Ryan Preece Wins Evans/Christopher 100; Matt Hirschman Grabs New Smyrna World Series Tour Type Mod Title

Ryan Preece celebrates victory in the Richie Evans/Ted Christopher 100 Friday at New Smyrna Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

A roller coaster week of racing in Florida ended on a high note Friday for Ryan Preece.

Preece, of Berlin, drove away from the field over the closing laps to win the Richie Evans/Ted Christopher Memorial 100 on the final night of Tour Type Modified racing at the 52nd World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.

“To win this race is a big deal because it’s named after Teddy and it’s name after Richie,” Preece said. “Teddy was somebody that I’ve raced with. He’s never given me an inch and he’s pushed me to be the racer I am today. To win this race down here where he used to come – this was his playground – so to win here for this 100-lapper with his name and Richie’s name, it means a lot to me. And obviously I finished the race, so that’s even better.”

Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. was second and Timmy Solomito of Islip, N.Y. third.

It was the second victory in five events at New Smyrna since Monday for Preece, who was the only repeat winner of the week. Jon McKennedy of Chelmsford, Mass. won on opening night Monday. Preece won Tuesday. Hirschman won the John Blewett III Memorial 76 on Wednesday. Patrick Emerling of Orchard Park, N.Y. won Thursday’s event.

It was the third time in four years that Preece has won the Richie Evans/Ted Christopher Memorial event at New Smyrna.

Preece took the lead from Hirschman on a lap 65 restart and never trailed again.

“I was a little nervous with about 10 [laps] to go,” Preece said. “The car really started to free up, had a twitch. But apparently [Hirschman] must have been loosening up or tightening up too.”

Hirschman, who also won Saturday’s Tour Type Modified event at Bronson Speedway in Archer, Fla, clinched his first Tour Type Modified division championship at the World Series.

Hirschman was fourth on Monday, second on Tuesday and fourth on Thursday. Hirschman came into the final night of racing leading Emerling by one point in the standings. Emerling’s night was plagued by two wrecks.

Matt Hirschman celebrates his New Smyrna World Series Tour Type Modified championship Friday (Photo: Jim DuPont)

“We had a good week and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Hirschman said. “All the times we’ve come down here I’ve never really left here satisfied with the week we’ve had and I’m still a little disappointed in what we had. We had a good solid week. We won a couple. We did some things that we never did before. Checked some things off the list. … It would have been a lot more fun to race with Ryan for the win. I need to do better. I didn’t have the focus on the things I needed to have I think to get it done and stay on top of it all week. I always say that the Turkey Derby is the hardest day of the year for racing. … But this is by far the hardest thing to do, the week-long racing here at New Smyrna. It’s an experience for sure.”


  1. Troyer 6, competition 0, finished business, end of story! Coulda, woulda, shoulda, what if, what ever. The statistics are what they are. And where was the great almighty Coby? Not in Florida. I guess he can only run WMT races. It is called a comfort zone and he evidently won’t step out of it.

  2. Chassis’. I never could get the loyalty thing. The announcers said Goodale didn’t give up on the Spafco so much as saying it needed more shaking down and they didn’t want to do it in an important race. Turns out their Spafco car might have been a better choice reliability wise.
    If Coby chooses to conserve his resources for the NWMT is that a bad thing? I love the guys that showed up but never could understand spending the money and using up equipment when your focus is on a championship. Other guys run limited schedules so it makes sense. Have a ball, win some money and get a tan. Coby, comfort zone vs focus on priorities. A chicken or a fox?
    Tommy Baldwin and Rob Fuller. National guys with resumes that include the highest level of NASCAR racing retreating in different ways to regional modifieds. Does is mean anything?

  3. OK fine. No one wants to cover “the kick”. Very well. But it was groundbreaking in it’s innovation and audacity.

  4. darealgoodfella says

    Good week. Geez, I wish the 6 didn’t have those equipment issues. When that car ran, it was fast!!! Congrats to the 60… consistency is crucial.

    Thanks to FANSCHOICE.TV and RACEDAYCT for great coverage!!!!

  5. Humphry, are you serious??? First of all the only thing down there are Troyer cars, Second of all 3/4 of the cars down here have cheated up motors. And third Doug Colby is not going to waste his time at new Smytna knowing that it doesn’t matter. Let’s pay attention during the tour series season when rules are applied and it’s an even playing field. Then call me with your stats. Smart race teams don’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in preparation to win a tour title to go to new some Myrna and went $3000. You sound ridiculous

  6. Yes #1 – Troyers won all the mod races in Florida. The company’s network of dealers (including Hirschman and LaFontaine) and teams is formidable. While all chassis designs/brands are capable of winning, it’s tough to be the Troyer “instrastucture” over the course of a full season (i.e. all races/tours). However, my guess is that Coby, Bonsignore and Dowling will represent LFR well on the NWMT this year.

    Yes #2 – thanks to FansChoice and RaceDayCT for excellent New Smyrna coverage!

    Humphry – Thank you for your continuing Bowl updates. If the money is there to purchase the appropriate expertise and materials, there’s still plenty of time for the Bow be ready for an early May opener. But, who knows??

  7. Frankly I was rooting for Emerling to win the championship (not a Hirschman fan). To bad he got caught up in crap and it cost him. I was also hoping for more from Goodale during the week, new car blues. Lutz, great job wheeling the car, just lack of experience but watch out for this kid, heavy right foot.

  8. humpy, Why the Matt H hate?. What’s he done that deserves that line? Can you imagine the howl that would come forth if the Pee Dee 60 came out without a rightside nerf like Emerling did. Also….. the comments on Coby are curious. Afraid? get real. Maybe just maybe MSR ( who DC drives for) doesn’t want to race in Fla. Troyers aren.t perfect. Preece broke his TA11 twice that put him out. Finally Scott.
    Do you have any clue what Ricky Brooks has done to clean up the tech down there? Why do you think the car counts are back up. Did you notice the Brady 00 WASN’T there? A Speedweeks fixture that TC the God piloted for how many “wins” down there. Lets talk cheating……….

  9. Great point. It’s not new car blues it’s no support blues. Anybody who buys a new car should be able to lean on the manufacturer for support. There’s no notebook for Spafco customers to rely on that proves success. How many championships on the tour has Troyer won since LFR has come on the scene? Zero…. the modified series is defined by the tour. Not new Smyrna not ROC or any other series but by the tour. Don’t forget the 44 car either. They won both Loudoun races last year. On the tour my money is in the LFR camp. Don’t really care what happens anywhere other than that tour. The competition is so lopsided you can’t judge anything in the other series. The southern modified tour and northern modified tour championships have been won by LFR for the past three years. That’s a pretty strong statement I’m thinking. Humphrey can talk Troyer all he wants but statistically I’m going the other direction. We are in the market and seriously look in the LFR direction especially after what we saw this week. Hopefully we’ll have some good information to announce in the upcoming weeks.

  10. If LFR cars are soooo great there would have been at least 1 at speed weeks. Point set match Troyer rules “tour type” racing🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

  11. darealgoodfella says

    Scott, if not for the NWMT #2 car, LFR would be nothing. No other LFR car on the NWMT comes close to the #2. Clearly, it’s not the chassis that is helping the #2.

  12. Don’t hate Hirschman, he’s a good shoe, just not a fan. Ricky has cleaned up the cheater engines so ain’t buying that. No factory support from SPAFCO? Was KB not at Smyrna? LFR, would not own one, they fold up like tissue paper when they take a hit. Don’t see them winning anywhere but on the WMT. Far from a dynasty. Unlike other chassis that win on the WMT, ROC, MRS, in the SK’s and SKL’s. Pretty good resume if you ask me.

  13. Modified racing defined by the tour. Ya I’m not on board that train. The announcers for fanschoice did a great bit explaining all the different pockets of modifieds that are found in the Northeast from Long Island to PA, upstate NY and norther New England. There’s strength all throughout the region. As for the NWMT it is the premier tour but many would argue it only has a few really elite teams with big bucks that dominate. Not my idea, Read it in the comments. Could you say modified racing is defined by the elite 5 or 7 teams?
    Emerling, ROC guy. 5 NWMT races, 1 win, 2 top 5’s. What if he ran the entire schedule. Nocella, 5 races, 1 top 5 and 2 top 10’s. There’s talent everywhere. My eyes were opened to the ROC that is loaded with talent and a heck of a lot of personality.
    Humphry showing hate toward Hirschman. I didn’t read hate, I read not a fan.
    To the LFR fans I say Austin Pickens. Under the wing of Fuller and LFR. If the chassis is the answer why didn’t he do better? He must have the best of evreything. It’s complicated obviously.
    Built motors are unicorns. RYR spec motors won. That’s what I’m reading between the lines from what was said over the last week. Change your rules for the open modified races Stafford.

  14. Scott,
    The Partridge #6 Troyer won the Tour Championship last year. Also, why the attack on all modified drivers/teams that don’t run the tour full time? Hirschman, Emerling, Blewett, McKennedy, ect. take a back seat to nobody. Just enjoy all the talented drivers and teams racing modifieds; no matter where or what chassis they use. Also, please don’t try to say that spending the $$$ to run the full Modified Tour makes sense for any team…no more sense than running Speedweeks.

  15. Modified Guy says

    @Doug, just because Pickens was in a LFR chassis doesn’t mean he would win. It’s a combination of many things including but not limited to: Driver. Crew Chief, Crew, Motor, Chassis, Shocks, Set-up etc. When Kennedy tested Pickens backup car, he posted 2nd fastest time. Not bad for the first time in a LFR.

    @darealgoodfella, you better go back and look at the race results for the races that Chase Dowling ran on the tour. Chase and Colby finished real close together. Thompson 10/15/17 Chase 2nd, Coby 5th, Stafford 10/1/17 Chase 4th, Coby 7th, New Hampshire 9/23/17 Chase 15th, Coby 14th. Bristol 8/16/17 Chase 4th, Coby 2nd, Thompson 8/9/17 Chase 14th Coby 2nd. New Hampshire 7/15/17 Chase 5th, Coby 11th, Thompson 6/14/17 Chase 21st, Coby 4th, Stafford 4/30/17 Chase 3rd, Coby 2nd, Thompson 4/9/17 Chase 25th, Coby 31st. I’d say it’s a dead heat between the two of them.

  16. ‘Im with Humphry, I was very impressed with Craig Lutz. Could the WMT have 3 first time winners this season, Dowling, Zachem, and Lutz?

  17. JD, in case you have not noticed Scott is flying the LFR flag. You are correct about the top talent that competes in other than the great and powerful WMT. Let’s also not forget about the teams that only compete part time that have the talent to give anyone a run for their money. I agree the WMT is not the be all and end all of modified racing.

  18. It may sound like I am a staunch Troyer guy but I am not. I am just stating the facts, it was a clean sweep in Florida for the Troyer camp.

  19. For all you haters of the guys who don’t regularly run the NWMT . Those guys are the smart ones they run where the money is and the over regulation isn’t. Come on is it really nessesary for Nascar to hand out air cleaners. Even if you treated them you’d only get 1 or 2 laps out of it the NWMT is a waste of money time and talent full of guys hoping to some day get a cup ride those days are gone. Look at the car count at most races. At Stafford last spring melluaa fifield posted a time trial time that most late models beat but she raced because they didn’t have a full field. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more cars ditching the NWMT to run other tours more money less cost. And if LFR cars are soooo great why we’re there none at the world series

  20. Can’t say for sure but Matt Hirshman probly won more money than Coby last year and probly spent less to do so

  21. darealgoodfella says

    This needs to be said again… the #6 Eddie Partridge TROYER won the 2017 NWMT Championship.

    Modified Guy, you got that?

  22. Maybe with Jimmy Fuller being Rocco’s crew chief Rob Fuller can talk them into running an LFR car …NOT

  23. When I said it was complicated Modified Guy that’s what I meant. But you said it way better.
    Maybe I’m naive but I’d love to see the Stafford Open modified show mimic New Smyrna’s World Series to some degree. Obviously not the intensity of nightly racing. But to bring teams from all the different tours and regions and see them do battle like the Tri Track series only bigger. And to have any hope of being bigger and better they need to allow the RYR spec engines.
    The NWMT is the king mainly I suppose because they have the NASCAR link, get the biggest crowds and have the loyalist fans. OK, a few teams have the best equipment as well. I get it. Do they have the best racing far and away……that’s for the individual fan to decide. Not in my view anyway.

  24. ROFLMAO…..who gives a flying flock about the tour, I went to New Smyrna to see Modifieds. Great field all week; I am just disappointed how few New England cars made the trip down.Between the “Tour” and Valenti Mods I would think you could muster 5-10 cars..Emerling ran strong all week. All in all, pleased with the Mod turnout and glad to see the Likes of Jeff Burton or Rusty Wallace promoting New Smyrna during the week. I would like to see more Late Model and Super Late Models guys from New England make the trip down

  25. Rafter, stand by for another update this coming week………

  26. Humphry I Fly the reality flag. A series with rules that they enforce and a series that pays is where the big dogs go. They won’t waste their time in a cheated up field for 3k to win. Dareal you must not have heard of a guy named Bobby Santos. He won both Loudon races last year. Another doom arse with his head in the clouds on reality. And for the rocket scientist that wants to know why Pickens didn’t win I’m not going to waste my time typing that answer. Let’s take this conversation to June and take a win count and after Justin wins in his LFR cars we will let Dareal come up with his theories on how it happened cause we all know it won’t be the chassis again. 51 wins 4 races this year. Get over it haters. Rob get your mit on bud. We are all talking about the 1 LFR car at Speedweeks that ran P2 in 2 practices with a guy that never drove one but wants to own one now. Austin ran 2 years ago in the 33 and was lap traffic and a second off so yes they found a answer to something Doug.

  27. Dareal I love going on this page and getting the latest comments from you. That’s a edjucated statement on the 2 car. That’s like saying if I had a million dollars in my bank account I’d be a millionaire. What are you 12? The fact is that the ONLY LFR car to run the tour full time last year won the championship the past 3 years. Stop crying in your soup and using elementary level quotes. Rob P. It’s game set match. Go back and watch the game before you mis quote it. What a way to spend a Sunday. You boys have a great day

  28. Or we could be happy that 30+ modifieds showed up to race. Just saying…

  29. Rob P give me a break man. Two worlds that are miles apart. Just exposed your intellect. Thank you. Mazda man great point. Going to be a great year. #trumprules

  30. Who wanted to know why Austin Pickens didn’t win?
    Here here, Mazdaj. Best car count since 1993 I believe the announcers said. Have a problem with that you have very high expectation.
    Two New England guys won 3 races. Pretty fair representation.
    I’m no NWMT fan but know we need them to do well. No one mentions the complaint about too many modified tours is fixing itself. By my count the MTS is dead and another proposed one never got off the ground. The SK Light deal apparently fizzled. ROC has it’s own region. TRI Track is special and limited, VMRS has tradition and NWMT is top dog. Balance is once more restored to the modified universe.

  31. Dareal google 2017 Nascar Whelen modified champion and see what comes up. Are you numb in the brain or what? Better yet let’s see who Nascar parks in the first garage stall next year. When your walking around and others are actually “doing” while your talking tell me who’s in that spot and then walk in the Nascar hauler and tell them they made a mistake. YAAFM

  32. Race Dude. Not even close. The tour championship pays more than big money made all season. Add the championship plus race purse and the 2 car won 4 times why big money won. Do you see the forest now? If someone is going to get a hauler a complete car and Motor and go run for 1/4 of theminey you have to ask why. It’s because they are not your legal. Most guys had big compression built motors in Smyrna. Fact. So if you have 50 HP but have to add 50 lbs who cares? You can’t do that crap on the tour. You run straight up or don’t run.

  33. Doug, it means that the modified racing is strong if it keeps guys like that interested. Neither one have to do it but they choose to do it.
    Humphry, I do not know if he was there but let’s just say he was. Have him open his notebook to the set up that won a tour race lately. That’s what I’m talking about.

  34. Man Scott you are one plucky dude. I’d think after you said Preece was only good on the short runs and not the class of the field you’d dial it back a notch or two after he wins the 100 lapper going away. But here you are dishing it out educating ignorant fools such as myself. You’re the best.

  35. Man Scott, I think I agree with you but I have no idea why. You’re either a modified guru or lucky on occasion. Or maybe I’m just too dumb to keep up.

  36. Modified Guy says

    @Rob p, were you not at the Thompson World Series, Chase set pole time and finished second from coming from the back with a bad clutch, Coby finished 5th, Santos finished 20th, (Ignition problems), Fifield finished 30th (Clutch problems) That’s a the LFR’s cars at the World Series.

  37. Doug I admit when I was wrong unlike others. Preece was in a class by himself during the 100 lap race. I missed that call. That was a guess when the other statements are based on facts.

  38. darealgoodfella says

    Mark, how come the LFR cars do not occupy the top spots per race every race? Or any race for that matter? Why isn’t the LFR chassis doing for all teams what it allegedly does for the #2?

    Mark, the #2 is using a stealth flux capacitor like no other. It has nothing to do with the chassis.

    Mark, why isn’t the LFR chassis doing for all teams that are using it as you think does for the #2?

  39. 1. They only had 1 car at every race last year. I’m sorry you can’t comprehend that. The 44 car left the LFR shop and won Loudon…….TWICE
    2. Your a moron
    3. Get your stat book out. All teams are running better after the swap. 44 went 2 seasons without a win and won Thompson. Fourth race with new chassis. 2 car won’t go there. 15 is just as fast as 2 (mod guy stats) and let’s just see how Justin makes out. If Justin wins in his new chassis this season what will be your excuse for that? What if he wins 3-4 times like I predict then what? Will you stay in your basement or come out and admit defeat? I don’t know why you can’t admit that the new design chassis are more advanced than the 30 year old chassis. It’s called evolution. Look it up.

  40. I’m just a dad in the stands in FL and don’t know a whole lot but I want my kid in whatever the 63 car was at New Smyrna. I have watched Austin race in the past and he was never that fast. That car was way more than he knew what to do with. Good kid. Hopefully he can get adjusted to these cars come next Speedweeks.

  41. darealgoodfella says

    Mark wrote, “1. They only had 1 car at every race last year. I’m sorry you can’t comprehend that. The 44 car left the LFR shop and won Loudon…….TWICE”

    Mark, are you saying LFR had only one car at every race in 2017? So when the 44, 01 and the other LFR car ran, the #2 was not running? Mark, what NWMT races did the #2 not run in 2017? 🤡 How many times did the 44 run? The 01 was a LFR a couple times. There was another. Are you sure there was only one LFR car at a NWMT race in 2017?

    Mark, you make shooting fish in a barrel look really, really hard.

  42. Come on man. I am saying that 1 LFR car ran the entire season. The 15,44 ran a part time schedule you moron. Leave it to you to raise the 01. So let’s talk 33 damoron. I’m trying to make a point that’s just not sinking into that concrete empty skull. The 2 car was the only LFR car that ran every race for a championship shot. 1 car man.

  43. darealgoodfella says

    Mark, you are not very good at making your point. Pretty simple and obvious.

  44. Modified Guy says

    For all you Troyer people…. Where was Billy Colton (Troyer) before LFR came into play. NOWHERE. He was never at the track to support his product, hadn’t updated and/or experimented on any new innovations. Along comes LFR, and whoa and behold, he’s at the track supporting his product, creating new (and copying) new designs etc. Even though LFR doesn’t have a lot of chassis, it at least brought some new life and created some buzz into the WMT.

  45. Another way of saying that is LFR only needed one car to win the championship. I love how all the Troyer people stand on New Smyrna results and totally dismiss the WMT championship. Winning New Smyrna is like winning a Twin 150 at Daytona. Its cute and all but people only remember the 500 champion. The 2 very seldom enters non tour events. Been that way for a while. Hard to argue with the 5 time champs method of operation. Troyer can have there moment in February. LFR is busy putting together another WMT championship season. Chassis wars are good for the sport. Adds a little spice to race season.

    30 plus cars is outstanding. Given that they were at 14 cars a few yrs ago that is a monster comeback. Great speedweeks. On to MB!

  46. Modified guy, smartest comment here. It’s about the buzz. I don’t know enough about chassis or care who’s is better. But I’m a Rob Fuller fan and love the buzz he’s brought to the region. From the WMT to Chase Dowling driving an LFR in the SK’s. Buzz everywhere.

  47. Preece is better than those guys..
    This guy drives for Gibbs
    I like it better when he does xfinity
    Because he has competition…i look at it like preece and then everyday drivers..
    Preece is better than anyone driving…mike joy said preece is best driver ever..i agree
    I seen him even use a lesser motor so the others it would be fair
    He will win at least 5 races at xfinity
    Next year he may go indy..mark my eords..

  48. So you think LFR copied no other manufacturer in their design.

    Flying a reality flag. We will see about that.

    I still want to know why LFR is not winning on the ROC, MRS, SK, SKL? I still want to know why Doug Coby won’t venture off the WMT?

    They have their chassis figured out with the spec engine but something tells me drop the heavier 18 degree or 23 degree tour engine in or a SK or SKL engine in and it is problematic for them.

    If I am correct not all of Coby’s championships have come in the LFR camp, l believe at least 2 have been with Troyer.

    Much of the credit for their success needs to be given to their crew chief for his knowledge and expertise.

  49. I guess it’s the nature of a good fan to see your engine type, chassis or favorite modifieds as the best. Heck I think the SK’s at Stafford are the best modified racing in the Northeast and also understand that is not shared by many. I’m pretty certain when the ROC teams roll into Spencer. Lake Erie, Lancaster or New Holland the fans there aren’t thinking gee, I wish I could be at a NWMT race to see the best.They feel they are seeing the best and who knows, they could be right.

  50. Ref, sound the whistle. Foul on humphry for having too many racing series on the field. Great point on engine weight in relationship to the chassis. However I would suggest LFR is a relative newcomer to the region. In lower divisions like the SK’s and Lights it takes time for chassis to filter down. May also want to see how Chase Dowling does in the LFR this year in the SK’s to get more data.

  51. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark wrote, “Another way of saying that is LFR only needed one car to win the championship. ”

    If LFR had just the #2 as that one car, that might hold some water. But that there are and have been several other LFR cars that do not come close to the #2, your take doesn’t hold. If LFR was that good, all LFR cars should be at the top of the leaderboard week after week. You know that ain’t happening. Not even close.

    The #6 Troyer CAR won the 2017 NWMT Championship. Colby won the 2017 NWMT Driver Championship. The #6 Troyer collected more points than the #2 LFR car. And with a high degree of confidence, if not complete surety, Preece would be the 2017 NWMT Champion if he didn’t get married AND drive in the big leagues, which caused him to miss some NWMT races. So the #2, Colby and the LFR groupies need to know they will never be allowed to omit those facts as they bring up their perceived competitive position.

    So in summary, without whatever the #2 team is doing, LFR would be a hodgepodge of non-performing transient part-timers and the 01. Eliminate the results of the #2 NWMT MSR LFR car and what’s left of the LFR ‘team’? LOL! Pretty sad, eh? They get lucky once in a while, I know that, but there is no consistency or rhyme or reason to it. If the chassis were that good, they would be consistent high performers, occupying the top spots every week, week in week out. That ain’t happening. Here is the obvious: THEY ARE NOT CONSISTENT HIGH PERFORMERS AT ALL.

  52. darealgoodfella says

    It was a good shakedown for the new #6 car. That looks to be another great #6 car from that team. Hopefully Preece gets all the bugs worked out, when he runs in 2018, it will be an event to see.

  53. Humphry babe,the last time Coby ran Tri Track he won Open Wheel Wednesday in 2016.

    You can’t say his other championships with Troyer was the car but dismas his LFR championships and say it was the crew chief.He had different crew chiefs with the 52 car too. The 44 won the two biggest races in LFR cars. They won multiple championships down south. You have to give them some credit. Just as you do SPAFCO when they are winning. The more buil ders out there winning drives the sport and makes everyone work that much harder. It’s the old saying “win on Sunday and sell on Monday”.

  54. Mark your # Trump rules comment shows your true colors. Go back a few year’s and look where the talent for NASCAR’s top tier drivers were coming from. They we’re coming from modifieds. Times have changed but most of these tour drivers are looking to follow in preece’s footsteps and land a ride. Not taking anything away from Ryan he’s got natural talent and got noticed but I don’t forsee many other modified drivers doing so. Trump is an idiot who cares only for the super rich and has no idea how to lead a country not to mention being a pathological liar. # not my president

  55. Since when do modifieds have garage stalls and since when has Nascar parked them by points. ,Only 3 tracks they run have garages and at Loudon they don’t park them by points

  56. Crazy. My wife is a close friend of the Brady’s and asked why they weren’t in Florida. Comes down to financial reasons and Mckennidy already having a ride

  57. Scott modified racing is NOT determined by the NWMT. It is defined by all tours all weekly racetracks and the NWMT if you crunch the numbers Troyer cars are far superior to LFR cars even CD and Race works and SPAFCO are better keep in mind this is based on ALL modified racing not just tours. Even fuery chassis have a better track record. TROYER cars also kick ass on dirt let’s see an LFR car do that. As far as the 2017 NWMT championship the #2 won the drivers championship the#6 won the car owners championship. But if preece hadn’t missed those races things probly would have turned out different.

  58. This should be a no politics zone since we get it via a fire hose every day. That said Amen Rob p.

  59. Humphry babe, really? OK so he won the last tri track race he competed in in 2016. So why not return to win more, and the answer is? OK so now he can just throw the mic down, yea right!

  60. I think LFR’s success had more to do with who was driving and what was under the hood if the cars were that good there would be more of them out there

  61. Can’t really count the 01 car at Stafford she posted a lap in the 22 second range Stafford late models run 21.4 consistently. and she was slow in the car she had before switching to LFR

  62. darealgoodfella says

    I’m looking forward to this season. Preece drives.

  63. Gotta agree with you Goodfellas now that LFR has the 15 running the full tour it will be interesting to see how much technical support other LFR cars get I believe that the 2 cars performance won’t be affected much because I think it’s the crew they’ve assembled that makes the performance difference. There are allot of variables when it comes to race car suspension and I think the 2 has found something that they’re not sharing with LFR but only time will tell

  64. The only reason #2 ran that TriTrack race was to use it as a test session for the upcoming WMT race. They figured they would maybe get a top five, but were able to run and stay up front. Coby said that in the winner’s circle interview. The #2 team’s focus is obviously only on the Tour. The fact that #2 is more successful than other LFR teams is obviously the team and the setup, although if #44 could run the whole tour, they might have something for them. I also think with some more seat time, the “house car” #15 is going to be very competitive. So maybe it’s them against the Troyers of Preece, Solomito, and maybe Pitkat? Not sure what #85 has, but they looked good the last couple of races also.

  65. I have no idea why the 2 doesn’t do more open shows. They almost never do. That’s their thing and it works for them. I was just saying when they do show up, they win.

    Hard to compare LFR against Troyers decades of results. It’s also hard to dispute LFR’s impact in a short period of time. Sure, Preece would have won championship if he hadn’t missed races. LFR still would have had a first and second place points finish the last two yrs had he not. Not too shabby. As it is, they won two WMT championships. Seems like folks are in one camp or another and refuse to acknowledge the accomplishments of the other. I think it makes the season that much more entertaining. It’s like Chevy vs Ford.

  66. darealgoodfella says

    NH Mark, NWMT cars, in general, don’t show up for open shows. Very few, if any, of the competitive cars run the open shows.

    And Fast Eddie is correct in that the 2 ran ‘konk as a test session for the Tour race.

    LFR has no impact on the Tour. Any claim to fame for LFR on the Tour is all due to the 2, and the 2 has far more going on that makes the LFR chassis look good.

    It only takes a couple more horses to make a chassis look better than another. And we know that all SPEC engines are NOT equal. Some are more equal than others. The carburetor is included with the engine.

    So think about it… SPEC engines that are supposed to achieve parity, and LFR chassis that are supposed to be the bees knees, and the whole LFR family supposedly shares set up data. But there is no parity at all amongst the LFR cars. Like I said, some are more equal that others. Clearly Fuller has no clue what the 2 car does for a set up. If he did, the other LFR cars would have been running that set up and performing better a long time ago.

    I’d like to see some team ask to borrow a spare carburetor from the 2 team. LOL!!! That would be a hoot!!!

  67. All this talk of chassis builders. What it all comes down to is that with a knowledgeable crew chief good driver and horsepower you can win regardless of what chassis you use. Getting a car to hook up and handle takes many things springs shocks spindles a frames these are all variables but when you get the combination right you go fast. Face it suspension parts and geometry are what makes a car handle . A talented crew chief may hit the magic setup and dominate all year then return the next year with the same stuff and be a load of crap. I don’t think it comes down to any particular chassis it comes down to knowledge . Troyer has an advantage because of the number of chassis builders building their design and the availability of parts. CD SPAFCO LFR and Race works all have tried to keep up and each has had it’s share of glory. Multiple chassis builders is a good thing it keeps the technology going in certain areas one builder may have an advantage but eventually the others catch up . There are even instances where a mungrel is the answer like a car with a troyer center section CD front clip and a spafco rear clip or various other combinations but when set up right that mungrel kicks ass there are other cases where someone buys a brand new car and can’t get it to go where the case may be that an a frame is the wrong lenth and so on and so on. Racing is about horsepower handling and a driver who knows how to drive and not nessesarely about what brand of chassis you run

  68. Class act you just hit the ball out of the park totally agree with you

  69. Maybe the solution would be a ” spec” chassis take the best atributes of each builder and build a spec car they already have spec motors and a spec chassis would be logical maybe even go to composite bodies. The spec aspect would make technical inspection easier. Who knows NASCAR may already have a spec car in the works at their technical center

  70. Not a bad idea Rob p the benefit would be that most likely the cars would cost less . Plus if you wrecked you could bring what’s left of the car anywhere for repairs.

  71. A few years ago when NASCAR went to the GEN2 car for the Xfinity series there was an article in either stock car magazine or circle track magazine that the truck series would go to a spec chassis and also the modified but have heard nothing since

  72. A build motor is $48000 and a Spec motor is $32000 with a life span not exceeding two years.
    How much does a chassis cost and how much would be saved with one clone everyone used?
    Knowing almost nothing about chassis seems to me you’re not talking about as big an expenditure but more importantly one where the expense is amortized over a far greater time period.
    Great post Class Act putting the chassis debate in perspective.

  73. I enjoyed the engine builder rivalry that is disappearing thanks to the spec engine. Let’s keep the chassis builder rivalry, shall we? He who can build the better car has an advantage until the other car builders can come up with something better. IMO the more mechanical ingenuity the better!
    One key piece to add to the Class Act statement: A good crew chief needs to find the right setup “for their driver”. Why does a driver change usually take a few races to work? The “new guy” drives differently than the “former guy”. For example, I’m sure #82 had to make changes to the car from Silk, to Christopher, and then to Pitkat, to adjust the car to the driver. Maybe not big changes, but the car still needs to be “dialed in” to the person behind the wheel.

  74. God that would suck. Spec cars were done in IROC, and we all know what happened there. The lack of diversity in chassis design is directly related to over regulation through the rules. And it leads to a lack of growth in the sport. Bring back at least SOME ability to innovate, and I think you’ll see more owners returning to the sport.

  75. Mark it’s point set match ! Watch more tennis and you’ll understand

  76. Class act got it right score the point to win the set to win the match.

  77. Is there a new GM at Thompson this year, hearing rumors that Josh is no longer there

  78. darealgoodfella says

    Class act… well said. There has been so much done with chassis over the years, including mutants, mongrels, and Frankensteins, that there is not much left to do except make them safer and less expensive. But a car will always do better with more horsepower. I have fun toying with the LFR groupies.

    The springs, shocks, suspension parts all mount almost identically on all chassis. Sway bars do the same regardless of chassis. The chassis is not why the 2 does what it does. The driver is not why the 2 does what it does. The #2 NWMT car is way more equal than the other cars.

    It’s all about airflow through the engine. Things that need to be watched are the cam (base circle), cam timing, rocker arms, and the carburetor. But most of all, the flux capacitor. A slight twist of hand can produce a few more ponies, and that’s all that is needed to make any chassis look better.

    Just do a Google search and see how often TC was caught with an illegal carburetor. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and PRESTO! More ponies!!!

    But anyways, congratulations to Ryan Preece, looking forward to his season.

  79. Rob P says:
    Go back a few year’s and look where the talent for NASCAR’s top tier drivers were coming from. They we’re coming from modifieds.

    really? never mind a few years ago, never in the history of NASCAR’s top division (Winston Cup, MENCS, whatever u wanna call it) has the NASCAR champion been a past full time Modified driver. u wanna call Bobby Allison one? he drove modifieds, sure, but he was a late model guy first and foremost. u wanna call last years champ, Truex, a modified guy because his dad and uncle drove modifieds? thats a stretch. name me a year, any year, where the top 10 in points were made up of predominantly modified guys. your not gonna find it because it never happened. over the past 35 years, a handful of modified guys have gone on to full time rides with varying levels of success. and another handful have had success on the Busch (xfinity) series as well.
    hey, i love the modifieds as much as anyone, and ive rooted like hell for all the modified guys as they’ve pursued careers in the so called higher divisions. to say that the top tier talent in drivers was coming from the modifieds isn’t just factually incorrect, it is just plain silly…

  80. Phil A, I gotta go with Rob P: I’m pretty sure Truex drove Modifieds at some point, maybe at Wall in NJ? There may have been no past Cup champions, but there have been many past Modified guys with full time top tier NASCAR rides; Greg Sachs, Jimmy Spencer, all the Bodines, Randy LaJoie, and Steve Park, to name a few. Besides Preece, Daniel Hemric drove the #79 modified and now has an Xfinity ride after a truck ride last year.

  81. darealgoodfella says

    Rob p. wrote, “Go back a few year’s and look where the talent for NASCAR’s top tier drivers were coming from. They we’re coming from modifieds.”

    Can you please list all this talent? I must have missed it.

  82. darealgoodfella says

    RichC, the basic rules, such as wheelbase, track width, and height set up the design envelope that the chassis designers deal with.

    The front suspensions are the same for all chassis, the rear clip is pretty much dictated by the fuel tank location rules, not much can be done with the front clip. How the rear axle is located is independent of the chassis. Before anybody goes nuts, the front suspension is an upper and lower arm geometry configuration for all chassis. That is all that matters. The rear axle can be located with an assortment of rods and arms regardless of the chassis.

    Go ahead, keep yammering about how the chassis is such a crucial differentiator.

  83. Great list Fast Eddie and I’d add Ron and Ken Bouchard.
    Rob p may have overstated his point but the spirit of the comment is right on. The avenues for Northeast drivers to get to the top tier of NASCAR racing for whatever reason have changed and our guys have a harder road. Maybe it it has something to do with marketability being more important. Maybe multi car teams and the ability to bring money. Few independents. Fewer cars period, there were on 40 at Daytona. The big team owners attachment to other series and fenders. You tell me. I watched all the modified guys that advanced to The Show Fast Eddie mentioned and Preece has more to offer then most. Were this the time of the Bodines etc he’d already be in the Daytona starting grid. Something is different and it’s a shame.

  84. Talent from the modifieds spreads accross all 3 top tier classes. Ron and ken bouchard Geoff Brett and Todd bodine ray everham Tony Hirshman Eddie dhondt Steve park Jeff Fuller Martin truex Jr Ryan truex and many more. Never said they were all drivers said talent came from modifieds oh don’t forget Tommy Baldwin Jr and yes even Mr LFR Rob Fuller. ALL MODIFIED GUYS

  85. Andy Johnson Jr aka AJ crew chief for Paul supernaut and the guy who used to build Mario fiores 44 cars went South worked for Robert Yates as head of the Fab shop both Dale Jarrett’s Daytona 500 wins AJ cars. Then worked for DEI both of Michael Waltrips Daytona 500 wins AJ cars both even had “thanks AJ” in sharpie by Mikey on the drivers door in the #1. Have photos. Allot of talent came out of the northeast and still does Kaz Grala and Ryan Preece come to mind

  86. Fast Eddie says:
    Phil A, I gotta go with Rob P: I’m pretty sure Truex drove Modifieds at some point, maybe at Wall in NJ? There may have been no past Cup champions, but there have been many past Modified guys with full time top tier NASCAR rides; Greg Sachs, Jimmy Spencer, all the Bodines, Randy LaJoie, and Steve Park, to name a few. Besides Preece, Daniel Hemric drove the #79 modified and now has an Xfinity ride after a truck ride last year.

    like i said, there have been a handful of modified drivers to make the move. however Rob says “that over the past few years, NASCARS top tier talent has come from the Modifieds”
    having a handful over a 35 year stretch does not equate to getting its “top tier talent” from the modifieds. has there ever been a single race where in the Winston Cup series where more there were more than 5 ex Modified regulars in the starting field? i doubt it. so in a field of 40 plus, at best 10% of the guys were ex Modified drivers. then of that 10%, who was the “top tier talent”??
    hey, i wish i was wrong, but the fact is the fact. the Modified drivers have not been “top tier talent” on the Winston Cup level. even if Truex is included as a MOdified guy, and geoff Bodine is included as “top tier talent”. thats 2 guys over a 35 year stretch! and that is your definition of the Cup series top tier talent coming from the Modified ranks? other modified regulars: Spencer, Sacks, Brett Bodine, the Bouchards were all journeymen middle of the pack guys at best. 5 wins between them and one top 10 points finish. thats “top tier talent”. steve park was a Busch champ and on his way to a great Cup career before that horrific crash (darlington 2000 i believe) derailed him a bit. todd bodine had a solid trruck and Busch career but was never a Modified regular. randy lajoie is like Truex, his dad was a Mod regular, but was Randy? and Randy had success and championships at the Busch level, not so much so at the Cup level. the only other Modified regular that had at a time could have been argued as “top tier talent” is harry gant. but that was more than “a few years ago”, and he was a Southern mod guy, and being on the RacedayCT site, id think RobP meant northern guys. even with gant, over a 35+ year stretch, only 2 modified regulars could be argued as Cup “top tier talent”: Gant and Geoff Bodine. hey, we’ll throw in Truex (never really a Mod “regular”) and StevePark (benefit of doubt because of injury) and thats 4 “top tier talent” Cup drivers since 1980! hardly close to what fast eddie and RobP are saying…

  87. Oh ya forgot about sacks and Spencer give me some time will try to post more

  88. Fast Eddie says:
    Phil A, I gotta go with Rob P: I’m pretty sure Truex drove Modifieds at some point, maybe at Wall in NJ? There may have been no past Cup champions, but there have been many past Modified guys with full time top tier NASCAR rides; Greg Sachs, Jimmy Spencer, all the Bodines, Randy LaJoie, and Steve Park, to name a few. Besides Preece, Daniel Hemric drove the #79 modified and now has an Xfinity ride after a truck ride last year.

    eddie: they all had rides, but RobP said “top tier talent”. if u combine the total wins of Brett and Todd Bodine, Spencer, Sacks, the Bouchard brothers and randy lajoe u get to a whoppin total of 5 career Cup wins and 1 top ten points finish. that’s “top tier talent”?
    steve park: i agree was a “top tier talent”, but unfortunatley never got to prove it on the Cup level because of an horrific crash.
    u say “to name a few” , but i believe this list plus Geoff Bodine are the only northern Modified regulars to make Cup starts. if im wrong, please name the others… gant was a southern mod regular and Truex was never a mod “regular”….

  89. Phil A. Todd Bodine won multiple truck championships. Ron Bouchard Geoff and Brett Bodine and Steve Park all had seasons with top 5 points. And Randy Lajoie had multiple Xfinity championships. Now I know what the A in Phil A stands for

  90. And don’t forget Truex Jr for monster cup champ. Know the topic before you hit the keyboard next time

  91. There are also allot of guys who work in the shops or on the pit crews who moved down south but used to work on cars at the weekly tracks throughout the northeast like I said never said all the talent was drivers

  92. Gotta agree with you doug

  93. Geoff Bodine was the first cup driver to use power steering

  94. The Race Hill Farm team with Ron Bouchard was the only cup team based in Connecticut.

  95. Maybe there is confusion with the term “top tier talent”. I’m looking at it rather simplistically; if they made it to a top tier level (Cup, GN, or Truck) then I consider them a top tier driver, regardless of how successful or unsuccessful they were at that level. BTW, all the Bodines cut their teeth on Modifieds at Chemung Speedrome. Young LaJoie did run a few WMT Modified races and did pretty good. And if going way, WAY back counts, Pete Hamilton ran Modifieds all over the east coast back in the day.

  96. Proofs in the pudding. Rob p’s simple reference elicited some of the best comments and recollections of the thread.
    I’ll ask again. Rob Fuller and Tommy Baldwin. Both with national reps. Both cited here as guys that have contributed to the top tier. And both in different ways retreating back to regional modifieds. What does that mean or does it mean anything?

  97. now i know what the P in Rob P stands for

  98. Doug it all comes down to returning to your roots. Although I don’t like Fuller much he is back in new England selling modifieds which are the cars he cut his teeth on before going south. Don’t know if Tommy Baldwin Jr is still involved as much in the cup car although during the race coverage I did hear his name mentioned as part owner of the 7 cup car. He has fielded the 7Ny modified for a few years and does work on it. So take away what you will I think both guys are good for modified racing going forward.

  99. Yeah it stands for potential

  100. Every time the car I helped build,setup and maintain hit the track it had the potential to win and did win many times

  101. One forgotten moment in time was when the late Ted Christopher ran the cup race at Watkins glen he was driving the number 13 which was his own car. He led allot of laps giving even the road course ” ringers” a run for their money and most likely would have won but the pannard bar mount broke with a handful of laps left.

  102. Rob,
    I remember that event well. Ted was very proud of doing what he did that day. That said, while he got a lot of positive attention and impressed many with the effort, he didn’t lead any laps that day. He started 33rd and finished 31st. It was simply quite impressive that he made the show at an event that seven cars were sent home.

  103. As TC was brought up I feel the need to enter my favorite, Mike Stefanick this list, running sporadically in the Busch series over the years. I believe he also had a full season in the Truck series. I think TC ran some Busch GN races as well.

  104. You know Rob p you don’t always hit the bulls eye. But you always come close and it’s always interesting. Loved the reference on Paul Suprenant. Appreciate the response on Baldwin and Fuller. It’s always a good thing having those guy in the region regardless of reason.

  105. Fast, Mike Stefanik ran sporadically in the Busch series? He was the 1997, 1998 Busch North Series Champion.

  106. Matter of fact, he also won the modified tour championship in 1997 & 1998 as well. Now that is what I call talent………..

  107. Fast Eddie I had forgotten about Stefanik back in the day he was one of those guys that won often. Stefanik and Mike Olsen hooked up building modified chassis they we’re so advanced in design that they ended up being illegal bet the other chassis builders had somthing to do with it. But that’s another story. He did run allot of Busch races and did run a full season of truck. After running the 16 modified for Eric Sanderson he just disappeared from the scene. His crew chief Stan still turns the wrenches on the 16.

  108. And yes TC ran some Busch races for Ted Marsh in the #31 car sponsored by LesCare kitchens. Then he drove the #13 car that he owned with Mystique helping him out I think Mystique helped with his cup car at Watkins Glen along with LesCare.

  109. Exactly Doug anyone returning from down south usually brings some new tech with them. As for Paul Suprenant funny story he ended up married to my high school sweetheart. The pro stock chassis he won multiple championships with is still sitting behind Andy Johnson’s shop in Monson talk about trick that chassis was way ahead of it’s time and was one of a kind. Dave Salzarillo runs the shop now.

  110. Must have been trying to stay on the lead lap cause I clearly remember him being out front right near the end of the race and breaking. My bad. Thanks for the clarification shawn

  111. By the way Shawn thank you for taking a stand and stopping the coverage of the Waterford toilet bowl. They don’t deserve the attention your coverage brings

  112. Rob, don’t mean to stir the hornets nest but the “illegal” chassis is the one that he won all the races and championships with so if it was illegal how did NASCAR let that happen?

  113. Humphry, sorry for the confusion on my end. I should have clarified between BGNN and BGN in Stefanick’s case. There was a race at Loudon; I forget what year, but may have been one of the double championship years. Stefanick won the BGNN race and in the process missed the WMT driver’s meeting. No problem! He started last and if I remember right he got a flat late in the race. He came from the back TWICE for the win! It’s too bad Bob Our didn’t stick with him in the #22.

  114. darealgoodfella says

    Ryan Preece won!!! YEA!!!!!!!

  115. Boo Rob p. I miss the coverage as well as rich and Just Wondering. But I guess you were always clear on how you felt about the Speedbowl.

  116. Like I said Humphrey it’s my opinion that other chassis builders had a hand in the Olsen/Stefanik demise He was winning races and championships then all of a sudden ends up in Eric’s car which is a troyer car. I know he had sold a couple of those cars but it seemed like he was the only one having success. But you figure if your winning all the time why bail only thing that comes to mind is NASCAR involvement. Then again I may be totally wrong it does happen from time to time wish someone with first hand knowledge would fill us in.

  117. One thing I do know is that #15 car looked like a cross of bump stop and dirt car setups when it was on the track and this was long before bump stop setup came out. At Stafford it seemed like he flat-footed that thing around and if you watched his hands seemed like he was on a Sunday drive through

  118. Sorry Doug

  119. Doug You have your opinion and I’ve got mine and it’s great that we live in a country where we can both expess them openly. Also great we live in a country where short track oval stock car racing exists. There are allot of countries where it doesn’t

  120. Doug, if everything works out tomorrow, I will have another report and not being optimistic.

  121. Both Burnham cars were sold and as far as I know, Mike still has big red. No bump stops, all front geometry and 4 link rear. Those lower A arms worked very well however, Mike is one of the only people who knows how to set it up other than Pete and Charlie.

  122. 100+ responses. Topics must include LFR, TC, or Coby. Yup, got all three.

  123. darealgoodfella says

    Ryan Preece won!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!

  124. Can’t that you enough humphry for sticking with the reports. I wouldn’t expect any action until the thaw. And with the noise issue being raised along with the environmental and renovation issues………yikes! We’ll need to forage among the remote media thickets to get wet our thirst for news.

  125. Funny I don’t remember Suprenants Pro Stock career so much. I think he had some modified starts as well. What I do have a crystal clear memory of is his impeccably prepared Monte Carlo. The first I believe for that model when everyone else was using Chevelles. 4 inches more or wheel base, lower center of gravity and smooth as glass in the turns. Not nearly as finicky as a Chevelle. With T/A power The Orbit dominated most races he was in where ever he went. Clean and fast. The year was 1983.

  126. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, there’s plenty of news. The bowl owner has chosen to go with a trial jury, he turned down a plea deal offer of no jail. His associate William Trefzger has pleaded guilty to patronizing a trafficked person and agreed to cooperate against the bowl owner. Two other witnesses have died. Can’t keep this down at all.

  127. That story made the channel 3 news quite a while ago figured everyone saw it.

  128. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, I don’t follow the 🚽 that closely.

  129. Forget the Speedbowl. As a citizen this case is interesting.
    How do you admit to the crime, offer money to settle civil suits then pass on a plea deal hoping to prove yourself innocent. Legal distinctions and compartmentalization are absolutely baffling.

  130. darealgoodfella says

    Preece wins again!!!!

  131. If you have noticed, ever since the bowl articles were remove there are certain individuals that have disappeared from posting on this site. So what does that tell you? Interesting isn’t it…………

    Could not get by there yesterday, but will do a drive by this coming week. Don’t expect anything new but will let everyone know.

    Thaw? Down on the coast the frost is gone, time to get moving, no more excuses, full steam ahead……

  132. Do you think anything will come of that noise deal humphry?

  133. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, that was one way to get rid of most of the Deplorables. And this guy –> 🤠

    Now we are left with weird Uncle Doug. Interesting how Uncle Doug was a staunch 🚽 advocate, but then changed his mind, whatever is left.

    The 🚽 is under attack from people complaining about noise. There have been recent town meetings about noise.

  134. Dareal, noise ordinance old news. You need to pay attention.

    Doug, that has been going on for many years. The neighbors that built there after the track have always complained. Shame on them for not doing research before the fact.

  135. darealgoodfella says

    Noise is persistent news, not old. humphry, noise put Islip out of business. The area developed around the track, and the population complained and complained. Finally, the way the area developed, the track was out of place. You think development is going to cater to a track? You think a town is going to prevent and pass up at developing the town to accommodate a flailing and failing track like Waterford? The track is definitely a negative impact on local property values. Local property values will spike up when the ‘bowl closes for good.

    I’m still amazed that Riverhead exists for the same reasons.

  136. It’s your turf humphry so you know the lay of the land. Googlemaps makes it look pretty sparsely populated but with some higher end homes. Combine that with having multiple events a week and the undisciplined racing schedule that runs toward midnight and you’re inviting trouble.
    As opposed to Stafford the wraps regular shows up in the 10ish region, that is located in are area of lower priced homes that know the track and accept it and is a fixture and economic force in town and run by a stable family.

  137. darealgoodfella says

    Sound travels for miles. I used to live about a half mile from I-81 and we HAD to close the windows at night in the summer in order to sleep. Eighteen-wheelers are very loud and the sound travels. I used to live about 4-5 miles from a track, and the nights I didn’t go to the track, I’d hangout on the deck listening to the races in the distance. Amazingly quiet when the races are over. There is far more development around Waterford than where I was.

    Ryan Preece wins again!!!!!

  138. Since this post has ADD’d into other topics (Congrats Ryan!), I have yet another one to add. On a previous post someone mentioned the July VMRS race at Lee the night before the SBM 125 at Star. That has since been rescheduled. Did anyone notice the Lee race it is now the SAME NIGHT as the second “Open 80” at Stafford? Seems to me the teams most likely able to run the open race would be from the VMRS. Both races may end up with low car counts. Maybe Mr. Arute and Mr. Bateman should look at this… Just sayin’…

  139. 15 cars so far pre registered for the first Stafford open. Not even March yet so that’s good isn’t it? Notable names: Mike Holdridge (MTS) , Andy Jankowiak (3rd ROC), Jeff Gallop (2nd VMRS), Jeff Malave (VMRS), Anthony Flannery (VMRS), Dave Etheridge (VMRS), Woody (can drive will travel), Eric Goodale (5th NWMT), Mike Christopher Jr (in Quinn Christopher’s 13).
    How many VMRS guys actually make it to every race and compete for points. I can’t tell. Good point Eddie but Stafford may be locked in schedule wise and it may be more a Lee problem then a Stafford problem.

  140. darealgoodfella says

    I’m looking forward to this NWMT season.

    Ryan Preece wins again!!!

  141. I know when this was an issue last year with the MTS @ Stafford & the VMRS @ Lee going head to head, the MTS had 18 and the VMRS had 23. Without the MTS points in the way, it will be interesting to see who goes where. I suppose for some teams it may depend on how they are doing in the VMRS points at the time, as I’m guessing most of the MTS teams will run more of the VMRS events.

  142. I don’t know if that’s instructive. The MRS at Stafford last year drew 25 and 26 cars and the MTS 18 and 20. If anyone knows how many teams ran all or near all the MRS races that may say something. For those that pop in and out, points isn’t an issue and it becomes money and prestige if Stafford can make the Open races events that people want to be part of. I still don’t get spec engines excluded but my guess is they have very good reasons for doing what they are doing.

  143. I’d think that Stafford SK regulars like Pennink and Rocco (and Williams and Dowling?) would be likely entrants for the Open shows at Stafford, too. I can’t imagine any of them heading up to Lee to run the VMRS on the conflict date. Others like Nocera, Pasteryak, McKennedy and Savery could end up at Lee?

  144. What’s Rob Fuller have in the garage for motors? Dowling is his guy. Will have to be an LFR car. If Fuller only has spec engines and chassis’s balanced for them how can Dowling appear. Preece and the 6 also use spec engines. At least he said he had one at New Smyrna. Or maybe Preece can pack something special into his own car. How about all the other top WMT teams. Spec engines I’ll bet. No dice seeing them one would think. Rocco will for sure appear. Pennink in the 25 races for VMRS points I think so maybe not so clear what he’ll do. How about a wild card like the Mystic Missile? Garbarino, not a spec motor fan and not full time on the tour. Headed for the Stafford Open hopefully? Put Preece in the car and make some magic. Time to get fired up.

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