Stafford Notes: Marcello Rufrano, Jeremy Lavoie Each Make It Five Wins In 2018

Marcello Rufrano celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – The domination of the victory column continued Friday in their respective divisions for Marcello Rufrano and Jeremy Lavoie at Stafford Motor Speedway.

Rufrano, of North Haven, grabbed his second consecutive victory and fifth victory overall in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature.

“That’s a big number for me,” Rufrano said. “I don’t think I’ve won that many races [in a season] since back when I was racing go-karts. It’s pretty neat. Only getting four wins last year and getting five this year really shows … how much experience I’ve gained throughout this season and last season. It’s pretty neat. Pretty cool. Shows what hard work can do.”

Rufrano passed Chris Matthews for the lead on lap 15 restart and rolled from there.

“That made the race,” Rufrano said. “It took so long for this car to fire up on restarts. It just got way too tight. I just had to time my restarts right and the last restart was what I needed.”

Teddy Hodgon of Danbury was second and Matthews, of Stafford, third.

Jeremy Lavoie used a three-wide move on the first lap and then cruised easily to victory in the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature.

It was the fifth victory of the season for Lavoie, of Windsor Locks.

Ryan Fearn of East Longmeadow, Mass. was second. Justin Bren of Monson, Mass. was third on the track, but disqualified from the event for refusing post race tech inspection, moving Duane Provost of Palmer, Mass. third.


  1. Poor Jeremy Lavoie. Just a first class guy and so pleasant.. Should win the championship. Problem is the division is so weak he’ll never get the respect he deserves.
    So now Rufrano is the man. Or lad as the case may be. Fast car, takes his passing opportunities and brings it home in one piece. Sorry but Narcucci is my pick to go on and take it all.
    I’ve been skeptical of Bryan from day one. His bonehead moves in the LLM were obvious. Thought he was going to get frustrated in the Lights and do some dumb things. Didn’t happen. He’s got a beef or at least some logic to his teams very modest complaint about the starting position deal . Beef is my word, not theirs. They low key it.
    The good news is he’s consistently produced the fastest times in the division. Once he gets favorable starting spots he will give Rufrano all he can handle. Check that, Rufrano will be in the rear view mirror and the one in trouble. Bryan has been patient, aggressive at the right time and mostly been caught up in things not of his own making. And he’s done one other thing. Gotten my sons with CP interested in racing again when they could have cared less when I was on the track long ago.
    His car is the main story. How well it’s prepared, the quality of the equipment and the people backing it. But with all the advantages he has he has piloted the car nearly as good as anyone could have expected in brutal competition. On to the championship Bryan and SK’s next year.

  2. Lightsout says

    Looks like the “real deal” is more of a “crash deal”. His bone head moves in the LLM has continued to the lights, sorry Doug but it’s true and that 01 is my pic for most equipment wrecked because the kid has no patience. How many LF’s is he gonna run over before he learns… Good car or not, he’s gotta learn how to keep the wheels on it and off other cars. The only car and driver combo to have the skill and patience to get it done is the 88… period. SK’s?? Laughable……

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