RaceDayCT Exclusive: Terry Eames Taking On Management Role At Thompson Speedway

Terry Eames (Photo: Courtesy Terry Eames)

RaceDayCT has confirmed through multiple sources that former New London-Waterford Speedbowl owner Terry Eames will take on a lead management role at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park.

Eames is expected to take on a general manager type of position at the facility, which would include overseeing events on the Thompson Speedway oval, though his exact role is still be defined.

Track ownership is currently mounting a restructuring of management at the facility that includes bringing on Eames and also partnering with the venue management group Comcast Spectra. The track’s deal with Comcast Spectra management is expected to begin on January 1, 2019.

Track owner Jon Hoenig said he could not comment at this point about any staff changes happening at the facility. Eames also said he could not comment on the situation at this point.

Eames is expected to be in his new role at the facility before the next NASCAR Whelen All-American Series event at the track, which is scheduled for Sept. 9.

Sources have also confirmed that current Thompson Speedway general manager Josh Vanada will leave his position with the track within the next month, though he will remain involved with organization of the final two NASCAR Whelen All-American Series events in 2018. In addition to the Sept. 9 event, Thompson closes its oval track season with the running of the Sunoco World Series of Speedway racing Oct. 12-14.

Track officials are expected to announce details later this week involving the hiring of Eames and the track’s new relationship with Comcast Spectra.

Eames spent more than 20 years at the Speedbowl, first as a consultant working for the track, later as a general manager and then as the track owner. He owned the facility from 2000 to 2014. Current Speedbowl owner Bruce Bemer acquired the facility as high bidder during a foreclosure auction of the property on Oct. 18, 2014.


  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Does this mean there going to run additional oval races and perhaps have a different attitude towrds the common racer?? God I hope so!!!!!!

  3. Okay, the first thing I did was check the calendar. No, it is not April 1.

  4. Well this will definitely blow up this site…I do think Terry did a good job with the Speedbowl til the later years. The Wednesday shows really took off the ground. Lots of touring divisions visited the track. The opening weekend while cold and bitter in March most years was always a popular kickoff event to the northeast racing season. The website was chalked full of info and promotion. Thompson will do well with him, I believe

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Based on previous info I’ve seen about Mr. Eames, the new record for posts will probably be set right here. I must admit I agree with MadModMan. Just being a fan, I saw a lot of great racing at the Speedbowl while he was running the place, despite the lack of site improvements.

  6. wmass01013 says

    VERY INTERESING indeed, lets hope for good things, would LOVE AN OPEN MOD SHOW at BIG T

  7. wow

  8. Viva race fan says

    Very interesting …..

  9. Hillary 2028 says

    Terry Eames and racetrack, two words I never thought I’d see together again. Guess I’m not going crazy as I thought I saw him in the parking lot of Thompson last Wednesday. Funny thing is I heard before the season started that Josh was out so guess this wasn’t last minute thing. From what I understand the reason they don’t race weekly anymore is because the owner’s kid is more interested in the road course. Now if they do decide to go back weekly then you would have to put the blame on Josh I suppose. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. Maybe Eames will do a good job but is there really no one else qualified around here that could do just as good?

  10. Al Coholic says

    Hillary 2028.

    You do realize this is a family site don’t you?? Why are you trying to scare the women and children with your stage name????

  11. Multiple sources have told me that Eames owes quite a few race teams money…purse money that was never paid. Does this mean they can now collect from him when they see him at Thompson? If not, why not?

  12. Terry can claim the plant improvements at Thompson were all his ideas.

  13. Bill Realist says

    If they were really serious they would have brought in howie commander. I know he’s a dirt track guy but he unarguably runs the two best short track racing programs in the northeast. Probably the whole country. This is a means to an end. Scapegoat if you will. Maybe bring in Chris Thayer as an assistant to really cap it off.

  14. Chris D,
    I’m not even sure why, but I’ll address the ignorance of your comment like this: I have a $100 Blockbuster gift card in my desk right now. I know where there’s a Starbucks locally where a Blockbuster used to stand. Think I could go into that Starbucks and demand they honor my Blockbuster card just because? That’s about as brilliant as your comment sounds. Eames previously owned a business that has been since dissolved and has no holdings. He now will be an employee of another business, not the owner of a business. What your comment has to do with Eames working as the general manager of a business owned by the Hoenig family is beyond ridiculous and clearly a display of you just trying to be antagonistic concerning long past history.

  15. Hopefully change is good. I’m hoping for a 10-12 schedule in 2019!!! Maybe some big payout races to boot……..

  16. Let’s talk about ignorance. There is a trust factor…someone who will be in a position to make decisions that affect the very same race teams that were not paid what they were owed.Long past history??? 3 years? I guess I have to include negative comments about Trump like your pal darealgoodfella for you to like my comments. So what your saying is “antagonistic” comments are not welcome on this site? That really makes me laugh.

  17. Everyone is talking about Terry, but what has me concerned is that Comcast Spectra is in the picture. The same group that manages the XL Center and Rentscheler Field. $10 beers, $20 to park. Big T is already expensive, what’s gonna happen next? Cost to rent the road course for an event is at a point where you can make a little profit, will they raise the rent and end up putting the track out of business when no one can afford it anymore?

  18. Chris D.,
    Everybody can make their own choices in where they race. But that is not what your comment was about. Your comment said entirely something different that was simply being ignorant, antagonistic and had nothing to do with anything that would be expected of an employee of Thompson Speedway. Back track all you want, but you know what you said was ignorant and made no sense whatsoever and you and I both know it was only said to bring up past history that has nothing to do with role Eames is taking on. And three years ago would be August 2015. I’m not sure what happened in August 2015 that you’re referring to.

  19. wmass01013 says

    While u make some decent points Shawn, IF the facts are true that when Mr. Eames owned Waterford HE did NOT pay teams purse money owed to them and NOW has a General Manager Type position at Thompson, while not in charge of PURSE dollars given out there still is a TRUST FACTOR if you were a Team that was stiffed ALLEGEDLY by Mr Eames, if ANY business Cheated people out of $$$ ALLEGEDLY, THEN if that same business owner resurfaces in a different local with a leadership role, certainly u could see some reservations by Teams!!! NOW the collect now comment is quite dumb indeed.

  20. Wmass01013,
    Everyone can form their own opinions and make their own decisions on what they’ll do or where they’ll race based on their own previous dealings/situations. That’s life. We all have interactions and form opinions and then make decisions based on the opinions we form. Everyone can decide for themselves what they want to do or who they want to race for, and I have no issues with that. I was arguing that the ignorance of Chris D’s original comment was off the charts ridiculous.

  21. wmass01013 says

    Oh I def think the changes are interesting both in the hire of Eames and Spectra, we will see if for the good or bad, sadly most changes around racing seems to go to the bad side lately.

  22. An old cliche' says

    A fool and their money is soon parted. Jon Hoenig should know better considering the history of the party involved.

  23. I doubt Eames personally owes any teams from back in the day. The business entity that Eames ran owed teams. The ‘bowl wasn’t solvent and couldn’t pay it’s bills back then, and it went under. Hopefully Thompson is solvent and Eames can bring something to the product, and Thompson remains solvent.

  24. Shawn,
    Correct me if your im wrong Shawn but I don’t think people understand.
    When He filed bankruptcy he owed many people money, some were secured creditors like mortgage holders and some were non secured as racers who we’re owed purse money the same perhaps as the soda vendor. All of these creditors could of filed a claim with the bancrutcy trustee and if money was left after the secured creditors we’re paid then the non secured creditors such as the racers would be paid.
    With him taking a management position has nothing to do with his past liability of a defucnt closed entity. He is now simply an employee.
    Let’s give the guy a chance to improve the place, he’s not signing the checks.
    Remember, Walt Disney filed banxruptcy three times in life before he got it right!!

  25. The only ignorant thing would be to hire Terry. Guy belongs no where near racing after how he left Waterford. I’m with ya Chris

  26. Terry did care about the racer. We will see about Comcast spectra. The pit pass is all ready high at TSMP. Don’t rush the show so much.

  27. Rob,

    How did he leave Waterford? I was there, so I remember how it was left. Yes, there were financial issues. Financial issues that Terry Eames for nearly a decade was trying climb out from. Financial issues that made everything a struggle for a long time. Beyond those financial issues, how did he “leave Waterford”? He left Waterford in a state that most short track owners or promoters across this country would love to have at their facilities. I can tell you this about the 2014 season at Waterford, what Eames “left”. There were great car counts in every division. Every division was deep with talent. The track featured some of the best racing in the country, because of the drivers his management attracted to the facility and the officiating crew he put together to oversee the product. The track had what many considered the best website of any short track in America. They had a solid social media program that was ahead of its time. They had great relationships with the media. The track had a racing management staff that was outstanding and the front of the house staff was just as good. They had a fanbase and they understood that fanbase and built solid relationships with them and promotions that worked to keep them coming back. Yes, there were financial issues, but beyond that, most short tracks in America would kill to be what the Speedbowl was in 2014 under Eames’ watch. Not for nothing, but look at the car counts there now, look at so many of the struggles there now. I’m quite certain many wish the Speedbowl could just go back to being as “bad” as it was under Eames in 2014.

  28. Keep in mind that the ‘bowl is just not a cash cow. It’s a risky entity. Race at your own risk. Are racers currently being paid the purse and points? Donald Trump has gone bankrupt NUMEROUS times and has been sued literally thousands of times for non-payment by contractors and others. He recently settled for $25 million for his fraudulent Trump University. So we have to hope that Hoenig will not let Eames do to Thompson what happened with the ‘bowl. Eames will just be an employee that can be stopped by his superiors.

  29. Just more Drama at a track where History was made over the Years and keep sweeping all the good Memories under the carpet. Just Remember tracks Do Not Function Without Car Owners ,Crew members and Family and FRIENDS!!!!!!!

  30. who cares about this frap..lets go ryan !!!!
    by the way i have a lot of $$$$$
    so that means me and dareal are a match to recken wid

  31. Terry if you can go to driver meetings like you use to have at Waterford. Just because there is a tour does not mean the GM/RD need not talk to drivers/owners before the show.

  32. Terry is going there to make them more money. I don’t know if anyone should read into this a return of weekly racing.

  33. Facts, I love facts. On 10/18/14 Doug DiPisa or someone calling himself Doug DiPisa confirmed in RaceDayCt comments he had not been paid for his last race at the Speedbowl as the track went under. That is completely irrelevant now.
    If you haven’t got it by now it’s clear Mr. Courchesne who usually goes out of his way to be objective has an emotional investment in this issue. Most likely having lived through it. Seeing the destruction of what many think was a good racing man in slow motion over the better part of a decade due to circumstances not totally of his making. More specifically the financial crises of 2007 that rocked real estate values, limited folks discretionary income for entertainment and put people into foreclosure.
    You could argue he made the deal on the Speedbowl that was a pre crises deal like many bought homes at inflated values with inflated mortgages. He kept the doors open in spite of being under water through imagination, strength or will, perseverance and creativity restructuring inflated pre crises debt based on pre crises inflated land values. But the die was cast. The water that starting coming into the sinking boat in 2007 was coming in too fast so it was only a matter of time before it would go under But he bailed really, really hard for a long time.
    I don’t know all that is true but it is as good an assumption as the stuff many are saying here. You could argue that a guy that could keep the doors open that long under the circumstances and still produce vibrant, popular shows and develop close personal ties is exactly the kind of racing guy Thompson could use.
    And the idea that the competence of the accounting department of the Hoenig family will just go away under a new employee and debts won’t be paid is just as ridiculous as it is irrelevant. Move on RaceDayCt nation.

  34. I’m having trouble understanding why if things were as great as your saying in 2014, they should have been able to pay bills ,there must have been some problems and if I remember there wasn’t a lot of track owners from across the country or even Ct bidding at foreclosure sale. I don’t know the man nor does he owe me anything so I hope it’s all good for racing (oval track)

  35. Elect,
    After nearly a decade of staving off foreclosure, the financial hole was to deep to climb out of.
    You can go to a restaurant that has the best food, amazing ambience and impeccable service, but if their debt is too deep to get out of the hole, then they’re going to fight it for a long time. But it doesn’t mean the product is bad.

  36. Dareal said; “I doubt Eames personally owes any teams from back in the day. The business entity that Eames ran owed teams”. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  37. DaReaLiberalFella,
    I notice most people try to keep politics out of this but you sir obviously have some real issues with #45.
    While most peoples 401k are stronger then ever, the country has the lowest unemployment rate and highest GDP in years, hes rebuilding our military, strengthening our borders and finally bringing industry back to this country with standing respect for our fallen soldiers you seem to have a problem with it all!!
    This is a racing site were people can voice there opinion on just that racing!! There’s probably a good chance Shawn will not post this response sir but frankly I’m just fed up with your ignorance sir.
    Please Sir, let’s stick to comments regarding racing, you seem to have some good points when you try to stick to what this site is intended to be about.
    If you can’t sir, please put up a go fund me page for a Sympothy Pony and go hide your head in the sand at a Trump Free Safe Zone… Canada is gorgeous this time of year!!!

  38. humphry, you think Eames paid ‘bowl bills out of his personal account(s) and funds, and not from the business account(s)?

  39. great comments dareal!!!!!!!!!!°!

  40. I wonder if the deal with Comcast Spectra would be something along the lines of them wanting to hold concerts at the track?

  41. Interest. Asking for no political commentary by opening with your own political talking points. Or maybe thank him for providing cover to get your own in you betcha!

  42. Paul, folks bring stuff up, I respond to it. That is all. Folks try to make like Trump is the reason the Sun rises every morning, and that deserves a response. If you believe what Trump says, then you must be a proud Deplorable. Just admit it.

    Paul, you need to thank President Barack Obama for the strong, robust and resilient economy we are experiencing. It was his actions and leadership that recovered from the recession caused by the Cheney/GWBush regime. Before you even think of it, Clinton left office with a HUGE budget surplus after recovering from the GHW Bush/Reagan depression, that GHW Bush inherited from Reagan. I understand that devout Trumpians would not like to see that, and keep it hidden. But it is true. Paul, Trump campaigned on the national debt and deficit problems (caused by the massive spending on an unjustified Cheney/GWBush war looking for those non-existing weapons of mass destruction), it was a huge issue back during the campaign and has exploded with Trump’s reckless spending, and corporate and 1%-er tax breaks. Reckoning day is coming, as it did to Reaganomics. Reagan thought the deficit wasn’t important because people can’t see it. LOL! Remember what happened? Trump is spending wildly to curry favor. Trump thinks he can just declare bankruptcy like he has done so many times before and make it “go away”. Trump abused massive debt, thinks he can do the same with global national economies and debt.

    Regarding racing, Trump does not affect the outcome at any of the races. That upsets you and others that believe Trump makes it all possible, but you need to understand there is no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny, and you can’t believe a thing Trump says. Sorry, not sorry. Hey Paul, Trump admitted to and denied collusion in the same Tweet. Did he or didn’t he collude? Only his skin colorist knows for sure.

    Good luck to Eames and Thompson. Thompson must be doing well.

  43. Barry Schmelly says

    I think that this could be a great step back towards the oval we’re racers and their teams might actually be treated with some respect compared to the previous management of the facility. It would be great to see the lite modifieds return to TSMP as a weekly devision and get to race for points instead of bragging rights. I’d like to not race at 1030 at night at the ice breaker after every one already went home and it’s 32 degrees out give or take! It’s no secret that josh hates the SKL’s and didn’t want to give them the chance to be the first step in modified racing to learn and prosper from.

  44. Thank you very much to Josh Vanada for doing a great job as General Manager. Wishing Terry Eames the very best as the new General Manager. Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park will thrive on & I support their changes!

  45. No 1 rule of the comments section: asking people to behave a certain way guarantees they will behave the exact opposite.

  46. Suggestions for those that love to exchange political talking points. Newmax and Fox News. There you will find all the willing participants you could ever hope for and be able to exchange blows with your political enemies virtually 24 hours a day.

  47. Doug, LOL!!! Paul learned that from you!!!!

    Seriously though, Eames hung in there for a long time when he ran the ‘bowl. It just was not a facility that could draw and hold major marquee events, and a commensurate sustaining revenue stream. The market did not support what the track could produce. In the end, market forces won, and the facility imploded.

    We shall now see if Eames can run an established and successful facility, and has the vision to grow a reputable market following.

  48. All I have to say is WOW!!!!
    I’ve heard of near toxic levals of overdosing on the Liberal-Kool-Aide before but you sir are clearly the poster child of such!!!!
    I could debate you word for word with facts with some hope of saving you from your lost and miss guided rose collored ways but in respect for this great site with the racer in mind I will choose not. I think the best forum for that is a fair and ballanced mediator to plead our case in front of, may I suggest Sean Hannity??

    I will only leave you with two great quotes:

    “You can fool some oF the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Abe Lincoln

    “Three tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,”

    Thomas Jefferson

    Good luck to Thompson and let’s all hope better things for as all are just a across the horizon! That’s one thing i would hope DRLF and I can agree on!!

    Thanks Shawn!!! Love this Site!!!!!

  49. Perhaps Terry Eames will initiate a project to replace the aging grandstands at Thompson …

  50. Sean “Insanity” Hannity?

    You could debate with facts? But choose not to? LOL!!!

    So is Donny “Bonespurs” Trump a patriot or tyrant?

    Thanks for proving my position.

  51. Al Coholic says

    Barry Schmelly,

    First may I ask sir, is that your real name? If so I feel your pain, I’m sure you have faced constant ridicule in life such as I do to our birth right names. Imagine how I feel as the people shout out to me from across the bar when I’m out or when I’m called across the loud speaker at a restaurant when my table is ready??

    I must state I love your suggestion for Thompson to add the Lites as a full time division!! They should learn from the success Stafford has had with them!!! What would the fans rather watch?? Lites or Minni stocks???

    Here’s another idea… Thompson switches to Saturday nights???? Comments Shawn?? I don’t think it would affect Seakonk!!!

  52. Your welcome DRLF,

    I welcome your comments and desire your input. Remember:

    “All though I may not agree with your political views I will redily die for you to have them”

    Even if YOUR WRONG!!!! Lol

  53. If you read carefully you can see it. Racers talking about respect at Thompson. Is Eames the band aid, the social worker, the therapist as well as idea man and operations manager?
    And out of left left coming into pitch a wild prediction-me.
    It’s more likely Stafford will go to a special event schedule only then for Thompson to move toward weekly racing.
    Family owned, limited debt service, multiple revenue streams, great special event crowds and fields, high front and back gate prices. What’s to change except the window dressings.

  54. So Paul, that’s what military vets are saying. Also that they fought for the right to protest. Glad to see you support the NFL players taking a knee. After all, the NFL players are taking a knee in support of what America stands for, but hasn’t been too good at. Sort of like talking the talk, but not walking the talk. NFL players, real patriots. Can’t respect racism and police brutality, can you?

    You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, do you?

  55. Hillary 2028 says

    God would you two shut up already with the politics.

  56. Crazy in NY says

    It’s more likely Stafford will go to a special event schedule ……….

    Based on what do you make this statement?

  57. Fast Eddie says

    I try to stay away from negative comments… HOWEVER… One reason I like to check out this site is to GET AWAY from things like politics! Can the folks that want to talk politics start their own little chat room somewhere else? AND CAN WE PLEASE GET BACK TO RACING STUFF? Racing stuff is much more relaxing and entertaining!

  58. Dareelgoodfella,
    This isn’t my battle but you seem to be trying to make it. It seems to me Paul made his position clear that the two of you don’t agree so let’s drop it.
    Yet you want to make comments and keep making comments and cross a line with other people on here that seriosly find your views non patriotic and quite offending.
    You all off a sudden throw in the race card because people find it offensive of people that won’t stand for the national anthem?? Do you know how many young men died for this country and that flag??? Boys that had never left there home town before in there life?? And you want to throw the race card??
    I tell you what, how about this Friday you get right down in front of everyone at Stafford and take a knee durring the national anthem to show us how we who stand are all racists!!!
    Drop it Dareal and let’s get back to racing and keep your views to your self please!

  59. Just a wild prediction porcupine out of left field as I said. But if you feel it is the meanderings of an ignorant fool I’m ready to go with that as well and apologize. Just don’t shoot!

  60. I agree with giving him a chance. He ran good programs. I enjoyed gong to his track. It’s beyond a disaster right now with the current owner. This maybe a smart hire for them as he is an employee and not owner. He can put together good shows, hopefully expand the schedule and not pay the bills at the end of the day. Let’s give him a chance. The racers know they will get paid. he has a boss he has to answer to for results. Do you think the respected owners of the race track won’t make a change if the results don’t happen. I think he will be very successful and wish him all the best!!

  61. Al, the flag is nothing more than a symbol that is supposed to represent equality, among other American values, rights, and laws. Racism is not equality, nor is police brutality, and they are not American values represented by the flag, Old Glory. Draping yourself in the flag does not give you carte blanche to play the victim or superior patriot. Paul opened the door. You think you are going to make a statement like that and then prohibit a response? Nah, not the way it works here in America. If you are a racist, be loud and proud. Don’t hide and get all squirmy and aggressive when it gets called out. That doesn’t make me a liberal, it makes me an American.

    There are plenty of veterans that support Colin Kaepernick and the Take-A-Knee movement. Veterans that say they fought for the right to protest. And they are disappointed in the attempt to suppress that peaceful protest. There is no disrespect to the flag with the take-a-knee movement, and attacking the protesters that are protesting racism and police brutality doesn’t make you look too good. Actually, Colin Kaepernick consulted with a veteran before he took a knee to make sure it was respectful. Again, it has nothing to do with the flag or the anthem, and everything to do with protesting racism and police brutality. Now you can believe Colin Kaepernick, who started the Take-a-knee protest against racism and police brutality, or you can believe Donald Trump.

    You folks should turn on your grammar checker and spell checker. And pay attention to them. Maybe you will learn something.

    Hillary 2028, your name creeps me out. Look at what you caused! Ivanka 2024 campaign starts soon. Trump 2020 signs and campaign materials are already being made in China.

    The faux portrayal of patriotism is disgusting. If you feel emboldened by the current situation, when you stick your head up, prepare to be whack-a-moled. You want to use the Trump tactics of diversion, distraction and ad hominen attacks, I’m game. You are gonna need boxes of Kleenex for all your crying. As long as there is nothing to respond to, I won’t respond to it. So, drop it.

    I highly recommend you see the movie Blackkklansman. Great movie based on a true story with a powerful tribute to the white person that was killed in the white supremacist Charlottesville attack.

    Very curious about what might change at Thompson. Maybe nothing. It seems to be doing well as it is.

  62. OK then. Football, a sport. Racing, a sport. We’re making progress.
    Even the coolest dino in Jurasic Park Fast Eddie couldn’t stop it. The dark force of rule one of the comment section is powerful young Padawan.

  63. Darealgoodfella and other participants:

    It’s time to say enough already with your political rants. There are other venues to express your political views.

    Let’s keep the discussion here centered on short tracks for god’s sake!

  64. oh no Dareal
    im done with you….you are in support of taking a knee. GOOD. BYE!!!!! 4 GOOD

  65. So at what point does Rocco get blamed for all this?

  66. Taking a knee during the national accomplishes nothing, zero,ziltch !!! Find a better way to protest period. Now lets get back to racing……..

  67. Just remember. A vampire can not enter your home unless you invite him in.

  68. Hopefully they do a little more with the oval. I think there was 7 races scheduled this year. Maybe 2 regular shows and a bunch of 35+ dollar shows. The amount of shows scheduled have been going down each year. It was fairly obvious the oval was not much of a priority when they tried to cancel one of their shows for a bad forecast. Thankfully, there was such a public outcry that they ended up making it up. I would think the drivers would want to run a little more frequently. I know I want to attend more often. Perhaps someone who has run two weekly shows during the course of a summer could find a way to run more than 7 shows in a 7 month period.

  69. wmass01013 says

    Get rid of the 14 car K & N RACE
    HOW about A throwback Mod Race on A SAT NIGHT in JULY
    loved Putnam with corky Cookman paint job and Sapienza TC Red36
    would love to see all teams do this
    coors light magic shoes 12 or sherri cup 12, any reggie 44, Kent 26, Cook 38, sacks 5, ross 73, sheba racing 8, jarzombek, leaty 25, stefanik, heveron, STEVE and bob park, Bugs, Ewanitsko

    would be a fun night

  70. Dareal, you just hit a nerve. The American Flag means everything to me and I am very passionate about it. I have friends and relatives that gave their lives to defend the flag and provide us the freedoms we have. As far as I am concerned when the National Anthem is played please stand, respect the flag and those who died to defend it. Anything less than that as far as I am concerned option 1: get the hell out of this country and don’t come back, option 2: enlist in the military, pick up a weapon if you are man enough and fight to defend your rights and freedoms instead of having them handed to you on a silver platter. And I refuse to apologize for anything I just posted.

  71. Perhaps there is nothing more to this than a change in personnel.

    Eames lost the bowl in a foreclosure action, so it’s not like he has an axe to grind and try to develop something that would draw away bowl racers and customers. Are there dozens of cars looking for a track to run? Car counts are okay, not ample to expect any kind of expansion. Stafford has the modified secret formula right now. The SKs and SKLs are pretty good shows. Are there enough cars and fans to do something similar at Thompson? I don’t think the longtime bowl racer is really interested in the changes needed to run Thompson regularly.

  72. I honestly don’t care who is running the track as long as the racing is good, the purses get paid, the concessions are reasonable, and the track is well maintained. Eames was a very good promoter, maybe not such a good business man. TSMP appears to be hiring the promoter, not the business man.

  73. dareal you went to far like most americans..
    why do we disrupt tradition

    .looks like we are done dareal
    nice kbowing you but enough is enough

  74. dareal you need help!!!
    i am sorry to turn on you lime this…breaks my heart..
    best of luck to you…but please consider help…its out there

  75. do u have insurance dareal…if not i will pay..i have many folks in my hedge fu d that are docters

  76. This is a bad joke right? Did we slip into some other time continuum? A world class facility needs world class management, NOT Terry Eames. FACE MEET PALM. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst.

  77. I don’t think Stafford has any secret formula; their biggest advantage has been Friday nights. Once they decided to ditch Pro Stocks they have had a pretty watered down weekly show, until the last few years with the SK Lights.

  78. Crazy in NY says

    “Just a wild prediction porcupine out of left field as I said. But if you feel it is the meanderings of an ignorant fool I’m ready to go with that as well and apologize. Just don’t shoot!”

    Hype sensitive much!!!??? I was just asking a question as to why you made the statement you did.
    Nobody is shooting at you. You seem like you have a decent head on your shoulders at times but I was just curious as to where that thought came from. Just seemed rather darealish to me that’s all.

  79. Is the pool of racing executives or whatever you want to call a promoter, GM etc. so thin a guy like TA gets a big spot like that ? Where is all the new blood??

  80. Just to chime in on the “stand for the anthem” issue. Does everyone here remember the REALLY long period where NASCAR drivers were strapped into their cars with their helmets on while the anthem was playing? That happened for at least 2 decades. There was even a Jeff Foxworthy joke that went “You might be a redneck if you think the final line of the Star Bangled Banner is Gentleman Start Your Engines!” The only reason that changed was post 9/11 the networks wanted the visual of all the teams lined up on pit road with the flyoever happening as the anthem was playing. It had nothing to do with patriotism, just had to be part of the “Show” for TV. They rarely ever showed the anthem on TV before that. If you go the races at Lebanon Valley, they still have the drivers in the cars their cars when the anthem is played. Plus they have sponsor for the playing of the anthem which does not exactly seem very patriotic.

  81. Al Coholic says

    I’m very curious to see Thompson’s press release regarding this. I’ll also be very curious if there’s major changes to there schedule for next year and the possibility of them adding a division like the lites and will there be some stupid trying to make money changes caused by the addition of Comcast, that scares me. If they did switch to Saturday nights it would affect there road course and kill the Bowl.
    I’m definitely going to go to Stafford Friday. I really want to see if the dareelgoodfella is all talk or if he’s really going to take a knee during the anthem down on the walkway infront of the start finish line!!

  82. Doug said it perfectly.Say no more

  83. Don’t count on them switching to Saturday nights. The road course is used most weekends. That’s where the big money is.

  84. Fast Eddie says

    It would be nice if they add more Sunday afternoon/early evening events. With a touring series added and a reasonable ticket price, they might get a decent crowd. Or how about a some “Open Modified” events? Here ya go; it’s the “Thompson Trifecta”!!! Three open shows, one in spring, summer, and fall. Or how about a “Sunoco Modified Poker Run”? Five events with its own prize fund for the best “‘poker hand”, 1st =A, 2nd = K, 3rd = Q, etc. Just a crazy fan’s thought…

  85. Hillary 2028 says

    Why all the talk of Thompson running on Saturday nights? Or even weekly. Who’s call was it to run 7 shows a season? Vanadas or the owner’s?

  86. Hillary 2028 says

    First you have to choose, do you want a cheap ticket or more open mod shows? You’ll never get both. Second they tried an open mod division in the past and it failed.

  87. wmass01013 says

    Well since Waterford has no SAT NASCAR sanction I think people are wanting to enjoy a sat track with no issues in ownership and lack of teams racing, now price has always been a issue with me at Thompson, way more than it should be, I think the new younger ownership of Thompson made the point of reduction in NASCAR races, will that change is to be seen.

  88. To me this will be the end of the Hoenigs owning the speedway….racing may be done there soon also…the place has fallen in dis-repair….even the road course is a flop…they hardly have double digit cars when the road course is running….the car counts for the oval are way off also….Hoenigs have reallly let the place go….

  89. Where are the car counts way off for the oval at Thompson? What division?

  90. lightsout, there’s an emoji for that:


  91. Fast Eddie says

    Hillary, I think the biggest reason the open shows from before didn’t work well was due to there Thursday night schedule. They didn’t have a big open car turnout, but the racing quality was good. At the time the weekly car counts were pretty small as well.
    If they ran one now, I would think that an open modified show would not have the ticket price of a WMT event. The TriTrack or Stafford Open rules could be used. Also, a Sunday afternoon show might be a better draw for cars and people. One of Thompson’s experiments when they were running weekly was a Sunday afternoon VMRS event. At the time it was the biggest crowd (not counting WMT) and weekly division car count (compared to Thursdays) I’d seen there. I believe it was $25 or $30.
    Mudbus, I think the Hoenigs wanted the road course for rich guys’ track rental $$ to play with their toys, aka Ferraris, ‘Vettes, Porsches, etc. They were pushing that before any racing series ran there.

  92. Hillary 2028 says

    I agree if those shows were held on Sunday they’d probably be successful. Unfortunately most weekends are for the road course.

  93. humphry wrote, “I have friends and relatives that gave their lives to defend the flag and provide us the freedoms we have.”

    Do you comprehend anything? Do you have any idea what those freedoms are?

    You care more about a flag than the tragedy that is happening to your fellow Americans.

    Those freedoms you speak of must be used or they will be taken away and lost. Those freedoms are things like protest, taking a knee, and burning the flag. Remember that? Burning the flag is an allowable expression of freedom as prescribed in the Constitution. Flags were burnt in protest against the foolish Vietnam war and the warring used to find WMDs that didn’t exist in Iraq. Thousands of Americans died in those conflicts. The democratic process and Constitutionally provided freedoms allowed for and actually require the people to speak up to protest Government. That public pressure helped pull the US out of Vietnam and put an end to the fraudulent search for WMDs in Iraq. Those protests which included the burning of the flag prevented the continued deaths of thousands more Americans. The protests and burning of flags was done to exercise and protect freedoms, and do what could be done to make sure no more lives were lost in vain. We lost thousands of young men and women to foolish warring, and it is our responsibility to protest to make sure we protect the freedoms we have to make sure we have those freedoms to protest bad government again and again, and make sure the lives lost defending the freedoms were not in vain. We do that with protesting. And if needed to make a point, burning a flag. You care more about a flag than the tragedy that is happening to your fellow Americans.

    Make this clear… the take-a-knee protest is to bring attention to racism and police brutality. Specifically the racism and police brutality directed towards African-Americans. You are more concerned about a flag than the Americans it is supposed to be representing and protecting. Shame on you. You care more about a flag than the tragedy that is happening to your fellow Americans.

    Since you are also so concerned about the lives lost of those defending our freedoms, you need to know about who is doing that fighting and dying. While African-Americans are a minority and are discriminated out of the work force, they make up a disproportionately large segment of the military population when compared to the general population and civilian workforce populations. Those people you are so concerned with dying in vain defending our freedoms are disproportionately African-American and Hispanic/Latinos. I would think you would be very concerned about supporting the protest for their simple civil rights such as making sure they experience equality by opposing racism and police brutality. For them, those minorities that make up a disproportionately large population of the military that are doing the fighting and dying for your freedoms. You care more about a flag than the tragedy that is happening to your fellow Americans.

  94. Didn’t Terry Eames come up with the event called Smacktoberfest? Did he come up with Wings and Wheels, spectator drags, x-cars and many other interesting ways to get butts in the seats? Maybe not inventing them but bringing them to Waterford and making them a part of the facility calendar.
    It’s natural for we oval track fans to envision his improvement of oval track events. But Thompson is no longer an oval track bastion. It’s a diversified entertainment venue from golf, to racing to a lounge and restaurant and ice cream stand. Who says he won’t be there to think outside the box starting with road racing for instance? Especially road racing since they recently had a curfuffle on that score with a sanctioning body didn’t they?

  95. Cmon Dareal?? You know that taking a knee during the national anthem for 2 minutes accomplishes nothing. Where is the outrage,the protest, the injustice in Chicago on any given weekend when 65 people are shot?? These players should try and get involved to quell the violence that is so rampant across the country. Can we please get back to racing………

  96. Dareal. Give it up now. Please. We get your point.

  97. Dareal, are you a veteran? Simple question requiring a simple answer, yes or no?

  98. What I won’t do is lecture on making this about racing after expressing political views. This is strictly a comment on kneeling in the NFL.
    Growing up white in a white town, going to predominately white schools, working in predominately white businesses and living in predominately white neighborhoods I admit I know little of what it is like to be black.
    I don’t know what it’s like to have people cross the street to avoid walking past me. I don’t know what it’s like to be eyed by store personnel while shopping. Nor have I ever been followed by police or stopped for looking out of place a tony white neighborhood. Well except for the time I was stopped in Avon,CT in my old Fairmount with the mismatched body parts but I asked for that. And I certainly don’t know what it’s like to face a judge while being black with a white overworked public defender and get a long sentence for a minor drug offense designed specifically to send a message.
    I grew up with a dad that was at Pearl Harbor when attacked and served in the Navy all of WWII. He and the vast majority of his friends served in the war and my recollection is they rarely ever mentioned their experiences nor gauged people by a patriotism meter, black or white. It was their duty, they did it and they moved on. My recollection is they marched on Memorial Day, paid their taxes without whining incessantly and were low drama patriots. Compared to now where less then one percent serve or sacrifice and patriotism is defined by waiving a flag, knowing what your favorite pundit that didn’t serve says on cable news and having an opinion. Me included.
    I’m going to respect that the NFL players may have a beef that I being so white will never understand and respect their way of raising awareness. I know it has raised awareness in my knowledge of the subject. I will not label them as unpatriotic because it has nothing to do with that. I am not judging anyone that labels them unpatriotic because I don’t know their point of reference. I will also enjoy the NFL games and the Patriots specifically immensely without regard to what individual players to during the anthem.
    For those that take offense at the demonstrations take heart. After the anthem they get hit by people big and strong enough to kill most of us. They spend their week with bruises, aches and pain and heal just in time to do it again. And their long term health prospect are more bleak. All for our entertainment.
    Finally I will stand erect as an old man can, take my hat off, listen to the words, think of those that sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy and not judge people behaving in ways I can’t possibly understand. I hope you Racedayct nation can respect this point of view as well.

  99. Doug, We certainly respect your point of view. But this column is about the good and bad points of Terry Eames running Thompson. Why don’t you and Dareal stick to the topic instead of making this your personal sounding board.

  100. Were you to be fair Bob you would include all the people that diverted from the topic at hand. Perhaps because you consider the side of the issue you favor not to be a diversion.
    Fair enough Bob. A lot has been said about Terry Eames and his possible hiring by Thompson. I’d like to know what you think about it and what it could mean for the programs offered at the track.
    Or we could talk about Italian sauce recipes I’m making tonight with home grown tomatoes. Yummy. Secret ingredient. Salsa. Sorry, back on topic.

  101. humphry, my status as a veteran has nothing to do with this. My veteran status has no value in this conversation. Nor does veteran status in any way have any weight in this conversation. The take-a-knee movement has NOTHING to do with veteran status. It’s all about rights and equality. Veteran status does not grant anyone omnipotent expertise in racism and police brutality. And before you try to deflect away again, this has NOTHING to do with the military. It has everything to do with racism and police brutality. But FYI, my father and uncles all served. One uncle was in the Pearl Harbor attack and had nightmares until he died. They were an amazing bunch, and never demanded or accepted any special consideration. They never talked of their service. They were profoundly generous. They understood freedom. The one thing I always remember is they always said to never let anyone tell you how you are supposed to think. Freedom, get it? They were not gung-ho about the Vietnam War, as in questioning why we were there, and the thousands of lost American service people. They were right. They did not criticize or deride those that went to school instead of being drafted or enlisting.

    humphry, veteran status has NOTHING to do with this conversation about denial of Constitutionally provided rights by racism and police brutality.

    humphry, do you have the courage to take a knee in peaceful protest for your fellow Americans that are being deprived of their Constitutional rights and the freedoms you speak of? I have no respect for 🐔-💩 drama queens.

    Taking a knee has been profoundly effective. The NFL, TV stations and sponsors have been extremely engaged. There’s quite a bit of tension and anxiety going into the new season. It’s impacting capitalism.

    For those of you that are telling me to back off, give it a break. I did an experiment, I stayed away. Plenty of others ranted on and on. You are not special. You can’t rant and then demand that nobody respond, or who can and can’t respond. Freedoms.

  102. So do you make Italian sauce Dareal and what wine do you recommend? I just used pinot grigio.

  103. Why so defensive dareal? I just asked a simple question, just curious.

  104. So to answer your question Humphrey that would be a big ❌ NO

  105. O.k. Doug. I honestly can’t imagine what Terry Eames will do with Thompson. I know he did a great job promoting the Speedbowl. Full fields of cars, many other great events, grandstands mostly full on race nights. Thompson is a totally different animal with the road course using up a lot of time each week. I’m not sure what Terry can do except increase the number of Wednesday events on the oval. The Hoenigs probably will not want to take away weekend time from the road course. A lot of money coming in there. I guess it’s a wait and see game.

  106. I would guess that Thompson will have the same basic schedule as this year, no change as the road course is their main source of revenue and they won’t allow that to be disrupted.

  107. NH MOD CHASER says

    Hey Doug what kind of pasta will you be serving with your home made sauce ??

  108. 🇺🇸
    humphry, why still evading the subject? Simple question. The subject is racism and police brutality, and how folks are being denied their Constitutional rights and freedoms. Soldiers take an oath to the Constitution, not the 🇺🇸. Everyone is responsible to the Constitution. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    So humphry, explain the importance of my veteran status to the subject of fellow Americans being denied Constitutional rights and freedoms and I’ll tell you. Go ahead. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    You are against the ropes, trying to divert, deflect and change the subject. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    humphry, your Col. Jessup schtick isn’t working. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Just thought I’d let you know.

    But since you think what 🇺🇸 veterans 🇺🇸 think about this issue is important, here’s the take from 🇺🇸 real 🇺🇸 patriot 🇺🇸 veterans:





    🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  109. A different animal indeed. Especially now. I’m still firmly in the camp that is is not so much an oval track race move if it happens but a total facility move utilizing a creative guy.
    Is all the guessing a waste of time. Don’t think so. I still think managements keeps their ears to the ground by scanning related comment reaction from the race fan base. Maybe an idea or two as well.
    Thanks Bob!

  110. LM you are probably correct and as I said I am just curious if he is. It is a simple question that requires a simple answer and I really don’t know why he would dodge it. It is interesting when he is asked a pointed, personal question about many of the rants he goes on that he is quick to respond the answer you are seeking “has no value in this conversation” Sad, angry, little individual…….

  111. Let’s just hope it’s a good change for Thompson.

    Put your money we’re your mouth is DaRealLiberalFella!!!

    Take the knee this Friday at Stafford durring the national anthem right in front of the entire crowd since your so supportive of your views! I tripple Dog Dare Ya!!!!

  112. No pasta, Quinoa. Good for old farts digestion.

  113. humphry wrote, “Dareal, are you a veteran? Simple question requiring a simple answer, yes or no?”

    I don’t see the connection from your question regarding my veteran status to the take-a-knee debate. If you can please explain the value of your question to the take-a-knee discussion, I’ll gladly reply to it.

    Don’t see why you would evade explaining the value of your question. Please, enlighten me. I’m looking forward to replying to your question once you justify it, if you can justify it.

  114. Translation: He is not a veteran.

  115. So I will take that as a no dareal?

  116. Humphrey, I would say so. it’s telling how he dodges the question.

  117. We’re stuck in quick sand. The only hope is to stop struggling. Grab the rope and pull to the next thread and hope for the best.

  118. humphry, I’m not dodging. I told you I’d reply to your question once you explain why you asked it. Substantiate your question.

    Explain and I’ll answer. It’s all up to you. If you can’t explain, then it wasn’t a good question. Right? LOL! You asked the question, substantiate and explain it.

    I’m ready, my answer is ready. You have been told what you have to do to get it. What’s the matter?


  119. humphry, do you start school next week?

  120. I refuse to waste my time and energy bantering with you on this subject only to never receive an answer. Your arrogance and reluctance to answer a simple question tells me all I need to know. You are dead to me on this conversation.

  121. Mark Andrews says

    I don’t know of any veteran that would accept anyone disrespecting the flag or our national anthem.Politics aside,anyone who cant take the time to stand up and listen to a song for a minute or so that represents so much to all the citizens of this great country and to all those that made the ultimate sacrifice is a scumbag and doesn’t seserve the time of day imo.Da real is no veteran.Its obvious again,politics aside if he was he should be proud and would have responded yes.Terry Eames has been involved with various forms of auto racing throughout his life and has made many connections through this time.I see him doing well promoting the track with the oval as well as the roadcourse.He is simply an employee of the venue and as such will be held accountable.whatever happened at Waterford has been debated and talked about for years and will continue on.who cares at this point its over.Waterford has moved on.it would be nice to see all the Connecticut tracks gat together and have a consistent rules package for all the divisions.money is tight right now for everyone but costs for all divisions have skyrocketed and the purses have not caught up.i love modifieds as much as the next guy but investing 50,000 dolars to win 1,500 is not going to fly.entry level divisions have also suffered because the competitors themselves have cried about rules…for example at Waterford a super x car was basically an enduro car..car counts were in the 50 car range at its peak.thats when the rules were basic…then came the crying..oh we need racing tires,rims,shocks,etc.move up in division!!!!!!!!!!!!but no such luck..now 10,000 dollar motors 2,000 automatic trannies are what we have with the top cars.some are faster than the limited sportsman cars.this needs to be looked at on all levels.jmo

  122. Mark Andrews wrote;

    “I don’t know of any veteran that would accept anyone disrespecting the flag or our national anthem. Politics aside, anyone who cant take the time to stand up and listen to a song for a minute or so that represents so much to all the citizens of this great country and to all those that made the ultimate sacrifice is a scumbag and doesn’t deserve the time of day imo. Da real is no veteran. Its obvious again, politics aside if he was he should be proud and would have responded yes.

    There it is, case closed finish business, enough said………….

  123. humphry, I’m ready to answer your question. All you have to do is substantiate and explain it. Can’t do it, can you? LOL!! It’s an open issue as long as you refuse to explain your question. I’m ready to answer. Can’t wait to answer, actually. Please substantiate your question.

    humphry, Mark Andrews, here you go…. there’s plenty more.






  124. Mark Andrews wrote, and humphry concurred, “I don’t know of any veteran that would accept anyone disrespecting the flag or our national anthem. ”

    You are both so very wrong. Bigly. Go click those links above, unless you are afraid.

    But back to the real issue. I don’t know of any veteran that would accept anyone being denied their Constitutional rights and freedoms for which they served. They take an oath to honor the Constitution, not a flag.

  125. whats the record for comments on a story? Whats the record for comments on a story completely unrelated to the story? I think we may have set a RacedayCT record here.

  126. Is Shawn Terry Eames’s PR man? Hope the check doesn’t bounce!

  127. As far as Shawn being Eames PR man?? Seriously?? I think Shawn just loves what he does and that’s cover short track racing! We’re lucky to have this Column!
    As far as the most posts on here to any one article my guess would be the famous missing birth certificate… Not #44 Osamas DRLF… Molleur’s!!
    And last but not least Mr DareLiberalFella fear not.. you will have your chance to show us all this Friday when you take a knee infront of as all during the national anthem at Stafford, down on the walkway by the start finish line!! As long as you show up and not at home in your parents basemnent watching race monitor:-)

  128. Al, dareal is all blow and no go. Severe case of little mans syndrome. Let’s see if he is man enough to stand up for his conviction and take the knee at Stafford.

  129. humphry, are you going to explain and substantiate you questioning of my veteran status? I really want to answer the question, but you have to earn and deserve it.

  130. No such thing as an Open Modified Show these days.
    Open Modified Shows are a joke. No Spec Engines or add weight to the Spec Engine. That’s not an open show. They have rules and with rules it’s not an open show. It’s another way the Promoters can run a show without paying the racer any real money.
    Also look at the Stafford Open Modified Shows. Small purse, small field of cars full of no names.
    Thompson should run a WMT race every month. From March to October.That’s what brings the money in.
    Shawn: Make sure you don’t have anything negative to say about Stafford or Thompson, they might not let you in for free. LOL

  131. Oh good. A switch to the subject of Open modified shows. Thanks Stan.
    So no Open show is open is it. I’d say that’s pretty darn profound you betcha. If they were truly open you could race anything from a Indy car, to NHRA Top Fuel or street car. Rules, sheesh. But the reality is you have to have a basic structure. And if you look at the rules for Staffords Open they allowed many variations of built type motors with advantages and disadvantages to each so in that respect it was open.
    Again with the car count and driver deal. 20 cars in each race at Stafford was minimally acceptable. Then add in great SK, SK Light fields and the TC 13 and the Stafford Opens were a success. Not bad for the first year. Pennink, Dowling, Pitkat, Silk, Barrett and a host of VMRS and Stafford Sk regulars not name brand enough for you? The only thing it wasn’t was a NWMT race that it never promised to be.
    Opens are a reason to not pay teams properly? I really don’t get that. A tour makes them go everywhere for points. All an open has to offer is a chance to race and a purse. Stafford needs to add to the purse if they continue the Opens but no one made any team go.
    Now if you said Staffords Opens were an excuse to replace the VMRS I’d love to delve into that kind of thinking.
    NWMT monthly races at Thompson? Between Stafford and Thompson it’s almost that now. And it is a tour after all and pretty successful so why fix what works by making it routine.

  132. Fast Eddie says

    I think more $$ would help the “open” car count at Stafford; there needs to be $5K to win at least to make it more enticing to out-of-state cars. Also, the 2nd on had a VMRS race the same night. I think there could have been a few more entries at the 2nd one if not for that. I’d be curious to know if the Stafford rules work if you have a Riverhead or Wall Stadium car. If so, more $$ might bring a few of those teams up.
    Maybe the new definition of “open show” should refer to being “open” to different modifieds built to a particular series or track. I think the “no spec engines” is more related to track size than anything. It probably would not be as easy to level the playing field on a 1/2 mile, where the smaller tracks limit themselves in part due to their size.

  133. There were two occasions I recall where the VMRS was split do to rescheduled events. Many drivers, some very competitive in the VMRS points didn’t seem to have any problem passing on their event in favor of an open. That begs the question is the VMRS becoming a traveling open. That in turn causes me to ponder if Stafford sees this weakness and is experimenting with the idea of ceasing to share the benefits of full modified racing with touring series on some occasions. And offering do-dads and bangles like the TC13 in the spirit of mixing it up to make it more interesting for the fans as some have suggested was needed.

  134. Crazy in NY says

    “Thompson should run a WMT race every month. From March to October.That’s what brings the money in.”

    This brilliance begs the question how Terry Eames got the Thompson job over our boy Stan with
    this great idea no one has ever thought of. Who knew?

    As to Opens well.. true enough there is no such thing in the purest sense. The days of slapping
    a Super wing on your roof and throwing on a Hillborn have since long passed. Opens today are better
    than tours in at least one way. No stroking for points..it’s go for the best finish and purse pay out.
    Lap money is sometimes in play as well. ‘Extra’s” might be a better name than Opens …come play if you want. Personal preference but I prefer TT over ROC,VMRS or the (**$*** tour. I left it out because of sensitivities on this site). All Modified racing is good however.

  135. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, definitely a possibility. Stafford previously had 3 VMRS races. They lost/gave up a WMT date and a VMRS date, replaced by 2 MTS dates, which this year was replaced by the 2 open shows. Ergo, Stafford still has the same number of tour-type events.
    The other factors would be for the drivers, they may have run Stafford to also fulfill their SK commitments. For the car owners, it may have been cheaper/convenient to tow to Stafford than to tow up to Lee. I would think much of the above may be according to the agreements established between the teams and drivers. If the driver has to run the SK at Stafford, is a team going to Stafford or going to Lee with a substitute driver? Also, crewmember availability/convenience could have been a factor as well.

  136. In 20117 Stafford hosted the Supers that gave them 8 modified touring dates total I believe so the net was down 1 in 2018.
    In 2017 they had to share revenue on 8 of 9 high ticket price nights, the SK 5K being their only in house event. In 2018 they have to share revenue on 5 out of 8 high ticket price events. Is that a thing or just happenstance?
    They’ve released the rules for the Streets, LM’s and LLM’s for 2019. No change in the division lineups. The Schedule in November is what I’m looking forward to. I loved the Opens and hope they are continued. I’d love the TTOMS more if one was in decent driving range but oh well.

  137. humphry, are you going to explain and substantiate your questioning of my veteran status? I really want to answer the question, but you have to earn and deserve it. 🐱

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