RaceDayCT Live Updates From The Whelen Mod Tour Bush’s 150 At Bristol Motor Speedway

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour returns to action Thursday with the running of the Bush’s 150 at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn

We’ll have our live updates team of Denise DuPont and Jim DuPont in action all around Bristol. Check out our live updates below.


  1. dareal is done with me..

    bristol race will be won by probly won by r newman or bosignore

  2. Viva race fan says

    When does it start time wise ?

  3. That would be a food pick if Ryan Newman were even running this race, duh. Timmy Solomito for the win. Dark horse Dowling gets his first tour win. But we must remember Burt Meyers is in the field, the guy who got his talent from GOD. OOH shaking in me boots. LOL

  4. Paddle faster…I still hear banjo’s.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Rob P. , I’ll second your Solomito and Dowling picks, and add another darkhorse pick; #64 Rob Summers. If I were to make an ex WSMT pick, it would be Andy Seuss; he has the Santos/Tinio/Dunleavy engine that won Loudon.

  6. Viva race fan says

    I’m taken 44 Santos..

  7. Will be interesting to hear what the NWMT experts say. The beginning seemed riveting. The end kind of a stinker except for Coby losing a couple spots at the end.
    Congrats to personal favorite Rob S for a spritely third and ROC invader Emerling for another strong performance at Bristol.
    Thanks again for the live updates and RacedayCt. Combining live timing and updates is just amazing.
    Next up Pat’s pre season. All in all a great night. Go Pat’s.

  8. CONGRATS to Justin Bonsignore and the #51 team. Great win, and one step closer to that championship.

  9. 60 Super Late Models entered for Oxford 250, 21 mods at Bristol. Let me know the next a Mod race in New England get a 50+ entries…..And New England is Modified country?

  10. there were actually 22 mods at Bristol. Calvin Carrol had engine issues. I would say its a little disappointing but for much of the field that is a long distance haul for a Thursday race. Its late in the year and a few guys down in the points might want to save time and money. This was also there 3rd race in less than 2 weeks and I don’t think its cost effective for Southern cars to get licensed for one or two local events. Add all that up and you get a 20 car field.

    I am not sure your will ever see 50 plus entries for a pavement modified event. There are too many variations of pavement NE modifieds with tour type, spec engine tour type, sk, sk light, and crate modifieds out there. Not to mention all the various touring groups MRS WHELEN ROC TRI Track and whatever is running down south these days. The tours seem to reschedule over open shows forcing their drivers running for points to skip the open shows.. The modifieds are more of a regional division whereas the super late models is more of a national division. You go to anywhere in the country there will be version of a late model stock car running. Aside from NE NY NJ Pa and NC, I am unaware of anyone running our style modifieds. Imca style modified is probably more common nationally. The 250 is a special race, it is arguably the best race in the region. Honestly, I cant think anything that rivals it.

  11. Thanks for the text live coverage. It is great to be able to follow along when you can’t be there.

  12. James Schaefer says

    Probably best kept secret around, but Tri Track did hit 44 cars at both Seekonk and Waterford a couple of years ago. And actually had 39 at Seekonk before the rains came this year. Pretty proud of those numbers.

  13. wmass01013 says

    Yeah I would say 22 MODS is disappointing
    I agree with what cg said
    def keeping an eye out for Musket 250 entries
    wish there could be 1 race that draws 50 plus
    i even see NHMS is charging $10 to park each day and with 3:30 start for MODS on sat willl be hard to get full race in by sunset

  14. James, Tri track is my favorite series. If we were to ever see a 50 car mod field it probably would be tri track. Good purses through the field, pay non qualifiers and open rules for different engine combinations. Tri track has a good mix of drivers from all the touring modified divisions. Unfortunately the only race I was able to attend this year was Seekonk. The weather and other commitments kept me from the other shows. I think every one of the tri track shows were either threatened by weather or delayed by weather this year. Really stinks because I thought with the loss of MTS the tri track series would benefit significantly. I look forward to the end of year race back at Seekonk. Thanks for all you do for the mods.

    WMASS I would be surprised to see a field that large for NH. To compete you would need over the wall crew equipment, Nascar licenses. and a trailer full of money. I would think you are looking at the July Whelen field + or – 5 cars. I hope I am completely wrong on this one.

  15. wmass01013 says

    Yeah cg I guess my selfish love of mods would prefer to see NHMS try what Thompson Tried about 10 yrs ago, HAVE A WMT 125, Roc 75, MRS 50, ADD ISMA 50 and a SK/SPORTSMEN 40 RACE for an all modified weekend with the TOP 3 series all being points races for each individual series to draw guys running for series points.

  16. Was the field at 22 cars disappointing? How does it compare to past participation?
    For the 6 years 2013 to 2018 the total car counts were 36.36,36,37,26,22. Looks like a downward trend doesn’t it. But if you take out the southern tier that was discontinued in 2017 the numbers look like this.
    23,20,24, 24,26,22. Not exactly apples to apples because a few southern teams participated in the last two years. Nonetheless it’s interesting.
    Looks to me like last year at 26 was a strong year and this more typical. Or does it mean the race is a vestige from the past for southern teams that is no longer as relevant. Or is it on the schedule because it is Bristol after all, good TV and top teams want it there even though the place is virtually empty.
    Got me. Seems like depriving the region that supports it very strongly of one race.

  17. The Musket 250, not a fan. Canadian teams and fans requiring passports and the hastle of a border crossing. 250 laps that may exceed the known mechanical limits for all but the best funded teams. A guaranteed chess match of strategy and wits at the possible cost of drama and excitement. An event designed to replace a Monster Series event that right out of the box is a very high mountain to climb. But what do I know. The NWMT fans are some of the best ever so perhaps it’s the best thing to happen since toilet paper replaced newspaper. wmass nailed it with the all inclusive event for modifieds in my view with the possible exception of including a headline event for Late Models.
    Modified country is not the Northeast or New England. It’s an gerrymandered like geographical amoeba that Fast Eddie once defined the best. No one can dispute Late Models are kings in some places in the region and nation wide. That is precisely why Staffords out of date LM rules are so self destructive.
    But to those that would point to 50 or 60 Late Models at an event at Oxford or where ever I would ask. If you go to a Stafford or Thompson event where they have 65 to 75 modifieds in three classes doesn’t that count as a banner event for modifieds? Seems pretty epic to me when I see it at a Stafford Open or when the VMRS is in town. NWMT events same thing but more so. They may not not operate under one set of rules but they all share the common excitement of low center of gravity, big tires and mastery of cornering speed.

  18. wmass- I do like the thought of having all the Modified touring series compete on one weekend. I would think it would be better at Thompson rather than NHMS. Thompson tried doing something with the ROC and Whelen competing on the same weekend with a shootout race. I believe they only did it once so my guess is, it was not considered a success.

    I think THompson could use another big weekend in the middle of the season. On a Saturday have MRS 50, whelen 150, ROC 50 . The top 10 from each race run another 50 in a big money non points event. Following Sunday have tri track 75 lapper, SK 40 , sk light 20, late model 25, sportsman 25, ministock 15. You have the Thompson 500. 300 Laps on Saturday and 200 on Sunday. Bonus if someone can win one of the MRS Whelen ROC, the big money 50 lapper and the tri track. Call it the hat trick bonus. Top 2 from Saturday races guaranteed starter(8 max) for tri track. I think this would get you a 50+ modified field for that Sunday tri track race.

    Now you can start inviting nema, mini stock tour, the 350 sportsman and trucks to increase the back gate but I think you have to start running on Friday. Put it on the weekend that they have the K and N race. I believe the bowl has the weekend off. There you go big modified race weekend with a ticket price somewhere North of reasonable.

    Doug- I was going to make the same point. If you add up all the modifieds at Thompson World series you would be looking at close to 100. MRS, Whelen, SK, and SKlight. However it ‘s several different events making up a great count. Modifieds don’t have a crown jewel events like other divisions. If I say name me the biggest modified event of the year……I would probably say Seekonk’s Wednesday show, maybe the new NHMS race but I have to think about it and I am not sure NH will be more than a 1 and done. Nothing really stands out, there just isn’t any big races with tradition. Other divisions, I know right away and you can argue other races are in contention…..Sprints Knoxville. Late models Eldora dream and World 100, midgets chilibowl, dirt mods super dirt week. Pavement late models snow ball derby. I guess with a regional series it is tough to get these crown jewel, cant miss, epic events.

    sorry for the long winded response. I tend to get a little wordy.

  19. Remind me not to get in a pissing contest with you CG. Keep it coming. Your knowledge of the big picture in impressive.

  20. Fast Eddie says

    Doug, CG, Wmass, it sounds like you guys are looking for a summertime version of the World Series race at Thompson. GREAT IDEA, I’M IN!!

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