Tri-Track Mods Open Wheel Wednesday To Conclude On July 3 At Seekonk

(Press Release from Seekonk Speedway)

The Tri-Track Open Modified Series at Seekonk Speedway (Photo: Courtesy Seekonk Speedway)

SEEKONK, Mass. – The rain-shortened Open Wheel Wednesday $10,000 to win 100-lap Tri Track Open Modified Series event will be concluded on Tuesday night, July 3.

All front gate tickets and pit passes that were purchased for the June 27thevent will be honored for admittance on Tuesday.

The new schedule will call for the pits to open at 4:30 p.m., front gates at 5 p.m., and the final 78 laps of the race will begin promptly at 7 p.m.

The feature will begin right where it left off, on lap 22, with Richard Savary at the top of the field. Defending Matt Hirschman is second, followed by Keith Rocco, Ron Silk and Rowan Pennick. Twenty-seven of the top modified drivers on the East Coast took the green flag.

For those who don’t have a ticket for the race, you can attend by purchasing a front gate admission pass for $10. The pit pass for anyone looking to enter the pit area is $20.

We look forward to finishing the event and watching someone take home the $10,000 check. Seekonk and Tri Track officials have come together to put up a $200 bonus per team for all who return to compete.


  1. Looking forward to the finish. So far so good.

  2. Fast Eddie says

    I hope most teams can return. I thought it was really good until the rain showed up. 39 cars, 4 heats, and 2 consi’s was almost 100 laps just to set the field! The midget racing was really good as well; the NEMA lights had some four-wide racing that was fun to watch.

  3. Dareal
    I am staying till the 3rd at marriot
    No big deal for me 200 a night..
    Im also ordering big steaks on room service too.!!!!i got $$$$$$$$ as you know sir

  4. Jeffrey, I’ll bring some 6 lb. lobsters to go with the steaks.

  5. What is going to happen with the cars that were wrecked? Are they going to be able to come back with a fixed race car? Or the teams that left with their tires are they going to be allowed back into the field.

  6. Bill Realist says

    $10 bucks! I’m glad i skipped it the first time for the big show at Malta the night before. Who is this Pennick guy in 5th?

  7. Bob Npt. says

    The show should have been moved along better. I can’t believe that no one knew that rain was coming. If the midgets hadn’t wasted so much time (almost a half hour between a couple of their races), they probably would have finished the modified race.

  8. Unfortunately something has changed in last 2 years with Tri Track, Williams and Schaefer are the best and class acts but the guys running it now are just cold and trying to make money. Now its just whatever Darling or Pennick says goes. Everycar if made race or not received a good check to come out try it. Now only the cars that qualify get a check, because they re did the format, used to be a Bmain now it’s just a Consi. If you decided not to use one of your inventory tires you were allowed to bring it and run it at the next show, now you can’t do that anymore leaving a lot of teams with wasted $$$ spent.

  9. Great point Bob Npt., I was constantly watching the radar, and the show should have moved along very quickly. There was too much idle time. They should have known better. Add up all the idle time and that was probably more than enough to finish the mod race.

  10. Looking forward to the rest of this race.

  11. James Schaefer says

    I really don’t like to post too much in reply to others but once in a while I see non facts that need to be corrected. EVERY team that did not qualify will be getting the $500 that was announced previously. Each race is different. Some races they leave with cash or check in hand. Other races they have to wait until the check comes in the mail. The Wednesday Seekonk race has always been “check in the mail” race.. and because this race isn’t complete, it will be mailed with all other checks as soon as the race is completed. And no body, and I mean NO BODY is trying to make money on this series. As for B main, it’s really on a race by race deal now.. We were going to do it at Claremont, but didn’t have enough cars show up. We were going to do it at Seekonk but we told them we needed 12 cars to run it. After wrecks , blown motors etc, the idea was scratched. Looking forward to Tuesday night. Come buy a t-shirt and say hello.

  12. To me they are always good shows and look forward to them.But this decision to run Tuesday night peeves me,yes it is a holiday week,but it is a big family vacation week also.I am not going to travel 1.5 hours to watch a race that will last 45 minutes tops.I also can’t see some of these cars coming back either for the same reason.I do believe there was a couple of cars from Jersey.Was really hoping that they would do this the Saturday of the Haunted Hundred and maybe now run qualifying for the Late Models and the PASS divisions.The Mods will already be there and an extra division has been added and it can be awful cold in October.Oh Well off to Star in 4 weeks.

  13. Bob Maguire says

    Another DRAG out night. Too much down time. Keep the show going. Also, no discounts at the front gate like other tracks have on special shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They should add a division on Tuesday.

  14. Does anyone have a reaction to Seekonks providing streaming coverage for $25 if you are over 100 miles from the track. No I’m not driving an hour and 44 minutes one way to Seekonk from my Enfield, Ct home but would love to see a TTOMS race live. Would be happy to pay the track $25 bucks to stream it. But being 75 miles I don’t qualify. Is 100 miles unrealistic and are they missing a an opportunity? Is this one camera streaming deal ground breaking and the future of regional racing? Why has no one mentioned it?

  15. Seekonk fan says

    Doug, I believe right at the start of qaulifying they lifted the 100 mile blackout.

  16. Good to know but it seems all so sketchy. Hows anyone supposed to know about the last minute audible? Make it a reasonable blackout zone and stick to it. This isn’t the Patriots. It’s a local track. One that could attract a huge on line audience I would think. And I’m still curious about what the future is for pay to stream locally because Speed51 is offering it for a lot of races.

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