Woody Pitkat Skipping Whelen Modified Tour Event At Langley Speedway

Woody Pitkat (Photo: Adam Glanzman/NASCAR)

When the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour hits the track at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va. Saturday for the WhosYourDriver.org 150, Woody Pitkat won’t be in the lineup.

Pitkat, of Stafford, confirmed Wednesday morning that he will not be in the Danny Watts Racing Whelen Modified Tour entry at Langley.

“I’ve got a lot going on with my house and actually it’s overwhelming,” Pitkat said. “… [Team owner Danny Watts] totally understands. He’s been there before and he’s understanding. I’m actually lucky that he’s cool enough to be fine with it. The last that I talked to him he just said that he knew what he was going to do.”

After five Whelen Modified Tour events Pitkat is 19th in the standings. His best finish of the season is a 12th in the Icebreaker 150 on April 8.

“The car that we ran at Seekonk [Speedway on June 2] we’ve been having problems with it, figuring out why it won’t run,” Pitkat said. “It will only run like 30 or 40 laps and the thing breaks up. That’s why they went to Riverhead [Raceway] last week with Tommy Rogers to try to figure it out, but I guess it’s still breaking up.”

Watts was not immediately available for comment Wednesday morning. Tuesday afternoon it was posted on the NASCAR Home Tracks Twitter feed that Spencer Davis would replace Pitkat at Langley.

Pitkat joined the Watts team late in the 2017 season replacing Ted Christopher in the car following Christopher’s death on Sept. 16. Christopher had replaced Ron Silk in the car earlier in the 2017 season.

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Pitkat will be at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Saturday and Sunday to run with the Valenti Modified Racing Series for car owner Danny Stebbins in the second New England Short Track Showdown.

At last year’s inaugural showdown, Pitkat came out on top of the 50-lap Valenti Modified Racing  Series event after an epic battle with the Christopher.

After four Valenti Modified Racing Series events this year, Pitkat is third in the Valenti Modified Racing Series standings, 30 points behind leader Anthony Nocella and nine points off second place Rowan Pennink.


  1. knucklesmahoney says

    I’ve got a lot going on with my house so I won’t ba at Langeley, but will be at NHMS all weekend. Hmmm, sounds like trouble.

  2. knucklesmahoney it’s a lot cheaper to drive to Loudon from Massachusetts than fly back and forth or drive back and forth to Hampton, Virginia! Also, makes more sense seeing what position he is in points in both series! My guess is that DWR will get Spencer Davis to drive if he is available for the weekend! Good Luck to the 82 Team on the WMT and to the 52 Team on the VMRS!

  3. put civali in it for the weekend

  4. When is Woody’s cat scheduled for a bath?

  5. knucklesmahoney says

    Nobody has been able to make that 82 get around the track. Whats up with that car?

  6. Not sure racing is the most important thing in Woody’ s life anymore ,and at near 40 it probably shouldn’t be , but I’m sure dareal bozo knows best, as he does with every other topic

  7. Jim….what a great guess on spencer!! Any guesses on who wins super bowl?

  8. Dareal gives awesome advice…please stop the dareal bashing
    He is a true friend

  9. Ronnie silk won a tour race at Waterford in it. I think the problem is the guy sitting in the seat

  10. Crazy in NY says

    Does anybody believe if WP were second in WMT points and 19th in MRS that he wouldn’t be going to Langley?

  11. Elect, make this clear for you … WP is going to run at Loudon instead of Langley. That blows away your life priorities and >40 excuse.

  12. Rob,

    Silk won ONE ☝️ race race then quit the ride. Then the king himself Ted Christopher got behind the wheel and didn’t do a damn thing in it either even with Brad Lafontaine’s help so I’am not thinking it’s the driver or driver’s. Guess again….

  13. Not making excuses , because it really doesn’t matter to me where he choses to go , just my thoughts but like I said you would know better

  14. With the NWMT running at Loudon in a few weeks, and the prestige that comes with winning at Loudon, could Woody maybe be using the VMRS race as a test session for the NASCAR race? Plus he is the defending champion of the VMRS race.

  15. With the NWMT coming to Loudon in a few weeks and all the prestige associated with winning there, could it be that Woody is using the VMRS race as a sort of test session? Don’t forget he is also the defending winner of this event, and is doing better in points on the VMRS

  16. Not the driver, it’s the car. I was at Riverhead, for the Islip 300, and the car was fast early. Rogers started near the back, passed a few cars but after 40 laps or so the car trailed off. As the race went on and knowing how good Rogers is, I noticed that the car was sputtering as it went down the front stretch. Sounded almost like a rev. limiter to me. In fact, my friends I was with, also heard the sputtering. So it isn’t the driver, it’s the car. Sounds like it’s time for a new motor.

    By the way, while the car counts at Riverhead Raceway aren’t stupendous, the racing has been unbelievable. The Tour race on July 7th, should be one heck of a race. Outside lane is just as fast as the inside lane. It will be a hold your breath and hold on to your seat, all out ground-pounding affair.

  17. Nobody could get the 82 car to go, even TC. Don’t know how old the chassis is, or what they run for an engine but that car never runs well. I’m actually surprised that Woody has hung in as long as he has. It’s no surprise that he’s choosing to run Loudon rather than langly based on performance

  18. The “king” wasn’t a king on that tour. “Kings” win more than one championship in their prime. He might be the so called king of sk racing…plus by the time he got in the 82, he couldn’t win on the tour anymore

  19. What’s the status? Weather in Langley is calling for marine warnings, hazardous weather, lightning, and flooding through Sunday-Monday.

  20. Actually folks, Ted finished 3rd at the Bud 150 last August. If Nascar would have penalized the 6 for bringing out the caution with his intentional spin, and I’ll never understand how Coby kept second after pounding the wall in turn 1 on the last lap…..

  21. Well ain’t that something. Langley tickets are $16.75 and $14.65 for we geezers. Undercard is a little weak but man how do they offer such a great price compared to the Northeast? Family 4 pack $37.75. Whoa! Seriously, how do they do that?

  22. Looks like woody made the right decision. Running 22 in practice compared to being 2nd in practice is a lot more fun. Guess the driver doesn’t make a difference. 82 holding his ability back

  23. Fast Eddie says

    It’s not Woody. I think the 82 has an electrical gremlin that they are having a tough time tracking down. I saw it happening at Seekonk. I’m no mechanic, but if it happens after 30-40 laps, something electrical is heating up and causing the problem. If not, it’s time to chase/replace wiring.

  24. It’s gotta be the chassis.

    Is it an LFR???? Get an LFR and the 82 will be lapping the field before the pace car gets off the track.

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