up.

    I’m not heartbroken that MTS is gone. Too many series to begin with. That said, MTS came into this with a plan that they said would work. They had all the answers and said they were going to grab a piece of the modified landscape. In the end, they had no clue and they ran out of money in under a year.

  31. Just Wondering says

    NH Mark, I’m not heartbroken either. When the MTS was started they over-populated the touring modified market with their boasting attitude and clear intention of doing harm to Jack Bateman and his Valenti Modified Racing Series. IMO the MTS got just what they deserve. I don’t know why they didn’t just tip toe into the Mod world like the TTOMS did when they started by not causing friction and conflicts with those groups already in the Modified Tour market. Too bad the racers, racetracks and us fans all came out losers. Only the strong survive, bottom line: money talks and BS walks. Hopefully it will be back to reality in 2018 in the touring modified world.

  32. darealgoodfella says

    Good for Tri-Track.

  33. NH Mark, apparently I’m a year late and a dollar short! 🙂 Sorry, I thought you were talking about last year’s schedule. It is odd they’re running back-to-back at Lee & Star, although for some teams that are not real close to NH, it might be a good opportunity to run twice in a weekend. It will be interesting to see which teams run both events. I’ve gone to consecutive events like that before, although mostly WMT and then VMRS, so there was a driver crossover, but not a car crossover. I think the losers may be the tracks and promoters, probably Lee more than Star. Many people may only be able to afford one of the events. Hopefully I’m wrong on that. Maybe more camping race fans will make a weekend out of it. I’m going to try to hit both, but if I can only go to one, it will definitely be Star.

  34. Doug, thanks for the comment! There might be some similarities in principal to the TTOMS events. However due to the track size and race length, I think the Stafford events will ultimately be very different. The Stafford “open” races are definitely two events on my “A list”!

  35. Seems like the vast majority love the TTOMS events. As a Stafford guy I really hope that enthusiasm rolls over into the open events they have. In the interest of building anticipation Fast Eddie would you care to speculate what the rules would look like, who would participate and how it would be looked at by the WMT fans. Will it be truly open with all kinds of handicaps to equalize the field? Is Staffords distance a drawback to a competitive field or something new to look forward to in such races? Is there any chance it could rival the WMT races at Stafford in popularity and draw in the top guys from the WMT?

  36. History shows the tour cars won’t show but the drivers will with other teams. Thompson tried this and it was an epic failure. Stafford might do better. The other issue is the amount of open shows. The tour guys aren’t gonna spend every single off weekend running open shows. They have jobs and lives too. Stafford should pull in a fair amount of independents and part timers. Hopefully the names justify the ticket prices. These open shows are always an unknown commodity until race day. You never really know who will be there until that day. That’s the drawback for us road warriors.

  37. darealgoodfella says

    It’s quite surprising how much interest the TTOMS, with four events, generates.

  38. Tri Track is really the only place you get to see a great mix of WMT, ROC , MRS and independent drivers do battle. I think that’s the draw.

  39. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, times have changed since Thompson did this. Thompson may have been too far ahead of the curve. Everybody seems to have a burr under the saddle lately, and maybe this can now take hold. It could be fun IF AND ONLY IF the purses are there.

  40. darealgoodfella says

    I would demand up front payment before I brought a race there. The place is a high risk, already frozen by the courts for other legal issues, good luck getting paid even if you do win in court. Or use some other instrument such as escrow or bonding.

  41. That last comment. Where all the series do battle and is the draw is clearly the case looking at the field in the Haunted Hundred. And Hirschman getting special attention. Gotta have him and some WMT guys other then Stafford SK regulars. What Stafford with do and how they promote it is a big fat question mark and one of the most intriguing unknowns for next year. A huge risk it appears. Can’t wait.

  42. There goes daidiot demanding this and that.

  43. I heard the same thing. Nothing to do with those issues, just a money thing.

  44. darealgoodfella says

    I’m glad TTOMS didn’t go to Waterford. Doing business with Waterford is high risk, guilty by association. Not good for business. Racing is a family oriented sport. Don’t want kids to get the wrong message.

  45. Hirshmann should never have won the Haunted 100. Russ Hersey went all Atlanta Falcons and blew it. Great race indeed though. Curious to see if Money Matt runs the Stafford open shows.

    DaReal,you could be right. Thompson may have been ahead of the curb. The issue now is there are no open weekends to even run more open shows. I still want to see an open Sizzler. I think that would be the ultimate. Maybe we are trending that way???

  46. Just Wondering says

    DuhReal is nothing but a pain in the butt. These TTOMS touring races won’t be at the NLWS (the only track having issues I believe) in 2018 and he is spouting off about making sure they get paid up front before “they brought a race there”. IMO opinion it is the TTOMS loss by not going to the Speedbowl in 2018. Bottom line everyone got paid in full what they were due in 2017. Sure the MTS clown says he was shorted but given the recent info provided I would strongly believe what was posted here as opposed to the facebook page where that Night guy was babbling about being boned out of $20k by George Whitney.

    Maybe he could be talking about the VMRS going to the Speedbowl this year but they have not even been mentioned much in this thread. DuhReal just lives to stir up crap.

  47. Really, datroll stirring crap? LOL………

  48. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, an Open Sizzler? As in Stafford drops NASCAR sanctioning for the Sizzler and makes it an Open show?

  49. Doug, I think the rules and purse may be very close to the TTOMS. It works for them and the racers are familiar with setups for it. I love the TTOMS events, but I think Stafford is going to start a great new tradition with these races. If the purse is $6-$10 grand to win (I’m guessing $8,000 which = $100 per lap), I would bet there will be 40 – 50 teams. Stafford went with 80 laps, the VMRS standard at that track, so I would think a lot of those teams will run. Because Stafford is referred to as a driver’s track so much, and with 3 WMT events on their schedule, I think it would be a great test session opportunity for WMT teams. I think we’ll see more than a few WMT teams show up, maybe some that don’t do that well there looking to improve their skillls and setups. As the race is longer than the TriTrack events, I think WMT teams would have an advantage with pit strategy, as that will have even more importance here. Also, they have a pit road to work on unlike the TTOMS tracks, so the next question is: Will caution laps be counted or not? I’m guessing “not” in order to give smaller teams a chance. The second question is: Will cars need fuel stops? WMT cars might, where VMRS cars won’t, unless there’s a bunch of cautions. Due to the race length, there will still be multiple strategies as to when to pit. Maybe Stafford’s location might entice more ROC, Wall Speedway, and PA teams to participate. I think the two Stafford events will be at least as great as the TTOMS races, with track size and race length giving them their own unique excitement and competition. I can’t wait!!

  50. It’s safe to say that based on longevity, reputation, consistency and participation the VMRS is a premier touring division. After talking to the Speedbowl management they signed up apparently liking what they heard knowing all the challenges the track faced and having dealt with them last year. That’s the answer. The second most senor modified touring series has two dates at the Speedbowl on their “tentative” schedule.
    The TTOMS is a quirky, limited deal that has hit on something great in a limited space. Why mess with what works. Waterford not being on their schedule means no more or less the Stafford not being on their schedule.

  51. Why would you want a TTOMS series race on a track that is a 1/2 or 5/8 mile? Advantage to the WMT spec engines, disadvantage to everyone else so why bother to show. These races should be on the bull ring tracks 1/3 and smaller where everyone has an opportunity; 18, 23 degree and even an SK with a 4bbl can compete and the WMT tour engine is not an advantage. That is why the car counts are so good. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  52. Outstanding Fast Eddie. Thanks for your insights. 40 to 50 teams. I can’t even imagine that.

  53. Yes, make the Sizzler an open show. Not a WMT race. 12-15k to win. Lap money, etc.

    Seekonk had counts in the low 30s last year. $6000 isn’t gonna draw 40 to 50 cars. 25-32 is probably the target car count depending on rules and tires. You also have Tri Track races and WMT races all around the July Stafford open event.Lots if travel (Riverhead and Loudon) for them WMT guys. I’m just saying it’s not a done deal that Stafford hits a home run with car counts. MTS struggled there. Very few “new” events take off anymore. I’m very much in a wait and see mode. Hopefully it works out for them.

    Just Wondering, it’s easy to say everyone got paid but there are drivers saying they didn’t. We can debate who is at fault but there seems to be money still due here on December 31st.

  54. Just Wondering says

    NH Mark, yes the MTS payment issue is still up for debate as there so far there has been no official release of info from the NLWS regarding the money issue. I really wish they would reply in a fashion similar to Bill Galloway did when the MTS guy tried blaming American Racer was the reason the banquet was postponed / cancelled. It would go along way to clear up the matter.

    Now if some MTS drivers have not been paid it clearly is not the Speedbowls obligation as the MTS drivers are sub-contractors of the MTS and not that of the NLWS . I know the MTS guy is claiming he was shorted $20k in his off the wall facebook post trying to place blame for his shortcomings on the Speedbowl but after reading a post by Rich above I lean towards believing Rich over a guy that goes out posting info that really does not need to be posted for the world to see. It only makes him and the entire MTS look bad. I would assume there is a contract spelling out all the details of the MTS appearance deal however if not shame on the MTS.

    Bottom line if you are the promoter / organizer / employer it is your obligation to pay your own bills and cover whatever posted purse you guaranteed and not the vendor that may or may not have paid you.

  55. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, interesting, but I think it will be a while before a track passes on a NWMT show and opts for an open show instead. The Sizzler is an icon. We’ll see how these Stafford open shows go. humphry brings up a fantastic point about a bullring being a great equalizer. The open shows at Stafford will definitely favor the NWMT, VMRS, and some ROC cars, pretty much excluding the other cars. It’s a given that a competitive NWMT regular will win these Stafford shows. BUT, and that’s a HUGE BUT, the NWMT cars do not show up for these open shows, as you have noted. I’m thinking the 2 and maybe 6 showed up at open shows the last couple years? The Stafford Open shows will be VMRS and a few ROC cars, and probably the NWMT 2. It’s an unspoken rule that NASCAR does not like the NWMT cars participating in non-NASCAR events.

    The NWMT still provides the most professional series. It pays the purses, has rules and is undoubtedly the best at enforcing them, and has the best safety program. When you are an owner willing to pay the bucks to run as one of the few competitive cars on the NWMT, you want a well run series. The other series are not up there. VMRS has been a soap opera in recent years. And let’s admit that the VMRS is effectively an Open Series. Very few cars run the entire season, like 4-5 per season over the last few years, so winning that championship comes down to who runs the most races.

  56. I honestly dont know who to believe. Bad look for everyone involved though. Onward and upward I suppose. We’re on to 2018.

  57. I think at stafford the MRS Steel Head may be at a advantage over the Nascar Spec Motor,

  58. Yikes Rich, that is a bold statement. Hope you’re right.

  59. Ya I know, I’m just comparing the motors, Steelhead makes more Power and Tq but is top heavy, both have big carbs, but I think the Spec motor can handle more RPM’s. I think it will be a good battle.

  60. Fast Eddie says

    I’m thinking seven “tour-type” modified events must be Stafford’s sweet spot. They were running 4 WMT and 3 VMRS events for a few years. I don’t think any race will take the place of a NASCAR WMT event unless a track loses an event due to NASCAR scheduling changes or if a track doesn’t want to put up the money required. Last year was only 3 WMT events; my guess is their 4th became one of the events down south. They only ran 2 VMRS events last year, leaving 5. The 2 MTS events last year are not scheduled this year, hence the idea of two “open shows” to get back to Stafford’s normal seven “tour-type” shows. As far as car counts for the open shows, IMO if you’re reputable and post the $$, the racers will come the majority of the time. I think the TriTrack series has proven that to be true. The only events I’ve seen with 40+ cars have been TriTrack races. You don’t have to have a large quantity of cars to see quality competition, but you can’t deny that quantity definitely breeds quality!

  61. I would be more worried about the 23 aluminum head with the open booster carb. Still when looking at all the options I believe the tour spec has the advantage especially with the longer tracks.

  62. Humphrey that’s what makes these shows at Stafford so interesting,not a small bullring, horsepower will be in play. So many different combos create different strategies, big carb cars may need to pack cars with fuel, 390 guys will not. If they pay similar to Tri Track, it will be packed house. Alot of Tour drivers are already there on Friday Nights and I expect them to drive in these races aswell, maybe not WMT car, but they will have rides.

  63. My concern is Stafford will limit the engines to the “tour” type where the bull rings allow a good strong SK with the 650 4bbl to be competitive drawing a larger field of cars and allowing the guy that can’t afford the tour type engine to compete.

  64. Man those TTOMS rules are a trip. You guys get all that? I’m not seeing bolting on weight to level the playing field. SK’s can play too? Question; does Stafford allow them as well. How will that impact the SK feature or will they exclude the SK’s for the night hoping they join the open show. Are they switching carbs back and forth in the pits? I don’t see an incentive for SK’s if they are running their own feature unless the open money is huge from top to bottom.

  65. darealgoodfella says

    Think of these open shows at Stafford as TTOMS on steroids.

  66. Crazy in NY says

    Think of these open shows at Stafford as TTOMS on steroids.

    What ever that means. the TTOMS doesn’t need chemical help it’s doing fine on it’s own.
    I find it interesting that the center of the Modified racing world , the cathedral of the
    Wealthy Modified Tour is having not one but TWO “open” shows. We’ll have to wait and see what the rules package is but they (SMS) would be smart to replicate the TTOMS rules to have the potential to draw a large field. Personally I’d outlaw the spec but if not I’d hang a bunch of weight on to go along with the leftside percentage. Someone on here a while ago suggested the TTOM and formats like them were rinky dink. Well does that make Stafford rinky dink? Also interesting is all you WHELEN snobs that look down your collective noses at the “lessor” Modified racing find the time to babble on about something you say is unworthy. TTOM is the best thing going for Modifieds IMO.

  67. Crazy, I do believe I’ve learned how to dodge your grenades and focus on the important stuff you say. Yes, hanging weight. Like it!

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