Rob Janovic Jr., Kyle James Score SK Modified Victories At Speedbowl

Rob Janovic Jr. got back in the win column for the first time in 2018 Sunday in special makeup event at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Janovic, of Waterford, won the first of twin 40-lap SK Modified features Sunday at the Speedbowl.

The race card was a makeup of the event rained out on Saturday.

Kyle James of Ashway, R.I. was second and Andrew Molleur of Shelton third in the first SK Modified feature.

In the second 40-lap SK Modified feature it was a familiar face visiting victory lane for the division this year with James scoring his fifth victory in eight events this year.

Justin Albernaz of Rehobeth, Mass. was second and Janovic third.

Anthony Flannery of East Hampton was victorious in the 30-lap Late Model feature. Ryan Morgan of Mystic was second and Jason Palmer of Berlin third.

Al Stone III got his first victory of the season in the first of two 30-lap Sportsman features. Shawn Gaedeke of Groton was second and Phil Evans of Uncasville third.

Jason Chicolas of Sutton, Mass. won the second 30-lap Sportsman feature. Stone was second and Gaedeke third.

Shawn Monahan of Waterford won the 30-lap Outlaw Sportsman feature. Jack Aqualina of Oakdale was second and Jon Porter of East Lyme third.


  1. What an awesome day of racing. Despite the small car counts as most divisions had 10-11 cars or less. The racing was side by side, plenty of beating and banging, plenty of action. I loved every minute of it. Great job to all the teams today the the bowl for running it today.

  2. Geoff Nooney says

    Hell Ya!! Racer28, u got that right

  3. Mark Andrews says

    I’m confused…….called the track at
    1 pm yesterday recorded message stated unfortunately radar has forced us to cancel tonight’s program……what the ####.this is the last straw.with this place…how can it be that bad? No communication whatsoever!They won’t get another dime.I would rather drive to Seekonk.This us beyond unacceptable.

  4. Mark Andrewd says

    There was no mention on the phone message regarding the make up date being today.Like I said totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

  5. Mark,
    The Saturday event was originally cancelled. Then late in the afternoon Saturday track management announced the decision to reschedule to Sunday. For what it’s worth, I’d say if you’re having any thoughts of rescheduling to Sunday you must announce those plans when you rain out the Saturday show. Not a great move to cancel an event then a few hours later reschedule the same event you just cancelled for the next day. Once it’s cancelled you probably shouldn’t go back on that.

  6. Mark, I only found out about it from their website. Which is usually not updated for several days after a show. Otherwise I wouldn’t have known either. The track management does some dumb things. They did put it on the road sign though and I would say Maybe 3% of the stands full at most. One would think they would change the voicemail immediately after rescheduling and would have had Shawn add an article on it on this website. Can’t wait for new owners of the bowl.

  7. flooded grapes of wrath says

    Andrews you should talk to the public relations guy serluca.. see what he has to say about this ..probably an accurate statement to say Seekonk gained some fans from the bowl. if Seekonk was to ever consider running sks and or skl on Saturdays . I think the bowl would be done ..jmo

  8. Old Time Racer says

    Does anyone know if Diego Monahan raced as mentioned in a previous RaceDayCT article? I had previous family commitments and could not make it to the track on the Sunday make-up event. I just looked at the results on the Bowls website and did not see Diego’s name in the SK feature rundown but did see Matt Galko listed twice driving in the #3 & #10. Maybe Diego was in one of these cars or maybe it was a Galko Jr. & Sr. in these cars? Any info would be appreciated.

  9. Old Time Racer,
    I haven’t seen a results release distributed yet by the Speedbowl, but according to what was listed on Race Monitor, Diego Monahan was not in either feature or present for any of the practice sessions. Not sure what you saw as it pertains to Matt Galko, but he’s only listed in one car on race monitor. Matt Gallo was also racing, which might be the issue. As for the Monahan part, I’m not sure. That was a press release distributed by the track. Maybe he couldn’t race on the Sunday makeup because of other commitments.

  10. I talked to someone in attendance and asked how was the crowd. I got a response of not good at all. I told him they shot themselves in the foot with the way they handled the makeup. As Shawn stated it should have been announced with the cancellation. The short notice and the hot and muggy weather really hurt their crowd. I received a text message Saturday from rained out which said Waterford was making it up Sunday. So you might want to sign up for that to keep informed as to what is going on at the bowl. Its a free service. I believe Seekonk and Stafford also use it maybe even thompson.

  11. You people must have it all wrong, George is doing a great, fabulous, stupendous job of running the Bowl. Yea right! Serluca, care to explain this little blunder to us? Love ya man but not the best financial move by management. Why no Sunday rain dates for the previous rain outs? Why cherry pick this one? Can you spell CONFUSION? How about CONSISTANTLY INCONSISTANT……………..

  12. Viva race fan says

    Who won x-cars and super x . They also raced . Thanks Shawn.

  13. Mike Serluca says

    I would love to answer all the questions individually, so bear with me on this. As far as the decision to race on Sunday, that was not my call. I was asked to do my job, reach out to competitors, update the social media, and make sure the person who updates our website had done so. It was a gamble that obviously didn’t pay off. We left it all on the table. Something definitely we will learn from. As for the phone message not being updated, that is obviously something that should never be overlooked, but it happened. I was not physically at the facility Saturday since I had a family obligation and it was obviously raining cats and dogs. My plan was to arrive around 4 pm. As far as Diego Monahan, he and his family had already planned a trip to Boston for the day, so he did what he had already planned instead of racing. I try to keep everyone informed as best I can via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I also texted around 50 drivers Saturday afternoon as well as messaged and fielded phone calls. It took up a huge chunk of my time. I can only assume with the amount of rainouts we have had and the fact that 9 features would need to be rescheduled, George and the management team that make the decisions felt it was worth the shot to run them on Sunday. Our Outlaw Street Stock Race was comprised of Seekonk racers who were ecstatic about the invitation to come run. I personally thanked everyone at the pit gate for coming out and made the rounds to thank each competitor and every fan (granted there weren’t many) that I saw for coming out. I also spotted for 2 guys, headed up the security detail (to prepeare them for next Saturday), assisted Passing Bird Photography by taking victory lane photos (in the new victory lane), and did my normal job of keeping the social media updated. It’s obvious that it hurt us running on short notice and I do apologize to anyone who is upset or was inconvenienced by it. It was definitely something we learned from as a facility. As far a press releases go, I do not write them, someone else does. I am the contact person for people who would like a story or to see a story written, or if there is something upcoming at the track, I answer questions the best I can. My person cell phone number is on my business card and can be found on Facebook. I highly urge anyone who would like information they cannot find, use my cell or e-mail. [email protected] or (860)941-6794.

  14. Old time, Diego did not race Sunday.shawn showed up last minute and won the open street stock race. That was fun to watch too Viva, the xcars ran only. The ending was awesome old school racing with the winners bumper left in turn 3 as the top two fought till the end, then they got out of their cars and wanted to fight before being quickly separated then both dropped F bombs in their interviews with Matt who handled it great as usual. It was fun to watch. Can’t remember the name of the winning driver. I don’t get to the Wednesday shows. But both put on a show and was awesome.

  15. Mike Serluca says

    @racer28 Dylan DeCoster was the winner of the X Car race and Corey Caddick was the runner up. I was the guy who separated them. Lol. Very spirited battle in that one. The Wednesday night X Car division has been the most competitive division at the Bowl. Average is about 26 cars I believe and those guys put on a show!

  16. Fair enough explanation Mike, thanks………..

  17. Hillary 2028 says

    Mark Andrews. I’m sorry you didn’t get the message. Probably time to jump on the internets. Join facemagazine, maybe tweeter or even instantgram. It’s a whole exciting world out there and you would have know pretty quick that the bowl was running Sunday. Heck I’m even sighned up with the rainout application and Saturday afternoon my phone started vibrateing and making funny noises. I was actually kind of nervous. Thought maybe Trump pushed the button and it was the beginning of WWIII. But luckily it was only the speedbowl notifieing me that the races had been moved to Sunday. Long story short the good ol telephone isn’t the only way to go in this brave new world we live in.

  18. Hillary 2028,
    I think the point Mark Andrews and others were trying to make is that the way the situation was handled was a mistake. If it snows and your town cancels school at 6 a.m., if the school district then announces at 10 a.m. that school is back on for the day, well, you’re probably not going to have a lot of kids at school that day. Point being, the event was “cancelled” by the track at 12:57 p.m. on Saturday so most people would not have been looking anywhere for any type of rescheduling because why would you when the track itself publicly announced that they cancelled the event? If the track cancelled the event at 12:57 p.m. why would anybody have an expectation that four hours later they would announced they were un-cancelling it and instead postponing it to the next day? Judging by the number of people in the grandstands on Sunday, I don’t think Mark Andrews was the only person who didn’t realize the event was back on.

  19. Mark Andrews says

    Thanks Shawn…..I go to local library to use internet.I’m hoping the track can improve its current media/public relations department.Mike Serluca made it clear what his duties are at the Track and it was appreciated.Perhaps the Track can allow him more leeway or responsibility to improve its present situation.Also on another note.When leaving the track a few races ago Matt Buckled announced the Owners as George and Tiffany Whitney and Mike Serluca as Public Relations Director.This is accurate?

  20. Mark,
    No, George Whitney does not own the track. The track is owned by Bruce Bemer.

  21. old observer says

    I know it is Mon morning(evening) quarterbacking but maybe the original message should have said “Postponed, looking for a makeup date”. Probably the first the first post was to inform as many as possible that they weren’t racing Sat!

  22. Old Observer,
    I feel like we’re beating a dead horse here, but typically with any public event, when you say it’s “cancelled” it means the event will not be made up or rescheduled. The announcement by the track at 12:57 pm stated that the event was cancelled. Again, if you heard at 12:57 pm that an event was cancelled you likely wouldn’t be watching and waiting for any type of announcement that the event was un-cancelled four hours later.

  23. Hillary 2028 says

    Ok ok maybe that was a bit harsh. I haven’t called the track in over 10 years to get any info. Unfortunately I guess that’s the only option some people have. The good news is that the rain date for wings and wheels Saturday is Sunday. With the way the weather’s been they’ll need it.

  24. Geoff Nooney says

    I think its awesome they raced Sunday, shows the track wants to keep going and the racers racing. Better than going to church or drinking beer all day.

  25. mike serluca says

    I would like to thank you all for your feedback. It is extremely helpful to us as a facility and myself personally, moving forward. Weather is a very tricky situation and we try to make every attempt to work with what we are dealt. We are far from perfect, but we can only learn from these types of situations. Once again, thank you for the feedback and thank you all for supporting short track racing as a whole! Enjoy your week, there is plenty of racing to enjoy locally! Thompson’s Budweiser 150 on Wednesday, The Speedbowl’s Wild N Wacky Wednesday, Stafford’s show on Friday, and Wings N Wheels at The Speedbowl Saturday (rain date Sunday).

  26. I disagree Jeff, grilling & drinking beer on the deck by the pool on Sunday was much less expensive than going to the Bowl. Watched Watkins Glen, then the Red Sox game for free so net gain saved a whole lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$ and did not have to worry about a DUI…………….

  27. Hillary 2028 says

    Thanks for dropping that knowledge on us Humph. Attention everyone. Don’t go to your local short track. Stay home watch Nascar on TV. And drink all you want because if you’re at home in most cases, you won’t get a dui.

  28. Actually Hill, heading to Thompson tonight for the WMT and to the wings and wheels at Waterford Saturday night (my only visit there for the year). Sunday for us is Sunday funday with the family. There are things in life that are more important to me than racing and one of them is spending time with my family!

  29. Crazy in NY says

    Hey..why not take the family to the races? Some people do that I heard.

  30. Crazy, absolutely done that many times. Thompson YES, Stafford, YES, Speedbowl wife says no………………

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