Rolling: Ronnie Williams Gets Second Consecutive SK Modified Win At Stafford

Ronnie Williams celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

Last week at Stafford Motor Speedway, Ronnie Williams celebrated the biggest payday of his racing career in collecting more than $10,000 as winner of the fifth NAPA SK 5K.

Friday the Tolland driver kept the momentum rolling in his favor.

Williams held off Eric Berndt to win the 40-lap NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford.

It was the third victory of the season for Williams.

“It was definitely a great win,” Williams said. “We came from the back and we hunted down Eric. We had a good battle there the last five laps. Definitely happy we’re able to get two in a row with this thing.”

The victory, coupled with a rough night for Keith Rocco, vaulted Williams into the points lead for the division.

Rocco came into the evening leading Williams in the standings by 28 points. But an 18th place finish for Rocco allowed Williams to jump into the points lead by six ahead of Rocco.

For Williams, it’s still too early in the season to focus on that place in the standings.

“I was in the points lead last year and it was lasted one race so we still have more work to do,” Williams said. “If this was the Fall Final it would be a different story. … If we keep winning races stuff will fall into place.”

Berndt, of Cromwell, was second and Stephen Kopcik of Newtown third.

Williams passed Berndt on lap 36 and then held off Berndt’s challenges over the final three laps.


  1. I do believe the mantel of invincibility that was dormant after Rocco lost it has found it’s way to Williams. So all the usual suspects that are fast are running laps in the 19.09 to 19.14ish range so what’s Williams do? He clicks off a 19.02. Rocco may have had something for him but that ended real soon. Suffice it to say the 50 is at the top of it’s game and has plenty of money for tires.
    But it’s not just about who won. The Rocky of the SK’s Todd Owen started 16th and brought it home in 4th clicking off a fast lap of 19.10, third fastest. Berndt once again had the perch to get his first win of the season and once again was just a tic off the best. But the fact is he is only a tic off after a terrible season last year, Stash Butova does have him running up front and he is in the sweet spot handicapping wise for a win so we’ll see if he can get over the hump. My favorite Dowling was in the fast window but things happen and he was hanging on for most of the race. Oh well. Gervais was in the cat bird seat with a chance to steal a win, couldn’t stay with the top tier cars but again produced a good finish. He may be putting us to sleep but he’s third in points and doing it as a steady Eddie. Ready or not Kopcik has broken into the top tier of consistently really fast cars. Seems the University of LFR has taken him to the next level knowledge wise. Congratulations to Glen Reen, another favorite for coming back after having to change a tire and getting a stellar finish. Glen’s been labeled a loose cannon early in the season but he’s in the groove now and proving he’s one of the best drivers on the track.

  2. Always enjoy watching Ronnie charge to the front but starting tenth is hardly coming from the back. Kudos to Todd Owens harder charge from sixteenth to fourth.

  3. Joe White says

    Where was Rowan Pennick last night 7-6-18? No mention at all. Are they still trying to fix the 99?

  4. Henry J Lecomte says

    I love it Proves that the Adam Skowyra team chose the right Driver.Chase is a good kid but LFR Is a tick behind in the SK field and Since I hate RF Williams is proving That Chase gave up a top tier RIDE

  5. Good Job Ronnie Williams and the 50 team.

  6. SKModFan says

    Hi my buddy Doug. I agree it was a fun race with lots of side by side racing with lead changes. Williams has to start in the parking lot weekly and earn his way to the front. The 66 has been a front runner but has started up there/ top 4 for the last few races. The 33 does as well and all he does is lose spots. Yes he’s third in points but over 70 points behind the 2 horse race and he won’t be in the championship conversation. The 66 goes forward as much as the 33 goes backwards. Owen hits everything out there and Reen a great driver? That guy went 3 wide on lap 1 and ended up taking out the 88 and 82. Great job!! Reen is a great driver, just ask him!! Looking forward to the rest of the summer.

  7. I can relate to your hatred of RF Henry. I am neutral on Williams but Skowyra, his dogs and his political views he wears on his sleeve you are welcome to. LFR a tic behind? I’m thinking the entire field is a tic behind the 50. Actually Berndt and Rocco are a tic behind and the rest including Dowling are two tics or more behind.
    Chase to LFR and Williams to Skowyra were two different things. Dowlings was a career choice, a job and a future in the industry. Williams is just a car to race on Friday night. Literally everyone came out ahead in that bit of musical chairs.

  8. One thing for sure, I’m never confused about where you stand on any drivers you mention SKModFan. I get the Reen thing. He has baggage. It’s a love em or hate em deal. Owen hits everything? That’s not what I saw when he carried the in car camera’s.
    OK to this is starting to get to be fun. Williams and the 50 are currently at the top of their game. Rocco and his win streak are a faint memory. Once again we have a battle of Rocco vs the 50 for the championship. At least for now. My only prediction. It will not be easy for either.
    Next up is my fav the Open. This will be an interesting challenge for Rocco and Williams. Each can come from mid field and I expect them to. But now it’s inverted and they have to do it again. That’s a spicy meatball indeed with the odds of a jingle for both or either high. Perilous waters with twice the risk and no added points to be had. Would one or both with top race finishes take the points and sand bag the shootout?

  9. SKModFan says

    Hey Joe, I spoke to Rowan at Riverhead, asked the same question. He said they are still fixing the 99 they started the season with and the back up cars are so off the pace, they have some work to do so they may be out for a few weeks. The tour event was good, started 30 cars, way too many for that small track. Great crowd turn out and the drivers were very friendly and talkative in the autograph session.

  10. LFR has yet to develope an SK or SKL package that can consistently compete with the field at any of the CT tracks. The only division they dominate in is the WMT. My opinion.

  11. Good info on Pennink. Wondering if the car will be at the big show next week. Also wondering if the chassis goes back to CD to have it rejigged and repaired to original specs.

  12. But he’s third in points. Next?

  13. The open? Same night as the Lee MRS race. Great strategic planning on someone’s part. No WMT cars due to the rules package. Could be a Bowl 10 car feature. How exciting, think I will stay home, save some money and watch the Red Sox game.

  14. SKModFan says

    Yes. If the 50 and the 88 skipped this week and decided to go out to dinner and a movie, and the 33 won, he’d still be 20+ points behind them. And he’s Third in points!! For everyone else it’s worse.

  15. Dareal and i are building a car..
    We are doing a sk for 2018 late.
    Driver tba. Possible a guy from winston cup.
    Does DW ring a bell
    Boogity boofity gboogity boyzzz

  16. Jeffrey, might as well tell them who is doing the engine.

    The driver is a Grand National guy.

    Don’t tell anybody about the special tire rub sauce, bearing seals, undetectable gas additive, super low friction oil additive, extra air passages, porous carburetor bodies, and other secrets.

  17. Please keep all info within my organization!!! But yes dareal i can say who our engine guy will be…dies yates ring a bell….!!!by the way all winnings will go to the fix the snack bar at waterford fund…
    Gotta go my phone is buzzing….here we go sell another 1000 shares of enron

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