Olson Apartments Renews SK Light Contingency At Stafford Speedway

(Press Release from Stafford Speedway)

Olson Apartments of Feeding Hills, MA has renewed their commitment in Stafford Speedway’s SK Light contingency program for the 2018 season.

Entering their third consecutive season as a contingency partner, Olson Apartments will provide a weekly $75 bonus to the third place finisher in each SK Light feature event this season.

“We’re looking forward to another great season of SK Light racing and enjoying the Friday night races at the track,” said Mark Olson, Owner of Olson Apartments. “I really like being able to watch the races in person at the track and the SK Lights never fail to disappoint with the level of excitement. I’m happy to be able to help the racers out and I can’t wait for the season to get started.”

The 2018 SK Light season has all the promise of being the most exciting season of competition in the division’s 13th season of existence. The fight for wins and podium places will be spread among a hodgepodge of veteran and rookie drivers. The SK Lights currently have 11 rookie drivers signed up for competition in 2018, including Bryan Narducci, Alexander Pearl, Amanda West, Mikey Flynn, and Teddy Hodgdon, who are all graduates of the Monday night Wild Thing Kart Series. Those rookie drivers will do battle on a weekly basis against returning race winners like Joey Ferrigno, Brett Gonyaw, Glenn Griswold, Wesley Prucker, Marcello Rufrano, and Dan Wesson.

“We’re thrilled that Olson Apartments has continued their commitment to the SK Light contingency program for the 2018 season,” said Stafford GM/COO Mark Arute. “Any time we can put bonus money into the hands of our drivers, with partners like Olson Apartments, it’s a good thing.”

Olson Apartments serves the Agawam and West Springfield areas with efficiency 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and they have been offering professional service with a personal touch since 1977. For apartment availabilities and more information, please visit them online at www.olsonapartments.net or call Mark Olson at 413-786-6462.

“We offer efficiencies as well as 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Agawam and West Springfield,” said Olson. “Please give me a call at 413-786-6462 to discuss details and availability or check the website.”

The first Olson Apartments contingency bonus of the 2018 season will be up for grabs during Stafford Speedway’s 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler Weekend on April 27-29. The 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® gets underway Friday, April 27 with a practice session for Stafford’s weekly divisions, the New England Truck Series, and Vintage All-Stars. The practice session will be open to the public at no charge. Action continues on Saturday, April 28 with pole qualifying for the Whelen Modified Tour cars, along with heat and consolation races for Stafford’s weekly divisions, trucks, and vintage cars. Saturday will wrap up with feature events for the Limited Late Model, Street Stock, N.E. Trucks, and Vintage All-Stars. NAPA Spring Sizzler® action continues on Sunday, April 29 with the NAPA Auto Parts Pit Party from 11am-noon followed by Stafford’s SK Modifieds®, Late Models, and SK Lights joining the Whelen Modified Tour in feature action.

Tickets for the “Greatest Race in the History of Spring” are on sale now at the Speedway Box Office. Tickets are priced at $40.00 for adult general admission tickets, $5.00 for children ages 6-14, and children ages 5 and under are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult. Reserved seating is priced at $42.00 for all ages. As always, Stafford Motor Speedway offers free parking with overnight parking available. Tickets are good for both Saturday and Sunday admission. All ticket prices include 10% CT Admission Tax. Discount Tickets are now available at participating NAPA Auto Parts stores. For a full list of the 72 participating locations throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont, please call the speedway office or visit us on the web at www.staffordmotorspeedway.com/participating-napa-auto-parts-stores.

For more information, or to order tickets for the 47th Annual NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler®, contact the Stafford Motor Speedway track office at 860-684-2783 or visit us on the web at www.staffordspeedway.com.


  1. WeldingWonders says

    There you go. Third place money. And from a real race fan that probably gets zero benefit from the advertising.
    I know not on point. But 36 cars preregistered for the NWMT race at Thompson. And an absolutely loaded field. No complaints this year about a few elites and everyone else. Easily any of 10 cars could win.

  2. No Longer a Rocco Fan says

    Wow, the racers at Stafford keep winning and winning. Scott Running is obviously doing his job, the other CT tracks should take notice and follow Stafford’s lead of increasing purses and pounding on doors to find additional money for the racers in all their divisions.

  3. THANKS to Mr Olsen for his contingency. Glad to see it going to someone other than the winner. And as welding says probly a zero sum gain from a true race fan. Thanks again Mr Olsen.

  4. Bill Realist says

    I heard there is a race going on this weekend.

  5. Brian Raymond Nye says

    I’m with you Bill I’m a little disappointed with the lack of coverage about the icebreaker in 4 days now. But if any little bit of info comes out about Stafford it’s written about. I could understand not reporting on the happenings at Waterford considering the current circumstances but why virtually nothing on Thompson series drivers, owners,cars,sponsors,nothing. I’d like to see an interview with Ryan Morgan,Glenn Boss or Ernie Larose the guys who run the Thompson late model series. Shawn I’ve enjoyed your site for a few years now and hope you can see I truly love racing and just trying to open your eyes a bit that there is a track in NE Ct other than Stafford.Happy Racing Folks!!

  6. WeldingWonders says

    The bulk of the Stafford articles are Stafford press releases. If anything it’s a credit to Stafford and a bit of a shame on Thompson for not doing more to promote their huge weekend. A weekend I might add that is shaping up to with more like good football weather temp wise but sunny and magnificent otherwise.

  7. WeldingWonders says

    Any minute now Brian you’ll be invited to join Unmuffled to get the latest on what’s going on at Thompson with interviews from key people. That I suspect will be the future of racedayct. Revenue generating for content, a lot of press releases, and less content driven free articles.

  8. WeldingWonders says

    I see it pretty often. Shawn I love the site. Shawn how about this topic. Shawn how about you run out to Seekonk on Saturday night and check this out. Shawn how about calling the Waterford building department again to get an update. He can’t say it but I will. It’s free. We don’t pay a dime for the basic exposure to the site so appreciate what you get for free. Otherwise join Unmuffled, pay the monthly charge and then make you suggestions. Heck pay more and you can tell him what to write or write it yourself.

  9. darealgoodfella says

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Stafford does a great job promoting itself. That’s why it is always visible and exposed.

    What does Thompson do to promote itself?

  10. Charge more to get in ?

  11. You hit the nail on da head Dareal. The best promotion is self promotion. Stafford has a good media Dept. And Shawn can only work with what’s given to him during the preseason. Keep up the great work Shawn. Your website is much appreciated.

  12. darealgoodfella says

    Thanks, Rob.

    People have to understand that RaceDayCT is a reporting resource, not a promoter. Given all the other sites that are really promoters and advocates with self serving motives, and clearly biased, we are lucky to have RaceDayCT that reports the news.

  13. Brian Raymond Nye says

    So if I’m hearing everyone correctly the content of this site is changing now that there’s a platform that discusses local racing happenings and interviews with drivers? Only hitch is you have to pay to be a part of this? So it’s not so much a journalist racing site with things that require some digging or calls anymore? How about this fact, last year when Preece ran the Xfinity series there were reports on his qualifing efforts as well as we’re he finished the race. This season one article on how he’s getting ready for his first Xfinity race and then nothing. No qualifing report,race finish report nothing. Now the name of the site is racedayct and no report about a CT driver trying to make the next big leap in racing? If when I visit site I’m only reading regurgitated news releases from Stafford and no other CT racing news what’s the point? I’d might as well just visit the Stafford site and skip the middle man. I think it’s entertaining that when someone brings up a subject that a certain few on this site disagree with they must respond in defense of what’s happening on here and just can’t see how much the content has actually changed. Let’s go icebreaking!!!

  14. Brian Raymond Nye says

    So Doug what your saying is don’t try and communicate when you don’t agree with change or ask any questions in a respectful and well mannered way? Just take it or go away huh? Than why are you always spouting about bringing back the old street stock days for entertainment purposes when the times have changed? Why bother writting all those novels I’ve seen here if your true belief was it is what it is take it or leave it? Ever heard the word HYPOCRITE ???

  15. Brian,
    I don’t know where I have announced any of the content here is changing. I’m still covering racing events, still reporting news. I’ll be at Thompson this weekend reporting on the Icebreaker like always. Yes, we do run press releases from local tracks and touring divisions here. Yes, we have added a podcast element that is part of our RaceDayCT Patreon program. I don’t know what you think is not journalistic about that? Or do you think it’s not journalism because you have to pay something to listen to it? You pay for a newspaper subscription if you want to read that newspaper. You pay for a magazine if you want to read what’s in that magazine. You pay for cable TV if you want to watch a certain news channel. Does that make it not journalism? Yes, we have added a podcast as part of what we do with RaceDayCT. And yes, it’s essentially part of a subscription program through Patreon. Have you read the explanation on the RaceDayCT Patreon page?

  16. WeldingWonders says

    Most of what you say Brian is true. Maybe the Unmuffled offering takes a lot of time to get guests and produce that takes away from articles. You just can’t call up someone and start asking them questions on air. Questions need to be planned and time frames worked out. It’s a whole thing. Probably very time consuming. I would say that while most of the information in the comments section is of little worth if you stick with it some folks come up with some really good information and links. For example a guy mentioned the site that was carrying the Speedweeks races live, it got spread around and benefited many.Other people know a ton about tracks in their area, what’s going on at them, know teams and what they are up to and share it. Give it some thought. Over time you may be surprised at home much you learn.

  17. WeldingWonders says

    Agreed Brian I do go on and on but focus for a second. I’d love for you to give your perspective on the future of novice divisions. My point is times change and the cars change so get up to date with what other tracks are doing. I’ve said the newer 4 and 6 cylinder front wheel drive divisions are being raced at most Northeast tracks. I’ve said it’s my belief that having the most affordable novice division possible benefits the track by bringing in younger fans and participants. I’ve said the LLM division is dying at Stafford and the vintage 1980’s Street Stocks are ending their run. What do you think on the subject?
    As for the rest of your gripe all I can do is ask a question. If it’s free what’s the problem? How do you complain about the content of something that you don’t pay for. I mean you can but really.

  18. Shawn, I think what your doing with racedayct is great you give us insight into racing in Connecticut and the surrounding area. If I could afford to I’d subscribe to your Patreon program but right now am unable to. The format allows us racers to offer our opinion,or perspective on the subject at hand in an open unsensored format. If I’m not mistaking you did a well phrased article about Ryan Preece and his Xfinity effort not too long ago, so I don’t know what Brian is bitching about. As far as Waterford goes before discontinuing your coverage you made multiple attempts to get info out of George and even posted your reason for discontinuing coverage. In light of Bemer’s legal sitiution, I say, good move. Please continue your great work with racedayct Shawn, and know that in most cases the site is appreciated

  19. WeldingWonders says

    Oh brother. Can’t afford $5 a month and you bill yourself as a racer. No worries Rob just make up the difference in syrupy sweat accolades and at-a-boys. Thank you cards are nice but don’t pay the bills.
    For all those like myself not comfortable with a monthly payment you can do as I have. Send a check when you can to racedayct. You won’t get Unmuffled but at least you can replace empty praise with something meaningful. It’s a PO Box in Willington, I didn’t keep the number but if Shawn cares to provide it here we can take that as a signal that it’s OK with him.
    I would also once again suggest that the site provide a page with the list of contributors to the Patreon program and otherwise that may create a healthy competition using screen ID’s.

  20. darealgoodfella says

    Doug (aka: WeldingWonders), you are the last person that should be shaming someone about $5 per month. You complain about less than that on a ticket price change or variance. Give it up, dude. You are in no place to judge or comment on another person’s opinion on how they spend their money, when you try to make like the judge and jury when complaining about a couple dollars on ticket prices.

    And let’s not forget that you won’t tolerate waiting in line just a couple minutes for your precious cut rate tickets.

    Can’t wait for NH Mark to see this… he’s gonna fry you.

    So Doug, if RaceDayCT were to post a list of names of Patreon participants, what name do want to be listed? That’s quite a long list you have there…

    There is nothing in it for RaceDayCT to list names, and may even cause people to not participate.

  21. WeldingWonders says

    OK fair enough. I’ll take the lack of a response on the PO address as in indication it was an unwelcome suggestion and perhaps the goal is to build the monthly pay for service business model. I’ll still contribute yearly in an amount equal to a years worth of the basic service. I also take it that showing the contributors via screen idea in not worthy of consideration and the free riders like Rob will remain anonymous. On to Thompson.

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