Diego Monahan Returning To SK Modified Competition At New London-Waterford Speedbowl

(Press Release from New London-Waterford Speedbowl)

Diego Monahan celebrates an SK Modified victory at the New London-Waterford in August 2015

James “Diego” Monahan is getting ready to move from the sidelines and back into an SK Modified.

Monahan says that he’ll be driving the back-up car for Andrew Molleur in Saturday’s twin 40-lap SK Modified features at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl. It will be Monahan’s first Speedbowl appearance at the season.

“I’m definitely coming back,” Monahan said. “I don’t know for how long. Maybe I will just be a field filler.”

His career record indicates otherwise. Monahan has racked up 19 wins at the Speedbowl, including 10 in the Modifieds. During he last several seasons, he has been a contender for the Speedbowl Modified championship.

At the start of the 2018 season, however, Monahan has spent all his time working with his daughter, Emma, who is competing in thew Speedbowl’s Bandolero division. Emma currently is the division’s hottest driver with eight straight podium finishes, including three victories.
Now it’s dad’s turn to try and move into the spotlight, driving a Troyer car owned by Dave Jackson, the same car driven by Bo Gunning during his final Speedbowl seasons.

“It’s a good car,” Monahan says. “It has a new front clip and a freshened motor. I just got it tuned at Keith Rocco’s shop. It’s amazing — he used to be an adversary, and now he’s helping me out.”

Monahan says his primary goal is to get the car ready for Molleur, just in case he needs it. Molleur currently is fourth in the Speedbowl Modified point standings.

“That’s the deal I have with Dave Jackson,” Monahan said. “I’m excited about this opportunity.”
Monahan has yet to take that car out on the track for a practice session. He says, however, that it doesn’t really matter — he has the Speedbowl experience to compensate for that.

“I’ve turned quite a few laps at the Speedbowl,” Monahan said. “If the car is close, we should be good. I have a hard time believing that we won’t be competitive.”
“”Plus I love the Speedbowl,” Monahan said. “I’m happy to support it.”

During the past two seasons, however, the relationship between Monahan and the track was turning sour. He had vicious crashes during the end of the past two seasons to take him out of the point race.

“The last couple of seasons weren’t friendly,” Monahan said. “But I just told someone that there’s nothing better than having Ted Christopher and Keith Rocco behind you for 15 laps and you’re holding them off. It’s a great feeling knowing you can run with the best. And that’s what I have accomplished.

“If the car doesn’t run good Saturday, I won’t get in the way. I’m not going to mess up the race for the guys going for the title.”

Monahan, however, isn’t counting out the possibility that the car might be able to get to the front.

“I’m not coming back to run in the back.” Monahan said. “Maybe I can give Kyle James and Todd Owen a run for their money. Or maybe it’s not in the cards. We’ll just have to wait and see.”
Monahan, however, says he has an added incentive to be in victory lane one more time.

“I want to celebrate in victory lane with my daughter,” said Monahan, referring to his infant daughter Jacqueline,

That would be the one of his 20 victory lane photos that would stand out the most.

Speedbowl Notes

Nine-feature presentation
Qualifying will get under way at 5:15 p.m. Saturday for one of the busiest race programs on the year, with features getting under way at approximately 6:30 p.m. On the card are two SK Modified features, two Sportsman features, the Late Models, the Legends, the Conn. Pro 4 Modifieds, the X-Cars and the Outlaw Street Stocks..
The Outlaw Street Stock will consist of any car known as a Street Stock, regardless of what track it competes at on a regular basis. Cars from tracks such as Seekonk and Stafford, for example, are eligible.

Autograph August
During the month of August, special autograph sessions for all of the Speedbowl Saturday night divisions will be held prior to feature racing. First up will be the SK Modifieds and Late Models on Saturday.

Monster invasion
One of the biggest nights of the Summer at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl will take place on Sunday Aug. 19 at 5 p.m. when the Monster Trucks invade the Bowl for the first and only time this season. In addition to the Monster Trucks, there will be Enduros, Quad Wars, Powerwheel and Big Wheel races, plus more events to be announced. The last time the Monster Trucks were in Waterford was 2015 and the show was a complete sellout.

Points battles
Kyle James will be entering Saturday’s SK Modified doubleheader as the division’s hottest driver. He has four wins and a six-point cushion over Todd Own in the standings. Rob Janovic is third, 12 points out. The tightest division is the Late Models. Ryan Morgan has a three-point lead over Jason Palmer, with Anthony Flannery 12 points out… Shawn Gaedeke comes into the Sportsman doubleheader with a 17 point lead over Jordan Hadley. Jon Porter is 22 points out. ,, Peter Bennett is the pacesetter in the Saturday Legends Division by 10 over Scott Limkemann.


  1. Old Time Racer says

    Glad to see Diego back on the track. Just Wondering why no mention of Wings n Wheels but a mention of the Monster Trucks? I would think Wings n Wheels would be mentioned as an August highlight as it is definitely one of the best shows all year at the Bowl.

  2. Mark Andrews says

    What about Chris Forster stepping aside?Is there something here?Lots of rumours and scuttlebutt going around.It would be nice to hear the truth about it.I’ve noticed an effort to bring news about the track being made by the Media Director.Why no official word?

  3. Mark,
    My understanding is that Chris Forster is no longer working at the track. That’s all I know at this point.

  4. super grapes of wrath says

    Diego speaks the truth keeping faster cars behind him became a full time job and the results were Diego being parked in the fence in a bucket. hope Dave Jackson has deep pockets. the way Rocco has been running lately his setup should be mid pack at best .. let the carnage begin .PS how many podium finishes were stripped from team critical in the bandos for illegal activities.. all we need is the “christian cowboy” Shawn out there ..perhaps he can get in a legend car,bando or a super mod.. so many more divisions he can win in to add to his awesome resume . would love to see him lose his cool and throw a wheel at a 8 year old. P.S Forrester was a bad choice. he doesn’t have the temperament for the job.. Bring on Ben Dodge

  5. Mike Serluca says

    Bring on Ben Dodge… lol. I think you’re running your mouth mid pack. Hurry back to the circus, they’re short on balloon animal makers.

  6. Casual observer says

    Sour, a few finishes have been stripped. But you don’t hear about those. Hopefully the track gets that division under control but hey if you want to continue to let the parents cheat and get away with it by all means keep going. All it will do is drive parents away. If you need to cheat your 17 year old up to win against grade school kids you sir have serious problems.

  7. Mark Andrews says

    Mike……since you are involved at the track in a media capacity.Can you shed any light on the Race Director Issue?Chris has been around a long time with various teams and tracks.Was hoping that he would work out.Grapes go get some Peanut* Butter for your Jelly!

  8. wings n wheels of wrath says

    Serluca.. seen Ben there at the track you are not a fan?. he is a proven racing promoter. He would be my choice to turn the place around.. I pose a question to you as the present “public relations” person. what is ailing the track ? you think specifically its Bemers ownership ?? cost of racing in general? lack of common rules divisions between the tree Ct tracks.. race director ?? I would like to know your opinion .. Waterford in my opinion HAD some of the best action during the korteweg years .full stands ,car counts “the action track” cold beer reasonable times for food service.. the bathrooms have always been an issue …It will always have that scruffy blue collar feel to it ..not as polished. it needs professional help /guidance to survive .the new fence was a great addition and the slightly improved rest room facilities etc…the promised new bleachers would be even better however without fanny’s in the new seats and a sufficient car count it lingers … but for how long ..would hate to see it go.

  9. Dave jackson says

    Wings and wheels of wrath you have no clue what’s your name my name’s Dave Mike is Mike what’s yours name have a pair got to love it another want to be

  10. David jackson says

    Super grape love how you hid your name people like you are seat racers by the words you say you have no clue what goes on behind a steering wheel Diego is an accomplished driver proud to have him pilot my car and my name is David jackson

  11. Mike Serluca says

    How did Riverside do with Ben? I understand he got a nice severance package. So nice, The Park didn’t even know about it. Then there was Thompson. What happened there? It’s not that I’m not a fan, I just don’t have time for people who spread false rumors about my track. Especially a person, who, in my opinion, should know better. George Whitney is doing a fine job. Why is it everyone thinks they can do it better? Instead of supporting the track or not supporting the track, all the “social media GM’s” year it down. It’s not as easy and cut and dry as you think. And from what I understand, Ben wanted too much money when the job was open. As far as the race director, Eric Webster is our acting race director. He does a great job for us. We are proud of every member of our team. Track safety to ticket booth, concession worker to pit steward. George is making decisions and getting things turned around. We thank all our fans and drivers for their continued support!

  12. sour grapes of rain says

    good answer serluca.. your hired !!!!

  13. Mark Andrews says

    Mike Serluca.Thank You for letting everyone know that Webby will be the acting race director.I do ask one thing though.Your critical of Ben Dodge here.Then you say he was offered the race director post at the Speedbowl but asked for too much money?Is this accurate?If it is….and your saying Ben did something wrong with Riverside and Thompson.Then why on earth would he be offered the position at the Speedbowl?Ben Dodge has forgotten more about running a race facility and promotions than anyone who ever was involved with the Speedbowl since the Eames Era.My feeling is that Ben has and holds a lot of respect from the Racing community for his accomplishments and knowledge of the industry and business.Do yourself a favor and tread lightly when describing them.jmo

  14. wmass01013 says

    I don’t think that Ben Dodge ever did anything at any track that was not to BENEFIT race TEAMS, FAR less could be said about Waterford’s past Directors

  15. When do we see those beautiful new aluminum stands and concessions we were lied to about? How about a point fund for the competitors that was promised last year and we were lied to about? How about the environmental updates that were supposed to be completed? The list goes on and on and George is doing a great job? He is just a puppet for Bemer who is running everything, and I mean everything from behind the scenes. I cry BS about the whole deal.

  16. Old Time Racer says

    Where was Diego, I had previous family commitments and could not make it to the track? I just looked at the results on the Bowls website and did not see his name in the SK feature rundown..

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