Kevin Harvick Posts Weekly Bonus In Honor Of Ted Christopher At Stafford Speedway

(Press Release from Stafford Motor Speedway)

Following his March 11th victory at ISM Raceway, Kevin Harvick expressed his frustration with the disconnect between the short tracks of America and the highest levels of NASCAR. ‘When I look at our hardcore fans, they’re all sitting at those short tracks and they’re mad,’ Harvick said in his post race press conference following his 2nd consecutive win. Since that remark the NASCAR community has been buzzing with talk of returning to the roots and supporting local short track racing. Harvick, the 2014 Cup Series Champion, is backing up his comments with contingency support at Stafford Speedway in 2018.

Through his company, KHI Management, Harvick will present two weekly bonuses to the SK Modified® division in 2018, both in honor of Stafford Speedway legend Ted Christopher. Weekly, both the leader on lap-13 and the 13th place finisher will receive a $125 bonus provided by Kevin Harvick and KHI Management in remembrance of Ted Christopher’s number 13.

“I’m glad we’ve been able to start the conversations about local short tracks and local racers,” said Kevin Harvick. “Most all of us came from local short tracks, and it’s important not to forget where we came from. These tracks, racers, and fans are an integral part of the motorsports community. It doesn’t take millions to make a difference. My hope is to continue the conversation with this contingency program, because a little can go a long way at the local levels.”

Stafford Speedway’s SK Modified® division is recognized as one of the most competitive weekly short track programs in the country with weekly 40-lap events at the Stafford, Connecticut half-mile facility. Founded in 1982, the SK Modified® division was dominated by short track legend Ted Christopher who, over the course of his career, scored 109 of his 131 career Stafford victories behind the wheel of an SK Modified®. The racing community tragically lost Ted last September just one night after he thrilled fans behind the wheel of his #13 car.

“We can’t thank Kevin Harvick enough for joining our weekly contingency program and bringing attention back to the grassroots of the sport,” said Stafford Speedway General Manager Mark Arute. “Kevin has stepped up in a big way with this bonus, not only showing his support of weekly NASCAR racing but also honoring a short track hero, Stafford Speedway legend, and our friend Ted Christopher. All of us at Stafford are beyond excited. I know one thing for sure, Kevin Harvick just picked up a lot more fans in the Northeast.”

Harvick’s racing career began at the Mesa Marin Speedway in his hometown of Bakersfield, California competing in the Late Model division before moving to the Winston West and NASCAR Truck series in the mid 90’s. Eventually Harvick moved East and joined Richard Childress racing where he competed in the Busch Series and eventually the Cup Series where he won in his 3rd career start.

The KHI Management weekly bonus for the SK Modifieds® will accompany 5 additional contingency sponsors for Stafford’s premier division and boosts the total weekly purse to over $9,000, including just under $2,000 to win. Competition in 2018 will be strong with a mix of youth and experience. Veterans like 2017 track champion Keith Rocco, Rowan Pennink, Todd Owen, and Eric Berndt will compete with a mix of young guns including Chase Dowling, Ronnie Williams, Matt Galko, Michael Christopher, Jr. and others to crack victory lane in 2018.

To add to the deep weekly field, NASCAR Xfinity Series regular Ryan Preece is expected to run Stafford as often as his schedule allows in 2018. The 2011 SK track champion and current driver for Joe Gibbs Racing was quick to show his excitement for the Harvick bonus at his home track.

“Having Kevin Harvick show this kind of support to the grass roots is very humbling,” explained Preece. “All of us who race on Friday night look up to a guy like Kevin Harvick. To have KHI supporting the grass roots and being a contingency sponsor, goes a long way. It’s moments like this that make me want to work harder to win that contingency.”

The 2018 SK Modified® season kicks off at the 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® on April 27-29 where the SK Modifieds® will be accompanied by 7 divisions including the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour. Tickets for the “Greatest Race in the History of Spring” are on sale now at and at participating NAPA Auto Parts stores.

For more information, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at


  1. WeldingWonders says

    Stafford is on fire with the new money. $250 a week, no big deal right? It’s over $4000 for the season from a guy with no Stafford roots. Not to mention his publicizing NASCAR’s disconnect with it roots.

  2. Fast Eddie says

    I was a fan of his before, became more of a fan when he started with Stewart Haas, and now a fan more than ever!! What a classy move from a great racer!!

  3. Spot on bonus plan. The creativity of these spots will definitely be achievable by some of the lesser funded teams hopefully enabling some to improve upon their game. Hats off to Kevin.

  4. WeldingWonders says

    “young guns including Chase Dowling”
    He was on the Stafford roster and disappeared. Is he in or not?
    Ah, you other big time Monster Series drivers. Anyone else perchance care to add to Kevin’s ground breaking bonus and show a little fight for our loyalty.

  5. Great collab with KH and SMS! 13th is like my average finishing position, such a mediocre placing can finally pay off for me. I need to get back racing weekly!

  6. Awesome news for the stafford SK owners!!!

  7. Big spender KHI, how about $1,300 to the winner dude? You can afford it!

  8. Seriously Dave? Cool move by KH.

  9. darealgoodfella says

    Thank you KHI!!!

  10. Thank you Kevin I have been a fan of yours a long time this is a great day for short track racing.

  11. It’s a good start, let’s get some other cup teams to do the same. Get 6 or 7 cup teams to do that .that could really change things for a lot of teams…..

  12. A big THANK YOU to Kevin Harvick. His loyalty to short track racing is unsurpassed. What makes this more special is him honoring TC undoubtedly the king of the SK’s. What’s amazing is that a guy from California ends up giving money to competitors in Connecticut just shows how respected TC was even at NASCAR’S highest level. Once again THANK YOU KEVIN HARVICK & KHI your support is much appreciated

  13. Race dude says

    Kevin Harvicks the man! Last week he raced the KN West race to support a local short track in Bakersfield now he announced a contingency to honor TC love the tie in $125 to lead lap 13 and $125 to finish 13th. This money may make the difference of a team being able to race the next week. Teddy was undoubtedly the king of SK racing and wether you loved him or hated him watching him work through the pack was always exciting he won in almost everything he drove and earned allot of respect along the way Harvick doing this shows me how respected TC was. Thank you to Kevin and Delana Harvick and KHI God bless you and your family Rest in peace TC your legacy lives on

  14. Dave really? Just the fact Kevin is doing this is awesome. Why should the winner get all the contingency money what Kevin did is spot on and ties his bonus directly to TC not to mention giving some smaller teams a much needed boost.

  15. Old Observer says

    Dave, read Bob’s first post. Kevin isn’t targeting the winner, but putting the $$$ where they may be more helpful. I’m sure Stafford will gladly accept YOUR $1300 addition to the winner’s share.

  16. The biggest disconnect with short track racing to cup is that no one knows who these 18 year old kids are. It’s all about daddy’s money and they start right at the top. It use to be that you had to prove yourself first on the short track and you would get a fan following on to your way up. That would cause more people to be interested and follow the cup series. Look at the cup series today, it’s full of guys that couldn’t win at stafford ever. Ryan Preece is the best example of the way it use to be and the way it should be. He’s worked hard and won to move up. I talked to at least 10 people that watched him race last week that would never had watched that were pulling for him.

  17. Awsome, Dale Sr Fan. Knew Kevin was cool. And LOVED Teddy! You Know That Shawn

  18. I have to tip the cap to Kevin on this one! I must say he is spot on with this doing his part to play his part in keeping the grass roots of Nascar and Local Racing in the spotlight! The fact that he is paying any contingency money 💴 is a bonus. You know he got called to the trailer after his press conference @ ISM. He is 💯% correct that Nacsar is making a huge mistake not promoting and supporting the persay starter series under their banner all because of the fact that in their eyes it’s not gonna line the pockets and that in my opinion sucks out loud! So in closing classy move Kevin and doing it alone is enough, but to do it in honor of Ted Christopher is just awesome and speaks volumes of the impact and respect Teddy had from his fellow competitors through the years!

  19. WeldingWonders says

    So who’s mad? Are you mad at NASCAR. Not me i just don’t watch them so much except Daytona and if our boy Ryan is on the tube.
    OK the results are in. This bonus from this person resonated and is wildly popular. Harvick is no Dale Earnhart but he’s the senor, most successful guy now in the Monster Series and running point like it or not. Did Jackie Arute make this happen? Now how about a visit Mr. Harvick. I would suggest the SK5K June 29 if schedule permits. We’ll be hearing the bonus announced for numerous weeks by then and it should make for a very warm reception. Or maybe my favorite Dunleavy’s Modifidz Night May 25th. Oh and if you can Jackie maybe you can get Mike Joy to visit and call the race like you did a few years back and really make it a special night. Mike Joy, Kevin Harvick and Jackie in the booth. Oh and if Ryan is there mic him up like you did that night with Mike Joy and make it really special. You want to connect the Monster Series with the grass roots, it’s a great start. Give it some thought.

  20. darealgoodfella says

    Well, there is almost a connection…. when the Mods run at Loudon the same weekend the xfinity and Cup cars run. The announcers will sometimes mention the Mods are also running and they are excited to watch those practice sessions and the race.

    Although this is a nice gesture by KHI, let’s not lose sight of the fact that Dunleavy spends far, far more on our local racing scene. Sure, Harvick’s name has a direct NASCAR big league impact, but Dunleavy is putting up the big bucks.

    Thanks Mr. Dunleavy!!!

  21. Henry Lecomte says

    Well here it is I hated Kevin Harvick however I grew up around these cars I lived two houses away from Chassis Dynamics when they were off Woodtick road on the Waterbury Wolcott line I member some of the first cars to be built meaning the Sky the V2 of Bobby V. Mike Plaquette so now I’m the #1 Kevin Harvick fan so all u so drivers come get that money at the Greatest show of Spring.

  22. Yesterday Stafford didn’t have the money. Today, some think it’s not enough. Some people… My guess is there is an employee at KHI that bridged this deal. KH is a west coast guy who could have selected any track in America. Doesn’t really matter I suppose. The donation itself is a fine gesture regardless of how it came to be.

  23. darealgoodfella says

    Ya’ll have to understand the money is not what this is about. It is about having the “Kevin Harvick” name getting exposure and associated with local home track racing, and it is working. It should attract more attention. The $125 x2 ain’t much, but the talk and attention is worth FAR more.

  24. Super Cool!

  25. Unbelievable a guy from California donates $250 a week to a track in Connecticut and some guys still aren’t happy , it’s great that Mr Dunleavy does what he does but I bet he’s not sending any money out west , I can’t wait till you guys make your donations to our great sport, on another note I think we need to send out a silver alert for Doug, hope all is well and your on some remote island enjoying yourself

  26. What KHI is doing is awesome read a post that other drivers should step up what is lost is that other drivers have stepped up just in different ways. One example is Kyle Busch with KBM he gives young drivers an opportunity that they most likely never would have gotten and so far has a 100% success rate. Allot of drivers have charities to help kids and families. What I’m trying to say is that we should be glad that Kevin put this money up but not mad that others don’t follow. This money is going to help allot of teams throughout the season.

  27. Race dude. says

    To not see the 13 on track is heartbreaking but through Harvicks generosity the memories of TC will remain at least through the season

  28. Billy Mac says

    What a contrast displayed this weekend in short track racing in Connecticut. You have Stafford Speedway getting national attention for their efforts to improve their weekly shows and Modified racing. Then you have the Waterford Speedbowl putting on a preview at a mall this weekend that totally ignores Modified racing and their Saturday night shows. Took a walk through Crystal Mall today and there were no SK Modifieds on display and no SK Modified drivers signing autographs. How do you have a “preview show” and not have anyone from your top division there? Obviously the people running the track only care about the kids divisions and Wednesday night divisions. Looked like there were two or three Saturday night division cars on display and then the rest were all gokarts and Bandos and Legends and Wacky Wednesday cars. And there was a K&N Pro Series car. Why is there a K&N car at a Speedbowl preview? NASCAR isn’t even involved with the track. Sad to see the people running that place are destroying the Saturday night show.

  29. WeldingWonders says

    Indeed Billy, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Tremendous report on the show at the Crystal Mall. Thanks. It’s just weird. There is literally not a peep of information coming out on the status of the season or info on the stands but they had been pushing this show for weeks.

  30. In response to SF22 YES you should get back out there. Hopefully you could run strong and pick up the first bonus but be running too good to get the second. Maybe let the ole man do a few hot laps

  31. Old Observer says

    Oh my God, I agree with Dareal?(see11:01A post). The publicity any time Kevin’s name is mentioned is going to help. Maybe more local sponsors will get interested so they can be associated with KHI.
    How did we go off topic -Speedbowl- on this positive thread?

  32. crazy larry says

    THIS IS SAD,OPEN YOUR WALLET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. The 🚽 bowl is not part of this conversation so please let’s keep it out. I like positive news not negative!

  34. darealgoodfella says

    Hey, humphry loined how to use emojis!! Good boy!!!

    Stay on topic? Since when? That’s never happened before. Since when are we going to stay on topic? This crew has an attention span of 6.3 femtoseconds, at most. Will chase any shiny object. Wait for it…

    And the positive ‘bowl is posting all sorts of positive great positivity all the positive time. All positive sorts of great positive new positive things happening positive and going positive on. Wonderful positive plans. All positive, all the time. The biggest positivity, believe me. Nothing but the best positivity. So positive. Can’t be more positive.

  35. WeldingWonders says

    Information isn’t good or bad. Like drive by reports Billy’s entry on the Expo was outstanding. And I’d follow it up by asking him if he had a chance to ask any of the racers if they have gotten any information on what direction the Speedbowl management is going. There are no threads on the Speedbowl so if some stuff pops up and the conversation is civil and information is shared what’s the harm. On the other hand if you want to go beck to the article topic feel free you betcha. Or talk about Preece’s 9th place finish in Xfinity that didn’t get much play here. Maybe a little disappointing since he set the bar pretty high last year but first of the Toyota’s. It’s free form baby.

  36. darealgoodfella says

    Back on topic, again.

    What Harvick is doing is what NASCAR should have been doing. When NASCAR was making more 💰 faster than it could count, things were great, small tracks did okay. The NASCAR name alone meant something, and just that was enough to make a small track seem bigger than it was. All it takes is a little attention, just simple attention.

    KHI is making these token monetary postings, but the power of his name goes further. To see that a short track is getting the attention of one of the biggest names in Cup racing has far greater value. This will get fantastic exposure over the season, and just having the name “Kevin Harvick” associated with Stafford will increase interest dramatically. Kevin Harvick is now involved with Stafford. BOOM!!! 🤯 For just $250 an event. That is by far the best advertising that KHI could get for that price. And now KHI looks like a benevolent hero for only $250.

  37. darealgoodfella says

    This was a great move by Kevin Harvick. His sponsors will love this. His sponsors will get far greater market exposure and penetration, greater bang for the buck.

    Publicity is great. The red hats will be getting plenty of publicity tonight on CBS 60 Minutes.

  38. Bill Realist says

    Harvick is absolutely right about NASCAR not caring about grass roots fans. Case in point is rescheduling Martinsville for 2pm Monday. One of the only races this grass roots fan cares to watch will be shown mid day on a workday when the track has lights. Nice NASCAR. This is a club series run for the competitors and corporate. Screw us.

  39. Agree with ya bill NASCAR could have run the race during the night live or run it during the day and televised it at like 7 pm. No consideration for us working people. But whose to blame NASCAR or FOX ? I understand running the race during the day for the fans attending but FOX could have televised it later on at least it’s on FS1 and not FS2 or FOX GO

  40. Joe Lajoie says

    Bill Realist, you have to be a realist (no pun intended) with na$car’s rescheduling for Monday afternoon. All the teams are already a day behind in shop preparations with the bad weather. You can’t hold them hostage at the track all day long to run a race at night. And I’m willing to guess most of what’s left of na$car’s viewing audience has DVRs so they can watch the race when they get home from work.

  41. The rescheduling of the Martinsville race to Monday afternoon makes more sense for the fans who have tickets and have to go back. First, it will feel like the temperatures are in the 50’s with the sun out during the afternoon, compared to feeling in the 30’s. Plus the fans get back on the road back home are around 6pm as opposed to closed to midnight. There is also a pretty good chance FS1 replays the race at night Monday, the only things FS1 has on the schedule Monday night is repeats of things that happened month ago, so they could would likely run the NASCAR race again in the place of that stuff.

  42. Joe Lajoie says

    And as far as the Harvick sponsorship goes, I think it’s awesome.
    And one thing to bring up that Harvick did brought up – and this isn’t a slam on the current regional series sponsorship deal – is that when Winston was around, the money flowed like water. They sponsored Cup, the Modified Tour, the West Tour, and every regional weekly racing series. As bad as cigarettes are to your personal health, they were great to the health of auto racing.

  43. WeldingWonders says

    As someone with a friend with a son undergoing chemo for lung cancer that was a smoker I would say overall the loss of Winston and cigarettes from racing including banning smoking from the stands is a sacrifice that was worth the cost.

  44. In today’s fledging economy any money should be appreciated. Back in 2009 when my business was doing good I looked into contingency program at Stafford back then you could sponsor a division for $25 per week. Unfortunately the 2009 crash effected my business greatly and although I was able to keep sponsoring a car just couldn’t do the contingency. But for around $500 a year anyone can and you know the money would be appreciated.

  45. How is the construction going on the new grandstands at the Speedbowl?

  46. The Bowl Is Dead says

    Seeing Phil Rondeau and Bob Potter signing autographs with a group of 14 year old children and demolition car drivers at a mall this weekend was pathetic. The Bowl has truly hit rock bottom.

  47. WeldingWonders says

    Fledgling economy? We’re the better part of a decade into an economic expansion. Turbo charged with massive tax cuts. Connecticut due to mismanagement or whatever may not be fully participating in an economic expansion. But this is literally as good as it will get in as far as racing goes. This is the peak, the zenith. It happens now or it ain’t happening.

  48. WeldingWonders says

    The Bowl is dead. We shouldn’t even mention it. Rocco’s out. New stands, repairs to the old stands, zero media coverage but a big show at a local mall and the season is a done deal. This is the most bizarre, whistling past that graveyard thing ever NOT talked about. And you know what, it’s racedayct’s revenge. Just goes to show that without viable media coverage we fans are back to the 1950’s where rumors and speculation were the only source of information. And we don’t even have that.

  49. WeldingWonders says

    That’s one way to look at it. Another is that some young drivers get to sit near the guys they looked up to in racing and got to sign autographs with them as equals. It’s called networking and fan outreach. Sean Foster fostered the same notion. Regardless of the current circumstances at the Speedbowl the legends will live on and deserve a little respect.

  50. It’s the Waterford Speedbowi pre-Bemer. When Bemer was arrested for sex trafficking and NASCAR gave them the boot it became the toilet bowl. Anyone who raced there pre-Bemer has my respect. Post Bemer not so much but they are still racers most of who had no place else to go. I support Race day CT for dropping it’s coverage but hopefully they realize we are all entitled to our own opinions. For those who race there this season Best of luck

  51. darealgoodfella says

    LOL!!! All you have to say is that you don’t want to see anything about something and that’s all they write about.

    Are the ‘bowl gift cards still available?

  52. Old Timer says

    Disappointing to see Phil Romdeau and Bob Potter doing promotion for Bruce Bemer and his track. Lost a lot of respect for both of them.

  53. I picked up a holiday gift pack just the other day dareal.They are still available but supposedly selling like hotcakes.Better hurry.Joe Lajoie makes a good point about Winston but it still doesn’t explain why dirt racing has strong fields,great purses, and packed stands.

  54. Old man racer says

    I have to agree with Joe on this one. Winston did a lot more for the tracks than add to the purse. They supplied smaller things that add up. They supplied paint for the entire facilities (that’s why most tracks are still red & white.) Track stationary, (even my checks said Winston,) uniforms for officials,even an occasional jacket or helmet for a championship.
    And guess what, I never took up smoking!

  55. darealgoodfella says

    Here’s my take on why dirt racing has strong fields, great purses and packed stands: GREAT RACING. Geez, was that too obvious???? A pack of dirt cars enter a turn, all get sideways, still a side-by-side pack while sideways, the pack is shuffled, and any car can come out of that in the lead. It’s exciting racing and oh yeah, the tickets are dirt cheap. Pun appropriate.

  56. darealgoodfella says

    art, I hope the grandstands have enough capacity to serve all those gift cards that are being sold.

  57. darealgoodfella says

    Now the sponsorship money goes to the France family, the tracks are dying.

  58. What are Rocco’s announced plans for the Bowl this year? Is he completely out, or will he run part-time? Does he plan to race elsewhere on Saturday night?

  59. Rafter,
    Keith has said he will be branching out to do a lot different things on Saturday nights this season beyond the Speedbowl.
    You can listen to him talk about those plans here: Keith Rocco Talks About His 2018 Plans

  60. Lebanon Valley is packed everything Saturday night admission, food and beer are cheap and the racing is great nothing like big block dirt mods

  61. I am thinking after his banquet rant about Bemer he may not be welcome back with open arms.

  62. Pretty sad when your defending champion doesn’t return. Wondering if it had anything to do with his antics at the banquet,the track owner being a sex trafficker, or if he really is gonna try different things

  63. darealgoodfella says

    Rob p., all of those.

  64. WeldingWonders says

    What antics at the banquet? He made a ill conceived joke that pretty much bombed. Not to put too fine a point on it the charge is patronizing a trafficked person and paying for sex. A come to Jesus moment for Rocco on the Speedbowl. A year late don’t you think. He’ll race there for sure this year on a selected basis.

  65. darealgoodfella says

    humphry, do a drive by lately? There should be a convoy of heavy equipment showing up. Only a month to go to rebuild the ‘bowl. Given how little time is left, there will have to be massive amounts of equipment to get the job done.

  66. Stuart Fearn says

    think about it and it’s obvious why Rocco isn’t racing waterford.
    1. No one wants to sponsor a car there and be associated in any way
    2. No NASCAR affiliation. Rocco runs for a national championship every year. Running the bowl is a complete waste of time to this goal.
    3. See reason number 2
    4. There is another NASCAR track running Saturdays that he can run division 1 and accumulate important NASCAR points toward the national championship.

    If you’ve been paying attention you would not be surprised Rocco said what he did at the banquet. He speaks his mind and most times says exactly what a lot of people are thinking as well but they don’t have the balls to say it out loud, let alone to the entire room on the microphone

  67. WeldingWonders says

    Many reading here may assume that the idea of Waterford coming to life is nonsense. Down on the shore the local racing community is abuzz with anticipation for the season having just completed their racing expo that by one account was a rousing success. George Whitney was quoted as saying “he is looking forward to opening weekend May 5th and 6th for the New London Waterford Speedbowl at 1080 Hartford Turnpike according to Ryan Gilbert and his web site Mod Squad Racing Media. “. The Speedbowl web site contains a simple but unequivocal announcement of the season opening as well as an open practice date.
    What we have here is a massive disconnect from the fire hose of information from Stafford vs a tightly focused and controlled message from Waterford. But news is news. Waterford pulled off the exact thing Sean Foster talked about in conducting an event that represents outreach to the community. But from there it gets bizarre. Nothing I can find from real news sources like The Day or Norwich Bulletin. We have to get the details of the single biggest pre season event and have it framed by Ryan Gilbert on his web site with the event filtered through the prism of his views on the track and his relationship with management.
    The pictures of the event and the description by Gilbert complete with reactions from key players at the Speedbowl was outstanding as far as it went. On the other hand the single biggest question on every ones mind regarding how the stands and environmental issues are being dealt with is scrupulously avoided. Nothing. We get this flowery propaganda piece from Gilbert reporting on the positivity going on that I can’t tell is real or more group think while the biggest challenges are ignored. Or maybe it’s all taken care of and I’m out of the loop. Regardless this is just the weirdest, creepiest promotion of a racing season I’ve ever seen. With more unmentioned undercurrents avoided by a questionable media outlet run by a sketchy character who is the opposite of objective and unbiased.

  68. darealgoodfella says

    When you have to control the media and perception, there are HUGE problems. Apparently somebody has lots to hide. We already knew that. Trump is pissed off that he can’t control the media. Look at all that is being made known about him. Let your product do the talking and you don’t have to be concerned about the press.

    The 🚽 and its media outlet has been saying that the place will be rebuilt, but the replacement of the stands triggers code required changes elsewhere. From the chosen media outlet, the meeting proved that detailed designs did not exist. The 🚽 reps were sent away to prepare the actual plans for review and permitting. Clearly that did not happen. It’s a YUGE undertaking. By now, it should be obvious that the rebuilding of the 🚽 was fake news. This is also known as misinformation, disinformation, fake news, false information, etc. Very interesting that those that called BS on the 🚽 propaganda were indeed correct, and the allegations of false information turn out to be false.

  69. Back on subject just found out Dowlings SK ride fell through supposedly he has something in the works but we’ll have to wait and see. Bet he’s wishing he was still wheeling the 50. Karma’s a bitch. Maybe next time he’ll stand his ground.

  70. darealgoodfella says

    Back on subject… So glad that KHI Management is putting up this money. Especially the link to the number 13.

  71. WeldingWonders says

    It’s natural. Fans are going to see drivers and teams from the stands 50 feet away. That essentially they are amateurs and local hero’s putting on a show then go back to work Monday. Fuller and Dowling aren’t that. They are selling their business, it’s services and products and make decisions based on their business goals. Almost impossible for fans to grasp.
    The thing that is the most perplexing is the assumption in all this that Dowling is some kind of idiot that doesn’t know whats best for himself and is a puppet of Rob Fuller. Maybe it gets back to this misunderstanding and underestimation of anyone that is a part of the millennial generation. It’s insulting. And insulting to label Rob Fuller who in my view is a giant asset to Northeast racing some kind of evil genius..Very perplexing, short sighted and judgmental of people and their decisions we as fans have only a superficial understanding of.

  72. darealgoodfella says

    Very cool to see who will get these awards. The #13 will live on. There will be race within the race to lead lap 13.

    Thank you KHI Management.

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