Fast Lane Fridays Drag Racing Schedule Suspended At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

(Press Release from New England Street Outlaw Series)

The New England Street Outlaw Series will suspend operations of their 2018 Fast Lane Friday schedule at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl, effective immediately.

The New England Street Outlaw Series has sanctioned, promoted and overseen the Fast Lane Friday events at the Speedbowl since last season. The sanctioning body had originally planned a 16-event season in 2018 at the Speedbowl. The first event of the season was held last week.

The decision to suspend operations was due to multiple factors involving the relationship between the New England Street Outlaw Series management and management team of the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. Attempts to resolve concerns over pending issues were unsuccessful and management determined it was in the best interest of organizers and competitors to suspend the season.

Management of the New England Street Outlaw Series is deeply disappointed to have reached this decision. We would like to thank all of our racers, fans, sponsors and partners who have supported our efforts.


  1. Maybe they can move it to stafford on Saturday’s

  2. Anybody else seeing a common trend here?

  3. john hugh says

    didnt make $

  4. It is called a management team that does not have a clue what they are doing nor will they ever. The place is circling the 🚽and it is just a matter of time until the whole place suspends operations. Wonder if there will be a point fund this year, NOT……..

  5. Yep, common thread is nothing from nothing is nothing!

  6. Humphrey absolutely agree.. Another one bites the dust… nascar sanction, Shawn, Shawn, Sid, horrendous media coverage and now this. What’s next the wacky show gets whacked… Please some one buy the place and restore it to glory before it becomes a memory like so many other tracks..

  7. Shawn,with all due respect,is it only bad news at the Speedbowl that you cover?

  8. Unsurprisingly says

    So an event that had fewer than 20 people in the stands gets dropped from the schedule, and the organizer throws out a press release blaming the facility got pulling the plug on future events. That’s cute. And what a coincidence that it shows up on this website… Common thread indeed!

  9. Hope the track is sold to someone who will return it to its former greatness. The potential is there with its current updates to be a successful facility with the right owner and management team.

  10. 450 Mike it does appear that way doesn’t it

  11. More than likely, no one would be able to buy it even if they wanted to with all of the pending litigation, but keep hoping.

  12. With all due respect some of you can’t handle the truth. The news is the news, good and bad, the truth hurts. Constant lies and deceit about NASCAR returning, new stands, environmental improvements, point funds what is next? Confidence in the so called management team or should I say lack of management team is at an all time low and unfortunately the place is slowing slipping away into oblivion. It is called self destruction. You have to be wearing blinders not to see it occurring. There is a saying “if it aint broke don’t fix it”. This broke and needs to be fixed ASAP before it is to late. This is a very, very sad situation.

  13. sour grapes of wrath says

    there is not enough accurate info from either party here to make a decision on “who`s to blame”. ..the issue is usually money . were there not enough cars /participants who knows??…track not providing support/promised facilities , etc???…. yup its a story.. a negative/sad one but without details you cannot place blame only speculate .. until one organization agrees to spill the beans and at this time either party wont or they have both agreed to go separate ways… WITHOUT disclosing specifics .. too bad for the bowl bashers.. but hey it didn’t stop you right ???

  14. Not covering the Speedbowl? Maybe trying but not entirely succeeding. This is a one sided press release but the decision to include it is a point. Listening to Tim Jordan and Mitch Bombard on Unmuffled talking about the bowl isn’t not covering the Speedbowl. FYI, listen to Tim Jordans comments and how he threads the needle from wanting to race when the “gates are open” to his very careful questioning of the current management. I got a little choked up sensing his conflicts. Nice job by the interviewer as well.
    Modifiedz Night tonight at the big dog. Best deal of the year so try to make it.

  15. Warrennosk says

    “(Press Release from New England Street Outlaw Series)”


  16. Not Blind as a Bat says

    450mike the only news he covers because it is all he can write. He’s not allowed on the property so he has to get his digs in somehow to the current management and staff

  17. Oh I get it, NO NASCAR, NO new stands, NO environmental improvements, NO point fund as promised, all NOT the Speedbowls fault. Really? Getting digs in? Really? Facts are facts, hard to dispute the facts. Not blind as a bat. Really?

  18. As much as it pains me to say this, I would probably take Terry Eames over the 3 ring circus that is there now………

  19. Bill Realist says

    The front stretch at Waterford is not and has never been a proper drag strip. This group would be much better served to find a real venue. I’m sure Thompson could accommodate it but probably would cost them too much money to start out. As for Tim Jordan as one commentator brought into it. He has been around quite a while and is a reasonably good racer but is one of those guys who will always blame someone. I’m not for Waterford especially in light of the owner but I would definitely rather see car racing there then some warehouse. Give the guy a break look at what he has to work with.

  20. Old Timers says

    Just looked at tomorrows holiday weekend schedule on the NLWS website and it appears the SK’s are not racing or maybe my old eyes missed it. Its been years since the Speedbowl gave the SK’s a Sat night off. I guess we will see how it works out with all the full-fendered taxi cabs filling the nights racing card.

  21. Warrennosk says

    Memorial Day weekend. Saturday night special show. The grandstands open in 25 minutes. The top headline on the website? NLWS has suspended the running of the Friday Night Drag Program.

    Who is running this place?

  22. Posted on Speedbowl web page, part of the story:

    Waterford, CT- The New London-Waterford Speedbowl management has reached a decision to suspend the 2018 Fast Lane Friday drag racing program. NLWS General Manager George Whitney has exhausted all possible options in terms of negotiating with the manager/promoter of Fast Lane Friday’s Mark Caise. The two sides have been at an impasse regarding the insurance coverage for the event, the cost at the track’s expense to hold the event, and other non-disclosed issues surrounding the program. Both sides have expressed disappointment […]

    Shawn has been clear about his ‘coverage’ of the Bowl. He will publish press releases that are relevant to his readers.

  23. Good question Warren. The lack of management team I believe. Unfortunately the big flush may be on the horizon. Very sad 😞

  24. Pretty much everyone is on record at this stage on the Speedbowl. This particular deal was a free thing they had going that was great but it wasn’t even a Speedbowl racing event. it was a side deal. The regular schedule, the money shows will still be cranking away. Cars will race there, people will go to the races and the speedbowl will continue for now. If you’re here the greatest odds are you are not a friend of the Speedbowl. I miss rich and Just Wondering and guys like them that took a powder after the disappearance of Waterford on these pages. Oh well.

  25. Doug, the other guy that disappeared was Mark Andrews I think his name was who was going to apologize to everyone if the new stands were not constructed.

    I just want the place to get back where it was. Great car counts, NASCAR/WMT event back, Tri Track back and a management team that can lead the track into the future with a great promoter that is experienced in filling the stands with race fans. We don’t need another truck stop or industrial park just a race track that will do us all proud.

  26. darealgoodfella says

    The 🚽 needs any and every bit of activity it can get, if just to appear as if it is open for business. Another track user retracting is just bad for the track. The track needs to be doing all it can to get the track open as much as possible. This is a classic tragedy in the making, a perfect example of bad management. And the Bemer situation is a HUGE burden.

  27. Humphry / Doug, I went to the full fender / pro stock show last night, perfect weather, good car counts, great side by side racing, very good crowd….. and, through no fault of the current management group, saw a 20 or 30 minute period of complete chaos. 10 or 15 laps into the Sportsman race, three wide for the lead, they ran out of room and all crash on the front-stretch, and then a multi time champion loses his marbles, does a 3 point turn and drives back and rams another car head on! This incident then led to a near brawl in-front of the small grandstand and the catch fence in turn 1, and some other happening in the pits that had Waterford PD and both ambulances on the move.

    Made me think of the Tim Jordan interview on unmuffled, and how the place is trying to improve (think his term was reputation building). It’s like the place has a black cloud over it, what could have been such a positive night, had my uncle saying, “only at the bowl”.

  28. old timers says

    Paul were you at the same race I saw photos and videos of online? The crowd to me looked to be considerably less than a decent last year Saturday night event with the SK’s racing but slightly better than the Blast off Sunday event. The Full fendered divisions seem to have lost their popularity in Southern New England casual race fan. By that I mean the fans/captive audience that are not involved with a specific driver or team in some way. Booking a full card of full fendered taxi cabs may have hurt the Speedbowl as this casual fan stayed home for the $25 ticket. Now if the SK’s & SKL were part of the Memorial Day show I would have been at the track drinking beers instead of drinking them at home with the in-laws. 🙁

  29. I’m always out of step on these things. TC throwing punches at Pennink in victory lane. Ryan Fearn climbing the fence after a win. With all the pre packaged, predictable things that go on in racing now I just think some unscripted chaos is good for the sport on occasion.

  30. old timer, Yes I was there, and I’m not saying the place was packed. I had to work Blast Off weekend so I can not compare the two. However, for a week without the SK’s,mods and $25 to get in, I was surprised by the crowd. I don’t know what time the pics or video you have seen were taken, but I’d call it a good crowd.

  31. Paul, how did the new stands look?

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