Stafford Notes: Jeremy Lavoie Gets Seventh Limited Late Model Win; Bryan Narducci Tops SK Light Mods

Jeremy Lavoie celebrates victory in the Limited Late Model feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont)

STAFFORD – After winning his third event of the season Stafford Limited Late Model driver Jeremy Lavoie called it a dream come true to win that many events in one season.

And the dream only grows more amazing each week for the Windsor Locks driver.

Lavoie rolled to his seventh victory of the season in the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature Friday at Stafford Speedway.

“To win once here in a season is a big accomplishment,” Lavoie said. “It’s not an easy track to win at. Every division is tough. You’ve really got to be on top of your game. Seven wins. I still can’t believe it. I go out there and I wheel the hell out of the car and I still can’t believe we’ve got seven wins. I’ve got to thank my crew. We go through everything on the car every week no matter if we win or we finish second or we wreck. My hat’s off to them, they do a hell of a job. I come out here and make it look easy, but it’s really not easy.”

Justin Bren of Monson, Mass. was second and Duane Provost of Palmer, Mass. third.

In a side-by-side battle over the closing laps, Bryan Narducci held off Marcello Rufrano to win the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature.

It was the third victory of the season for Narducci, of Colchester.

“That was a great race,” Narducci said. “I’ve got to thank Marcello for running me clean. We were way too tight and I used him up a couple times. I didn’t mean to.”

Rufrano, of North Haven, held on to finish second.

“It was pretty awesome battling with him like that,” Rufrano said. “Kind of reminded me of when Keith [Rocco] and [Ted Christopher] used to do that back in the day. Our car took a little bit longer than I liked to fire up, but once it did this thing was on rails. Maybe if I had one or two more laps I could that was pretty awesome. It was a lot of fun.”

Tess Beyer of Stratton, Vt. got her first career victory in the 20-lap Street Stock feature.

Brandon Michael of Granville was second and Nicole Chambrello of Kensington third.


  1. The sk light race was awesome especially the he last 10 laps. I think the whole grand stands stood up to see the ending. Congratulations Brian!! What is the limit of cars to start? It looked like all the cars that were running at the end of the consolation race made the feature and several were in the two big wrecks at the beginning of it. Congratulations to Tess as well on her first victory. If you take out the three rent a race cars. This division had less then 10 cars. Where are the others missing tonight? .

  2. Great comment 28.
    Last week the SK Lights engaged in a wreck fest and the race with 27 cars started off looking like the same thing with a pile up right after the green flag. Then some of the best racing of the year ensued with the diaper dandies putting on one of the best three car shows of the year. I was standing and clapping after that one with everyone else.
    The LLM and LM races just painful to watch. And the bonehead move of the night award goes to Ryan Fearn. Has the fastest car in the short field and early on goes three wide in three and four for no logical reason and with the predictable result. If the LLM’s had an actual field of cars instead of the 10 they call a field his penalty to the rear would have meant a lot more.
    The Street Stock race may have looked boring to some. But young rookie Tess Beyer consistently hitting her spots to hold of the guy who will probably be the champion was exciting. And two chicks on the podium is always good to see. Maybe some day all three.

  3. Doug agree with all you wrote. Ryan should be parked for the rest of the summer. It’s week after week with him. Maybe him watching will open his eyes to the dumb things he does week after week. The 40 LM wins two weeks ago, runs like crap last week and this week was not even there. Anyone know what’s up with that? For Stafford being the premiere track in the northeast. They dure do some dumb things.

  4. Sharpie Fan says

    There were 28 SK Lights with 27 scheduled to start the race including 3 provisionals. Meaning one car would go home. It would have been nice if they used a promoter’s option to let the #72 run too since he got his car fixed. I heard the announcers saying that he had just gotten back from Afghanistan the day before. Support the troops!

  5. Good point on the 40 Racer28. Love you comments. Keep em coming!

  6. Ethan Williams says

    Johnny Walker is short on racing funds and said he’ll be back in September and Mike Hopkins is running when he has time.

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