Dreamer: Marcello Rufrano Reaches Goal With SK Light Modified Win At Stafford

Marcello Rufrano

STAFFORD – Since he was eight years old Marcello Rufrano has dreamed of celebrating a victory of his own in a NAPA Spring Sizzler weekend at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Sunday that dream became reality.

Rufrano, of North Haven, took the lead with about five laps remaining on a restart and checked out to win the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature Sunday at Stafford Motor Speedway.

“This was a dream come true,” the North Haven driver said.

Bryan Narducci of Colchester chased Rufrano to the line in second.

“This year, starting off with a win, this year what I optimistically want to do is go out here and win a championship and to start off with a win, it just helps out everything a bunch,” Rufrano said. “I just ran the best race I could. The car was fast and I can’t thank everyone enough.

“For the first five laps it was really loose out there and I was trying my hardest to hold onto it. As soon as I got out front this thing was on rails.”

Andrew Molleur led the first 13 laps, but Rufrano was easily able to best him on a lap 14 restart. Molleur ended up a distant third.

“I just checked out,” Rufrano said. “I ran my line the best I could. As soon I got the lead I flicked down the mirror and whoever was behind me was going to have a hard time trying to get by me for this one.”


  1. Rufrano and Narducci have the field pretty much covered this year

  2. The best racing of the day by far!! Great job to all the drivers.

  3. In The Know says

    Narducci started 16th carved thru the field and passed Rufrano before the caution on lap 13. Due to a shifting problem on the restart he went back to 4th and got back to second running Rufrano down just not enough time. He’s fun to watch always puts on a show. Have to agree with tony he’s the next real deal in modifieds.

  4. I can’t say it was the best racing of the day, more action up front of the sk race but no doubt a good clean race.

  5. Lightsout says

    The next real deal in mods?… Always some tall predictions. Kid wins the Sizzler and next thing ya know people write stuff like that.. lol. It’s one race where a true “real deal” is there all season. I also distinctly recall two other cars that carved up the field as well. Congrats to Marcello and the team for the win. This will be a 4 horse race all season unless someone else can step up to the level those cars are on.

  6. In The Know says

    The “real deal” didn’t win the sizzler he finished 2nd. Were you at the same race I was. And what other 2 cars carved up the field besides Narducci? None!!! First, third and fourth all started up front. Rufrano started 11th, mueller started 2nd and gonyew started 6th so who carved thru the field except Narducci starting 16th. Congrats to Marcello but be on the lookout.

  7. Lightsout says

    You’re hilarious “In the Know”… hahaha.. You’re screen name doesn’t say anything about you does it. I was at the race and saw the line up sheet and you have it very wrong. Paul French bailed on his spot (10th) so the outside row moved up which put the 81 in 10th (originally 12th) and the 01 in 14th (originally 16th) and the 88 remained in 11th. I have pics of the line up sheet if you want it there bud and I believe there’s a video floating around on youtube if you want to check for yourself. To call anyone the real deal while driving an SK light is like saying your 50% complete project car sitting in your garage on jack stands is ready for the concourse at Pebble Beach. Get real, the boy has a loooong way to go, they all do.

  8. In The Know says

    My bad lights out. Yes the 81 started 10th and the 01 started 14th. Question still remains who were the other 2 cars that you referred to as carving thru the field? The 01 gained 12 spots the most of any other competitor and the 88 gained 10 spots. No one else was even close. They both deserve a lot of credit job well done. Friday night should be fun.

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