Ryan Newman Wins Pole For Whelen Mod Tour Eastern Propane & Oil 100 At NHMS

Ryan Newman (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

LOUDON, N.H. – The outsider will be on the inside of the front row taking the field to the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour field to green at New Hampshire Motor Speedway Saturday.

NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series star Ryan Newman won the pole in qualifying Saturday morning for this afternoon’s Whelen Modified Tour Eastern Propane & Oil 100 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

It was Newman’s seventh career pole in Whelen Modified Tour competition. Newman has been competing regularly with the Whelen Modified Tour during Cup weekends at New Hampshire Motor Speedway since

“We had tire issues yesterday [in the Whelen All-Star Shootout] just with the speed being so fast so hopefully this cloud cover will help for cooling the tires off,” Newman said. “Speeds are going to be up still but the track [temperature] is going to be down. … We struggled with tires yesterday in a 35-lap race that had 15 laps of caution so hopefully we can get the tire situation sorted out and make it a good 100 lap race for everybody.”

Newman toured the 1.058-mile oval in 28.763 seconds (132.420 mph) to set fast time in qualifying.

Five-time series champion Doug Coby of Milford will start on the outside of the front after turning a lap of 28.850 seconds (132.021 mph) in qualifying.

Coby was second in Friday’s non-points exhibition All-Star Shoout, which was won by series points leader Justin Bonsignore. Newman was eighth.

Bonsignore was third fastest in qualifying at 28.923 seconds (131.688 mph).

Chase Dowling (29.052 seconds, 131.103 mph) and Eric Goodale (29.078 seconds, 130.986 mph) rounded out the top-five respectively in qualifying.

Full Qualifying Results for the Eastern Propane & Oil 100 at NHMS


  1. How’s he do it? The car isn’t that strong for Putnam. How’s it get so fast for this race?

  2. Slapnuts says

    Something tells me that’s not Gary’s motor in that car and there’s a reason Ryan is in cup racing. He’s just that good.

  3. I can’t sign on to the theory it’s the drive since it’s a big track where motor is king and the car is always 95% of a drivers success. But the notion that the motor was something special. Maybe from RYR is a very strong possibility.

  4. All SPEC motors are from RYR. It’s in the rules. doh.

    The best part about NHMS is Doug isn’t there.

    Put Melissa Fifield in the 77, see how it goes.

  5. Motor conspiracy, no. Great car and a driver that is always on his game in a modified at New Hampshire, yes. Why do you think Newman wheels the car at N.H.? Spec engines all machined by RYR, all bar coded, all teched by experienced staff. RYR can assemble or engine builders can assemble. Since the car comes from the South it would of course make since for it to be turn key from RYR and tuned by RYR. Illegal? Don’t really believe RYR would chance destroying his reputation.

  6. I think car has always been decent but I think there is a huge difference between Ryan Newman and Gary Putnam

  7. Like Humphry where did the motor come from when Newman was thrown out for a illegal engine?

  8. Dareal the dummy’s taunting aside I’d offer this on the engine deal.
    I’d ask a few questions and all in the context of no conspiracy whatsoever. Isn’t a fresh engine better then one that isn’t? Does assembly matter? Who does it and who pays attention to the most optimal tolerances within the rules. Do we know it was a spec engine? Doesn’t a built motor assembled to the highest standards have the capability of being better then the standard spec engine overcoming the weight disadvantage along the way? The best engine doesn’t have to be illegal. And really good drivers aren’t limited to being only good when the buckle up. The really good ones pay attentions to the details like engines before they agree to take the gig I would think.
    Ryan Preece’s effort in Xfinity with a marginal car getting marginal results vs now I think is evidence that no driver alone can make a mid pack car run up front.

  9. Racer, that was a built engine, an ECR engine. The built engines were very different than the SPEC engines. The built engines were limited by the carb, therefore a carefully designed leak to let in more air would result in rather beneficial performance, as it did. The SPEC engines already have outsized induction parts upstream from the intake valves, and such a leak scheme shouldn’t be all that helpful. The valve train is the limiter with the SPEC engines. The difference in the built engine carb and the spec engine carb is the difference between a soda straw and a sewer pipe.

  10. You can believe a dummy that has said Appalachia extends to Maine expounding on highly technical comparisons between spec and built engines if you like. I would advise it be taken with a grain of salt.

  11. No Doug Goodfella is correct about the engine i new where it was built just trying to make a point to Humphry God did i say Goodfella was correct he even agrees with me about Ryan Newman the hack so i guess were even.

  12. Thanks Racer. I would suggest you consider not only the essential facts but the technical details. The basic facts are likely within the realm of possibility as you claim. Then he get’s into the technical details that I doubt you nor anyone with an once of commence sense would bet the well being of their children on. There in lies the divergence of fact vs blowhard.

  13. We all know something about some topics. And most of us admit we don’t know so much about others. But ask yourself. How many people know everything about every topic like Dareal.
    I couldn’t tell you if D-Bag is right about the technical details of spec vs built engines. I know a lot about metal fabrication however and in that regard I can say this. He uses basic concepts and techniques correct but in the end always jumps the shark and comes to silly conclusions that are self serving and substantially incorrect. LFR vs the industry fixturing comes to mind. Then there is the mountain of meaningless taunts, mockery and monumentally stupid observations on basic facts you can look up on Google that he gets wrong. And I’m to believe that when he says all spec engines dyno within .33% of each other he is to be believed. That race cars at speed coast in the corners. That up State NY is a backward place with a low gene pool. Oh God he’s said so many stupid things.
    Believe what you will but I’d say if it looks like a pig and stinks like a pig it most likely is a pig.

  14. Hey Racer, when you are right, you are right. Feels good, eh? Too bad Doug doesn’t know what it feels like to be right. He’s always crabby.

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