Ryan Preece Added To Entry List For XFINITY Series Lakes Region 200 At NHMS

Ryan Preece celebrates his second win of the 2018 NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour on June 24 at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virginia. (Photo: Adam Glanzman/NASCAR)

THOMPSON – When Ryan Preece’s 10-race schedule on the NASCAR XFINITY Series for Joe Gibbs Racing was announced, one of events that seemed glaringly missing was the Lakes Region 200 on July 21 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

But those hoping to see New England’s current star of the XFINITY Series in more than just a NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour ride next week in Loudon have some good news.

Preece, of Berlin, confirmed exclusively to RaceDayCT on Saturday afternoon that he will now be on the entry list for the Lakes Region 200 in Loudon for Joe Gibbs Racing.

The Lakes Region 200 marks the only visit for the XFINITY Series to New Hampshire Motor Speedway in 2018.

Ryan Preece’s XFINITY Series ride for the Lakes Region 200 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

In his first career start for Joe Gibbs Racing, Preece finished second to Monster Energy Cup Series star Kyle Busch in the 2017 Lakes Region 200 at NHMS.

“Going to New Hampshire … I’m very excited,” Preece said. “Obviously we don’t have a lot of race tracks in New England for [Monster Energy Cup Series] or XFINITY [Series] or any of the big three. That’s really the only one we go to. Last year we finished second. We had a little bit of luck there with [Brad] Keselowski having a penalty. Really I think we were a third place car.”

In his next XFINITY Series start following last year’s event at NHMS, Preece got his first victory with the series at Iowa Speedway. He ended up recording finishes of fourth and fifth in two more starts for Gibbs in 2017.

“I’m looking forward to going back and knowing what I know now to try and make ourselves a little better, be better on the long run, and try to win there,” Preece said. “Ultimately, I think that would be pretty freaking cool. … I’ve got a lot of laps there and it kind of falls into my wheelhouse.”

This year Preece has made four XFINITY Series starts for the team, with a victory at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway on April 14.

In eight starts for Joe Gibbs Racing dating back to last year’s event at NHMS Preece has two victories, six top-five’s and seven top-10’s. His only finish outside the top-10 for Joe Gibbs Racing came at Daytona International Speedway on July 6 when he retired after 51 of 105 laps with an overheating car.

Preece was able to add the NHMS XFINITY Series event to his schedule through support from sponsors Falmouth Ready Mix of Falmouth, Mass., Mizzy Construction of Plainville and GMI Asphalt of Belmont, N.H.

“Luckily Falmouth Ready Mix with Albert and Cathy Moniz, and Mizzy Construction, they’re two of my biggest supporters that are stepping up,” Preece said. “Also GMI Asphalt out of New Hampshire. Those three stepped up and made it all possible.”

In addition to running the part-time schedule with the XFINITY Series this year, Preece is also running full-time with the Whelen Modified Tour and in the SK Modified division at Thompson Speedway.

He has two victories in six Whelen Modified Tour starts this year and will compete in both the Whelen All-Star Shootout for the division on July 20 at NHMS and the Eastern Propane & Oil 100 on July 21 in Loudon.


  1. Perfection!

  2. Sharpie Fan says

    Thank you to the local sponsors for your generosity that will allow the hometown fans to see Ryan race!

  3. Great to see some local companies stepping up in support of Ryan Preece. His record driving for JGR speaks for itself, and now he’ll have a chance to display his talent for the local crowd who have watched him throughout his career.

  4. I’ll be there Fri and Sat so am very happy to be able to have a dog in the Xfinity fight along with the mods.I still don’t understand this.So all it takes is someone to put up some money and Rowdy is on the sidelines?Why isn’t a big time sponsor stepping up for a full time deal.Their car will be front and center every race.This blows my mind and doesn’t seem to me that all other drivers are bringing sponsorship dollars with them.What gives with this deal?Is there no team that wants an aggressive driver who has proven he can win at the Xfinity level?It seems to me like there are many drivers out there who don’t have a prayer of winning even at the monster cup level.They stay around for years.Why is a winner not being brought to the dance?

  5. Bob Npt. says

    Art, it’s all about how much money you can bring to the table. Sponsors don’t want to pay all the bills.

  6. art, where have you been living? The USA is three things: 1. capitalist, 2. capitalist, 3. capitalist. Kyle Busch has so many sponsors he can run Stafford, Thompson and the NWMT with quadrupled purses out of pocket cash, or change found in his sofa. He’s the biggest anal sphincter the world has ever produced. Ryan Preece drives clean and is every bit as good as Ky. B. Go figure. Ky. B has endless sponsors, RP has to scrape together sponsors. The recent race where Ky. B. took out Larson at the end and then KB was making fun of crybabies shows yet again what a HUGE jerk KB is. My wife made rather salty comments about her thoughts of Ky. B after that. I’m stunned that KB has sponsors. But then, this is the age we are in. It also explains why the crowds are evaporating at the tracks, and fans are fleeing the sport. Most of the fans that are left are the lowest of the Deplorables, like Doug, Insipid Sybil, and all her other handles.

    If a couple brain cells could be found in NASCAR, they should be working to get massive sponsorship for Ryan Preece, he will attract a desirable demographic. art, you want your grandson cheering for Ryan Preece or Kyle Busch/Tommy Barrett? Preece has shown more than enough that he has the talent. It’s all about getting the sponsorship. Look at Kyle Larsen… he came from nowhere to massive sponsorship and private aircraft. Preece runs with Busch and Larsen on the track.

    You want a field full of drivers like Ryan Preece, or baggage-laden Kyle Busch and Tommy Barrett?

  7. darealgoodfella,
    Maybe you might try looking in a mirror when you call” most of the fans left are the lowest of the deplorables” when you make statements like that. You seem to be very biased towards to Larson. From what I saw was a different race than you as Larson started the dance when he did a slide ? job on Kyle and and ran him in the wall. From the way you write I think that R, Stenhouse # 17 (sp) is your favorite driver .He seems to think that he is driving a FORD tractor and keeps plowing over other cars to get to the” lower 40″

  8. Stirring the pot again I see D Bag. OK, I’ll play.
    It’s cause I’m calling you a dummy isn’t it Diaper Dareal? To be clear I’m not using the primary definition that refers to stupidity. Although God knows you set records for making bonehead statements. No I’m referring to a ventriloquist dummy. Darealgoodfella is the dummy. One that the real person behind Darealgoodfella manipulates to say virtually anything, claim anything, belch lectures of pure genius and fart rainbows. The pot stirrer. Who is that guy?
    Darealgoodfella the dummy has claimed to be an engineer, work with NWMT teams, called all up State NY a lawless inbred region, claimed Maine is a part of Appalachia, claimed SK fans are only interested in wrecks, mocked school children in New Hampshire as being in Appalachia and sub par. And here making the blanket statement race fans in general are deplorables.
    Whomever is behind the Darealgoodfella dummy I do believe has lost it. As for RickyinMass, WeldingWonders and myself we are all just fine. Actually we all got into the race last Friday real fast in the cash line for the price of one ticket so the jokes on you. Although RickinMass drank a little too much so that was concerning. But I digress.
    Anyway looking forward to seeing what large segment of the population Darealgoodfella the dummy trashes next.

  9. All these “Doug” handles here. So many of them, all seemingly the same writer. They promise to leave and never post again, only to show up again. Remarkable that there are so many named ‘Doug’ here.

  10. I lied.
    Dilly dilly Diaper Dareal. Remember this bone head comment of yours
    ” Have you seen his audition tapes for replacing TC as the Tour Clown? Muffed a restart at Loudon, took out the field. Went in on the 6 on the last lap at Loudon, took out the lead cars, and just about every other close confines racing situation where he took out his car and those around him. I could go on and on. If his flux capacitor doesn’t keep the other cars away, he’s going down.”

    Using the passed TC to trash the guy that became champion. You couldn’t be more wrong and mean spirited if you tried to…..I thought. Then came the trashing of school children in Appalachia NH.
    Dilly dilly.

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