Maybury Material Handling Renews SK Mod And SK Light Mod Contingencies At Stafford

(Press Release from Stafford Speedway)

Returning for a 3rd consecutive season, Maybury Material Handling of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts will sponsor a weekly 1st place contingency bonus of $150 for the SK Modified® division and $125 for the SK Light Modified division. With the additional bonus the weekly SK Modified® purse moves to $1,950 to win and a total weekly purse of $9,355 while the SK Light purse moves to $600 to win with a total purse of $3,455.

“Maybury is excited to continue our relationship with Stafford Speedway and its drivers & teams for the 2018 season,” said Maybury President John Maybury. “Racing has always had a special spot in my family so we are pleased to be able to support other racing families who share that passion. The entire Maybury team is looking forward to another great year of racing at Stafford Speedway.”

Since joining the Stafford contingency program in 2016, Maybury Material Handling has awarded over $11,000 in combined bonuses to the SK Modified® and SK Light divisions. With the announcement, Maybury Material Handling becomes the 6th announced contingency sponsor for the SK Modified® division and the 3rd announced contingency for the SK Light Modified division.

“John and his team at Maybury Material Handling have been long-time supporters of Stafford Speedway and short track racing,” said Stafford Speedway General Manager Mark Arute. “It’s turning into a strong year. We have nearly all of our contingency sponsors returning and a few new ones coming on board. We really can’t thank Maybury and all our contingency sponsors enough. These bonuses go straight to the teams and I know everyone appreciates their support.”

Since 1976, Maybury Material Handling has been designing, supplying, and servicing a wide variety of material handling equipment throughout New England. Maybury provides customers from a wide range of industries with solutions to move, lift, and store their parts and products. Maybury has become one of the largest and most successful material handling companies in the Northeast with nearly 100 employees operating as a distributor for approximately 1,300 manufacturers. Maybury supplies virtually all types of material handling equipment, including many ergonomic & productivity enhancing products. Customers range from large manufacturers to small, family-owned businesses. A diverse product line, knowledgeable personnel, and an emphasis on safety combine to make Maybury a recognizable leader in the material handling industry.

The SK Modified® and SK Light Modified divisions have become two of the most competitive weekly racing divisions in the Northeast with a wide array of different winners across the two classes including 7 different winners in the SK Modified® division and 9 different winners in the SK Light Modified division in 2017. The 2018 season will be no different with nearly all drivers who competed in 2017 returning in 2018 along with an abundance of new drivers entering the SK Light division or moving up to the SK Modified® division.

The first Maybury contingency bonuses of the 2018 season will be up for grabs during Stafford Speedway’s 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® Weekend on April 27-29. The 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® gets underway Friday, April 27 with a practice session for Stafford’s weekly divisions, the New England Truck Series, and Vintage All-Stars. The practice session will be open to the public at no charge. Action continues on Saturday, April 28 with pole qualifying for the Whelen Modified Tour cars, along with heat and consolation races for Stafford’s weekly divisions, trucks, and vintage cars. Saturday will wrap up with feature events for the Limited Late Model, Street Stock, N.E. Trucks, and Vintage All-Stars. NAPA Spring Sizzler® action continues on Sunday, April 29 with the NAPA Auto Parts Pit Party from 11am-noon followed by Stafford’s SK Modifieds®, Late Models, and SK Lights joining the Whelen Modified Tour in feature action.

Tickets for the “Greatest Race in the History of Spring” are on sale now at the Speedway Box Office. Tickets are priced at $40.00 for adult general admission tickets, $5.00 for children ages 6-14, and children ages 5 and under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult. Reserved seating is priced at $42.00 for all ages. As always, Stafford Motor Speedway offers free parking with overnight parking available. Tickets are good for both Saturday and Sunday admission. All ticket prices include 10% CT Admission Tax. Discount Tickets are now available at participating NAPA Auto Parts stores. For a full list of the 72 participating locations throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont, please call the speedway office or visit us on the web at

For more information, or to order tickets for the 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler®, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at


  1. WeldingWonders says

    More of the steady drip of press releases from Stafford announcing contingency money additions building toward the season opener. Does any track in the country do it any better?

  2. THANKS JOHN! Your continued support will help keep these cars on track.

  3. Race dude. says

    Don’t take me wrong love all the support money, but wouldn’t it be better to spread the money through the field better rather than winner take all

  4. Welding. The almighty Joe Hamm( if you know him you understand) was given a question one time. He was stumped so I’ll ask you the same question. Can you weld wood? The guy who asked Joe this insists you can.what do you think. LOL Happy Easter say hi to Doug.

  5. Stuart Fearn says

    the american way is winner take all so I’m guessing thats the way it goes.
    The track is well aware of the purse structure and wants to spread it out I’m quite sure to keep the racers coming back weekly. By getting contingency sponsors the purse gets increased in general. This is good for everyone, track, competitor, and sponsor. Now the sponsor has to be happy and that happens with publicity and recognition. Will that come by awarding this to the last place car? or the forth place car? The simple answer is no.
    The top three get interviewed at Stafford so that is a great time for publicity of the contingency sponsors. Think of this as well, third place gets less attention then second place (first loser) and the winner gets the most attention of course, that’s just the way it works. So, it makes common sense that the sponsor wants to be with the winner. They pay the bill so that goes a long way. What does happen is some want to give more sponsor dollars then others so when that happens the lesser amount would be a second place slot and the least would go to third place, or least watched, spot.
    Now, to be honest I’m all about giving it all to the winner because we get there more than most. But I get the logic so there it is. Extra incentive to do the best you can

  6. You hit the nail on the head Rob, is welding Doug with a new alias? Me thinks so with those long winded posts. As the saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig, lol………

  7. Stuart, as a competitor I’m sure your well aware of the costs involved with racing. Yes the winner should be awarded but if a sponsor puts up $150 how about giving $ 100 to the winner and then put the other $50 toward something like leader at halfway or $25 to second and tenth. If you look at the field the podium finishers are usually well funded teams but the guys finishing mid-pack are the ones who can’t afford the best. Maybe speeding out the contingency money would help these guys and produce more winners. And in cases like the LM,LLM and Streets maybe attract competitors and bring up car counts

  8. Race dude says

    Yes Humphrey I think we’ve found the elusive Doug

  9. Race, you can run but you can’t hide……….

  10. Race dude says

    With KHI’s generous bonus for 13th place the 13 the place finisher will take home more money than the 6 the place guy unless he leads lap 13. If more contingency sponsors offered money to people other than the winner we may see a guy who consistently runs between 5th and 10th actually get a win. Plus it might attract cars to race in Street Stock, LLM and LM where car counts are poor. Maybe it would also attract other contingency sponsors. I think allot of people think that if they put up contingency money it goes to the top 3. Fact is you can alocate that money to any spots or to lead a certain lap.

  11. You got it Dude spending the wealth is good for everyone. Doug, oh sorry, Welding Wonder, can you weld wood?

  12. Anybody remember the days where for special events you could sponsor a lap? This is something that tracks should bring back. Back then it was only $10 to sponsor a lap and the announcer’s did their best to read off the sponsor of the laps. Talk about fan involvement.

  13. Racing is a sport of money. It requires a continuous stream of $$ to keep running. Some people are lucky to get good sponsorship. Some guys are financially stable as to where racing is a hobby. Then you have those who scrape up all the money they can just to make it to the track. Although I’m sure the top3 appreciate the contingency support I’d be willing to bet the others would appreciate it a little more hoping that it might help them be a top 3. Yes the winners deserve it but the guy who finishes 14th needs it.

  14. I remember a night back in the late 90’s when me and my crew chief stood at the pit gate asking for donations so we could buy a tire that night. I was really surprised by the amount of support, we actually bought 2 tires that night. Racers are awesome people

  15. Stuart Fearn says

    race 413-
    thanks for saying that, i’ve had a similar experience a couple years ago that I won’t expand upon but found my fellow competitors very eager to help me.
    Sunoco fuels does exactly that and splits up the $$. Harvick did the same by rewarding the leader at lap 13 and the winner.
    Ben Dodge at Riverside paid heat race winner and second place finisher $$ and merchandise like a case of oil etc. Every little bit helps

  16. WeldingWonders says

    Really humphry a pig. Long winded for sure but a pig.
    I terminated an email address and thought I’d go with weldingwonders since I love welding and metal fabrication so much. I made no secret of the switch and got thoroughly trashed for it in the thread below if you want to get some ideas for future insults.
    I also invited anyone to address any taunts, mockery, insults or any other degrading tom foolery to weldingwonders. I guess pig fits in nicely although its short on imagination and I thought we were past that.. Guess not. I’m done exchanging personal attacks but don’t let that stop you. Thank you for your interest. Formerly Doug.

  17. darealgoodfella says

    Doug = WeldingWonders = 🤡

    He was called out, and tarred and feathered a few days ago.

    I call him Sybil.

  18. WeldingWonders says

    I’ll just throw this out there. What is the total front and back gate on a typical Friday night at Stafford. Somewhere in the 2 to 3 thousand range? You tell me. I would suggest that some of the heavy hitters in sponsorship do it because they are one of two things. Racing specific like RAD or they simply want to contribute to the activity they love. It’s mostly a closed audience. I sincerely doubt that if you do any kind of serious analysis that folks like Maybury in material handling or Doug Dunleavy get any kind of return on their expenditure. I kind of like what Kevin Harvick did. Some money to the winner and money to guys down the line that are equally important to making the racing show possible. It’s not what the money will buy so much as showing a little appreciation.

  19. Kids agree with Rob p. Spreading out contingency money would help the smaller teams. As far as LLM & LM go I think what you see for fields is it. Both divisions are metric chassis based and the rules are meant to keep the cars at Stafford.i don’t think you’ll see any new cars anytime soon most seem to be building lites cause they can race at other tracks

  20. HAPPY EASTER to everyone

  21. This Just In a reliable source has informed me that Stafford speedway is working with KHI to try and get Kevin Harvick to drive an SK for an event this summer. Source says it will most likely be in the car nomally wheeled by Ryan Preece re- numbered #4. More to come . Hopefully this is true and happens biggest thing is scheduling conflicts

  22. Good scoop Rob hopefully it works out. It’s a shame he couldn’t be put in a late model car those are the cars he started in.

  23. WeldingWonders says

    Agree with Race413 except I would add Street Stocks. All three divisions make it easy for no one to come in and compete and apparently it’s designed that way. As long as the SK’s and Lights are doing well it’s not an issue. But ACT is thriving and the Stafford LM’s are stuck with the rules they established that are being passed by. The LLM’s are all but dead depending some nights on 20% of the field comprised of Fearn’s. And those Street Stock mid 3 gears and two barrels match up with no track.
    Merge the LM and LLM. Promote the Streets to the forth division. And for Pete’s sake do what the vast majority of tracks are doing. Get an affordable front wheel drive 4 or 6 cylinder division to make racing accessible to more people.


  24. If you figure 100 cars each car 5 crew members at $ 25 each that equals $12500 then figure a mere 2000 fans
    (2/10th capacity) that comes to 34000 so about 46500 just at the gate. 2-3 thousand is a far cry from that. And the gates are much higher at special shows. Don’t worry the Arutes won’t have to choose between food or heat any time soon

  25. Welding you will not see 4 or 6 cylinder front wheel drive cars at Stafford. These cars are all unibodies and are difficult to make safe. That’s one thing Stafford is known for is safe cars. Don’t see them going ACT but maybe more a southern style car
    (ACT on steroids) or maybe ACT cars but not under the restrictive ACT banner. But with the tube chassis X-Y-G car don’t see Stafford changing anytime soon.

  26. Welding since you never answered my question I will give you the answer. Yes you can weld wood. There is a product Wood Weld not a glue but a polymer that welds wood lol. Have a HAPPY EASTER.

  27. Just messing with you Doug oh I mean welding wonders. Your posts provoke thought and offer insight and perspective keep up the good work

  28. Did anyone get to go to Thompson today? If so fill us in please. They were supposed to have open practice.

  29. WeldingWonders says

    You know I’m a fan Rob but that is cruel. Would it kill you to say where you got the info from. Preece’s car. That’s pretty specific.

  30. WeldingWonders says

    Sorry Rob I got distracted by humphry. A polymer is an intermediary and in my view is no different then wood. Wood glue joints are like welds in may way in that they can be stronger then the wood surrounding them. But I do like your mentioning polymers. A very complex and intriguing subject.

  31. WeldingWonders says

    With all due respect Race 413 I believe you are behind the curve. Traditional thinking is that front wheel drive cars, unibodies and computer electronics are not practical for circle track racing. But they are being raced safely and extensively all across the Northeast. And to my friends that say they don’t work on the bigger tracks I point to Spencer that has two divisions with them.

  32. Welding the info came from a friend of mine who is a contractor at the track. The reference to Ryan’s car shocked me too. At this point he said nothing of a date but did say that New Hampshire was too tight of a schedule to make it work and allot depends on logistics. With the confusing way the Cup car shedule is this year with qualifying being on Friday afternoons but sometimes Saturday no date is set yet. To the best of my knowledge it doesn’t look like Ryan will race SK this year which may be the reason for trying to get Kevin in that car. It’s a good car and their not gonna put him in a backmarker. I guess it comes down to a wait and see situation. Hopefully the track will announce something soon

  33. Stuart ain’t it great that with all the hostility and anger in the world today when you get to the track it’s a whole different world. Again back in the late 90’s when Jim Peterson blew the motor in his car in practice, Frank Lango who owned the 53 at the team stepped up and asked if Jim would like to drive his car that night. Jim was 3rd in points at the time, he drove the 53 to a3rd place finish. The following year after running half the season in an SK, Jim was again asked to drive the 53 first time out he won and finished the season in the car.The following year Frank became the car owner of the 17 and in 2001 and 2002 Jim was track champion. But it all started with a simple jesture from one racers trying to help another. Once again I say racers are awesome people

  34. Stuart, your an old school guy. I’m sure you remember the days when 26 cars started the feature and 8-10 went home. Wouldn’t it be great to see that again. Merging LM and LLM is a start but to keep the cars you need to get money further into the field. That’s where contingency money can help. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to see contingency sponsors giving money to the winners but the guys further down would appreciate it too and it might draw in some new teams. Racing will always be a losing situation with the current purse and contingency even if you win. But a little money further in the field could make the difference between the life and death of a division. Good Luck to you Tom, Ryan and Alexandra this season

  35. Everything aside including money. Racing should be something you enjoy, something where you have FUN. If racing stops being FUN stop racing. After putting his window net up I used to tell my driver have FUN out there. When he stopped racing I asked him why he told me he stopped because it wasn’t FUN anymore

  36. Race dude. says

    There’s an old saying : If you want to make a million dollars racing start with 2 million. If you built a new late model car with the best of everything. Then raced the full season winning every race you wouldn’t even come close to breaking even

  37. Race dude. says

    Welcome back DOUG

  38. Stuart Fearn says

    I have a full fendered car or two Harvick could race at Stafford for a night. Anyone interested in seeing that?
    I would do it but would probably hire out the car prep etc so it doesn’t dilute the effort we put into the regular running cars
    Third weekend in June the cup series has off so that date looks best.

  39. Stuart Fearn says

    July Pocono race is the best bet I think because cup is only Saturday, Sunday. Pocono is 200 miles via helicopter from Stafford, that’s about a one hour flight.
    I don’t know if Harvick ever does extra races in his off time. I’m pretty sure his car owner does. Smoke loves the modifieds and Sprint cars, not sure about a regular late model

  40. Old man racer says

    If Stafford starts a 4 cylinder class, I will never go there again. Stafford is in a class by itself because they don’t stoop to the level of school bus & motorcycle demolition derbys. Leave that for the waterford guys, the championship wrestling fans that cheer for a bad accident.
    Let’s be professional here and keep the show moving along. Thank god they got rid of the legend cars. (although that’s when the concessions were packed, nobody was in the stands watching).

  41. darealgoodfella says

    Doug, what are all your other handles?

    You made it really funny, as Doug, when you complained about other people using ‘fake’ name handles. Is ‘Doug’ even you real name?

    You made yourself look like a 🤡.

  42. WeldingWonders says

    Isn’t racing like any other expensive personal form of entertainment. Whether you like to travel extensively in a motor home or by air, own a boat, buy and maintain a lake house it’s mostly money spent for entertainment. A waste or money well spent to enjoy life it’s what value you place on it. What’s the saying. If you’re thinking of buying a boat for $20000 as an investment you’re better off throwing $10000 in the water and not buying a boat.
    That’s all racing is for the vast majority. The higher the division the more money you lose just like buying a bigger boat. The tracks return some money to help offset expenses but it’s a token. Was never meant as a money making proposition and anyone that races knows it going in or learns it after their first race.

  43. darealgoodfella says

    In other off-topic news, looks like I was right again. According to an official NLWSB announcement, there will be no new grandstands, but there will be work done to fix some things, then the town will inspect and decide whether to allow to open for 2018. Gee, I wonder what happened with the grand grandstand replacement? Seems like this was a bunch of grandstanding. But at least there were a few of us that saw through all the 💩 to know, a long, long, long time ago, that the advertised new grand grandstand project was nevah gonna happen. Look back through these threads and you will see I posted that the ‘bowl will try to open with the place as-is, maybe more Bondo and another coat of paint, and convince the Town to let them open for yet another season. Well, that’s what’s happening.


    Hey cowboy 🤠, are you still wondering how people knew? You must love looking like a fool!

  44. WeldingWonders says

    Old man racer. Let’s be professional here. There in lies the problem. Local circle track racing isn’t professional. It’s varying degrees of amateurism. And we old men aren’t the future of local racing. Young men and women being afforded the opportunity to get on the track and experience the thrill of racing in the most affordable manner is the future. And that future, like the 1970’s Street Stocks that at the time were mocked, includes 4 and/or 6 cylinder, computer controlled, front wheel drive cars. It’s not an experiment. They’re here, proven, entertaining and competitive. Most importantly they attract young people and their friends.
    Eventually we oldies with all our experiences and ideas of what racing should be and should not will be to old to attend races. The idea is to have young people to take our place and that doesn’t happen with some notion of professionalism that has never been associated with grass roots racing. And make no mistake, Stafford is grass roots racing. in fact I’m so fired up I would say that part of the problem is people making grass roots racing too professional that is part of the cause for the constipation the asphalt tracks are experiencing afraid to think outside the box. Dirt doesn’t seem to have such an aversion to letting the novice divisions be part of the show.

  45. darealgoodfella says

    Turns out that the NLWSB latest announcement jibes with all that has been reported and discussed here at good ole reliable RaceDayCT. In summary, no grandstand replacement, more Bondo, open as-is again for another season.

    This is like a flashback, or another another deja vu all over again.

    🤠 = 🤡 = FOOL

    RaceDayCT, thanks for keeping it real.

  46. WeldingWonders says

    Dad gum Rob p. You unleashed a torrent of great information on a possible Harvick visit right down to suggested itineraries from Stuart Fearn. Well done! July 27, a regular Friday night show…….perfect. Bring Mike Joy with you in the helicopter it you can to call the race.

  47. darealgoodfella says

    This is great news for the SK and SKL series.

    Thank you Maybury!!!!

  48. Welding aka Doug. Don’t get your pants in a bunch, I only quoted a well utilized saying, nothing personal.

    Glad your back, look forward to more conversation with you as the season plays out.

    Happy Easter all.

  49. Stuart that’s some good research you did. My source is a longtime contractor at the track, and gave me little info. Yes I would like to see KH in a Late Model and I know your equipment is tops. You also have a long-standing relationship with the track maybe time providing you can do a little digging. In the past when the track had special guests no announcement was made we found out that night at the track. Pocono weekend look possible. Will have to wait and see. Hoping source gives me some more info soon and hoping he wasn’t playing an early April Fool’s on me. HAPPY EASTER to you and your family.

  50. Dareal thanks for the NLWTB update although I don’t care there are others that do. Back in December I read somewhere that the town wouldn’t let them just patch the grandstands that they had to be replaced. Is George bucking the system here? For what it’s worth I hope all the racers have a good season there, if there is a season to be had. Have a Happy Easter

  51. dareal,it was you in fact that claimed the Speedbowl had to replace the grandstands and move the concessions or they would not be allowed to open.If the the town let them open with repairs to the grandstands,who cares?I don’t.You also claimed engineers were needed,building permits were needed,materials had to be ordered and that the Speedbowl would never open;again this year, you are very wrong as pseudointellectuals often are.Obviously George knew what he was doing and you didn’t.It will open on schedule much to the joy and relief of those that love the place(thousands).You are not welcome at the Speedbowl period.

  52. So, old man racer, you wouldn’t go to Stafford anymore if they started a 4 cylinder division? You probably said the same when Stafford dropped the tour modifieds and made SK’s the top division. But you came back, didn’t you?

  53. wmass01013 says

    If you look at the Stafford twitter page after it was announced that Harvick would be paying 250 weekly to the payout it was offered by Stafford via Ryan Preece via Marcel Ruffano to have Harvick race on July 21, NHMS weekend and Harvick responded he was willing to try

  54. 450Mike,
    The former head of the building department in Waterford – Frank Hoagland – did confirm in December that ownership of the track, previous to 2017, entered into an agreement with the town to replace the existing grandstand before the 2018 season. Track management announced in November that construction on the new grandstand would begin after the New Year.
    In January – when it had become clear that track management wasn’t taking any realistic steps toward replacing the grandstands as they had indicated they intended to do – Hoagland said he was “not on board” with allowing the track to open with the current grandstand in place.
    Despite announcing their intentions to replace the grandstand, no actual plans for construction were ever submitted to town officials and no permits were ever applied for.
    In February Hoagland retired and recently track officials negotiated with town officials to abandon the previous agreement to replace the grandstand and it was decided that the town would allow the grandstand to remain in place for the 2018 season.

  55. Thanks for the clarification Shawn. Have you heard anything about Harvick in an SK

  56. Rob P.
    I understand they’re trying to make something happen. That’s all I know at this point.

  57. It is not George that knew what he was doing it was Bruce. George is not calling the shots, Bruce is. Bruce owns the facility, not George. George is nothing but Bruce’s puppet and everyone is giving him more credit than he deserves. Bruce is much more involved than everyone knows.

    Shawn, any word on the environmental issues that were supposed to be corrected or did the town let that slide as well?

  58. Humphry,
    My understanding is the town is letting them slide on the environmental stuff for another year too.

  59. Thanks for the 411 Shawn.

  60. In response to Welding on professionalism. In the late 90’s one of our teams sponsors was Afco Racing Products. They supplied us with uniforms and a pit wall banner. A few weeks passed and just about every team was wearing uniforms and hanging banners. This continued for a few years even the cars seemed to be better maintained from a visual point. Away from the track we had structure at the shop. Everyone had a job and did it. But that was as close to proffesional as it got. It’s not like we we’re being paid. But it was cool to look up and down pit road and see all the guys on each team match.

  61. darealgoodfella says

    450Mike wrote:

    “dareal,it was you in fact that claimed the Speedbowl had to replace the grandstands and move the concessions or they would not be allowed to open.If the the town let them open with repairs to the grandstands,who cares?I don’t.You also claimed engineers were needed,building permits were needed,materials had to be ordered and that the Speedbowl would never open;again this year, you are very wrong as pseudointellectuals often are.Obviously George knew what he was doing and you didn’t.It will open on schedule much to the joy and relief of those that love the place(thousands).You are not welcome at the Speedbowl period.”

    Per an interview with the town engineer and reported in the news, if the grandstands were touched, the concessions were going to have to be relocated, per code. Things can only be fixed so long before there isn’t much left to repair, or repairs are being repaired. Ask Doug… he’s been welding repairs on his rustbucket pickup truck. Pretty soon, it is all rust, nothing left to weld. This “one more year” schtick has been going on for many, many years.

    I also made it clear that after it was already too late for the advertised construction to be completed in time for the May 4-5-6 weekend, that the track was either not going to open or will plead with the town for another year with the decrepit stands. I also explained that the town NEEDS the ‘bowl to operate for the revenue and jobs. The ‘bowl has economic leverage. And Bemer is in no position to be spending seven figures to rebuild the stands, concessions, rest rooms, sewer, electrical, environmental and other remedial work that will be triggered by code when it is touched. He can’t even show up at the place.

    Yeah, George knew the place was never going to be rebuilt, and they were going to go the repair route. Why he couldn’t say that many, many months ago is strange. The lack of activity was contrary to what was being said. Actions, or in this case inaction, spoke louder than anything coming from the ‘bowl, its spokespeople and precious chosen media. 🤠 LOL!!!

    But it will be really funny watching nothing happen with this five year plan. Just like we watched nothing happen from October 2017 until now, and the new grandstands story has indeed turned out to be nothing but fake news. Bigly fake news.

  62. WeldingWonders says

    An alternative theory that I favor is Whitney has longer term plans to buy the track. Guys facing criminal and civil judgments as Bemer is tend to not make longer term plans. Guys looking to buy an asset do. Sure the stands didn’t go in but no biggie. Keep the ball moving forward and overcome the obstacles in front of you to get to the bigger renovation later. Good for the track, racers and fans. Like him or not Whitney has once again left we naysayers with egg on our faces if he in fact does pull this rabbit out of a hat.
    More importantly to me is the update release by the track and Mike Serluca. Not Ryan Gilbert and his web site. In fact much of the information he provided via Mod Squad Racing Media in January and in fact crowed about being the only one to have has proven to be bogus. But true to form he is crowing once again about being bigger and better and looking to add people to his staff while missing this and just about every other story in racing while patting himself on the back. Hopefully the way this was released is an indication that the Speedbowl may decide to freeze him and his addition by subtraction mentality out.

  63. darealgoodfella says

    In the NLWSB announcement, they also emphasized that there is a lease in place with Whitney Farms LLC, like that a good thing. Keep in mind why the lease deal had to be done.

  64. WeldingWonders says

    To all those that say a four or six cylinder front wheel drive division is unprofessional or some other such thing that excludes their consideration check this out.
    You betcha it’s Lebanon Valley’s Four Cylinder division and they are fast, competitive, include body styles people can relate to including a PT Cruiser if you can believe it and they aren’t wrecking constantly. Then you go to their rules and they combine single and duel cam cars on the track at the same time but score them differently. The rules also make them stay strictly stock and they can and still turn good lap times because many four cylinder, computer controlled engines are designed to turn high RPM’s consistently whereas the old V8’s need special machining. But here is the kicker. The Street Stocks at Stafford use stock mid 3 gears and turn modest RPM’s. These 4 bangers could actually come in and perform well with stock engines and turn higher RPM’s no sweat. Wake up Stafford.

  65. sour grapes of wrath says

    unreal racer 413 believes Stafford is making money hand over fist.. I guess they never heard of payroll,taxes maintenance capitol improvements advertising etc…ben dodge was a great promoter of riverside.. it still closed ..many tracks are closing, in trouble or for sale.. if you think its so easy go borrow a couple million and buy one (Waterford) .. see what you can do …. Shawn clearly told the story here and it apparently will open.. with old stands and existing management /lease. . who cares they are racing.. all the babble means nothing if you don’t wish to support it than stop obsessing/commenting.. clearly da real has some issue with the bowl and cant let go. thanks shawn for your accuracy !!!

  66. darealgoodfella says

    I hope this snow doesn’t delay repairs at the 🚽.

    Sure don’t want to miss that opening day. ☃️❄️


  67. Here is an alternate theory welding. Bemer turned down a plea deal and is going to trial. At this point revenue is a little tight so he is holding back on any major investments until the verdict is in. Also, don’t forget a large portion of his assets are frozen which is probably a good portion of his working capital. This buys him until the fall of this year to see what transpires, if the trial is concluded by September/October, then he will regroup and decide what happens next. Like I previously mentioned, Bemer is steering the ship and Whitney is just the puppet holding the lease, that was put in place to temporarily keep things moving.

  68. Vintage grandstands-Nobody cares
    Vintage bathrooms-I like the open air scene
    Concession location-Fine
    Another season of racing at the Speedbowl-PRICELESS!

  69. darealgoodfella says

    No matter what happens with the criminal case(s), Bemer faces YUGE civil suits. Do not forget that he already admitted to the dirty deeds. One of the others that were arrested and charged has taken a plea deal and will testify against Bemer. Bemer turned down a no jail plea offer, so he must be going for the Hail Mary. OJ was found not guilty, but was found liable in the civil cases. Last I saw there were like 15 plaintiffs. At a couple million each… you see what’s happening here.

    Not only is revenue tight, he is prohibited by the court order to spend anything other than normal operating expenses. That means, huge sales or purchases are not allowed without court permission. He can’t go liquidating assets or make large capital purchases.

    If Bemer didn’t get into the mess he’s in, there would not be a need for a lease. Bemer would be the face of the track, just as he was before his arrest. Right now, Bemer can’t show his face and Georgie Boy is needed to create a facade to keep Bemer out of sight. The lease creates the illusion that Bemer gone, but Bemer is still the owner and is calling the shots.

    Bemer bought the place for $1.7 million IIRC. It needs almost as much in rehab to bring it up to code and make it presentable. All the grandstands, concessions, toilet facilities, electrical, sewer, drainage, environmental, etc. will add up to a huge bill, almost as much as the purchase price. Georgie Boy, as the lessee, is not going to do that on his dime.

    But let’s watch this five year plan unfold. How many years ago did the five year plan start?

    Don’t be surprised when the five year plan turns out be more vaporware.

  70. Riverside closing had nothing to do with finance. The park expanded. Before the last season racers we’re told it would be the last season. I was there

  71. “Riverside closing had nothing to do with finance. The park expanded.”

    Exactly correct… I even remember the Six Flags upper management stating “we aren’t in the racing business” during a presser, as they announced huge spending to add rides and attractions.

    This article provides some detail on just how much money the amusement chain invested in the park:

  72. WeldingWonders says

    Puppet. That’s a good word. Trivializes the person and makes him sound weak and easily manipulated. The greatest likelihood is it’s a bogus assumption for a couple reasons. First there is nothing about Whitney, his behavior over the the last year, his accomplishments at the track or his working history in general that suggest he would be happy to act as a front. And were one to seek an actual dyed in the wool puppet you wouldn’t go into left field to pull a stranger out of Westbrook to do it. Here is the story The Day filed in June 2017 regarding how the arrangement came about.
    It would have to be a pretty well thought out conspiracy to construct the time line complete with reputable sources being manipulated with lies to have the puppet label hold up.
    Most agree there is plenty to criticize Whitney for as the manager starting with my favorite his relationship to Ryan Gilbert. However the puppet label by any standard is not fair and doesn’t even remotely hold water in my view.
    The stalling until September or October observation is shaky as well since the 25 million offer to cap damages was rejected by the victims and the civil trial is not scheduled to start until January 2019 according to the Hartford Courant.

  73. WeldingWonders says

    At the risk of putting too fine a point on it the elimination of racing had everything to do with finance. The square footage the track took up could generate more revenue with the rides and such that Six Flags specialized in.
    I recall the last year as well. My recollection is that there was never a debate about the track staying or going. As soon as the mega company was in the track was out and it was a very sad last year indeed. The end of the full weekend of racing with Stafford on Friday, Riverside on Saturday then out to Thompson Sunday.

  74. I guess folks are back to speculating about 5 year plans and so on and so on.My question is why would Waterford town or whatever government entity would take on risk for a shoestring operation like NLWS.Taxpayers may be sorry to see that Mr Hoagland retired.BTW 450 Mike,bemer also enjoys the “open air scene”.Although you may be a bit long in the tooth for cousin brucie, I would be careful in there anyway.

  75. sour grapes of wrath says

    my point was the park was in good shape as a racetrack and new ownership/management decided to close down anyway even with ben dodge doing a great job….everyone cheered bemer for “saving” the place after terry eames bled it dry for every cent…he made immediate was clear he was going to invest in the place ..until his arrest .. don’t knock someone trying to keep it going ..don’t knock someone for presenting a five year plan.. just be happy there is racing and if you choose to bash its a free country however its clear some are obsessed and cant let go … really feel bad for them I honestly do.. if its there I will go see racing… ..Thompson limited schedule is a farce… but they are still racing.. keep bashing Stafford clearly the best run track in the state.. perhaps some day you will have to leave ct to race and or see one .. how will that be??? ..riverhead if not for partridge would have gone by the wayside as well as 2 or three other tracks in new England/northeast.. keep bashing !!

  76. Joe Lajoie says

    Sour, Ben was gone from the Park 3 years before it closed. Joe Lewandowski took over, dropped a very healthy late model division in favor of a truck class, continually said at driver’s meetings as rumors were swirling that the track was closing that the track indeed was going to stay open, then jumped ship and headed down to Daytona for a position with na$car.

  77. darealgoodfella says

    sour puss, bashing? It’s amazing that the NLWSB has survived years, perhaps decades of deplorable management and ownership. And now this. All this deplorable management is the problem and what puts the track at risk. People talking about it is not a problem. If anything, George needs to be aware he can’t hide. Even with his preferred media outlet and its carnival barker 🤠 it was not possible to hide that the advertised rehab was fake news. George and his carnival barker needs to realize that they can only fool themselves so many times. Anybody that believed that the rehab was going to happen should have their heads scanned to find that brain cell. Stop telling me fake news and it won’t be there to talk about.


  78. WeldingWonders says

    And don’t forget Joe Lewandowski back and forming the United Northeast Crate Asphalt Modified touring series. Or not.

  79. Andrew B. says

    @sour grapes:
    “the park was in good shape as a racetrack and new ownership/management decided to close down anyway even with ben dodge doing a great job”

    For the record, Ben Dodge was fired from Riverside three years before the Speedway closed and before Premier Parks (Six Flags) even owned the place.

  80. darealgoodfella says

    A track like the NLWSB has been in operation since 1951 when pollution and environmental concerns were not a consideration. Things like antifreeze, leaded gasoline, oil, etc. have been leaked or dumped on the ground for decades. If the track ceases to operate as a track, it will sit there and decay. Putting anything else on the site would require environmental remediation, and that is YUGE $$$$$. Probably in the millions.

    A small old farm nearby closed up and there was interest in putting a few houses on the land, but because of past pesticide use, the land requires remediation, and the remediation cost of several million dollars was prohibitive, so the land sits idle.

  81. sour grapes of wrath says

    fake news.. I know you have some obsession and don’t need any bait for a chance to bite at any news related top the speed bowl.. you must have a real personal issue with former or present management … I feel sorry for you.. yes ben left but there was news the place was going to be sold and then lewandowski dropped the ball at minimum…the almighty dollar won over racing.. so as I said careful what you wish for

  82. The bowl is a race track in ct – we are lucky to still have it. Be happy it will be open at least one more year. If you choose not to attend races there then so be it, don’t bash it, just keep your thoughts to yourself because no one cares what you think. I miss both Riverside and Plainville, I don’t want to say the same thing about Waterford

  83. darealgoodfella says

    The bowl does a great job bashing itself. Anybody can talk about it all they want.

    Right 🤠 ? LOL!!!

  84. If anyone watched the show 48 hours this past Saturday night ,you get a good idea of what Bemer is accused of doing to young women. He cannot sell the bowl without permission from the court even if he is convicted. If in the future the track ends up closed due to a conviction it would not hurt my feelings. As long as Bemer owns the track anyone racing there or attending as a spectator is in essance supporting sex trafficking. Shame on you.

  85. WeldingWonders says

    Uncool Rob. That’s about as critical a personal accusation as you can get and in my view unfair. I was watching Smacktoberfest a while back on video. On the track mayhem was being committed while a great crowd in the stands whooped and hollered in glee. Families mostly and a lot of young children. I reflected at the time on the blanket accusation you and others have made before and are once again refreshing.
    You’re not accusing just the Speedbowl you’re accusing all the employees and customers at Bemers Petroleum in Glastonbury and Skylark Airport and any other business he owns as well. They all apparently according to you are “supporting sex trafficking”. Moms, dads, grannies, grandpas all supporting sex trafficking. And me as well I would add. Whoa!
    We may have unknowingly been supporting his illegal activities by patronizing his businesses prior to the charges but not now. Now he is in a legal death grip with the civil and criminal cases grinding away toward appropriately severe penalties. Why can’t you just let the process take it’s course, not go to the races there and leave us out of it.
    I went to a race last year and do not feel as if I were supporting sex trafficking at all. I went to see some racing and enjoyed myself. The track looked great, the pits flowed into the parking lot with all the cars in attendance and the crowd was large for the final weekend of racing there. I saw no signs that said sex trafficking supporters enter here.
    I won’t be going this year because of the tracks association with Ryan Gilbert and Mod Squad Racing Media. A futile, meaningless gesture I’m sure. Nonetheless were it not for him I’d make my usual once a season trip in support and not feel at all like a sex trafficking supporter. What I don’t get is why one of the best and most insightful contributors here that often goes out of his way to dial back hysteria on other subjects goes into this hyperbolic rage about the track not once but on a regular basis.

  86. WeldingWonders says

    An article about Dodge from 1996 and the event everyone is referring to.
    As I recall nothing came of the charges since it involved a relatively small amount of money. He obviously paid a price, found redemption and reestablished his credentials as a local racing icon.
    Six Flags was supposed to have built Rivertown on the racing site. I wonder how that went.

  87. darealgoodfella says

    Doug (aka: WeldingWonders), it’s just a matter as to how low you set the bar. When news of the Bemer arrest broke, you were writing that it was important to patronize the track to increase Bemer’s coffers so his victims would get more in damages. That was and still is a laughable position. The track lost its NASCAR sanction, advertisers, sponsors, racing series, teams, racers, etc. Many people and many dollars feel very different than you do. Just look at what is happening to Trump… same thing as Bemer. Trump is being exposed, and his businesses are being hammered. The Trump name is being taken off buildings. Look what happened to Bill O’Reilly after he was exposed – he’s gone. Look what Laura Ingraham is going through.

    Doug (aka: WeldingWonders), some hysteria can not be dialed back. You and your multiple screen names is proof of that. The lengths you go to is proof of that. So Bemer has admitted to some despicable behavior that lasted over decades and you have no problem continuing to patronize his enterprises, but you draw the line at this Ryan Gilbert and Mod Squad Racing Media. Please explain why. What is it about Ryan Gilbert and Mod Squad Racing Media that finally caused you to draw the line? It’s strange, baffling, and hypocritical that you find nothing wrong with spending at the bowl in support of Bemer, but when you found out the bowl was associated with Ryan Gilbert and Mod Squad Racing Media, that’s where you drew the line. Please explain, enquiring minds want to know.

  88. It’s not the welding that makes me wonder.Dougie boy invites criticism then complains that someone is not entitled to their opinion.He thinks bemer is a swell guy but Rob is “uncool””.I don’t know anything about mod squad or Gilbert but I think he probably is a few rungs on the ladder above pedophile.But I guess like Doug and many others only cares about their precious bowl.

  89. darealgoodfella says

    Oh art, this Gilbert guy seems to be very proud of himself, in some of the ways Trump is proud of himself. And go to the Mod Squad Racing Media website, you will be entertained. Looks like this is the exclusive media outlet allowed to cover the bowl. Read about how the bowl has big plans, or make that had plans. Those plans that never happened. If plans keep getting delayed, they aren’t plans, but propaganda. But if you are on facebook, go look up Gilbert. That’s a short ladder, like a stepping stool.

    In other news, Trump is going even more berserk. He can’t control the Free Press and it is making him madder and madder. What a FOOL. Imagine that. Hey, trying to control the Free Press… I’m having a deja vu all over again. Where else did I see that? Hmmm… 🤠

  90. Just my opinion, which I’m entitled to. Wether Bemer runs the track or leases it out he still makes money off the Waterford toilet bowl. Anyone racing there or attending as a fan is lining the pockets of a sex trafficker, plain and simple. NASCAR pulled the sanction for a reason, and shows no sign of giving it back.

  91. How did we go from commenting on Mayberry’s contingency sponsorship at Stafford to the Waterford toilet bowl. Please just let the place DIE in obscurety

  92. darealgoodfella says

    Rob, pay attention and you will see Doug (aka: WeldingWonders) is like squirrel, easily distracted, will chase any shiny object that passes by.

  93. Dareal LMFAO Spot on

  94. darealgoodfella says

    Hey Doug, why did Bemer lease the bowl to George? Why? Do you think that the facility is in turnkey condition? Then what about this five year plan that is bantered about? If you think George is not a puppet, then what is he? Was leasing the track at this point in time always part of Bemer’s plan? George, as the lessee, is extremely limited in what he can do, since doing anything requires huge capital expenditures. I don’t see a lessee doing that. So please explain why you think George is not a puppet.

  95. WeldingWonders says

    How do we go from Maybury’s contingency sponsorship to other things like the Speedbowl? Well for one thing you could go back a read the entries in the thread Rob, they don’t disappear you know. Someone mentioned the Speedbowl, check it out.
    Then there’s you Rob. Poor simple Rob just expressing a simple opinion right? Or fanning the flames. According to the Bemers Petroleum web site the company has 15,000 customers. Add employers of the company, employers at Skylark and people using the airport, fans, racers and employees at the Speedbowl looks like you’re accusing 20 to 30000 residents in Connecticut of……… did you put it……… ” in essance supporting sex trafficking”. Whoa! That’s a pretty big spicy meatball there Rob.
    So now not only are you not giving it a second think, you’re doubling down on it. 20 to 30000 Connecticut residents supporting sex trafficking. But you’re poor old Rob, Not fanning the flames on a highly emotional topic but just an average guy expressing a simple opinion. Or a wildly hyperbolic, emotional accusation directed at a really lot of people. That 20 to 30000 people in Connecticut are supporting a sex trafficker including me. I disagree.

  96. darealgoodfella says

    Doug wrote:

    “I terminated an email address and thought I’d go with weldingwonders since I love welding and metal fabrication so much. I made no secret of the switch and got thoroughly trashed for it in the thread below if you want to get some ideas for future insults.”

    Use the same screen name with your new email address. Nobody cares.

    You did two posts, almost identical, one by Doug and the other by WeldingWonders, one right after the other. I thought you were trying to create friends that would appear to be agreeing with you.

  97. darealgoodfella says

    How do we go off topic so often… same can be asked as to why Trump needs to divert attention from his previous distractions, over and over and over and over and over, ad infinitum. Can’t achieve closure, gets pig-piled, just change the subject.


    Sybil? Are you there?

  98. Doug / WW – We’ve been down this road together as well. I happen to completely agree with Rob, and would NEVER KNOWINGLY do business with someone accused of these actions. Period. Your choice is your choice, not mine. But now for the reality check.

    Does giving money to someone constitute support? – Yes
    Is someone accused and admitting to the acts that Bemer is accused of a sex trafficker? – Yes.
    Does the money you spend at a business owned by an accused / admitted sex trafficker go to that person? – Yes.
    Conclusion – You are supporting a sex trafficker.

    My apologies to Shawn C. for perpetuating the discussion. My only comment on this.

  99. WeldingWonders says

    I do believe you’re on record Rich on the matter. I’ve expressed a defense that many likely support that clearly don’t even know racedayct exists or because of the unpleasant nature of the topic may not want to weigh in. Clearly I and the other 20 to 30000 people that you and Rich accuse of supporting such illegal activity don’t agree. But thank you for taking the time to add to the thread on the topic.

  100. darealgoodfella says

    Doug (aka: WeldingWonders), speak for yourself. You are not speaking for anyone but yourself. You are not a representative. There can be lots of people just as wrong as you. You are sounding just as nuts as Nixon and Trump. Are you trying to allude to the Nixonian “silent majority” defense? Speak for yourself. Your position that spending money at the track to make Bemer wealthier so his victims can possibly get more in damages is unconscionable. Just because any might feel the same way as you does not make it right. It just means more people support predatory sex traffickers. That is sad, bigly sad. Many people are avid racists and that does not make it right for one or all. The deed is wrong, no matter how many people do it. People are convicted of the same statutes every day. Just because lots of people are getting convicted of the same thing does not mean they were in the right. Lots of people doing the same wrong thing is just lots of people doing the same wrong thing. Nixon made a fool of himself with his “silent majority” schtick.

  101. Thank you Rich C you get it

  102. WeldingWonders says

    Sure Rob. Tens of thousands of Ct residents are supporters of sex traffickers. You call some guy from North Carolina a redneck and Rob Fuller is a “snake”. And the crowd goes wild in support. Can’t wait to see what hyperbolic grenade you explode for the troops next.

  103. darealgoodfella says

    Hey DOUG, what tens of thousands of CT residents supporters are sex traffickers are you talking about? Where are you getting that number?

    Sound like your alleged tens of thousands of CT residents is as substantiated as Trump’s 10 million illegal alien voters from Los Angeles.

  104. In today’s society allot of people are imune to blatent crime. Some people get their “news” on Twitter and allot of people avoid these types of subjects hoping they’ll go away. Some believe that because Bemer has money he’ll probly get off so why bother. I was raised to know the difference between right and wrong. Abducting teenage girls and forcing them to have sex with anyone is wrong. Like I said if you saw “48hours” last Saturday night you would get an idea of what Bemer has been Accused of. Given the stall tatics by his defense team, the high bail and the addition of charges in New York and Massachusetts much of which wasn’t reported it’s my opinion he’s guilty as charged. Personally I cannot support a creap like him. I can’t stop people from racing at or attending races at the NLWTB but I can voice my displeasure with said people. And try and make aware those who might not have known what is going on. Over the past few months I’ve seen that others share my veiwpoint. I plead again for a boycott of the NLWTB. Stop lining the pockets of a sex trafficker. What if it was your daughter?

  105. In my mind the only people wise than Bemer and his associates are the people who paid him to have sex with these captive young women. Hopefully through the course of the trials they too shall be exposed

  106. darealgoodfella says

    Rob p., the police reports that have been published show that Bemer admitted to the deeds. It’s quite stunning, been going on for decades. One of the accomplices has taken a plea deal and has agreed to testify against Bemer. Given Bemer’s age, it looks like the strategy and tactic is to delay, delay, delay to let Bemer live out what life he has left in a pretrial state. And according to reports, Bemer was involved with using emotionally challenged young boys. He turned down a no jail plea offer. Somehow, he thinks he can unring that bell.

    Given all the series that have shunned the NLWTB, I’m surprised VMRS still has events scheduled there.

    Doug (aka: WeldingWonders, Sybil, et al.) wants to make himself look like a caring philanthropist by encouraging folks to support the NLWTB, to put more money in Bemer’s coffers in hopes of benefitting the victims. And Michael Cohen wants people to believe he paid $130,000 to Stormy Daniels without Trumps knowledge out of his love for Trump.

  107. Thanks Dareal. You get it

  108. WeldingWonders says

    I learned a lot in this thread as well as being taken to task for some pretty stupid mistakes that I knew better of.
    First if you are going to going to engage in hyperbolic insults and don’t even have a clue about who you are going to extremes to insult there could be a backlash. A couple people with actual experience with Rob Fuller who normally never comment chimed in because Rob’s snake accusation that he doubled down on was so out of touch with the reality.
    Second if you’re going to go to bat for Bemers Speedbowl don’t expect anyone to chime in to help you or expect anyone to see it as anything but a black and white issue. It’s a nasty subject and no one in their right mind is going to actually go on record to say they enjoy the races at the Speedbowl and are not supporter of sex trafficking. Except me of course and I paid the price.
    Third people you wouldn’t expect to read the comments do. Making all the more important to be careful what you say if you want to be considered a serious person.
    Fourth, whenever someone says they agree with you it makes no difference if you’re right or wrong or if it is the popular or smart opinion. It always makes you feel good and they always are as smart as you.

  109. WeldingWonders says

    And the most important, no 5. If it’s a highly emotional issue or even the more mundane racing issues if it is seen as a black and white issue by most don’t even bother arguing about it. No one’s mind is ever changed.

  110. darealgoodfella says

    Doug (aka: WeldingWonders, Sybil, et al.), did you really learn anything? Is that even possible or an option at this point? You can change your screen name all you want, the result will be the same. Old dogs really can not learn new tricks.

    All those things you listed are things you should have learned as a very young child. The common theme in your four items is you are tribal, always looking for backup, and if one person agreed, you felt your issue must then be irrefutable. Or it just means the two of you are wrong, and two wrongs do not make a right. Facts are facts, irrefutable. Opinions are opinions, everybody has their own. Some are reasonable, some are implausible. Opinions are not facts.

    Doug’s “First” : Sure, there are people that had good experiences with Fuller. There are also people that did not and have been quite open and adamant about it. Just because a person does a nice thing does not erase or diminish all the bad stuff they did or might do. Donald Trump can help a little old lady across the street this afternoon, but he’d still be totally unfit to be the President of the United States of America, and guilty of a long list of other deplorable behaviors. Doing something nice does not excuse or erase a bad deed or history.

    Doug’s Second : There is a wide spectrum of people, and they have a wide spectrum of negotiable virtues. You are who you are, deal with it. People don’t want to be like you.

    Doug’s Third : Say what you want to say. You will be known and remembered by what you say. Changing your screen name didn’t work. A pig with lipstick is still a pig. The color of the lipstick doesn’t matter.

    Doug’s Fourth : I don’t care if anyone agrees or disagrees with me. If you need the adulation, that’s your deal. Two or more wrongs do not make a right.

  111. darealgoodfella says

    Doug’s Fifth : Black & white vs emotions. Looks like facts vs opinion yet again. Black & white is pretty clear. You either know it or you don’t. You know it as fact and it’s B&W, or you don’t know it as fact and it’s not B&W it’s an opinion. And you still can’t declare an opinion to be a fact, or a fact as an opinion.

    Sorry, not sorry.

    Facts are facts, still. Why are people so afraid of facts? Why do we have a silly literary category called ‘nonfiction’? It’s not fiction, but fact, right? Why negate an untruth? Makes no sense.

    A few hundred years ago, philosophers and clergy were the “governments”, and they killed anyone that dared to question their dogmas, for their dogmas were their power. Things have changed for we are more fact-based, but still better than a few hundred years ago. Get this… in this country, women were ‘allowed’ to vote almost a hundred years ago. But those very same dogmas from hundreds of years ago continue to suppress and oppress women and continue to prevent women from any position of authority and power.

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