The Days Of Cash Only At NHMS Now History With New Partnership With Square

(Press Release from New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

Customers can now use credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay at NHMS concessions (Photo: Courtesy New Hampshire Motor Speedway)

LOUDON, N.H. – Speedway Motorsports, Inc. tracks across the country, including New Hampshire Motor Speedway, have partnered with Square to provide fans with the opportunity to pay using a credit card, Apple Pay or Google play at concession stands that have previously been cash only.

Square’s point-of-sale system is a new part of SMI’s “Fans First” commitment, as its innovative technology, simple design and fast payment processing – most transactions going through in five seconds or less – help save time, allowing fans to get back to the grandstands quickly so they don’t miss as much of the action on the track while fueling up their own system.

“Speedway Motorsports is all about the fans, and our efforts with Square give us a chance to make fans’ trips to the concessions stands a lot more convenient,” said Marcus Smith, the president and CEO of Speedway Motorsports, Inc. “We want our fans to enjoy great food that is easy to grab, scan and go. With Square coming on board, the process is quicker and smoother.”

Square has already debuted at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Texas Motor Speedway and has been well received by fans and concessionaires.

“We’re New Englanders – we want things done yesterday. We don’t like to wait, and this new partnership with Square will help our fans save time and get back to their seats quicker,” said David McGrath, executive vice president and general manager of New Hampshire Motor Speedway. “New Hampshire fans are going to love this!”

Fans will have the option to use multiple payments on one transaction, and they can receive their receipt digitally (email or text) or get a printed copy. There will also be the ability to add a tip, with predetermined amounts already displayed as options to add on quickly without having to do the math in their head.

Square is software built for simplicity and will help enhance the overall fan experience during NASCAR events and other events throughout the season at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

For ticket information on all 2018 events at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, including the July 20-22 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race weekend and the September 21-22 Full Throttle Fall Weekend, please stop by the ticket office, visit the speedway website at, or call Fan Relations at (603) 783-4931.

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  1. Please, this is a HUGE advantage for the vendors… they will not have to handle YUGE amounts of CASH. It is very risky to handle and protect HUGE amounts of cash at facilities like a track.

    Expect prices to go up.

  2. Crazy in NY says

    Wow another subject you’re an expert on. The depth of knowledge you posses is boundless it seems.

  3. RickyinMass says

    no cash line. sibil will hav to bring own food if line not to long to get in.

  4. Sybil still uses smoke signals when battery in flip phone goes dead. Must still use cash. No fancy NFC capability. Flip phones are analog.

  5. Sybil would love NHMS no admission lines, no concession lines on Fri/Sat.Ticket prices from the 1950s.He will still be a no show.Only goes to SMS and only regular show pricing and no lines.With fans like him racing doesn’t need any enemies

  6. WeldingWonders says

    I’ll give you credit arty old boy. You whine about the food a Stafford, have amnesia about it, go on to craft a petty bit of mockery of me and just after you are talking about long trips, your pee cup and adult diapers. And your monkey like piling on motivation. Ricky of all people. Not exactly an independent thinker are you? Gonna wish you luck with that.
    As for my regular show attendance you’re welcome to mock it if you like. Seems like it’s getting tediously old to me but you’re a simple person so we make allowances. I certainly am not mocking you for driving to Tennessee spending all that time in the car to watch a two hour race. A race by all accounts is played to an empty stadium with the noise so loud because there are no bodies to absorb the sound. And if you want to use your car as a toilet that of course is your choice although it seems kind of disgusting. But it’s your choice. Just don’t forget the hand wipes before you eat the food you pack.

  7. Joe Lajoie says

    “Speedway Motorsports is all about the fans”
    Bruton has used this slogan forever, and all he’s managed to do is screw things up, while lining his pockets with $$$ in the process.

  8. WeldingWonders says

    Some guy named Tom Lake who admits he’s been away from local racing for a while says that if you don’t see the comparison of Rocco and Christopher you’re a “fake fan”. Ricky says if you don’t support Trump you’re not a real American. Arty say if a person only goes to regular Friday night shows at Stafford it’s akin to being an enemy of racing. And Joe sees this announcement as some kind of self dealing scheme to abuse fans for the benefit of key management figures. It’s hyperbole and anger run amok and precious few facts or logic to back it up.

  9. Sybil (aka: Doug, WeldingWonders) wrote: ” I certainly am not mocking you for driving to Tennessee spending all that time in the car to watch a two hour race. A race by all accounts is played to an empty stadium with the noise so loud because there are no bodies to absorb the sound. ”

    I love when people say they are not mocking someone as they are mocking them.

    I’m not going to call Doug a stupid-idiot-moron.

  10. Sybil,The food at SMS stinks.It doesn’t change the fact that SMS is an iconic mod track and one of my favorite tracks.I pack a lunch for Stafford,eat from the concessions at Thompson,Riverhead is close to home I still pack a lunch because its better and easier but the grandkids love to eat there.NHMS has the best food,I buy from I think its the rotary club Polish stand the profits go to charity.As far as peeing in my car you are truly demented,I was joking with dareal and Ricky,something your insipid little personality doesn’t get.We are making fun of you Dougie boy.Your an easy target, and you promised not to go tit for tat with me anymore.Remember that Sybil.You should weld your keyboard because it seems you can’t control yourself.

  11. art, Sybil makes it to 3 or 4 races a year, at most. He’s a poser.

    Do you know what personality promised not to go tit-for-tat with you? There are so many different personalties. You’ve been too nice to him. I ripped him apart and he, and all his other personalties, won’t come near me anymore. It’s been fun. Don’t know why Sybil is on this thread, he’s never been to NHMS, and will never go to NHMS.

    Sizzler here we come!!!

  12. WeldingWonders says

    So who is Sybil. Actually Sybil is simply the fictitious name of the novel and TV mini series. The persons real name was Shirley Ardell Mason. A woman clinically diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder or DID.That is defined roughly as one person having two or more separate and enduring personalities.
    It is a cruel and debilitating disability that has formed the basis for the label that has been relentlessly used here. By a person who he himself initiated the multiple unannounced scam with ID’s such as Grammar Police, Mary Bennaughty, Dougdacheater,BillyBobJoePumpkin, geoffrey doppelganger and many more I am sure.
    I confess the Sybil deal wears on me. I view it as serious clinical condition that people have no control over being used as a condescending petty taunt. A taunt that seems wholly inappropriate since I announced my ID change. Initiated by a person that has used multiple alternate screen ID’s. It’s just all so petty.

  13. WeldingWonders says

    I think the point Art is not your choice of food or where you travel to see a race or what you do in the car while you are traveling. I don’t really care. You and your buddies were talking in the other thread about the diapers and such and that was your business. Then I come over to this thread and there you are with the Sybil and attacking me for my choice in what races I go to. Why would you even care. I mean who does that out of the blue like that for no reason? It’s kids stuff.
    I don’t see why you just can’t talk racing and ignore me if you hate me so much. I haven’t even acknowledged your friend at all in 2018. And yet every day he and you are making these relentless petty references that just wear me down. Then I go down to your level and next thing I know we’re talking about diapers and pee cups. And now there’s Ricky taking up the meaningless taunting banner with you all and who knows what his deal is.
    The Sybil thing is just tedious. Invented by a guy who he himself without acknowledgement has used many other ID’s. Grammar Police, Mary Bennaughty, Dougdacheater,BillyBobJoePumpkin, geoffrey doppelganger come to mind. Always to attack me or someone else with a petty aside. And has only stopped since he started the Sybil thing. Yet I who acknowledged the ID change is Sybil.
    For some reason Art you have this deep, seething, visceral hatred of me that causes you to pin some of the most despicable human qualities to me including calling me things like despicable, insipid and an enemy to racing. You do it out of the blue and piggybacked on someone else’s out of the blue taunt and it’s so hyperbolic as too define reason. But apparently I’m expected to ignore it.
    So here we are. I hate it. I asked you to ignore me and I’d ignore you but here we are again taunting me for the number of races I go to and which ones. You don’t make everyone else qualify by the races they go to, just me.
    I’ll try to ignore you but if you wear me down I guess I’ll have to pin some inane name on you every single time I see Art. I don’t know maybe I can do it like you. Reference your food preferences from over a year ago or the peeing deal every time I see Art referring to Sybil or some other childish taunt. Then we’ll be back to last year where people get mad because the entire thread devolves into a meaningless taunting session. And for no reason. Cause that seems to be the thing you enjoy the most.

  14. Sybil (aka: Doug, WeldingWonders, et al.), you screwed up BIGLY when you posted the almost IDENTICAL post under two of your screen names and were outed by your own stupidity and carelessness. Only after being caught REDHANDED (you called your blunder ‘ham handed’ or the like) to your HUGE blunder did you admit to the multiple screen names.

    And who are you accusing of perpetrating this: “By a person who he himself initiated the multiple unannounced scam with ID’s such as Grammar Police, Mary Bennaughty, Dougdacheater,BillyBobJoePumpkin, geoffrey doppelganger and many more I am sure.” Who is this? Are you sure you are sure? Looks like these could be your other screen names that you are trying to pass off as belonging to someone else. After all, you accused people of multiple screen names before you screwed up and outed yourself as having multiple screen names. LOL!!!!

  15. art, with all his screen names, Sybil et al. makes for a target rich environment.

  16. RickyinMass says

    Sibil is criing he’s not sibil. Sibil say daril is a sibil. Shawn is blue and goes to race day. daril is blue and goes to race day. is shawn daril. who is who

  17. WeldingWonders will soon go away. What will Sybil use next for a screen name?

    Stay tuned.

  18. Sybil is hard to ignore.He is on every single thread on and on.Doesn’t follow NWMT,all over that.Doesn’t go to NHMS ditto.Doesn’t patronize the bowl, he is all over that also.Goes to SMS if the lines are short and there isn’t some kind of tour there that drives prices up 25 cents.But at least he goes sometimes.He should limit his monopolization to those threads then maybe he wouldn’t be such a pain in the neck and easy butt of scorn.Insipid Sybil is the proper moniker for the foreseeable future.

  19. Accusing anyone else of all those multiple screen names was THE BEST MOST BEAUTIFUL YUGE BIGLY mistake. For a couple reasons, such as it’s wrong and that makes him a profound, audacious, egregious hypocrite.

    And he wonders why. And then to take offense at being challenged and disagreed with is rich.

    Reminds me of Forrest Gump, and his great quote, “stupid is as stupid does.” Insipid Sybil makes Forrest Gump look very astute.

  20. Just when I thought this was a place for ADULTS to talk racing , we kids on here bullying

  21. WeldingWonders says

    Very well then. Clearly I’m only a distraction at this stage and target for Dareal, Art and now Ricky. The tribe has spoken. I’m voted off and shall respect the decision and transition from an interactive donor and commenter to simply read only for free. I’ll continue to enjoy enjoy all of you especially my favorites Hank Hill, Fast Eddy, Berry. Rob p and humphry. Thanks Shawn for a fun year plus and good luck with your Patreon program.

  22. I lost count how many times Sybil has pleaded mea culpa, only to come right back as the same character, maybe a different screen name.

  23. RickyinMass says

    good hes gone. art rite he talk to much. he come back daril art ricky will get him.

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